Big Brother (Australia) - Season 8

Daily 7:00 PM on Channel Nine Premiered Apr 01, 2001 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Daily Show - Day Eighteen & Day Nineteen
    Rebecca had just won Friday Night Live, and had chosen to take Brigitte into the Strategy Room. Upon entering the room the pair immediately started to discuss the housemates that were in the danger zone, their training schedule and how many carbs are in the pizza that they are eating. When Big Brother announced to Rebecca and Brigitte that it was time to leave the Strategy Room, they walked back out to discover a Hawaiian party has been set up for Rebecca's birthday. The night was going well until conflict started after Brigitte and Rebecca put a few beers aside for later. Dixie brougt up Brigitte hitting the TV with her shoe earlier in the week, which infuriated Brigitte and Rebecca because they said that it had nothing to do with the current argument. Though further confrontation was put on hold because no one wanted to ruin Rebecca's party. The following day after a sleep-in, a few of the housemates complete a post-part clean up. Big Brother later announces the result of this weeks task, and the housemates discover that they have failed due to catching less than the required 25% of the balls. The rest of the day was spent preparing for the upcoming eviction.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Forty Six & Day Forty Seven
    As the winner of the Friday Night Live games, Nobbi had chosen to take Travis, Ben and Rory with him into the Big Brother cinema to watch a screening on You don't mess with Zohan. Nobbi felt bad that he didn't take Cherry and tells him that if there is a steak dinner in the vending machine this week he will take him. Some of the housemates find this weird and say that it is like Nobbi is trying to recruit him into a cult. Cherry plots how to get Nobbi up for eviction while the other guys are in the cinema. Rhianna tells Rory about this that night in bed. The following morning Big Brother calls Cherry and Brigitte to the diary room separately and awards them each a strike for discussing nominations the previous night. It is Brigitte's 21st birthday and she is happy that it is sunny. Outside, Rory tells Nobbi what Rhianna told him about Cherry and Nobbi is shocked. Big Brother tells the housemates that they passed this weeks task. That night the housemates take a jet to Brigitte's birthday party - a pink sparkleland. Big Brother gives Brigitte a video message from her family and her princess sparkles toy.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Forty One
    The housemates are shocked about Renee's departure from the house as they all though she would win. Her goodbye message provokes a few different responses. She has harsh words for Nobbi, and he was shocked that she felt that way because he though they were great friends. The housemates are then told they will receive messages from home, except Brigitte who was the recipient of Renee's hand grenade. A new task is delivered the following morning. It is for a Big Brother salon where each housemate has to give and receive a haircut, and the salon could open at any time during the day. Terrence gets a mohawk from Nobbi, then Brigitte received a bob from Terri. It was then time for this weeks nominations. Big Brother announced that there are three nominees this week - Nobbi, Terrence and Alice. As the winner of the friday night games, Nobbi won the power to save someone, and he chose to save himself, therefore making Cherry and Rhianna up.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Thirty One
    Big Brother punishes Nobbi for his constant swearing, and orders him to clean all the windows in the backyard even though it was pouring with rain. Nobbi then discovered that his kombi van was leaking, so for one night only Big Brother let him sleep inside the house, but only on the floor just inside the house.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Seventeen
    The house woke to Big Brother announcing Day 4 of the Big Brother Cricket Test, and wishing Rebecca a happy birthday. Alice made Rebecca breakfast in bed, which annoyed Bianca because she claimed that it was her idea in the first place to make it. The housemates spent the day on the cricket pitch and working out, then at night they expected Big Brother to throw a birthday party for Rebecca, so they stayed up to the early hours of the morning in anticipation but eventually went to bed disappointed when no party appeared.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Thirty
    Bianca tells Big Brother that for the weekly family dinner that night, she wanted one of the topics of conversation to be who makes the best and worst couples, to try and diffuse the rumours about her and Rory. Travis is worried that people have being making a mockery of him behind his back, and laughing at him instead of with him. He discusses this with Alice and she tells him that the culprits are mainly Ben and Nobbi. That night at the family dinner, an argument is started when Ben stated that he would never associate with a bricklayer in the outside world. This didn't go down well with the other housemates, but Ben explained that he didn't mean to say it in that way.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Twenty Nine
    Dixie is upset over having to do the washing everyday as a result of the hand grenade given to her from Rebecca. Later, Big Brother calls all the housemates into the diary room and gives them a lecture about respecting the rules and tells them to tone down their swearing. Nobbi gives Travis a haircut and most of the housemates hate it while Travis keeps positive about it.moreless
  • Friday Night Live #3
    Tonights theme is 'Celebrities Behaving Badly'. The first round consisted of six mini games where the housemates were paired up. The second round was called the 'Britney Spears Chuck' where the competing housemates had to throw umbrellas with paint on the end of them at paparazzi targets, and whoever scored the lowest amount of points was out of the games. The housemates had to split up into two groups of three for the third round. The groups consisted of Brigitte, Ben and Nathan, and Alice, Nobbi and Dixie. The game was called the 'Tom Cruise Couch Jump' where two of the group members pushed a couch around the arena, while the third housemate had to jump on the couch, collecting numerous hanging items whilst shouting "I love Katie Holmes" then finally high fiving a large Oprah cutout. The next round needed four players, so Big Brother asked the three remaining housemates to choose one of the eliminated contestants to come back. The decision unanimous, and Rebecca was asked to come back as it was her birthday. The final four had to then split up into pairs, which consisted of Brigitte and Ben, and Rebecca and Nathan. The game was called the 'Hollywood Walk of Shame' where the competing team had to take it in turns to ride a little tricycle, weaving in and out of the letters of the Hollywood sign, carrying 'concrete' in plastic cups on their head, and pouring it into the hollywood star at the other side of the arena. The final round was the 'Tori Spelling Bee' where Rebecca and Nathan were each given three celebrity names to spell. Once all the housemates had returned to the house, Big Brother called Rebecca into the diary room and informed her that currently the three housemates that were in danger of being up for eviction were Alice, Dixie and herself and chooses to take Brigitte into the strategy room.moreless
  • Pamela Anderson Busts In [Eviction #13 Live]
    Watch on as the housemates are joined by a very special celebrity guest, Pamela Anderson. Also their's a surprise snap eviction of Brigitte, which none of the housemates were expecting.
