Big Brother (UK) - Season 10

Daily 9:00 PM on Channel Five Premiered Jul 18, 2000 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Final - Live
    Final - Live
    Episode 111
    Davina's back for the results of the final. But first third place housemate David leaves the house and chats about his time entering halfway and coming so far. Davina then goes back to the house and reveals that Sophie is this years winner. Siavash leaves in second place and chats about his time in the house, talking about why he was going to leave earlier in the week. Before this years winner Sophie leaves and chats to Davina about her time in the house. She talks about her relationship with the other housemates and then receives her £71, 320 prize money. Judi James also has analysis of the remaining three housemates.moreless
  • Day Ninety Two Highlights - Final Live
    Davina's live for the finale of this years show, with all of the years ex-housemates watching on from the wings. But before any housemates leave the house, we take a look at the housemates penultimate day in the house as they gather for the final meal and make a toast to their time together. Davina then reveals that finishing in fifth place tonight is Rodrigo, he leaves the house and discusses his time within the house, and has a special greeting from his family. Back to the house live, as Davina reveals Charlie has finished in fourth place, he leaves the house and discusses his time in the house and finds out that his mums condition is getting better. Before the break, Davina reveals that David will be the next housemate leaving in third place. Judi James is on hand throughout to provide analysis of the housemates as they leave.moreless
  • Day Ninety One Highlights
    Today it's David's birthday and he's been given a very special present from Big Brother, a letter from Vivienne Westwood. Today he is also given the chance to win back a big portion of the prize fund back, as the housemates rate themselves in categories in the garden and David has to guess were they ranked themselves. He is also given a birthday party. Siavash decides he wants to leave, again.moreless
  • Day Ninety Highlights
    Day Ninety Highlights
    Episode 108
    Charlie gets upset by todays task when the housemates are asked to re-create one of Beyonce's hit videos. Later Davina announces that Lisa is the last housemate to be evicted from the house. After her departure it slowly sinks in for the other housemates that they'll be in the house until the final.moreless
  • Eviction #12 Live
    Eviction #12 Live
    Episode 107
    Davina goes live to the house and reveals that Lisa is the final housemate to be evicted from the house. Joining Lisa and Davina in the studio tonight are David Schneider and Kim Woodburn.
  • Day Eighty Nine Highlights - Live
    Today the housemates are asked to film their own episode of Big Brother, in which Noirin and Siavash's romance heated up. The filming lasts nearly all day long. Charlie apologises to Lisa about his prank last night.
  • Day Eighty Eight Highlights
    The housemates are made to watch some nominations footage making things between Lisa & David and the rest of the housemates quite hostile, this is made even worse when the housemates unexpectedly have to nominate for the last time. After Charlie, Sophie and Siavash decide not to nominate they are told that they will now automatically face eviction, alongside David, Lisa and Rodrigo who all received either 1 or 2 nominations. Later, as things go from bad to worse between David & Lisa and the rest of the house, the other four housemates come and tell Big Brother that they are considering leaving the house. Then when Charlie plays a prank on Lisa, the two exchange words.moreless
  • Day Eighty Seven Highlights
    The housemates earn some tokens and are allowed to trade them in for a chinese takeaway and booze.
  • Day Eighty Six Highlights
    Today Rodrigo wins £6,000 of the winners money back by taking part in an animal contest. Later Marcus is evicted from the Big Brother house and a new relationship rumour spreads around the house.
  • Eviction #11 Live
    Eviction #11 Live
    Episode 102
    Davina goes live to the house and reveals that Marcus is the latest housemate to be evicted from the house. Joining them in the studio tonight to discuss Marcus' time in the house are Andi Peters and Grace Dent.
  • Day Eighty Five Highlights - Live
    Davina is live as Marcus and Siavash are up for eviction tonight. Today the housemates argue over the shopping list and Siavash is asked to give Big Brother all of his personal possessions and wear one outfit for the rest of the series. Marcus is then asked to cut his ponytail off to win some money back, however he refuses. Later the housemates play truth and dare.moreless
  • Day Eighty Four Highlights
    The future task concludes today, including Sophie and Rodrigos dance routine. Marcus tells Big Brother why he isn't bothered about going on Friday and their been no prize money.
