Big Brother (UK)

Daily 9:00 PM on Channel Five Premiered Jul 18, 2000 In Season





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  • Who wouldn't want to watch a house of complete fame-hungry nutters????

    Well, I've watched this programme right from the start, and the production of it gets better and better! The presenting is excellent and I love the fact that Davina and Dermot blatantly absolutely love the show. Its funny and annoying at the same time, you can go through so many emotions from hysterical laughter and then two minutes later you're shouting at the tv because some idiot has said the most idiotic thing that you've ever heard, then you're cringing and squirming behind the sofa at someone trying it on with someone who doesn't want to be tried on! Oh boy and then there's the evictions! I just love it when someone you really disliked in the house suddenly realises that they're the most hated person in the UK and suddenly they are trying to work the audience and that just makes us Boooo them more! Ha Ha!
    But the pure joy of Big Brother is the when you find a gem of a person in there that you just can't stop watching because they're so engaging. Its just wonderful and odd tv at its best!