Big Brother Panto

E4 (ended 2005)


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  • Season 1
    • Cinderella Live [Day 10 & 11 Highlights]
      Jeff Brazier is live from the nearby theatre, as he looks back over the past two days highlights. There's an atmosphere of nervousness, anticipation and excitement in the Lodge this evening as the cast await their big moment. It's a live show and they all know they can't fluff their lines, mess up their dance routines or fall over in their immense heels. Steps were still being learnt, lines were still being adjusted and things were still a little uneasy between certain members of the cast, as Kitten again walks out and threatens to leave. The cast then perform the show at a nearby theatre in front of a audience featuring other Big Brother ex-housemates.moreless
    • Day 9 Highlights [Returned to Lodge 3rd]
      The housemates return to the lodge, with a full run through in costume. Then they have a singing lesson.
    • Day 8 Highlights
      Day 8 Highlights
      Episode 9
      After a brief from the crew of the show, the cast One by one they left the Lodge for there New Years break to spend it with there families.
    • Day 7 Highlights
      Day 7 Highlights
      Episode 8
      Today, Dame Coach, Dave Lynn, was on hand to give the ugly sisters, Tim and Spencer, a lesson in walking in their ridiculously high heels, with a day of rehearsing ahead of them.
    • Day 6 Highlights
      Day 6 Highlights
      Episode 7
      It is revealed to the cast, Jade has won the public vote with 83% wanting her to play the part of Cinderella. Later Narinder talks to writer Jonathan Harvey about her concerns over the script.
    • Day 5 Highlights [Returned to the Lodge 27th]
      The cast return two by two, on sleighs down the chimney. All of the housemates were happy to be back in the yuletide Lodge, with most of the cast dressed to impress. Particularly Mel and Narinder, who wore matching feather bowers for the occasion, which Victor decides to try on. It is announced to the cast that the decision of who shall play Cinderella is going to a public vote.moreless
    • T4: Comment Show
      T4: Comment Show
      Episode 5
      Host Jeff Brazier joins T4's June Sarpong, as Jade and Anouska audition for the role of Cinderella and the decision is put to a public vote. Members of the public were also encouraged to get in touch to give there opinions to the cast.
    • Day 4 Highlights
      Day 4 Highlights
      Episode 4
      Dame coach Dave Lynn holds his first lesson, before Chris introduces the cast to stage manager Ruth and the first read-through is held. Before the housemates leave the lodge to spend the Christmas period at home, they are treated to a Christmas Dinner.
    • Day 3 Highlights
      Day 3 Highlights
      Episode 3
      Louie Spence holds another dance class. Kitten who is still angered by Chris' casting decisions walks out of the lesson and threatens to leave. Chris confronts her about his casting decision.
    • Day 2 Highlights
      Day 2 Highlights
      Episode 2
      The cast audition for there parts and it's now down to Panto Director, Chris Denys, to decide who will play who. Whilst the cast has there first dance lesson with dance coach Louie Spence, Chris makes his decisions and then reports the casting decisions to the ensemble. Kitten makes it clear she is not happy with the part she is given.moreless
    • Day 1 Highlights
      Day 1 Highlights
      Episode 1
      Host Jeff Brazier introduces us to the cast and the crew of the pantomime. As the housemates talk about what roles they'd like to play.