Big Brother (UK)

Daily 9:00 PM on Channel Five Premiered Jul 18, 2000 In Season





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  • Big Brother is a show where contestants enter a house and stay there for the duration of the show unless they are evicted. Throughout the show there are twists in which new housemates are put in or maybe a double eviction.

    Big Brother started out as a novel idea in which they put some ordinary people into a house and see how they reacted to each other. This made the show fairly low key in the first series but as the seasons roll by it gets a bigger and bigger fanbase.

    In my opinion though the show is slowly becoming slightly boring due to the amount of them that there has been (seven) and the fact that there are only so many different types of people and I feel they have probably exhausted the show. Don't get me wrong though I will be watching any future series that are shown but not with the same conviction that I once would.

    I think that the presenters of the show really help because they put a friendly face on the programme. I feel that Davina should be on the show every night and not just for the evictions. Also I think that Dermot should join Davina to co-present the live show.

    In conclusion I think that they need to have a major revamp for future series otherwise viewing numbers will begin to dwindle.