Big Brother (UK)

Daily 9:00 PM on Channel Five Premiered Jul 18, 2000 In Season





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  • Big Brotheer 2007 is rubbish and there mostly all girls, its boring...Bring in more lads. So far it hasnt been worth watching but its meant to be getting better....well i hope anyway.

    Oh My God what is going on with Big Brother 2007, theres only one guy. Its usually realli gud but this year theyve only been in a week and already someones been chucked out for breakin the rules and tehre one man!! Hopefully iy will get loads usually realli gud. Last years was great i loved Nicki she was sooo funny but this year theres no funny characters and no real favourites to win. Theres some realli nasty people in theer aswell and there gonna cause loads more trouble in the house, but is definitely not as gud as last years or any before that to be honest. It best get better i love watchin Big Brother.