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  • Big Brother Is a show that On around the world from Countrys such as The Usa and South Africa. Over here The Show has been going for Six Years. And I hope that it Goes on for many More Years To come.

    I have been watching Big Brother since Series two the year that Brian Won my fave series Has got to have been Series Five Becuase I really liked the romance Between Stuart and Michelle. This Series Is great to watch. My fave Housemate Has to be Anthony Because He is the Only on I like Apart from Mary but she went out in week one When Makosi Put her up for Eviction as part of her secret Mission.
  • big bro gets whackier every year an i do hope bb8 lives up to the previous shows! i do have to admire the peeps who enter THE HOUSE - whether i like them or not, to put urself on display 24/7 is a big deal and i really have to say fair play to all!

    keep the suspense comin big bro - u've already started it by enterin all females! i must say-that was a shock of its own! i will feel so sorry for the first bloke put in there, then again i'll prob feel sorry for all the blokes u send in now lol. how about a triple eviction in the first week-no one in mind yet-and replacing them with 3 down to earth decent blokes - that would cause mayhem with the girls! not that i'm stirrin things up - just a little suggestion! anyway - watever u decide i will b watching....
  • It may be past its prime but its still AWESOME

    It probably gets worse each year (possibly) but it is still a really entertaining show at times. Its brilliance is that it makes the viewer feel at comfort that everyone else is just like they are, and that they are not complete weirdos... Well... At least it comforting to know that big brother can find people weirder than you! Big Brother teases and deprives the housemates to sometimes a point where they want to leave the house, and quite often they do. This reality show is the next generation for entertainment. It is often confusing why it is so interesting.
  • a show that has people from all across britain locked in a house and forced to get along and try and test all there abiltyz

    were a veration of 14-11 housemates enter the house until someone gets evicted or like big brother 7 gets put back in has many twists and turns nd the public vote have a choice on who they evict they also have shows accosiated to big brother like bbbm (big brothers big mouth)< hosted by the very funny russel brand and big brothers little brother hosted by the very funny dermot o' leoary
  • In July 2000, Big Brother was in the headlines, but for all the wrong reasons. The new flagship Reality Programme, that came straight from Holland to the UK shores was suffering a mass backlash from the British Press and was labelled "Car Crash Telev

    Who would have imagined the tide would turn too quickly, and within a month of such reports the press would be singing the shows praises, eager to fall in favour with the show's huge following. Glued to their television sets, people from all over the country watched with anticipation the back stabbing and double dealing that led to 'Nasty' Nick Bateman's eventual demise. But after his eviction, the show grow still and found even more fans and viewers who would soon crown Craig Phillips their first winner of Big Brother.

    But the programme's journey had only just begun. Plans for a second series were quickly drawn up and in the summer of 2001, 11 people were ushered into the house of dreams, or nightmares depending how you look at it, and into the living rooms of millions of people. As the weeks progressed, it was clear that Season 1 had been no fluke. This new format and genre of Television was truly a compelling experience and a media sensation. Millions watched with joy as Helen [and all her fabulously blonde 'Helen-isms'] and eviction-survivor Paul's relationship blossomed into a beautiful romance, and as millions of phone votes put the Big Brother crown firmly on the head of 'gay, camp and proud of it' Brian Dowling.

    It seemed, in 2002 that the show may have lost steam. How can such a mammoth programme remain popular for a third year in a row, the critics moaned. They were quickly shown the error of their ways by booming viewing figures. The hilarious antics of Jade Goody and her fellow housemates, their earth-shattering arguments and drink-fuelled 'activities'. Yet, amongst all the chaos that was Big Brother 3, a strong bond and genuine like developed between the viewers and 14 people they had never met before. The format, it proved, still worked. But, the following year Endemol's luck did not hold out. A new group of 12 were introduced to the public and to their new home, but somewhere along the line something wasn't right. Smelling blood, the press jumped on the 'Anti-BB' bandwagon, ratings fell to their lowest ever and contestants were forgotten, it seemed, the second they left the house. It looked as thought the magic might have finally burned out, and the writing was on the wall for the reality show.

