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  • Big Brother in a Nutshell

    Swearing in a house for no reason. Thats all. 1.5/10.
  • It's sad to say goodbye

    I haven't been a huge fan of this show throughout its reign, but I was still sad to see it end. When it first started I was intrigued by the concept, and really enjoyed the special sociology programs that looked at the behaviour of the housemates.

    As the show progressed, and Channel 4 started to get "whackier" housemates each series, it started to lose its touch. The housemates were too calculating and un-relatable. They were just annoying and Channel 4 Even when they reunited old housemates for Ultimate Big Brother the show failed to pull me back in. I'm glad I tuned in for the last ever episode, however. I can't think of any TV shows that have managed to pull off such an event feel. The producers pulled at your nostalgic heartstrings and made it feel natural for you to mourn a show you lost interest in years ago. Good on them for doing such a good job that night.
  • Big Brother Rules OK!!

    Why do so many people criticize Big Brother? It's EXCELLENT!! I'm a huge, massive fan and I love it. It's simply the BEST!! It's so original that i bet no-one else thought about the idea before the UK did. Go UK!! And I'm loving the current series, with a wide variety of characters included, such as Rachel, Rex and Darnell, and the tasks Big brother set them are really funny. Like one task when the three Hell housemates Kathreya, Nicole and Mikey were told to do a puppet show whenever Big Brother said in an ultra cheesy voice, "That's the way to do it!" and just to get on their nerves, Bg Brother continued to say it when they were all tired it was really funny but torture for them I guess! Anyway, I love the show and I hope that it continues for generations, cause it is original and entertaining!
  • My description of the show? Like watching paint dry.

    I've never understood the popularity of this programme. To classify it as 'entertainment' would be a mistake. Personally I cannot see the entertainment value of it at all, why would anyone care about some people who are in a house and argue all the time?! I once turned on the TV, which went straight to channel 4, to see a camera filming inmates sleeping, hence the paint drying phrase. I don't think watching people sleep is really entertainment. Watching people go through their daily house habits and conversations with other people is mediocre. The inmates are usually people just desperate for fame, who kick up a fuss in the house to get attention.
  • Awful!

    Big Brother has been going for eight or nine years now so why the hell are they still putting this crap on air? Really though I mean why are they putting Big Brother on still. In my opinion its awful and so boring. All the house mates are stupid and annnoying, why would anybody watch it? I can't stand the show and when I'm writing this review I'm getting angry at it. I only ever watch the first night them come into the house, whcih is still very boring and Devina is so annoying too. Reality TV is awful and Big Brother (UK) is the worst!!
  • Been a good year, with great plotting and **** Love the dynamics of the characters

    I find myself frustrated with people, who come along, leave a review just to critisise Big Brother... as if they would to any other show they didnt like?? I think not, its the concept that seems to upset people... the idea that somehow, I have to criticise, to let people know, I'm bigger than 'people watching'.

    To me, I think BB is a fantastic concept and watching different characters thrown together, from a society that at times is so different from place to place... is outstanding. They don't speak from script, or from anothers creative gesture. It's each to themselves.

    This years BB9, I loved... mainly, for the way groups broke off and there was clearly a power struggle, full of tension... Unlike in the real world, bullying tactics by members of the house never paid off and that group aka 'team evil' fell apart... But the journey from their hay day, to knowhere, was electric entertainment.

    Darnell, is my favourite and has such a way with words.. I'm proud to see him speak up to that group. And when he told it like it was with Luke, but smiling, congratulating him on his two faced behaviour, it was priceless.
  • Big Brother is crazy and can be entertaining

    Big Brother has always been known for controversy ever since the program started back in 2000. If you don't know Big Brother then your live on camera in a house 24/7 until the end well people do get taken out by Public Vote. Big Brother you will see rivals, people talking about each other behind their back. Big Brother 2008 has been crazy Dennis Spitting in Mohammed's face was just sick, Alex sending threats with gangster friends and bullying housemates, Luke talking behind peoples backs, Jen and Rebecca always complaining causing a scene. Some is just bad it is interesting the show and to see how the people deal with it. The problem with Big Brother is they can be evil and just sit back for ages and watch a person been bullied by Alex for so long. Big Brother 5 (2004) was just good mostly cause of Victor and his fighting with Emma that was just funny I think everyone remembers that. This year the show is getting to many complaints which people are reporting it to Ofcom. I hope this show does not get taken off and Big Brother in the first place should do a background check on the person they put in the house.
  • This year is some what better than past attempts.