  • Launch Night
    Launch Night
    Episode 1
    New hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O introduce us to the new house and the new housemates as well, as they enter the house tonight. As they settle in Big Brother announces that one housemate is to be evicted by the housemates the following day.
  • Finale Live
    Finale Live
    Episode 103
    Kyle & Jackie O are live for the final episode of Big Brother. As Ben, Terri and Rory remain, they watch on from a giant plasma in the backyard. Kyle & Jackie are joined by all of the winners from series 2-7, plus all of the evicted housemates from this year along the way. There's a message from original host Gretel Killeen, a special Ten News report from Sandra Sully and guide dog Ollie is let back into the house. Mike Goldman reports from backstage, before the housemates from the series perform a dance routine. Ben is evicted and interviewed, leaving only Rory and Terri in the house. They are joined by their loved ones in the house, who are then quickly sent away again. After watching highlights of their time in the house, the pair leave meeting Mike, Ryan and Bree on the way and the other ex-housemates. They have a quick interview with Jackie & Kyle, before Terri is announced as the winner of the show. There's then a highlights package of the last eight years of the show.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Eighty One & Day Eighty Two
    The housemates discuss adoption and Alice and Rory have conflicting values and attitudes towards it. Big Brother serves an eviction notice for the remaining housemates and Travis reveals why his shoe size has changed.
  • Eviction #4 Live
    Eviction #4 Live
    Episode 25
  • Double Eviction [#15 & #16 Live]
    The other housemates are told by Big Brother that one, two or three of them will be evicted tonight. Kyle and Jackie O reveal that it's a double eviction. They go live to the house to see how everyones feeling about been in the top five. They then talk to the housemates left in the diary room, starting with Ben & Travis. Next a look at Travis and Terri's dwindling relationship. Back to the diary room, were Terri talks about their relationship. Then a look at Rory and Travis' relationship as Jackie & Kyle talk to him in the diary room. The last housemate left is Alice, we take a look at Alice and her use of the treadmill. She then talks to Jackie & Kyle in the Diary room. It is then revealed that Alice is the latest evictee from the house. She talks to Kyle & Jackie about her time in the house. Alice leaves with her prizes, as we go back to the house and Big Brother tells the housemates that another one of them will be evicted. We take a look at the housemates last chat with Big Brother in the Diary room. Before it is revealed that Travis has being evicted, he is interviewed by Jackie and Kyle and is given his prizes.moreless
  • Intruders Go In! [Eviction #7 Live]
    Three new housemates, Rhianna, Cherry and Terrence enter the house tonight live. Plus one housemate will be evicted.
  • FNL Grand Final: Playing To Win
    Tonight Mike, Bree and Ryan, go live to the house, were Big Brother reveals, that the prize for tonights winner is to spend some time with a loved one, whilst the other housemates loved ones will be left gunged. The point system changes as well and throughout the challenges the housemates have no idea who is winning. Last years grand final champion Zach returns to defend his title.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Eighty
    Ben is allowed back into the house. Big Brother supplies Rory and Travis with the equipment and supplies to build a letterbox so Travis can show the skills Rory has taught him. Big Brother tells the housemates he is going away for the evening so they get to be him. They have a fake nomination.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Seventy Nine
    The housemates discuss ways for Terri to get her care package from home, and decide to each iron one basket of clothes each for Big Brother. Big Brother tells them that Terri must not find out about this so the housemates have to keep her in bed for as long as possible, and declare it "National Nanna Day" and bring her breakfast in bed. Once each housemate had ironed a basket of clothes, Big Brother tells them they were not wearing their iron man costumes and therefore must think of another idea. They decided to put on an iron man performance, which Big Brother deemed a success and Terri got her package. The housemates have their final weekly family dinner.moreless
  • Friday Night Live #5
  • Daily Show - Day Sixty Two
    Terrence delivers his hand grenade which allows Terri to go back into the house, and he also takes the housemate's hair straightener away. As a part of her secret mission, Rima tells the housemates that there is a mole amongst them who has been sabotaging their tasks, and they all have 3 days to work out who this mole is. Every housemate becomes suspicious of one another and spend the rest of the day discussing possibilities. Some popular guesses are Ben, Alice and Rory. The housemates receive their new task where they are each championship wrestlers and everytime their individual theme song plays they have to race out to the ring in the backyard, in costume, and knock down the ninja.moreless
  • Housemates Hypnotised
    British hypnotist Peter Powers joins the housemates and hypnotises Dixie, Rory, Nobbi, Alice, Travis and David in numerous different senarios!