    For its fifth year, the show underwent a major face lift. After season 4's dismal performance, new rules have been introduced; the house reduced in size, designers called into tear up the 'Guide to Good Design' and make the house as awkward as possible for the housemates. In addition, perhaps the most outrageous group of people to ever walk through the doors were sent in by Producers. There were fireworks! Arguments, flirting, shock announcements and heated debates all broke out. Big Brother got Evil. The show was such a hit that producers largely based the sixth series on series 5. Another twist was introduced: Big Brother was funny and would often mock the housemates in the diary room and with odd secret missions. Also, another group of eccentric housemates was sent into the house which had been designed to reduce the housemate's privacy with the inclusion of glass walls. While the series was successful, it did suffer from some poorer ratings than the previous year due to being scheduled against the ITV1 series Celebrity Love Island in the early weeks. The sixth series also came under criticism for over-manipulating situations and the show's public broadcast qualities were brought into question. Nevertheless, during series 6, Channel 4 confirmed that 2 more Big Brother's have been ordered from Endemol that will air in 2006 and 2007 respectively. See you next year!
  • Absolutely essential viewing. Can't wait for BB8!

    In 2002, I was flicking through the channels, when I turned to Channel 4 .....
    Then, I was hooked.
    This show just keeps getting better each year. The housemates, tasks, twists, nominations, evictions and everything in between is brilliant. And if that's not enough, there's the great BBLB and absolutely hilarious BBBM.
    The best parts of it all, without a doubt, have to be the evictions. It's great to here the crowd cheer for their favourites (well, actually they boo more often than cheer) and see the housemates reactions when one of them is booted out. Then there's the moment when they walk up those stairs, the doors open and they step out back into the real world.
    It's also hard to imagine BB without the great presenters Davina McCall, Dermot O Leary and Russel Brand. Oh and not forgetting that famous voice ("Day 19 in the Big Brother house").
    Overall, Big Brother gives addictive veiwing and I hope it carries on for many years to come.
  • Big brother is a reality t.v show...

    Big Brother is a reality t.v show in which normal people are selected after auditions, to enter the Big Brother house, where they'll be filmed on camera 24/7 and will have to follow strict rules.
    Throughout their duration on Big Brother, the housemates, will have to participate in given tasks that big brother sets. The tasks will offer prizes if the task is completed to big brothers standards.

    Every week one housemate is evicted by the voting public, and after approximately 8-10 weeks, one of the housemates will be crowned the "big brother winner" and will recieve a £100,000 reward.

    Big brother is a extremely addictive, and entertaining reality show, viewed by millions.

  • A brilliant concept and I have slowly become addicted to this programme.

    At first i didnt give this programme a chance and laughed at people that liked the show but slowly I have started watching more of big brother and slowly I have become more addicted two seasons ago i would watch it if nothing else was on, last season I watched more of it but mainly at the end, but this year I have watched all of it and have loved every second, i just love all the tasks and all the arguments, mucking about and everything. The housemates this year have also made it something special with people like nikki, glyn and pete making the show exciting and fun to watch. And big brother is always around to make the boring bits more interesting with twists and jokes.
  • 13 ppl locked up i 1 house wiv booze and dey really get funny when der drunk.

    g8 show i cant wait until friday night to find out who has won BB6 i hope its Anthony he is soooooooo fit n i love his accent. Craige is really anoyin he cries all of the time and is totaly in love wiv Anthony come on he is not gay give it up.
  • My review of Big Brother 6 (UK)...

    Big Brother 6.

    This is the first Big Brother i've ever wtched and I think it's great. The tasks, the housemates, it's all so great, funny, boring (a good kind of boring).
    The housemates on BB6 we're all great, I like all of them, especailly Maxwell, he was my fave, but he got voted out. Also, does anyone remember Mary? Or Lesley? The first 2 to be voted out. Nobody remembers them.
    Big Brother 6 was a great BB.
  • Big Brother UK, almost as good as Big Brother Australia, but miles ahead of Big Brother US!

    I do like BB Australia best, only because the Australian Big Brother himself has an evil, yet histarical sense of humour. Big Brother UK is just as evil, but maintains a neutral position.

    I live in Canada, but I must say that BB US not as interesting to watch. This is mainly a result of the difference in housemate rules, which spawn alliances and tend to make the housemates less acountable for their actions.

    BB UK has a great assortment of houseguests from all walks of life, unlike the eye-candy prerequisite for the US show.

  • Big Brother Rules OK!!