    Mario: he looks like a cross between, Sly Stallone and Matt Le Blanc! seems like a nice guy.
    Lisa: Mario's girlfriend. Nice and friendly, but you can tell she's not happy that BB told her and mario to pretend not to be a couple, and was gutted to watch the (fake) wedding of him and steph.
    Luke: He acts, talks, and dresses like Alan Partridge. Is a student who want s to give syudents a good name.
    Mohamed: He fancies Jennifer, although she fancies Dale- we've got a love triangle in the first 2 weeks here people!
    Rex: A chef who's dad has handed him the business. (his dad is also gay!
    Dennis: The Scottish dancer is grinding on me, and i cant wait for him to get evicted now.
    Dale: He looks like James Marsden (Cyclops from x-men movies)
    Kathreya: a cross between The Cookie Monster & a Genie, and I cant understand a word she says, lol. I like her alot though.
    Jennifer: Looks like Sheryl Cole, and a bit like Jennifer Love Hewitt
    Darnell: I had high hopes for darnell, but he seems to enjoy taking part in the back stabbing early... booo.
    Mickey: I loved it when he had the girls pants on and was dressed up as a playboy bunny- that was funny.
    Alex: cant stand her- cant wait for her to go.
  • A reality show about a group of people who get together, get locked away for 3 months and try and be popular to get the public to like them to win £100,000. They have to nominate people to be up for eviction and do tasks to get a luxury food budget.

    Big Brother is probably one of my favourite reality shows because it is so geniously thought of. When Big brother comes on I watch every single episode but I only started watching it on series 4 because I watched the first ever episode and a bit more of the first series and thought it was stupid putting a load of stupid people in the same stupid house, I do still partly think the same but I think in series 4 , the people were more entertaining and big brother thought of more difficult challenges for them to do which was entertaining. Big brother gets entertaining year by year and i hope they keep on goin with big brother forever!!!!
  • Anyone looking to point the finger at the decline in televisions standards need look no further

    a show which gives media whore wannabes the chance to be media whores. the show that started all the other reality shows which continue to degrade quality from other areas and provide Itv and Channel 4 with a quick buck. Someone kissed someone, I DONT CARE!

    It constantly amazes me how t.v wants to pander to the lowest common denominator , this is t.v for morons which has no purpose and sets an awful example to twelve year olds on council estates that now think the way to money is to shag around, happy slap, take drugs then sell the story (routinely in some cases) to the tabloids.

    car crash television at its worst, i hope anyone involved with the project gets some sort of incurable disease
  • Okay... BB

    I first started watching Big Brother in BBO6 and continued on to watch from there... the best was BB07 and the worst was 2007's. 2007's was rubbish, just crap. The twins were okay and Emily and Laura were awesome, apart from that everything was bad. BB started off okay even if a bi dull. I don't really watch it all the time but I did watch Celeb Big Bro and Big Bro last year fully... It's a good show I really love it's ideas and twists in the "plot". Real-life people acting and making up game-plans, winnin` me. Great show!
  • Big Brother Is a show that On around the world from Countrys such as The Usa and South Africa. Over here The Show has been going for Six Years. And I hope that it Goes on for many More Years To come.

    I have been watching Big Brother since Series two the year that Brian Won my fave series Has got to have been Series Five Becuase I really liked the romance Between Stuart and Michelle. This Series Is great to watch. My fave Housemate Has to be Anthony Because He is the Only on I like Apart from Mary but she went out in week one When Makosi Put her up for Eviction as part of her secret Mission.
  • Pyschological study into the lives of ordinary people from the British People.... NOT

    Ok, this show used to be a pyscoholigical study about 11 ordinary people but then it turned into a circus, now I do like the show, and think the producers can come up with some more twists and turns (call me if you want ideas) However, I find watching the E4 show when they're all in bed ridiculous, (is anyone out there that actually does that?) well the show does have slumps and peaks, my favourite had to be Nadia kicking off over no cigarettes! the winners (except Cam) are worthy, Craig in series one donated his prize money for a child, and that created the whole hoopla of the show. Keep it strong and the score will increase, don't become Big Bore.
  • Big Brotheer 2007 is rubbish and there mostly all girls, its boring...Bring in more lads. So far it hasnt been worth watching but its meant to be getting better....well i hope anyway.

