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  • Big Brother (U.K)

    This show has to be the worst TV show ever. All you ever see is people arguing all the time which is boring. It always takes the slot of The Simpsons on Channel 4 at 9:00 or whenever which I am a big fan of but this show just needs to end because it is a complete waste of time.
  • It's old, it's boring, and should be off of the TV RIGHT NOW!!

    Whoever thought that continuing Big Brother after the first 2 years must have been mad. It is, in all honesty, possibly the worst programme on British TV. Everyones playing up to the cameras, half of them are probably hired actors, and all of them just want their 5 minutes of fame. They should all be ashamed of themselves.

    The tasks are literally evil, and sadistic, and I have no idea why people would willingly put themselves through public humiliation like this for money. Let's hope someone on Channel 4 realises this is a load of crap, and decides to pull the switch on it for good.
  • The worst show ever

    For those people who watch this, it is apparently addictive, but I really can't see why. In every program you watch people sitting in a house and doing every day things - things which you could be doing yourself and getting much more enjoyment from. So why do people watch it? I have no idea.
  • Pants

    This show can not be any boringer, People who are addicted to this pants are losers and very boring. Who ever made this tv show must be a very boring person. People are addicted and I dont know why. Who would like to see a normal day in every bodys life except people can watch it and they have tasks to do everyday, the tasks are just stupid and worthless. If anybody thinks this is a very harsh comment, you are wrong, if you do you can just complain, Big Brother is utter garbage and just a complete waste of TV time.

  • How can anyone watch big bro

    I mean it is completly pointless. Do u want to watch people sleeping, eating and occasionally and i mean occasionally fighting and sleeping with each other. If i wanted entertaining I would watch two mud ants carring stuff backward and forwards.

    The late nite commentry from big bro "its midnight in the big brother house and all of the contestants are in bed snoring their heads off. 1 minute past midnight in the big brother house nothing has changed. 2 minutes past midnight in the big bro house and jon has turned over". Im then just sitting there like ZzZzZzZzZzZzZ.
    Or Boring Boring.
  • My description of the show? Like watching paint dry.

    I've never understood the popularity of this programme. To classify it as 'entertainment' would be a mistake. Personally I cannot see the entertainment value of it at all, why would anyone care about some people who are in a house and argue all the time?! I once turned on the TV, which went straight to channel 4, to see a camera filming inmates sleeping, hence the paint drying phrase. I don't think watching people sleep is really entertainment. Watching people go through their daily house habits and conversations with other people is mediocre. The inmates are usually people just desperate for fame, who kick up a fuss in the house to get attention.
  • Awful!

    Big Brother has been going for eight or nine years now so why the hell are they still putting this crap on air? Really though I mean why are they putting Big Brother on still. In my opinion its awful and so boring. All the house mates are stupid and annnoying, why would anybody watch it? I can't stand the show and when I'm writing this review I'm getting angry at it. I only ever watch the first night them come into the house, whcih is still very boring and Devina is so annoying too. Reality TV is awful and Big Brother (UK) is the worst!!
  • This show is AWFUL! This show is all about people who are desperate for fame? Please...

    This show is one of the worst things that ever happened to television! This and many other reality shows are just about some dumbass idiot who wants to be on TV and be known for the most stupid things! I don't know why people watch this load of poop. Yeah, they are famous for these kind of things for like, a week or so, then after a while, no-one even knows their names!

    Don't watch this show... PLEASE! It is a waste of time!
  • Over-used idea

    I didn't watch the first series, which was supposidly the best due to "Nasty Nick". I watched the second and third, and they've been going downhill since.

    The people who do BB try to choose the most outrageous people every year. Take this year, for example. There was a "witch", a girl with huge fake boobs who loved to flash them, an Italian teaching living in Liverpool, a gay male who likes to dress in women's clothing, someone from the ghetto of London who thinks he's wonderful in every way, shape and form. Just to name a few.

    Sure they sound good and exciting on paper (or in this case, on screen), but they're not. This year is seriously boring.

    BB's been done to death. It's time to give up the ghost, and stop making new series of it.
  • One word: Lame

    This is one of the lamest shows I have ever seen. And one of the most disturbing I might add! Oh and did I mention pointless? People only go on this show so they can make some friends there then when they come out *poof* superstars famous for nothing!