  • Day Eighty Three Highlights
    Tonight the housemates are set their weekly task, as they take on characters from the future. Lisa and David are sent out and about around London dressed as aliens to get some pictures taken in front of famous London landmarks. Whilst the other housemates manage to make their way into the camera runs after Big Brother tells them that they are boring. Big Brother then reveals that because of such a serious rule break, the prize fund has gone from £100,000 to nothing, however it may be won back later in the week.moreless
  • Day Eighty Two Highlights
    The housemates make the latest lot of nominations, however when it emerges that Siavash didn't nominate again, it leads to further friction in the house.
  • Day Eighty One Highlights
  • Day Eighty Highlights
    Today Big Brother gets the housemates to take part in a oil wrestling competition.
  • Day Seventy Nine Highlights
    Today the housemates become a whistling choir and are require to perform 'Summer Nights', with Charlie as conductor. Later Bea becomes the latest housemate to become evicted from the house.
  • Eviction #10 Live
    Eviction #10 Live
    Episode 94
    Davina goes live to the house and reveals that Bea is the latest housemate to be evicted from the house. In the studio tonight are Ulrika Jonsson and Emma Kenny.
  • Day Seventy Eight Highlights - Live
    The housemates complete this weeks shopping list and Big Brother asks them to create the first issue of Big Brother magazine, providing magazines from the outside world featuring the housemates as inspiration.
  • Day Seventy Seven Highlights
    When Bea cooks everyone some chicken nuggets for dinner, her and Lisa and David get into a argument, when she says she shouldn't have to cook them if she isn't eating them. Charlie grows annoyed at the state of the house.
  • Day Seventy Six Highlights
    This weeks shopping task begins, with the housemates taking part in a scary task, dressed as werewolves and ghosts. Charlie as the mad scientist has to operate on Bea as Frankenstein. Later when the nominations results are found out, Bea and David have a argument.
  • Day Seventy Five Highlights
    Tonight the housemates make their nominations, however when Siavash and Sophie refuse, Big Brother makes their nominations for them. Later Marcus gets caught out.
  • Day Seventy Four Highlights
    Today all of the housemates receive holograms from home, however Bea is unhappy with not seeing her mum, and ends up having a argument with Rodrigo over it.
  • Day Seventy Three Highlights
  • Day Seventy Two Highlights
    It's either Marcus or Freddie's last day in the house. Dogface & Halfwit get to change their name back to their original names. Bea is sent to jail for not wearing her microphone. Freddie becomes evicted from the house. Later when Charlie makes a comment at the eviction about Rodrigo not having any friends and then comes into the bedroom drunk waking Rodrigo up, a huge argument erupts.moreless
  • Eviction #9 Live
    Eviction #9 Live
    Episode 86
    Davina goes live to the house and reveals that Halfwit is the latest housemate to be evicted. Joining them in the studio tonight are John McCririck and Judi James.
  • Day Seventy One Highlights - Live
    Today the housemates shopping arrives including their extra special prize, a spacehopper. Lisa receives her extra special prize, a big pouch of tobacco and cigarette papers and Marcus receives his, a chance to reshoot his publicity photo and to respond to his fanmail.
  • Day Seventy Highlights
    Today Rodrigo is under the impression that he's meeting the queen, he is told by Big Brother his task is to make sure he is courteous to her. However what he doesn't know and the rest of the house is, that the actual task is that the other housemates have to convince Rodrigo he will be meeting the 'real' queen. Later Bea and Marcus have a argument, and Halfwit tries to get himself involved.moreless
  • Day Sixty Nine Highlights
    Today the housemates split up and begin their Best of British task. Halfwit performs the bagpipes. Whilst Siavash and Marcus have to swim across a ditch every time a song is played into the house. Then David, Lisa and Bea have to place their bets on a horse race. The housemates learn that Halfwit and Marcus are up for eviction from the house this Friday.moreless
  • Day Sixty Eight Highlights
    Today Halfwit and Bea are still at loggerheads, however Bea isn't prepared for the effect it has on Halfwit. Before todays nominations take place, Big Brother makes a special announcement, after repeatedly discussing nominations openly in the last few days, the housemates punishment is that they are now allowed to discuss nominations past, present and future freely without punishment.moreless
  • Day Sixty Seven Highlights
    Halfwit, Siavash and Marcus rebel against Big Brother and in turn get punished, however when they walk out of jail, the housemates lose all of their luxury food. Bea confronts Halfwit and the pair end up not talking. Whilst David and Lisa come to the Diary room individually and ask Big Brother why they've been punished, when they haven't done anything wrong.moreless
  • Day Sixty Six Highlights
    Marcus falls out with Bea & Freddie when a packet of cigarettes is found under his bed by Sophie and Charlie then falls out with Freddie when he tries to get Sophie involved.