    Why do so many people criticize Big Brother? It's EXCELLENT!! I'm a huge, massive fan and I love it. It's simply the BEST!! It's so original that i bet no-one else thought about the idea before the UK did. Go UK!! And I'm loving the current series, with a wide variety of characters included, such as Rachel, Rex and Darnell, and the tasks Big brother set them are really funny. Like one task when the three Hell housemates Kathreya, Nicole and Mikey were told to do a puppet show whenever Big Brother said in an ultra cheesy voice, "That's the way to do it!" and just to get on their nerves, Bg Brother continued to say it when they were all tired it was really funny but torture for them I guess! Anyway, I love the show and I hope that it continues for generations, cause it is original and entertaining!
  • Big Brother, the shockingly good piece of voyeurism which is more hooking and addictive that nicotine.

    Big Brother is the best reality tv show, EVER! Because of it we are given all of the C-list celebs we love, like Nadia, Jade, Kate, Nick to name a few.
    BB6 is definatly shaping up to be the best ever even beating the great series last year.
    We have an explosive set of charactors who all bitch backstab and argue(three of my past-times).
    Kemal especially is a great charactor who is an insepartion to all kinds of people, from people trapped by there sexuality to people trappend by there religon.
    Makosi is another charactor who i love except sometimes i hate her so much like when she bitches about kemal, when she messes with peoples heads, and when she got out kinga and mary two of my most loved people.
    I give this a rating of 9.5 the 0.5 taken off is due to the dredful BB4 which i like to try and forget if possible.
  • Big Brother is fantastic, even if it does choose people who it is unlikely we will ever meet in a real life day to day basis

    Big Brother is one of Channel 4's biggest show. The series has got better and better every year (excluding Series 4) with the people getting more and more weird, wonderful and exciting every year.

    Watching the housemates can be a hoot! Its hilarious watching them argue over something as pathetic as a second helping of food! The current series has the most arguments ever!

    Series 6 has the best housemates ever including Vanessa, Mary, Makosi and Kemal!

    Poor series 4 was Big brothers downhill as people regarded the whole serie boring! For once, even the winner (Cameron) failed to catch the viewers imagination and was barely seen in the limelight after he left the house.
  • Big Brother is launching in May and i can't wait its gonna be great. The house is meant to be full of secrets and new experiences , with new twists, new house mates, and a new type of Big Brother, we are all counting down the days until the summer.

    Big Brother is launching in May and i can't wait its gonna be great. The house is meant to be full of secrets and new experiences , with new twists, new house mates, and a new type of Big Brother, we are all counting down the days until the summer.Big Brother is launching in May and i can't wait its gonna be great. The house is meant to be full of secrets and new experiences , with new twists, new house mates, and a new type of Big Brother, we are all counting down the days until the summer.
  • BB 6 has to be the maddest BB to date.

    The producers did well picking mad contestants who were guaranteed to clash with each other. Each contestant was unique and made for some great viewing regardless of my feelings towards them.
    I felt that at the beginning the viewers made some great choices of who to evict. Thank god we got rid of Lesley before she got far too annoying. The eviction of Sam was also a good choice. However I feel the eviction of later housemates (Science, Kemal) were a mistake and it was sad to see them go especially since they both had a lot of support and could've potentially won.
    The producers did well bringing in new housemates this year. New housemates nortoriously do badly on BB so the concept of them living in a parallel house and then bringing in 2 housemates at the same time was a good one and obviously succeeded as shown by Eugene's runner-up status.

    The tasks this year were great and provided some great comedy. One of my favourite moments from the house was when Science as a dog dragged his 'owner' Kemal, around the garden in heels. The 'Big Brother' who did the tasks was very funny especially during his date with Anthony which was hilarious!
    I did feel that there were far too many secret missions though, they kind of lost their appeal after a while.

    I wasn't pleased that Anthony won this year. He's a nice person but all the entertainment he provided to the house was actually given by somebody else (Craig, Makosi, Maxwell)and I just don't feel he is a deserving enough winner. But I am glad that Eugene got half the prize fund, he definitely deserved it.

    Overall I feel that even though BB6 had its bad moments (Kingas bottle incident and Makosi's final night treatment) it gave us hours of entertainment and was definitely worth watching. Bring on BB7!
  • We're losing out in the U.S. Bring BBUK to the States!

    It's a shame that Channel 4 does not let fans from the US subscribe to their vidoe feeds or live cams of the Big Brother house. The 6th season has once again been great, proving how much better our american version of the show could be. How CBS continues to overlook this fact amazes me. This years show has consisted of fighting, bitching and backstabbing. There's sexual tension, which several housemates relieved themselves of inside their boxes during a recent challenge. There have been private plots exposed to the whole house by BB. And then there is the bickering over food. Could someone please get Makosi some Cherry Tango? At the end of the day (an ode to Lesley)...This is the best way to pass the late night hours during the summer, along with Big Brother's Little Brother. Dermot is hilarious. I'll end by stating the obvious as does Maxwell once a day "Saskia is Top Shelf"!
  • I've been watching this since 2000, and it gets better every day, when you'd think it couldn't.