    If you're thinking of actually watching this then I do not under any circumstances advise that you do. Its silly, overratted, and a waste of my time!

    Alot of people I know in real life actually like this show, but I do not know why! If anyones askin' I sure don't like it!
    Peace out!

  • Anyone looking to point the finger at the decline in televisions standards need look no further

    a show which gives media whore wannabes the chance to be media whores. the show that started all the other reality shows which continue to degrade quality from other areas and provide Itv and Channel 4 with a quick buck. Someone kissed someone, I DONT CARE!

    It constantly amazes me how t.v wants to pander to the lowest common denominator , this is t.v for morons which has no purpose and sets an awful example to twelve year olds on council estates that now think the way to money is to shag around, happy slap, take drugs then sell the story (routinely in some cases) to the tabloids.

    car crash television at its worst, i hope anyone involved with the project gets some sort of incurable disease
  • Big Brother in a Nutshell

    Swearing in a house for no reason. Thats all. 1.5/10.
  • TV at it's very worst.

    Have you ever seen a more tedious show in your life!Why would anyone want to watch a show,where a load lowlives get locked up in a house?
    What's really disgusting about the show,is the fact people come off it rich and famous,surely there's more deserving people out there.Quality actors such as Ben Chaplin and Tim-Blake Nelson,yet people have heard of Jade Goody and Chantelle.This is their claim to fame!.
    This show should be treated as one of the worst shows in British TV history.People who think it's one of the best,wouldn't know TV if it ran them over with a train.
  • Big Brotheer 2007 is rubbish and there mostly all girls, its boring...Bring in more lads. So far it hasnt been worth watching but its meant to be getting better....well i hope anyway.

    Oh My God what is going on with Big Brother 2007, theres only one guy. Its usually realli gud but this year theyve only been in a week and already someones been chucked out for breakin the rules and tehre one man!! Hopefully iy will get loads usually realli gud. Last years was great i loved Nicki she was sooo funny but this year theres no funny characters and no real favourites to win. Theres some realli nasty people in theer aswell and there gonna cause loads more trouble in the house, but is definitely not as gud as last years or any before that to be honest. It best get better i love watchin Big Brother.
  • Fly on the wall reality TV show.

    This is really a guilty pleasure because honestly I can not see the point in watching a show like this other than the simple truth that im waiting for something or someone to mess up. It can be unpredictable and just entertaining. I wouldn't exactly recomend watching this show but sometimes it does have its moments. You get to see what some people can really be like. All these stangers put in one house and set various tasks while trying to make the public warm to you to survive each weeks eviction. Theres lots of back stabbing and fighting, just simply cheap thrills. The new show has started here in the UK and I think Im gonna give this one a miss.
  • Well as you can see above, im not proud to say i watch this program, but cant help to admit it is addictive and however much you say you wont watch it year after year i find myself sitting infront the tv every night for an hour.

    I watched every single year from the year it started in the Uk, i will only ever say i watch it unless one of my mates brings it up in subject positively first otherwise i will keep it locked up inside because of its reputation of boring and predictable footage. Although i say that about others though it does seem to amaze me how ever year after the last they manage to pull something off just that little more, just shows how far people will degrade themselves to win fame and fortune for those 15 mins.
  • A petite, confined space, filled with as many of the country's low lifes (minus Derek) and the mental, pump in alcohol and several double beds. Oh1 and lock them in for 70 days.

    The show's concept is easy to understand and cheap to put together. That alone was why so many broadcasters around the world decided to air it. Her in the UK, it was not so popular to begin with, many saying it breached human rights (what doesn't these days?) but the more we watched it, the better it became.
    None has cared of the dumbing own of television, but after the 6th series, the contestants are going to have to go even further than before. Who knows what?