  • Day Sixty Five Highlights
    Charlie and Rodrigo do more then just make up and everyone is shocked when Hira becomes the next housemate to be evicted from the house.
  • Eviction #8 Live
    Eviction #8 Live
    Episode 78
    Davina goes live to the house and reveals that Hira is the latest housemate to be evicted. Joining them in the studio tonight are Bob Mortimer and Emma Kennedy.
  • Day Sixty Four Highlights - Live
    Lisa & Bea argue over cereal. Later Charlie and Rodrigo have a big bust up, leading to Rodrigo temporarily been removed from the house.
  • Day Sixty Three Highlights
    Today housemates take part in a Alice In Wonderland task, were they must split up into smaller groups and take part in other tasks. Rodrigo becomes the Cheshire cat and has to keep smiling, Siavash becomes the white rabbit and has to keep eating carrots, Sophie as the madhatter has a tea test, whilst Marcus and Charlie as the knave and queen of hearts cook some pastries which are filled with some rather odd flavourings for the cards, Lisa, David, Bea and Halfwit to eat.moreless
  • Day Sixty Two Highlights
    Due to consistent rule-breaking, housemates learn that all of them are up for the public vote this week, which doesn't impress the housemates that weren't involved.
  • Day Sixty One Highlights
    Rodrigo writes to the queen, whilst two housemates continue to break the rules.
  • Day Sixty Highlights
    Two housemates fall out big time over food and it leads one to breakdown and make accusations.
  • Day Fifty Nine Highlights
    Today the housemates take part in a talent competition to see who's most entertaining and who is least entertaining. Hira wins the most entertaining housemate award and Sophie the least. Marcus and Halfwit think David's a thief, but David's onto them when they try and get Bea involved.
  • Day Fifty Eight Highlights
    The housemates are still at loggerheads over Isaac and Noirin and Bea has a big falling out with her. Everyone thinks that Siavash wants his ear-rings back off of Noirin, including Isaac. So Isaac says he can have one of his caps. Later Noirin and Marcus find out that Noirin is the next housemate to be evicted, prompting Isaac to decide it's also time for him to leave.moreless
  • Eviction #7 Live
    Eviction #7 Live
    Episode 70
    Davina goes live to the house and reveals that Noirin is the latest housemate to be evicted. Joining Davina in the studio tonight to interview Noirin about her time in the house are Jo Whiley and Judi James.
  • Day Fifty Seven Highlights - Live
    After Isaac entering the house last night, hardly anyone is speaking to Noirin or Isaac. When Noirin tries to speak to Siavash, he doesn't really want to know. Later some of the housemates enter the diary room in towels in protest for Noirin to be evicted and for Marcus to stay in.moreless
  • Day Fifty Six Highlights [New Housemate Enters]
    Noirin's ex boyfriend Isaac Stout enters the house as a new housemate. Plus the house performs as miniature pop groups.
  • Day Fifty Five Highlights
    Housemates start to argue, however soon make up again when they learn that Marcus and Noirin are up for the public vote this week.
  • Day Fifty Four Highlights
    Today housemates nominate, leaving Marcus and Noirin to face the public vote.
  • Day Fifty Three Highlights
    Today housemates are set a perception quiz to win treats and tokens for a party later today.
