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Channel 4 cancels Big Brother

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    [21]Aug 28, 2009
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    To clarify to all those asking why not now, although numerous presenters and staff members have been quoted to have said they wanted the series to be axed now, on it's tenth anniversary. Channel 4 and Endemol have a contract for two more series, which Davina has revealed on her twitter to be the final Celebrity Big Brother and the final Big Brother next year. If Channel 4 wanted to close the show off after this season, what would we end up watching on Channel 4 and E4 in January, it doesn't give either station alot of time to fill up the vacant hours the removal of the programming would leave and unless you want to see even more repeats of Friends or The Simpsons, I think you should try and give next years shows a chance.

    I myself am quite glad at the news of the series been axed, because of how much free time It will give me on the site. Currently the summers taken over by watching reruns of Big Brother and it's spin-offs and all of January for it's spin-offs, so in that sense I am glad. But what do people make of the decision to put it maybe on another channel or rest it for a few years and bring it back?
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    After ten years, it's definately time to call it a day. It's just not that great anymore. At first it was so original and fun, we loved to hate certain people, but now it's just like...there. You can't escape from it. I'm not saying I hate it, because I do ocasionally watch it, but I'll be glad to see it end for good .
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    Well I for one will be sad to see it go, although I do agree as the years have gone on it is just not as good as it used to be. Series ten which has just finished has been one of the better ones in the past few years. It kinda went back to basics, not so many twists and turns. There were a few interesting characters in there this year compared to last years dismal effort. The touble with Big Brother is, once you have met one of the stand out characters, you cannot replicate that and I think people trying to do that has brought about the end of the show. Love them or hate them there was only one Jade goody, Nikki Graham, Pete Bennet or even Brian Dowling. People trying to copy them just makes the show boring.... So as a massive Big Brother fan it is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to it next year, but feel it's definitely time for it to go....
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