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  • I've been watching this since 2000, and it gets better every day, when you'd think it couldn't.

    I've been watching Big Brother since a fateful day sometime in 2000, just prior to Nick being ejected, as my half-brother, an avid BB fan, was talking about it on a road trip. BB1 was fairly simple, and then it started to become more sophisticated. From the bridge to the light-up stage. BB has been labelled as "Car Crash TV", and by Day 14 of BB4, I was ready to believe it. To combat the poor ratings, they put 12 freaks in a house. And I loved BB5, with the Big Brawl and, of course, Stu's eviction. Big Brother 6 is around the corner, and it's better again, big breasts, flirting, a member of three minority groups, and a love-fest on Day 20. Magic. Absolute Magic
  • Oh so bad yet oh so delicious - my addiction to BB

    This is my biggest guilty pleasure ever. I actually cannot believe that I am addicted to watching something so low-budget when my taste in shows is always to "go for the best and not tolerate anything even slightly off".

    I am ashamed, yet I am so hooked right now. Season 6 is for me the best season yet, and I cannot help being glued to the screen with the bitchiness, arguments and sneaky tricks being played by Big Brother. I'm looking forward to more!

    Show History:

    Season 1 - Where it all began, I caught the second half of this season and was pretty impressed. It was before all the people tried to show off to the cameras and deliberately win support.
    Season 2 - Didn't watch; was a bit of a disappointment.
    Season 3 - Classic season with Kate, Jonny, Alex and Jade. Who can forget the chicken dance or the stupidity of Jade (who is sadly still today gracing our tabloid covers)?
    Season 4 - Very disappointing; considered the worst BB by many.
    Season 5 - This was very fun, and was when my interest in BB escalated. Stuart/Michelle were great.
    Season 6 - Loving it so far! The most addicted I've been yet!
  • We're losing out in the U.S. Bring BBUK to the States!

    It's a shame that Channel 4 does not let fans from the US subscribe to their vidoe feeds or live cams of the Big Brother house. The 6th season has once again been great, proving how much better our american version of the show could be. How CBS continues to overlook this fact amazes me. This years show has consisted of fighting, bitching and backstabbing. There's sexual tension, which several housemates relieved themselves of inside their boxes during a recent challenge. There have been private plots exposed to the whole house by BB. And then there is the bickering over food. Could someone please get Makosi some Cherry Tango? At the end of the day (an ode to Lesley)...This is the best way to pass the late night hours during the summer, along with Big Brother's Little Brother. Dermot is hilarious. I'll end by stating the obvious as does Maxwell once a day "Saskia is Top Shelf"!
  • Big Brother is fantastic, even if it does choose people who it is unlikely we will ever meet in a real life day to day basis

    Big Brother is one of Channel 4's biggest show. The series has got better and better every year (excluding Series 4) with the people getting more and more weird, wonderful and exciting every year.

    Watching the housemates can be a hoot! Its hilarious watching them argue over something as pathetic as a second helping of food! The current series has the most arguments ever!

    Series 6 has the best housemates ever including Vanessa, Mary, Makosi and Kemal!

    Poor series 4 was Big brothers downhill as people regarded the whole serie boring! For once, even the winner (Cameron) failed to catch the viewers imagination and was barely seen in the limelight after he left the house.
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