    I must confess that i've only seen the last two series, and i don't have Freeview of Sky so i can't see most of what has been shown. But still, i have enjoyed the edited parts that i have seen, with the honesty to say that, yes the programme is tedious and boring by the ending of transmission, but more watch the final eviction than watch them going in, strange...
  • Pyschological study into the lives of ordinary people from the British People.... NOT

    Ok, this show used to be a pyscoholigical study about 11 ordinary people but then it turned into a circus, now I do like the show, and think the producers can come up with some more twists and turns (call me if you want ideas) However, I find watching the E4 show when they're all in bed ridiculous, (is anyone out there that actually does that?) well the show does have slumps and peaks, my favourite had to be Nadia kicking off over no cigarettes! the winners (except Cam) are worthy, Craig in series one donated his prize money for a child, and that created the whole hoopla of the show. Keep it strong and the score will increase, don't become Big Bore.
  • People from the public living in a house together for quite a long period of time

    Big Brother is ok..I like the launch shows, but sometimes it can get boring. Especially when the housemates are sleeping, and they film the chrickens! Or some other random thing. My favourite one is the celebrity one - particularly Celebrity Big Brother 3 (2005). That was the funniest one, and I liked most of the housemates. I wonder what Davina is going to think up for this year's Big Brother..
  • I really cant believe that it is going to be on until 2010!

    wow - i have watched Big Brother since the very beguining and i used to love it but lately i have found the people who are entering it a little to desperate! i was happy that Pete won but i do wonder what can they do witht he show next. Having found out that it is now goin to be on our televisions for the next 4MORE years i have to wonder if this is taking it a little to far! but who knows i say every year that I am not goin to watch it and every year i do although a little less often then the year before.
  • Big Brother is alright at the begining of each series, but goes on way too long.

    I think that when they first created Big Brother it was new, and lots of people watched it because it was different, but now, it has gone on too long and every body who goes on it is looking for fame. i do still watch it, it is still funny, but they do need to change it, make it shorter, less people, more tasks, replace "Love Muscle Russell" with somebdy who can actually present and actually has nice hair, his hair is awful. and they should put more Big Brother's Little Brother (or BBLB for short) on the air because that ROCKS!!
  • Why We Love It So

    Put thirteen people in a house, add a couple, take a few out, let them form gangs, relationships, eviction-groups and voila, what do we have - but Big brother!
    Of Course, Big Bro wouldn\'t be quite itself without the legendary Big Brother, which is why they keep making..him? her? it? The? even more brilliant. This year Big Brother has been truly spectacular in that he can be a sarcastic little thing!! The cherryaid incident, \"mmmm, aaaaah\" to Makosi week 1 \"Unlucky\" I\'m just loving Big Brother this year!
  • This year is some what better than past attempts.

    Mario: he looks like a cross between, Sly Stallone and Matt Le Blanc! seems like a nice guy.
    Lisa: Mario's girlfriend. Nice and friendly, but you can tell she's not happy that BB told her and mario to pretend not to be a couple, and was gutted to watch the (fake) wedding of him and steph.
    Luke: He acts, talks, and dresses like Alan Partridge. Is a student who want s to give syudents a good name.
    Mohamed: He fancies Jennifer, although she fancies Dale- we've got a love triangle in the first 2 weeks here people!
    Rex: A chef who's dad has handed him the business. (his dad is also gay!
    Dennis: The Scottish dancer is grinding on me, and i cant wait for him to get evicted now.
    Dale: He looks like James Marsden (Cyclops from x-men movies)
    Kathreya: a cross between The Cookie Monster & a Genie, and I cant understand a word she says, lol. I like her alot though.
    Jennifer: Looks like Sheryl Cole, and a bit like Jennifer Love Hewitt
    Darnell: I had high hopes for darnell, but he seems to enjoy taking part in the back stabbing early... booo.
    Mickey: I loved it when he had the girls pants on and was dressed up as a playboy bunny- that was funny.
    Alex: cant stand her- cant wait for her to go.
  • The best in years.

    Big Brother 6 (UK) has been one of the best in years. This year Big Brother has finally decided to play mental games with the housemates. This year’s housemates have been particularly different each with their own views and opinions which made an explosive house. Each housemate is louder and more liberal than any housemate before which has made this year’s big brother one of the most eventful of its six year run. The twists and turns of this year’s big brother have kept viewers on the edge of their seats something that the producers haven’t managed to do since the first season. Viewers this year have been craving for more big brother which hasn’t happened for a while which is why the series has been expanded this year. Big Brother 6 has been one of the best in years lets hope BB7 manages to keep up with the viewers demands.
  • Good T.V will keep watching it, recommanded to others.