  • Nominations Show #1
    Nominations Show #1
    Episode 77
    It is nominations time once again and after all the housemates have voted, Alice, Rory and Bianca are up. Cherry uses his twist to save Alice, which pushes Travis and Terri up.
  • Daily Show - Day Thirty Two & Day Thirty Three
    Renee had just won Friday Night Live and chose to take Dixie into the strategy room. Dixie immediately asked if she was in the danger zone, and Renee revealed that it was Dixie, Travis and Bianca. The guys decide to play a trick on Travis, and Ben squirts shower gel on him whilst he is in the toilet. Though some goes in his eyes and was really hurting him, so he had to leave to house to seek medical treatment. Ben became very upset and stated if Travis has to leave the house permanently then he will leave. That night everyone is asleep except Nobbi, so Nobbi decided to enter the house which is a breach of his hand grenade rule. Big Brother then tells him he will be punished in the morning.moreless
  • Eviction #11 Live/Rima's Return
    The public has voted and Terrence is evicted from the house. Rima also returns to the house as a house guest with a secret mission. She must tell the housemates that there is a mole among them and they have 3 days to discover who this is, when actually there is not actually a mole.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Thirty Seven
    The housemates discovered a pile of $100 bills on the kitchen table all together equalling $2000 with a sign above it that read 'free cash'. This was apart of the ignore the obvious task, however Bianca believed that they had already failed the task so she chose to take the money. Outside, a few of the housemated grilled Rhianna on whether she found Rory attractive and whether she would kiss him or not. There was a confrontation in the kombi between Travis, Nobbi and Ben about Travis going to Alice and asking her if she liked him, after the boys had previously told him that she didn't. The boys view this as him not believing them. At that nights family dinner, Nobbi was able to attend for the first time thanks to a one night pass the housemates had bought from the vending machine. Renee and Bianca used the family dinner as an opportunity to discuss their unresolved tension.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Thirty Six
    The housemates wake up to their house filled with foam due to the task. Terri cannot control herself and erupts with laugher causing a few of the other housemates to become angry with her. The housemates had previously agreed to have one day a week where the men would cook lunch and so only they would be aloud in the kitchen at that time, however today Bianca was in the kitchen to avoid Renee, which infuriated Renee. Big brother supplied Nobbi with the right products and tools to pimp his kombi.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Thirty Five [Extended Special]
    Alice doesn't understand why she is nominated, and wonders why the housemates don't want her in the house. Later when Ben enters the diary room, he discovered that the traditional chair had been replaced by a moving clown car machine, as a part of this weeks task. Ben tried to ignore the obvious but lets out a few giggles. Outside Terri and Nobbi were chatting, then all of a sudden a large marching band came through the door and circled around the yard. Terri manages to keep a straight face, however Nobbi could'nt stop laughing. Inside Bianca was sitting on the lounge when her brother and his girlfriend appeared on the plasma screen holding a sign saying "I know something you don't know". Bianca became very upset because she misses them so much.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Thirty Four
    The housemates have just welcomed three new intruders – Rhianna, Cherry and Terrence. Rory, Ben, Nobbi and Renee are having a chat outside about nominations which breached Big Brother's rules. Big Brother immediately calls them all to the diary room and issues them each a strike. It was then time for Dixie's goodbye message and hand grenade. She gave out her hand grenade and stated that there will be two grenades issued that night, one from her and one from Big Brother. The housemates receive their new task which is to ignore the obvious. The housemates began nominations with Alice, Bianca and Brigitte up, however unbeknownst to everyone; Dixie's hand grenade was to save one of these three housemates. She chose to save Alice, and Renee and Terri were tied on the next highest amount of votes and therefore became nominated.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Twenty Eight
    The housemates continued with their dog house indurance challenge. Alice managed to outlast the others to win. The prize for winning was becoming the guardian for an 11 week old labrador puppy for a week. Alice would have to care for it and train it. If it was trained well enough then it would become the constant companion for a visually impaired individual. Alice was then given the task to choose a name for the puppy, and she chose Oliver (Ollie). Later Bianca had a heated argument with many of the other housemates after overhearing Brigitte stating that she (Bianca) had a split personality.moreless
  • Carson Crashes Big Brother's Closet Part 2
  • Daily Show - Day Twenty Two
  • Daily Show - Day Twenty One
  • Daily Show - Day Twenty
    Rebecca had just been evicted from the Big Brother house, and the housemates were gathered around the lounge ready to watch Rebecca's goodbye message. She began with handing over the head of house band that she won from Friday Night Live to Alice because Rebecca believed that she deserved a break. Then Rebecca began leaving a message for each housemate starting with Brigitte. She stated that she absolutely loved Brigitte and she has so much potential, however she then moved onto Dixie and stated that she liked her at the start but her opinion has changed of her now and she found Dixie very fake and non trustworthy. Dixie didn't react to this very well and swore at the screen. She wished Renee, Rory, Terri, Dave, Nathan, Nobbi and Alice the best of luck, and had very kind words for Travis. Rebecca then moved on to Bianca and said she didn't like her from the start and believed that they had nothing in common. Bianca was completely shocked with this because she said that Rebecca had never said any of this to her. It was then time for Rebecca to throw the next housemate hand grenade where the chosen housemate would have to do everyones washing until further notice, and Rebecca chose to give this to Dixie. There were mixed reactions after Rebecca's goodbye message had played. Dixie and Bianca were very angry at her and complained to anyone that would listen, while Brigitte was upset and not even Travis could raise her spirits. The housemates awoke the next day to Big Brother announcing the next task - So You Think You Can Dance. The housemates were paired up with Nathan and Renee dancing the Waltz, Ben and Bianca dancing the Tango, Travis and Brigitte dancing Disco, David and Terri doing the German Slap Dance, Alice and Dixie got Hip hop, and Rory and Nobbi would dance Boy band. The housemates then spent a lot of the day practicing their new routines.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Twenty Three