    Oh My God what is going on with Big Brother 2007, theres only one guy. Its usually realli gud but this year theyve only been in a week and already someones been chucked out for breakin the rules and tehre one man!! Hopefully iy will get loads usually realli gud. Last years was great i loved Nicki she was sooo funny but this year theres no funny characters and no real favourites to win. Theres some realli nasty people in theer aswell and there gonna cause loads more trouble in the house, but is definitely not as gud as last years or any before that to be honest. It best get better i love watchin Big Brother.
  • Put about 11 ordinary people from the UK (generally) into a house and watch them daily....seems like a complete waste of time right? It is!

    Everyone knows that I watch Big Brother...although I NEVER watch a whole season. It is a completely stupid piece of TV and Davina McCall annoys the hell out of me! However it is so easy for one to get hooked. I've got to say, as someone who thinks it is a really stupid show, it is very amusing. I think that is probably why so many people watch it.

    What person in their right mind would go on this show? I can't believe people actually sign up for it!!! Seems like a really stupid thing to expect to go into a house as someone nobody has ever heard to a celebrity! I mean no one except for the possibility of Jade Goody has made a living out of winning fame from the show because they all disappear about half a year after leaving the house if not less!
  • Fly on the wall reality TV show.

    This is really a guilty pleasure because honestly I can not see the point in watching a show like this other than the simple truth that im waiting for something or someone to mess up. It can be unpredictable and just entertaining. I wouldn't exactly recomend watching this show but sometimes it does have its moments. You get to see what some people can really be like. All these stangers put in one house and set various tasks while trying to make the public warm to you to survive each weeks eviction. Theres lots of back stabbing and fighting, just simply cheap thrills. The new show has started here in the UK and I think Im gonna give this one a miss.
  • Who wouldn't want to watch a house of complete fame-hungry nutters????

    Well, I've watched this programme right from the start, and the production of it gets better and better! The presenting is excellent and I love the fact that Davina and Dermot blatantly absolutely love the show. Its funny and annoying at the same time, you can go through so many emotions from hysterical laughter and then two minutes later you're shouting at the tv because some idiot has said the most idiotic thing that you've ever heard, then you're cringing and squirming behind the sofa at someone trying it on with someone who doesn't want to be tried on! Oh boy and then there's the evictions! I just love it when someone you really disliked in the house suddenly realises that they're the most hated person in the UK and suddenly they are trying to work the audience and that just makes us Boooo them more! Ha Ha!
    But the pure joy of Big Brother is the when you find a gem of a person in there that you just can't stop watching because they're so engaging. Its just wonderful and odd tv at its best!
  • big bro gets whackier every year an i do hope bb8 lives up to the previous shows! i do have to admire the peeps who enter THE HOUSE - whether i like them or not, to put urself on display 24/7 is a big deal and i really have to say fair play to all!

    keep the suspense comin big bro - u've already started it by enterin all females! i must say-that was a shock of its own! i will feel so sorry for the first bloke put in there, then again i'll prob feel sorry for all the blokes u send in now lol. how about a triple eviction in the first week-no one in mind yet-and replacing them with 3 down to earth decent blokes - that would cause mayhem with the girls! not that i'm stirrin things up - just a little suggestion! anyway - watever u decide i will b watching....
  • It may be past its prime but its still AWESOME

    It probably gets worse each year (possibly) but it is still a really entertaining show at times. Its brilliance is that it makes the viewer feel at comfort that everyone else is just like they are, and that they are not complete weirdos... Well... At least it comforting to know that big brother can find people weirder than you! Big Brother teases and deprives the housemates to sometimes a point where they want to leave the house, and quite often they do. This reality show is the next generation for entertainment. It is often confusing why it is so interesting.
  • People from the public living in a house together for quite a long period of time

    Big Brother is ok..I like the launch shows, but sometimes it can get boring. Especially when the housemates are sleeping, and they film the chrickens! Or some other random thing. My favourite one is the celebrity one - particularly Celebrity Big Brother 3 (2005). That was the funniest one, and I liked most of the housemates. I wonder what Davina is going to think up for this year's Big Brother..
  • TV at it's very worst.