    I've been watching Big Brother since a fateful day sometime in 2000, just prior to Nick being ejected, as my half-brother, an avid BB fan, was talking about it on a road trip. BB1 was fairly simple, and then it started to become more sophisticated. From the bridge to the light-up stage. BB has been labelled as "Car Crash TV", and by Day 14 of BB4, I was ready to believe it. To combat the poor ratings, they put 12 freaks in a house. And I loved BB5, with the Big Brawl and, of course, Stu's eviction. Big Brother 6 is around the corner, and it's better again, big breasts, flirting, a member of three minority groups, and a love-fest on Day 20. Magic. Absolute Magic
  • Big Brother is crazy and can be entertaining

    Big Brother has always been known for controversy ever since the program started back in 2000. If you don't know Big Brother then your live on camera in a house 24/7 until the end well people do get taken out by Public Vote. Big Brother you will see rivals, people talking about each other behind their back. Big Brother 2008 has been crazy Dennis Spitting in Mohammed's face was just sick, Alex sending threats with gangster friends and bullying housemates, Luke talking behind peoples backs, Jen and Rebecca always complaining causing a scene. Some is just bad it is interesting the show and to see how the people deal with it. The problem with Big Brother is they can be evil and just sit back for ages and watch a person been bullied by Alex for so long. Big Brother 5 (2004) was just good mostly cause of Victor and his fighting with Emma that was just funny I think everyone remembers that. This year the show is getting to many complaints which people are reporting it to Ofcom. I hope this show does not get taken off and Big Brother in the first place should do a background check on the person they put in the house.
  • Who wouldn't want to watch a house of complete fame-hungry nutters????

    Well, I've watched this programme right from the start, and the production of it gets better and better! The presenting is excellent and I love the fact that Davina and Dermot blatantly absolutely love the show. Its funny and annoying at the same time, you can go through so many emotions from hysterical laughter and then two minutes later you're shouting at the tv because some idiot has said the most idiotic thing that you've ever heard, then you're cringing and squirming behind the sofa at someone trying it on with someone who doesn't want to be tried on! Oh boy and then there's the evictions! I just love it when someone you really disliked in the house suddenly realises that they're the most hated person in the UK and suddenly they are trying to work the audience and that just makes us Boooo them more! Ha Ha!
    But the pure joy of Big Brother is the when you find a gem of a person in there that you just can't stop watching because they're so engaging. Its just wonderful and odd tv at its best!
  • Big Brother is absolutly brilliant

    Big Brother is absolute brilliant. The series gets longer with more and more contestants each year which confirms that it is getting better all the time. I started watching from series 3 which to me is still one of the best. Im loving this series however and will be glued to my seat on friday for the finale. i personally think Pete will walk out the winner but this year it is hard to say for definate. This is another reason why im glued. I love the task, the twists and the contestant. its brilliant.
  • A load of normal people will sorta normal people get put in a house with no contact with the outside world getting watched 24 hours a day.

    I love this show so much. every year the housemates get werider and werider and big brother gets eviler. but its funny to watch every one there ups and downs and them when there drunk and sometimes theres a lil bit of love !!!! my fav has to be bb3 when kate one it was the best but now the house mates all just want fame and are fake!!! and people are saying its all fixs as most of the housemates have done guinea runs and have been in the house before but i still enjoy watching it and hope it goes on for ever!!!
  • Although in its 7th season and although the contestants are getting more desperate, its just as addictive now as when it first started. The host of the main show Davina brings the show alive.

    The concept is simple. 14 housemates are all together in 1 house. They have no contact with the outside world and have to try and get on with each other for 13 weeks. Every week 1 housemate will be evicted by the public, if they don't walk before that. They are set weekly and secret tasks in order to gain food and luxuries. Big brother has stepped up the game every series to increase as much tension as possible. Its as addictive as ever, seeing the primative methods, game plans and the characters that unfold, its different every time and thats what brings the millions of viewers every series.
  • Another pretty good reality show. This is one of the shows where you can get voted off even if you are the best player of the game which I don't realy like too much.

