Big Brother (UK)

Daily 9:00 PM on Channel Five Premiered Jul 18, 2000 In Season





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  • This year is some what better than past attempts.

    Mario: he looks like a cross between, Sly Stallone and Matt Le Blanc! seems like a nice guy.
    Lisa: Mario's girlfriend. Nice and friendly, but you can tell she's not happy that BB told her and mario to pretend not to be a couple, and was gutted to watch the (fake) wedding of him and steph.
    Luke: He acts, talks, and dresses like Alan Partridge. Is a student who want s to give syudents a good name.
    Mohamed: He fancies Jennifer, although she fancies Dale- we've got a love triangle in the first 2 weeks here people!
    Rex: A chef who's dad has handed him the business. (his dad is also gay!
    Dennis: The Scottish dancer is grinding on me, and i cant wait for him to get evicted now.
    Dale: He looks like James Marsden (Cyclops from x-men movies)
    Kathreya: a cross between The Cookie Monster & a Genie, and I cant understand a word she says, lol. I like her alot though.
    Jennifer: Looks like Sheryl Cole, and a bit like Jennifer Love Hewitt
    Darnell: I had high hopes for darnell, but he seems to enjoy taking part in the back stabbing early... booo.
    Mickey: I loved it when he had the girls pants on and was dressed up as a playboy bunny- that was funny.
    Alex: cant stand her- cant wait for her to go.