    Have you ever seen a more tedious show in your life!Why would anyone want to watch a show,where a load lowlives get locked up in a house?
    What's really disgusting about the show,is the fact people come off it rich and famous,surely there's more deserving people out there.Quality actors such as Ben Chaplin and Tim-Blake Nelson,yet people have heard of Jade Goody and Chantelle.This is their claim to fame!.
    This show should be treated as one of the worst shows in British TV history.People who think it's one of the best,wouldn't know TV if it ran them over with a train.
  • Big Brother is alright at the begining of each series, but goes on way too long.

    I think that when they first created Big Brother it was new, and lots of people watched it because it was different, but now, it has gone on too long and every body who goes on it is looking for fame. i do still watch it, it is still funny, but they do need to change it, make it shorter, less people, more tasks, replace "Love Muscle Russell" with somebdy who can actually present and actually has nice hair, his hair is awful. and they should put more Big Brother's Little Brother (or BBLB for short) on the air because that ROCKS!!
  • With new contestents everytime, mostlikely a new type of crazyness!!! bb is a really crackin show ;)

    Last year we saw pete win, nikki cry and everyone else av a go. What will happen this year no one knows??

    BB is a good show but sadly very uderappreciated by the older age group. However it can be said that in the middle of the hole thing, repeated arguments and petty fights do get a little wearing and do to the fact you have got to watch it every night to keep the jist sometimes you can loose the will to live!!!

    But by the by BB wether ot be celebrity or normaal can be some good lafs and because everyone else watches it why shouldnt you??
  • a show that has people from all across britain locked in a house and forced to get along and try and test all there abiltyz

    were a veration of 14-11 housemates enter the house until someone gets evicted or like big brother 7 gets put back in has many twists and turns nd the public vote have a choice on who they evict they also have shows accosiated to big brother like bbbm (big brothers big mouth)< hosted by the very funny russel brand and big brothers little brother hosted by the very funny dermot o' leoary
  • Big Brother is a show where contestants enter a house and stay there for the duration of the show unless they are evicted. Throughout the show there are twists in which new housemates are put in or maybe a double eviction.

    Big Brother started out as a novel idea in which they put some ordinary people into a house and see how they reacted to each other. This made the show fairly low key in the first series but as the seasons roll by it gets a bigger and bigger fanbase.

    In my opinion though the show is slowly becoming slightly boring due to the amount of them that there has been (seven) and the fact that there are only so many different types of people and I feel they have probably exhausted the show. Don't get me wrong though I will be watching any future series that are shown but not with the same conviction that I once would.

    I think that the presenters of the show really help because they put a friendly face on the programme. I feel that Davina should be on the show every night and not just for the evictions. Also I think that Dermot should join Davina to co-present the live show.

    In conclusion I think that they need to have a major revamp for future series otherwise viewing numbers will begin to dwindle.
  • I really cant believe that it is going to be on until 2010!

    wow - i have watched Big Brother since the very beguining and i used to love it but lately i have found the people who are entering it a little to desperate! i was happy that Pete won but i do wonder what can they do witht he show next. Having found out that it is now goin to be on our televisions for the next 4MORE years i have to wonder if this is taking it a little to far! but who knows i say every year that I am not goin to watch it and every year i do although a little less often then the year before.
  • In July 2000, Big Brother was in the headlines, but for all the wrong reasons. The new flagship Reality Programme, that came straight from Holland to the UK shores was suffering a mass backlash from the British Press and was labelled "Car Crash Telev

    Who would have imagined the tide would turn too quickly, and within a month of such reports the press would be singing the shows praises, eager to fall in favour with the show's huge following. Glued to their television sets, people from all over the country watched with anticipation the back stabbing and double dealing that led to 'Nasty' Nick Bateman's eventual demise. But after his eviction, the show grow still and found even more fans and viewers who would soon crown Craig Phillips their first winner of Big Brother.

