Big Brother (UK)

Daily 9:00 PM on Channel Five Premiered Jul 18, 2000 In Season





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  • A reality show about a group of people who get together, get locked away for 3 months and try and be popular to get the public to like them to win £100,000. They have to nominate people to be up for eviction and do tasks to get a luxury food budget.

    Big Brother is probably one of my favourite reality shows because it is so geniously thought of. When Big brother comes on I watch every single episode but I only started watching it on series 4 because I watched the first ever episode and a bit more of the first series and thought it was stupid putting a load of stupid people in the same stupid house, I do still partly think the same but I think in series 4 , the people were more entertaining and big brother thought of more difficult challenges for them to do which was entertaining. Big brother gets entertaining year by year and i hope they keep on goin with big brother forever!!!!