  • Daily Show - Day Twenty Four
  • Daily Show - Day Twenty Seven
    Nathan and David had just been evicted from the house. Their goodbye messages were played and hand grenades were distributed. Nathan gave his grenade to Travis making him the "early riser" and David gave his grenade to Bianca making her the "night watchman". The following day, Big Brother gave the housemates an indurance challenge, where they had to sit under cardboard dog kennels, and whoever stayed under theirs the longest without giving into Big Brother's temptations won.moreless
  • Eviction #5 & #6 Live
    The housemates were all gathered waiting to hear the verdict from the public's votes. Big Brother announced that the bottom three were Nathan, David and Alice. However with Alice's power from winning Friday Night Live she was able to choose one of the three to be safe from elimination. She chose herself and Rory was the next person with the lowest amount of votes and therefore was up for nomination. After the housemates voted for who they would like to leave the house, Kyle and Jackie O announced that Nathan and David were the ones that were to be evicted. They both then talked to Kyle and Jackie O about their time in the house.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Twenty Five & Day Twenty Six
    Brigitte had an argument with Travis over his sometimes exhausting positive attitude towards everything. Travis then went around to a few housemates stating that he cannot believe the way Brigitte is acting towards him after how nice and supportive he had been to her over the last week. The housemates perform their dance routines for two of the judges of So You Think You Can Dance, Matt Lee and Jason Coleman. Overall each group does quite well, with David and Terri's German Slap Dance being very popular with the audience. The decision of if the housemates will pass this task was ultimately left up to Jason, and he decided that they were successful!moreless
  • Friday Night Live #4
  • Daily Show - Day Thirty Eight
    Travis got put in an awkward situation during a game of truth or dare, where Nobbi ask him who his least favourite housemate was. He answered Alice, only because of the things he had heard from other people that she had been saying about him. Alice became very upset at this, then Travis became upset. Travis believed that he was peer pressured into answering a question that he didn't want to, and the boys had betrayed him by putting him in that situation. Alice and Travis had a private talk about this, resolving any tension, with each justifying their actions.moreless
  • Friday Night Live #6
    The housemates competed in a series of games, where Nobbi was determined the winner. His prizes included a special nomination power, the head of house duty, and a trip for him and three friends to a mystery location, where he decided to take Rory, Ben and Bianca with him.
  • Daily Show - Day Fifty Two
    Nobbi sabotages the shark task yet again, and the other housemates get really annoyed. Terrence stands guard outside his kombi to ensure he does not do it again. Cherry thinks that Brigitte might be engaged because she has a ring she always wears, though when questioned about this she said the ring was from her mum. Terri and Brigitte are recruited into the secret moon monk task.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Fifty One
    Nobbi is sabotaging the fishing task for his own amusement because he knows that this is not the real task. Big Brother tells the moon monks to recruit Alice. At this weeks family dinner, one of the questions is which housemate is the least trustworthy and when it's Rory's turn to answer, he says Cherry because of the things Rhianna told him, so in return Cherry names Rory as his least trustworthy. Later in the spa the housemates play truth and dare.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Fifty
    Nobbi is allowed to choose three things out of the vending machine this week and he decides on a boxing kit, the hair straightener and a steak dinner for two which he gave to Brigitte and Terrence as a joke. When they go on this dinner Terrence tells Brigitte that he wants her to be the role model for this company he wants to open that revolves around dance, modelling and elocution. Cherry is recruited into the moon monks task and that night the three of them struggle to get everyone to bed before 2am but eventually manage it successfully.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Forty Nine
    The housemates are given their new task which is the shark attack task. Everytime a siren rings, two housemates must jump into the canoe and paddle towards the bell before the shark net in lowered. Bianca and Nobbi are called to the diary room and told that this task is actually fake and the actual task is a secret. They are the first two members of the secret society of moon monks, and they must get up at 2am each night for a moon worship. They are also not allowed to be in the sunlight. Nobbi decides to give himself the task of having to stay under an umbrella everytime he is in the sunlight in order to disguise the task. A number of the housemates dress in black as a part of the 'black crows club' after Brigitte gave them that name because they always sit in the tree and sqawk about the girls. In return, boys dubbed Brigitte, Alice and Cherry 'the three blonde mice'. At precisely 2am, Nobbi and Bianca completed their moon worship.moreless
  • Friday Night Live #8
    The housemates are dressed at rockstars for heavy metal night. After a series of games, Brigitte is declared the winner. Her prizes include the head of house duty, the nominations power and a trip to the Big Brother cinema with three housemates of her choice.