    This is another pretty good reality show. This is one of the shows where you can get voted off even if you are the best player of the game which I don't realy like too much. I think it is funny when people make their little allianaces and then they are surprised when they get voted out. What in the world do they think is going to happen? Do they think everyone is just going to vote for themselves and it be a tie? People are so affraid of losing games anymore it is rediculous. If it is another person from their alliance that gets voted out they don't say hey, wait a minute we have an alliance. Somebody has to go home or it wouldn't be a game. I'm sorry but that is how the game is played. I wish this show was eaiser to get for Americans I can watch it because of my old trusty satelite dish.
  • Summertime time TV thats worth watching

    Like a genie, Big Brother host Davina McCall pops up to remind us its back, unsually badder & better than previous years. She's right though the housemates get weirder and Big Brother provides plenty of twists to get things kicking off. Back to the housemates, once selected to represent folk from various walks of life is now a sanctuary for work shy, attentention seeking wannabees. The more confrontational & shallow they're are the more likelihood they'll pass the show's auditions. Examples in BB6 were Saskia who was nasty, Makosi who was loud & shallow, while Craig shouldn't have enterred the house he really needed counselling. Other irritants that year were Kemal, Orlaith, Vanessa & Kinga.
  • Everyone says I'm sad for watching this but do I care? Nothing has me so addictively gripped and I really look forward to the time in which it starts. Yays for Big Brother!

    It's so interesting just to see how normal people behave when they are put in a situation like this. The people they have put in have gradually been getting more and more freakish but the people are still mainly normal and it's just so good. I end up talking about these people as though they are my friends!
    The tasks make it all the more good viewing, how much torture Big Brother can put these people through gives us fiendish glee. Then there's the clash between people who are horrible but entertaining and people who are nice but boring. Pete however manages to be nice but so incredibly funny. Who doesn't want to marry him? I DO!
    Eviction nights give me something to look forward to on a friday, I just get so involved in it! This season in actually the first one in which I've been bothered to vote that's how strongly I've felt about some of the people in it. Everyone says if you want to watch someone else's life you're pretty sad but it's not as simple as that and I don't care! I love it!
  • the Classification says it all

    Davina Mcall is the best Tv show host EVER! SAhe is soo funny with the way she handles the housemates. Why did Antony win BB6. Eugene would have been a better winner. Kinga also. Its like all the freaks in the country put into one big house. The house is as wierd as the housemates
  • It's sad to say goodbye

    I haven't been a huge fan of this show throughout its reign, but I was still sad to see it end. When it first started I was intrigued by the concept, and really enjoyed the special sociology programs that looked at the behaviour of the housemates.

    As the show progressed, and Channel 4 started to get "whackier" housemates each series, it started to lose its touch. The housemates were too calculating and un-relatable. They were just annoying and Channel 4 Even when they reunited old housemates for Ultimate Big Brother the show failed to pull me back in. I'm glad I tuned in for the last ever episode, however. I can't think of any TV shows that have managed to pull off such an event feel. The producers pulled at your nostalgic heartstrings and made it feel natural for you to mourn a show you lost interest in years ago. Good on them for doing such a good job that night.
  • Been a good year, with great plotting and **** Love the dynamics of the characters

    I find myself frustrated with people, who come along, leave a review just to critisise Big Brother... as if they would to any other show they didnt like?? I think not, its the concept that seems to upset people... the idea that somehow, I have to criticise, to let people know, I'm bigger than 'people watching'.

    To me, I think BB is a fantastic concept and watching different characters thrown together, from a society that at times is so different from place to place... is outstanding. They don't speak from script, or from anothers creative gesture. It's each to themselves.

    This years BB9, I loved... mainly, for the way groups broke off and there was clearly a power struggle, full of tension... Unlike in the real world, bullying tactics by members of the house never paid off and that group aka 'team evil' fell apart... But the journey from their hay day, to knowhere, was electric entertainment.

    Darnell, is my favourite and has such a way with words.. I'm proud to see him speak up to that group. And when he told it like it was with Luke, but smiling, congratulating him on his two faced behaviour, it was priceless.
  • With new contestents everytime, mostlikely a new type of crazyness!!! bb is a really crackin show ;)

    Last year we saw pete win, nikki cry and everyone else av a go. What will happen this year no one knows??

    BB is a good show but sadly very uderappreciated by the older age group. However it can be said that in the middle of the hole thing, repeated arguments and petty fights do get a little wearing and do to the fact you have got to watch it every night to keep the jist sometimes you can loose the will to live!!!

    But by the by BB wether ot be celebrity or normaal can be some good lafs and because everyone else watches it why shouldnt you??
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