    But the programme's journey had only just begun. Plans for a second series were quickly drawn up and in the summer of 2001, 11 people were ushered into the house of dreams, or nightmares depending how you look at it, and into the living rooms of millions of people. As the weeks progressed, it was clear that Season 1 had been no fluke. This new format and genre of Television was truly a compelling experience and a media sensation. Millions watched with joy as Helen [and all her fabulously blonde 'Helen-isms'] and eviction-survivor Paul's relationship blossomed into a beautiful romance, and as millions of phone votes put the Big Brother crown firmly on the head of 'gay, camp and proud of it' Brian Dowling.

    It seemed, in 2002 that the show may have lost steam. How can such a mammoth programme remain popular for a third year in a row, the critics moaned. They were quickly shown the error of their ways by booming viewing figures. The hilarious antics of Jade Goody and her fellow housemates, their earth-shattering arguments and drink-fuelled 'activities'. Yet, amongst all the chaos that was Big Brother 3, a strong bond and genuine like developed between the viewers and 14 people they had never met before. The format, it proved, still worked. But, the following year Endemol's luck did not hold out. A new group of 12 were introduced to the public and to their new home, but somewhere along the line something wasn't right. Smelling blood, the press jumped on the 'Anti-BB' bandwagon, ratings fell to their lowest ever and contestants were forgotten, it seemed, the second they left the house. It looked as thought the magic might have finally burned out, and the writing was on the wall for the reality show.

    For its fifth year, the show underwent a major face lift. After season 4's dismal performance, new rules have been introduced; the house reduced in size, designers called into tear up the 'Guide to Good Design' and make the house as awkward as possible for the housemates. In addition, perhaps the most outrageous group of people to ever walk through the doors were sent in by Producers. There were fireworks! Arguments, flirting, shock announcements and heated debates all broke out. Big Brother got Evil. The show was such a hit that producers largely based the sixth series on series 5. Another twist was introduced: Big Brother was funny and would often mock the housemates in the diary room and with odd secret missions. Also, another group of eccentric housemates was sent into the house which had been designed to reduce the housemate's privacy with the inclusion of glass walls. While the series was successful, it did suffer from some poorer ratings than the previous year due to being scheduled against the ITV1 series Celebrity Love Island in the early weeks. The sixth series also came under criticism for over-manipulating situations and the show's public broadcast qualities were brought into question. Nevertheless, during series 6, Channel 4 confirmed that 2 more Big Brother's have been ordered from Endemol that will air in 2006 and 2007 respectively. See you next year!
  • Absolutely essential viewing. Can't wait for BB8!

    In 2002, I was flicking through the channels, when I turned to Channel 4 .....
    Then, I was hooked.
    This show just keeps getting better each year. The housemates, tasks, twists, nominations, evictions and everything in between is brilliant. And if that's not enough, there's the great BBLB and absolutely hilarious BBBM.
    The best parts of it all, without a doubt, have to be the evictions. It's great to here the crowd cheer for their favourites (well, actually they boo more often than cheer) and see the housemates reactions when one of them is booted out. Then there's the moment when they walk up those stairs, the doors open and they step out back into the real world.
    It's also hard to imagine BB without the great presenters Davina McCall, Dermot O Leary and Russel Brand. Oh and not forgetting that famous voice ("Day 19 in the Big Brother house").
    Overall, Big Brother gives addictive veiwing and I hope it carries on for many years to come.
  • Great show...only if more people would watch it.

    I will now speak to the house,the word all big brother suporters will listen for evrey friday on big brother! big brother started in the year 2000 and soon became a really good reality t v show and one of my favorits along with i'm a celebrity get me out of here! dow being such a great t v show Big Brother is really underappreciated and i think people should watch this program much more so please watch this program much more please! after big brother finishing it's 7 th season its a long running reality t v show which YOU should watch more of!
  • Big brother is a reality t.v show...

    Big Brother is a reality t.v show in which normal people are selected after auditions, to enter the Big Brother house, where they'll be filmed on camera 24/7 and will have to follow strict rules.
    Throughout their duration on Big Brother, the housemates, will have to participate in given tasks that big brother sets. The tasks will offer prizes if the task is completed to big brothers standards.

    Every week one housemate is evicted by the voting public, and after approximately 8-10 weeks, one of the housemates will be crowned the "big brother winner" and will recieve a £100,000 reward.

    Big brother is a extremely addictive, and entertaining reality show, viewed by millions.