  • Daily Show - Day Fifty Three & Day Fifty Four
    Brigitte's prize for winning the friday night games was to watch her favourite movie - How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days - in the Big Brother cinema with three housemates of her choice. She chose to take Travis, Terri and Alice. Bianca is told to recruit Terrence into the moon monks task and she is not happy. That night as soon as the moon monks begin their chant, Big Brother sounds the shark alarm so they rush to the outdoor toliet to hide from the other housemates. A little while later after the others went back to bed the moon monks decide to complete the chant, and just as they finish, Big Brother sounds the alarm again. There is a mad rush to hide but this time the other housemates in the bedroom didn't even bother getting up. The following morning Big Brother calls all the housemates to the lounge and reveals the secret task to Rory, Ben and Travis - the only ones who were not recruited. He also tells them that they passed. Terrence confronts Brigitte over her behaviour towards him and her bad manners, but Brigitte couldn't care less about what he was saying and tried to get away from him, but he wouldn't leave her alone. The housemates discuss the possibility of Brigitte liking Cherry.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Fifty Six
    The kombi gets a makeover. As Brigitte and Terrence wait for the next train for the task, Brigitte grows tired of Terrence's annoying behaviour and after an hour, she vandalises the station and threatens to quit. Travis is starting to get on a few of the housemates nerves and Rory has a chat to him about it.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Fifty Seven
    Brigitte was allowed to choose three things out of the vending machine this week, and she decided on reversing the hand grenades of herself, Bianca and Cherry. Big Brother then called her into the diary room where her suitcase was waiting for her and she was ecstatic to have her clothes back. Ben and Rory decide to stay up to sunrise. They chat about the other housemates and Ben says he is very close to Bianca and he doesn't usually get close to girls outside of the house unless they are his girlfriend. Big Brother wouldn't turn the bedroom lights off so a few of the housemates join Ben and Rory outside and play jokes on Terri and Terrence who were fast asleep in the kombi.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Fifty Eight
    Terri and Terrence are still really angry at all the pranks that the housemates played on them the night before, especially how they sprayed the hose on them whilst they slept. As Cherry and Ben wait for the train they plot more pranks on Terri and Terrence. Big Brother calls the housemates to the diary room to set them straight and he told them to play no more pranks on the kombi duo. That night at the family dinner, one of the questions was who will be the final two housemates, and the majority of the housemates say Terri because she really deserves the money and is an overall nice person. Terri was watching this on the plasma screen outside and she became very emotional.moreless
  • Eviction #10 Live
    Eviction #10 Live
    Episode 67
    Nobbi is evicted from the Big Brother house with 59.1% of the public vote.
  • Daily Show - Day Forty Eight
    The housemates had just been told that the clue for finding this years prize money is buried outside, and the backyard has been transformed into a dig site. Rhianna's goodbye message is played, and she tells Rory that she loved snuggling up with him at night, and enjoyed every moment she had with him in the house. Rhianna has harsh words for Cherry however, and tells him that he is judgemental, scheming and playing the game. She also gives him this weeks hand grenade in which he will be the housekeeper. Cherry was very angry at this and a few of the other housemates called him Brigitte. The housemates returned to their dig site and eventually found the chest containing the clue. They discover the money is hidden in the diary room chair amd comes to a total of $250,000. The following morning the housemates had to nominate, and this resulted in Rory, Terrence, Cherry and Alice being up, and after Nobbi exercised his friday night live power by removing Rory from the list, Brigitte, Terri and himself also were put up.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Fifty Nine
    Terri is disgusted at some of Terrence's behaviour. The girls are dressed up ready for a hen's party while they wait for the next train. The housemates play "I have never..." and if one of the housemates has done it they have to eat a peanut since Big Brother had not supplied them with alcohol. Terri ends up eating the most peanuts.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Forty Two
    The housemates struggle to cope with a week on staples as a result of losing the task. Terri becomes upset with Bianca's shortness with her. Travis gets his chest waxed.
  • Daily Show - Day Sixty & Day Sixty One
    Cherry had chosen to take Brigitte, Bianca and Terrence into an advanced screening of Get Smart which was his prize for winning the Friday night games. The following morning, Terri and Terrence are the first ones up, but they have no access to the kitchen due to their hand grenade so he continuously hits a pan with a spoon hoping to get the housemates attention. Bianca is furious but still gets up and gets him what he wants. Later, Rory talks to Bianca about Ben and Bianca tells him that she has given out hints but they weren't reciprocated. The train spotting task is almost over, the housemates just have to recall every single number that was on each train in the order that they appeared. They were 100% accurate with this and therefore passed the task. Big Brother throws the housemates a dress-up party, and Brigitte is not happy with her Marilyn Monroe dress and makes modifications to it. The housemates are grateful to finally hear music.moreless
  • Eviction #8 Live
    Eviction #8 Live
    Episode 51
    Mike Goldman fills in for Kyle again, as the Australian public evict Renee from the house.
