Big Brother (UK)

Season 8 Episode 95

Episode 895: The Live Final part 1

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Aug 31, 2007 on Channel Five



  • Trivia

    • All the ex housemates returned for the finale apart from Jonathan and Emily who was banned from the final.

  • Quotes

    • Ziggy: (on his relationship with Chanelle) In the house, it's pretty tough in there. I don't think I dealt with it well. I went through a bit of a paranoid stage about Chanelle. But I wish she'd stayed cos I think she'd still be there tonight.

    • Carole: (On the length of her stay in the house) I told my daughter, I said can you look after the snail for a week and clean it - I didn't I imagine I'd be here.

    • Jonty: (on his time in the house) It was a real gas in that house!

  • Notes

    • Three vote counts are taken during this episode.
      At the first vote count, 6th and 5th place are determined. Jonty takes 6th place with 3% and Carole achieves 4.9% of the vote
      At the second vote count, 4th place is determined. Ziggy achieves 4th places and gets 15.3% of the votes at this count.
      At the third vote count, Liam is determined as 3rd place. He achieves 19.1% of the vote.

  • Allusions

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