    Oh yes Big Brother how we love you. To be truthfull this Big Brother is the first one I have watched all the way through. I never watched the past ones ever, I thought it was very b*tc*y and stupid and just pointless. But when it was on again, I thought yeah lets give this a chance. I'm happy I'm watching this now, though I do think its very b*tc*y but in some ways its annoying and amusing. Yeah well I have to say I think its better with non-celebs, but then thats just a personal view on it. I would recommand THIS series to watch. Or follow up.
  • Okay... BB

    I first started watching Big Brother in BBO6 and continued on to watch from there... the best was BB07 and the worst was 2007's. 2007's was rubbish, just crap. The twins were okay and Emily and Laura were awesome, apart from that everything was bad. BB started off okay even if a bi dull. I don't really watch it all the time but I did watch Celeb Big Bro and Big Bro last year fully... It's a good show I really love it's ideas and twists in the "plot". Real-life people acting and making up game-plans, winnin` me. Great show!
  • Put about 11 ordinary people from the UK (generally) into a house and watch them daily....seems like a complete waste of time right? It is!

    Everyone knows that I watch Big Brother...although I NEVER watch a whole season. It is a completely stupid piece of TV and Davina McCall annoys the hell out of me! However it is so easy for one to get hooked. I've got to say, as someone who thinks it is a really stupid show, it is very amusing. I think that is probably why so many people watch it.

    What person in their right mind would go on this show? I can't believe people actually sign up for it!!! Seems like a really stupid thing to expect to go into a house as someone nobody has ever heard to a celebrity! I mean no one except for the possibility of Jade Goody has made a living out of winning fame from the show because they all disappear about half a year after leaving the house if not less!
  • I watch it live to pass the time.

    I like Big Brother UK. This season in partcular... Alot has happend already in the first week :).

    Pete is my favorite character.
    He is very funny. Even when he doesnt meen to be.
    After Pete, My favorite character is Glyn, because I like the way he talks.
    Sezer, Im Slowly starting To like him. As Long as he doesnt win I like him. Pete to win. I didnt like Sezer at the beginning, because He thought he was the coolest and that he could have imogen when ever he wanted.
    Im starting to like him now however.

    Get the 2 new ones out!

    PETE TO WIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A good reality tv show

    Hmmm. When Big Brother first started in 2000, I wasnt really bothered with it, infact I wasnt interested at all. The reason for that was the papers and their views I suppose.
    I started to watch the second season and I havent missed one since.
    With all the different personalities that they put into the house, it makes really good reality tv. You get the nastiness and the friendliness all rolled into one.
    Davina presents the show perfectly and I think alot of ppl watch it for that reason alone, lol.
    Sometimes the ppl in the house put across a fake persona of themselves due to them being on telly but the other housemates that are genuine makes good tv.
    Honestly though, dont do what I did and not watch it because of other peoples reviews, watch it and decide for yourself.
    Cant wait for the next one :P
  • Oh so bad yet oh so delicious - my addiction to BB

    This is my biggest guilty pleasure ever. I actually cannot believe that I am addicted to watching something so low-budget when my taste in shows is always to "go for the best and not tolerate anything even slightly off".

    I am ashamed, yet I am so hooked right now. Season 6 is for me the best season yet, and I cannot help being glued to the screen with the bitchiness, arguments and sneaky tricks being played by Big Brother. I'm looking forward to more!

    Show History:

    Season 1 - Where it all began, I caught the second half of this season and was pretty impressed. It was before all the people tried to show off to the cameras and deliberately win support.
    Season 2 - Didn't watch; was a bit of a disappointment.
    Season 3 - Classic season with Kate, Jonny, Alex and Jade. Who can forget the chicken dance or the stupidity of Jade (who is sadly still today gracing our tabloid covers)?
    Season 4 - Very disappointing; considered the worst BB by many.
    Season 5 - This was very fun, and was when my interest in BB escalated. Stuart/Michelle were great.
    Season 6 - Loving it so far! The most addicted I've been yet!
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