  • Day Thirty Nine & Day Forty
    When Travis delivers Big Brother his breakfast, he has a chat to Big Brother reflecting about last night's confrontation in the spa. Nobbi was then called into the diary room for chat. He tells Big Brother that he doesn't regret asking Travis that question, and someone of his age should be able to deal with it. Outside Travis explains to Nobbi how he felt about what happened. Big Brother once again called Nobbi to the diary room and told him he has almost crossed the line with bullying and to stop it. The guys make up and SOS signal, when they are stuck in a conversation with Terrance. Nobbi, Ben, Rory and Bianca leave on their flight and end up at the city dump. They are not impressed, and Nobbi believes that he has been shafted once again. It is Ollie's 12 week birthday but also time to say goodbye, and Big Brother throws him a goodbye party. The housemates fail their 'ignore the obvious' task and will therefore have to live off of staples for the next week.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Forty Three
    The girls complain about not having a hair straightener in the house. It was time for Nobbi to choose three items out of the vending machine, and he chose chocolate bars, a footy & frisbee, and Brigitte's party dress. The girls were angry that he didn't choose the hair straightener as 6 out of the 11 housemates wanted it. Nobbi decided to talk in jibberish everytime Terrance talked to him.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Forty Four
    The guys try and give Rory advice on Rhianna but he tells them he doesn't need it. Travis shaves his legs. In the bedroom, Rory and Rhianna share their first kiss. The housemates each receive a message from their family except Brigitte who missed out as a result of the hand grenade. She was very upset and staged another protest in the diary room.moreless
  • Eviction #9 Live [Prize Fund Surprise]
    The housemates find out that Nobbi saved himself putting Cherry and Rhianna in his place. Making the nominees Cherry, Rhianna, Terrence and Alice. Rhianna is evicted.
  • Friday Night Live #9
    It is Get Smart night and the housemates are dressed up as secret agents. After competing in a series of game, Cherry is declared the winner. An exclusive interview with Mike Goldman and the stars of Get Smart Anne Hathaway and Steve Carell is played during the show.
  • Friday Night Live #7
  • Daily Show - Day Forty Five
    Cherry says that he hates Rhianna, and Rhianna doesn't understand why. Nobbi and Brigitte have an argument and Brigitte states that she's not going to talk to Nobbi anymore.
  • Daily Show - Day Sixty Three
    Discussion of the identity of the mole continues. Rory goes around trying to convince everyone that Alice is the mole. Ben and Bianca spend the night together in the kombi and Bianca teaches Ben how to spoon properly.
  • Daily Show - Day Sixty Four
    The housemates are allowed to choose two things from the vending machine, and they decide on 2 mole clues. They discover that both Terri and Rory are not the mole. Big Brother plays a trick on the housemates and calls Brigitte to the diary room for a microphone change, and after she leaves a ninja puts a pen on the chair for whoever goes in the diary room next to discover. This happens to be Cherry, and when he leaves he goes straight to Brigitte to question her about it.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Sixty Five
    The time came to reveal the identity of the mole, and Big Brother instructed the housemates to take it in turns to announce who they thought the mole was. Everyone except Cherry guessed it was Brigitte, but Brigitte didn't seem very affected by this. Big Brother then called Rima to the diary room and told her it was time for her to leave the house as her mission was over. A while later Big Brother played Rima's hand grenade to the housemates and she told everyone that there was no mole. The housemates didn't take this very well, especially Ben and Bianca who were furious.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Four & Five
    Including highlights of Friday nights FNL and the events afterwards, were housemate Rima leaves with a broken leg.
  • Friday Night Live #1
    Mike, Bree and Ryan join the housemates in the arena for tonights competition. Tonights theme is 'Out of This World'. The housemates are dressed in green tights and silver skirts, and the first to pop a balloon has to leave the competition, Rima loses. Big Brother then reveals that the only prize for winning FNL this year is $20,000. The other games include, balancing on a platform, a hop-a-long assault course, a Alien vs. Predator competition, pedalling a spaceship along a tightrope and the final course a barefoot obstacle course. Nobbi wins the round, however due to breaking the rules earlier in the day, is given his prize in Zimbabwan dollars, with the current exchange rate of £1 Zimbabwan dollar to $20,000 Australian.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Seventy Three
    Travis is the only one that can cook the housemates' meals and someone helps him prepare it, so Big Brother takes the whole meal away. Big Brother gives the housemates the task of giving Terri a makeover and transforming her into an emo. The housemates learn that there will be no more nominations and they are all up for the public vote.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Three
  • Gatecrashed Live!
    Gatecrashed Live!
    Episode 9
    We join Kyle & Jackie as the housemates are thrown a party with a difference. First the infamous MySpace party thrower, Corey Worthington gatecrashes the party. However this isn't the only surprise, as ex-housemate Terri Munro who was evicted on the first day is back! However all is not as it seems as Terri is immediately called to the diary room, were she is given a secret task as Corey's guardian, over his stay as a Houseguest in the house. This isn't the only surprise, as three new male housemates are added to the house, meet Barney, Michael and Nathan voted for by the public online as the three most popular choices to enter the house as fully fledged housemates tonight!moreless
  • Pamela Anderson's Tricks of the Trade
    Pamela Anderson joins the surprised housemates for dinner. The following morning she returns to direct a photo shoot with them.
  • Daily Show - Day Thirteen
    Includes highlights of the other housemates reaction to Saxon's eviction from the house.
  • Daily Show - Day Seven
  • Daily Show - Day Seventy One
    Cherry has to choose two items out of the vending machine, and he had to decide out of a letter from home for Terri or a hair appointment for Alice and Brigitte. Despite the girls wishes for the hair appointment, he chooses Terri's letter and a tennis set. The girls are not happy about this at all. Big Brother calls them to the diary room and offer them a deal - the hair appointment for the treadmill. They decide to choose health over beauty and go with the treadmill. Since Ben is banned from the shower, he decides to wash himself with the kitchen tap while he is doing the dishes. Big Brother punishes him by banishing him to the backyard to sleep in the kombi. The next morning Big Brother told him he must stay outside indefinately.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Six
    Highlights of yesterday's Gatecrashed houseparty, including Nobbi not being impressed in the slightest at Terri's return, even though Terri sticks up for him in the diary room.
  • Daily Show - Day Two
    Terri leaves the housemates something so they won't forget her, she drops the first hand grenade and banishes Nobbi to the Kombi van in the garden, forbidding him from entering the main house.
  • Daily Show - Day One
    Highlights tonight include Terri's eviction from the house.
  • Daily Show - Day Seventy Seven
    The housemate receive their new "iron man" task where they have to iron a huge pile of clothes for charity. Travis struggles to cook the housemates dinner without any guidance. Each housemate has a speed date with Big Brother so he can choose one to have a special dinner with, his decision was Alice.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Fifty Five
    The housemates are shocked by Nobbi's eviction. Nobbi delivers his goodbye message and gives his share of the prize money to Rory. The hand grenade this week is for replacement in the kombi and Nobbi chose Terri since she was the one that put him in the kombi in the first place. He also had to choose a companion for Terri and he chose Terrence. The housemates have a new task where they have to spot trains. Brigitte and Ben are the first two who have to wait for a train, and grow frustrated that the length of time they are waiting. It is nominations time again, and Brigitte, Rory and Terrence are announced as the three who are up. However Brigitte saves herself with the power she got for winning the Friday night games and Bianca is next in line and therefore up for eviction.moreless
  • The Big Sting
    The Big Sting
    Episode 95
    Everyone was thrilled with Cherry's hand grenade as he is nice to everyone. His hand grenade however is a snap eviction were each housemate must name a single housemate to be evicted. After everyone has voted, Big Brother reveals that Alice is leaving. Everyone was devastated and was quick to sympathise with Alice. Big Brother then announced that there will be another snap eviction, the housemates are shocked that Big Brother is doing this to them. After they all voted once again, it was Travis who was told to leave. Travis was reunited with Alice out the back, and Big Brother told them that they were not evicted. They do a joint hand grenade for the housemates and tell them it's waiting behind the rollerdoor. The housemates discover that it is Travis and Alice there and are overjoyed to see their friends again.moreless
  • Eviction #14 Live
    Eviction #14 Live
    Episode 94
    All the housemates have been up for nomination since Wednesday's snap eviction and as a result Cherry who's escaped been up for eviction twice, with his FNL powers is evicted from the Big Brother house.
  • Eviction Show #1
    Eviction Show #1
    Episode 3
    Kyle & Jackie get the housemates to nominate a person for immediate eviction, live tonight. Each housemate takes it in turns to come to the diary room and reveal who they want to leave, Terri is chosen by a vote of 4/14 housemates to leave immediately.
  • Friday Night Live #11
    The housemates are dressed as clowns for the circus themed Friday Night Live. Ex-housemates Bianca and Brigitte join Bree, Fitzy and Mike on the panel, and later in the show Pamela Anderson also joined them before she entered the house for the last time. Ben was the winner of the games, and his prize was a flat screen tv.moreless
  • Daily Show - Launch Night
    Highlights of the housemates first night in the house, including reaction to them finding out that they will have to evict someone today.
  • Daily Show - Day Seventy Four & Day Seventy Five
    Pamela Anderson has one final visit to the house and brings the photos of the housemates with her that were taken at the photoshoot the previous day. Once she has left the housemates are thrown a slumber party. The following day Big Brother gives the housemates a silent dancing challenge, where they are blindfolded and have to dance non-stop listening to the same four disco songs, and whoever is the last one still dancing wins a care package from home. Cherry gets disqualified early because he stepped off his mat, and he decides to sabotage the other housemates by putting garlic and onion in their drink bottles, and by squirting sun-cream on their mats. Eventually after 10 hours of non-stop dancing, Alice and Rory and the final two left and Big Brother calls it a tie.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Seventy
    Cherry asks Big Brother if he can get the Paris Hilton look-a-like's phone number. A Johnny Depp look-a-like appears in the house for the paparazzi task. Ben takes a shower despite his ban due to him breaking the water tank. As punishment Big Brother tells him that Rory is banned from taking showers as well and must only use one bucket a day.moreless
  • Friday Night Live #2
    Mike, Bree and Ryan host from the stadium, as Big Brother interrupts 'Hip Hop Night', to finally reveal what the strategy room is. We find out that tonights winner becomes Head of Household, gains access to the strategy room, were they get to invite another housemate with them to discuss nominations, without breaking the rules and will also be told the bottom three housemates in the danger zone! The housemates are asked to split into two teams. Terri takes charge of the 'Old Skool' team and Corey the 'New Skool' team. Rory, Nobbi, Nathan, Renee, Bianca and Travis join Terri and Saxon, Dave, Ben, Rebecca, Brigitte and Dixie join Corey. With each new game, the teams change with new housemates taking lead each time. They compete in a battle of the mic competition, a obstacle course, a rapping with Big Brother competition and a Hip Hop Bunny challenge. Nathan and Travis are left to compete in the final challenge, throwing balls into a car. Nathan wins, and Big Brother calls him into the diary room to award him his Head of Household armband, however because he's exempt from nominations this week, Big Brother reveals his powers to enter the strategy room will be given to runner-up Travis instead. Big Brother tells Travis he's allowed to enter the strategy room and is also Head of Household this week. Travis chooses to take Renee into the room, much to the confusion of the other housemates convinced that Nathan the other Head of Household would of being told to join him.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Ten
  • Daily Show - Day Nine
  • Crowded House [Daily Show - Day Eight]
    Houseguest Corey refused his task to nominate two of the new gatecrasher housemates, so in order to be reinstated as a housemate, Terri is made to evict two of the housemates at sunrise. Tonight Jackie & Kyle meet the two evictees - Barney & Michael.
  • Daily Show - Day Eleven & Twelve
  • Eviction #3 Live
    Eviction #3 Live
    Episode 17
    Kyle & Jackie host live, as a new room is revealed to the housemates - The Eviction Room. All the housemates take their seats as the bottom three housemates are revealed as David, Rebecca and Saxon. Head of Household Travis is then told to stand up and save one of these three, he chooses Rebecca, meaning that Rory enters the three housemates in the Danger Zone, much to the shock of the others. The housemates, except Terri, Corey and Nathan who are told to go sit back in the living area because they are exempt, have to then nominate two housemates, giving the person they want most out of the house two points and the other housemate they want out, one point. The three bottom housemates are asked to remain in the eviction room, whilst the others after saying their goodbyes return to the main house. Rory and David return, meaning that Saxon has left. Jackie meets Saxon outside the house and he is then interviewed about his opinions of people in the house and his time in there, by Jackie & Kyle. After some live streaming of the other housemates reactions, Kyle & Jackie reveal a new room in the house, only available to the housemates if they spend alot of time on a plane, with lots of luxury comforts. The voting lines are also reopened.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Sixty Six
    A few of the housemates bury Rory up to his neck in sand, but Big Brother plays Rory's wrestling theme song so there is a rush to dig him up again. Bianca tells Ben that she doesn't want to spoon with him anymore because he is making it awkward. Later Ben and Bianca seem to be obviously flirting with each other to everyone but themselves. The housemates decide to make cardboard cutouts of every housemate past and present, and for Rima they make a mole with a knife sticking out of its back. Big Brother calls Rory to the diary room and tells him to chuck the mole cutout in the bin because they didn't consider Rima's feelings.moreless
  • Daily Show - Day Sixteen
  • Carson Crashes Big Brother's Closet [Daily Show - Day Fifteen]
    Carson Kressley gives some select housemates a makeover!
  • Daily Show - Day Fourteen
  • Daily Show - Day Sixty Nine
    Bianca's eviction video and hand grenade are played to the housemates. She offers advice to a few of them, and praises Rory and Ben. She also tells Ben that he is the worst spooner and therefore needs to improves, so she is making him the house chef indefinately. Brigitte finally discusses her feelings for Cherry, and says that she is over the guy on the outside. She shares her first kiss with Cherry that night in bed. The following morning Big Brother gives the housemates a new task where they are members of the paparazzi and everytime they hear shouting and the sound of a camera shutter they must put on a coat and hat, and grab a camera and be the lookout for a celebrity. When it is Rory and Cherry's turn to be on duty a Paris Hilton look-a-like appears in the window so they must take numerous photos of her. Ben is playing with a ball outside and Big Brother warns him not to throw it at the water tanks, and about 10 seconds later Ben throws it again and bursts the tank. Big Brother tells him he is banned from the showers and must use a bucket to wash himself now.moreless
  • Nomination Show #2
    Nomination Show #2
    Episode 86
    After each housemate casted their votes, the housemates up for eviction were Rory, Cherry, Terri and Ben. Cherry used his eviction twist to save himself, and both Brigitte and Alice took his place in the line-up.
  • Eviction #12 Live
    Eviction #12 Live
    Episode 84
    Bianca is evicted from the Big Brother house.
  • Daily Show - Day Sixty Seven & Day Sixty Eight
    Bianca gives Travis a haircut which is a great improvement from the last one that Nobbi gave him. Brigitte adds racing stripes to the side of his head as well. Cherry was the winner of the friday night games and was allowed to choose three housemates to join him for a 4th July banquet. He chose the big eaters which were Rory, Ben and Alice. Big Brother announced that the housemates just passed their wrestling task. The housemates give the kombi a makeover.moreless
  • Friday Night Live #10
    Cherry was the winner of the friday games for the second week running, after beating all the other housemates in a series of challengers.
  • Daily Show - Day Seventy Eight
    Ben must choose two housemates out of himself, Travis and Terri to receive their care package from home out of the vending machine. He chooses Travis and himself because Terri received a letter from her partner the previous week. Travis is still struggling to cook dinner, and takes 5 hours and 36 minutes to finally finish. Ben asks Big Brother is there is anything they can do so Terri can get her care package. He tells Ben that they may trade the treadmill for it but they must ensure that Terri does not find out about the deal. Ben discusses this with Travis and Rory and they agree that it sounds like a good trade, but when Alice is asked about it she refuses because she doesn't believe she should have to give up something she loves so much, and this frustrates the other housemates.moreless
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