  • Day Fifty Two Highlights
    Today theirs a drab mood over the house as Marcus was told by Noirin last night about her and Siavashs relationship. Tom is also in a bad mood, because unaware of Noirin & Siavash, he thinks he's causing everyone to feel so down. However as more of the housemates start to find out, Tom realises it's not him but re-evaluates why he is in the house, eventually deciding to leave. Sophie doesn't know what to think of what Tom says to her about been careful about Kris when out of the house.moreless
  • Day Fifty One Highlights
    Its the day after the night before for Siavash and Noirin and both don't really know what to do with themselves. Marcus and Tom have a bit of a falling out, before Noirin chats to the girls, then Siavash and finally confronts Marcus. Dogface reveals what's gone on between her and Kris.moreless
  • Kenneth & Karly Interview - Live
    As the latest housemate to leave the Big Brother house earlier this week after escaping, Davina meets Kenneth and his girlfriend Karly (and last weeks evictee) to discuss his time in the house and the pairs time since Kenneth's escape. Also in the studio tonight are Terry Christian and Geoffrey Beattie.moreless
  • Day Fifty Highlights - Live
    The housemates complete this weeks shopping list, they purchase a surprise for a penny, which turns out to be a jail. After breaking the rules regarding language in the house, Marcus is sent directly to jail. Later Lisa confronts Noirin about something she's heard from Charlie, that Noirin said to Halfwit.moreless
  • Day Forty Nine Highlights
    Kenneth decides his time is up in the house and escapes at night over the roof, under the belief that Marcus is coming with him, however Marcus decides to stay at the last minute.
  • Day Forty Eight Highlights
    Today housemates are set a greek shopping task.
  • Day Forty Seven Highlights
    The new housemates argue over the secret mission. Whilst another housemate has to be reminded about unacceptable behaviour in the house.
  • Day Forty Six Highlights
    Tom and Kenneth annoy Bea, when they try and get her to take part in the secret task by getting Halfwit into trouble. Marcus struggles to see Noirin as just a friend. The housemates clean the house.
  • Day Forty Five Highlights
    As the new housemate settle in, Big Brother celebrates it's tenth birthday in style, throwing the housemates a birthday party. A can of Lisa's beer goes missing and the new housemates ponder over their secret tasks.
  • Day Forty Four Highlights
    Today Marcus gets his present from yesterdays task and gets to take Noirin on a date. Dogface also gets her present, as her pet chihuaha is let into the garden to spend some time with her. Later as the housemates prepare for a eviction, five new housemates enter the house instead, Kenneth, Bea, David, Tom and Hira. Davina then announces that Karly is the next housemate to be evicted. Kenneth her boyfriend comforts her as she leaves the house. Later he comes to the diary room and tells Big Brother why he thinks he'll play the game better then Karly. Halfwit and Bea strike up a friendship as do Lisa and David.moreless
  • Eviction #6 - New Housemates Enter - Live
    We join Davina, who instead of revealing the latest housemate to be evicted from the show introduces five new housemates, Bea, David, Hira, Kenneth and Tom. As the new housemates settle in, Davina reveals that Kenneth's girlfriend and original housemate Karly has to leave the house, as she has been evicted. Joining Davina in the studio tonight for the interview are Kathy Burke and Judi James. We then go back to the house, were a new housemate is asked to come to the diary room, Hira races to the room, were she is informed of the new housemates secret mission. After choosing two housemates names out of a ball pool, (Noirin and Halfwit) she now alongside the other four new housemates have to make sure that these two housemates are put up for eviction this week, by the original housemates who are the only housemates permitted to nominate and be nominated this week, according to them anyway. If this mission is failed, then only the new housemates will face eviction.moreless
  • Day Forty Three Highlights - Live
    Davina's live and looking forward to the entrance of five new housemates in tonights second show, but first theirs highlights from yesterday. In which BB9's Rex Newmark competes against Marcus in the electric task, were all housemates have to wear suits and if the electric wires are touched by the probe, then the housemates receive a shock. As all of the housemates continue with the task except Lisa and Noirin, each of them are offered a token or a present from Big Brother just for them. Halfwit is the only housemate to accept the token. Later Charlie and Rodrigo fight again.moreless
  • Day Forty Two Highlights
    Today BB7's Nikki revisits the house to take on Karly in the silent disco task, whilst BB8's Brian takes on Charlie in the word association game. The majority of the housemates try to start a protest, whilst Karly and Lisa need a cigarette. Rodrigo is not impressed with the protesting housemates.moreless
  • Day Forty One Highlights
    Contuining this weeks 10 year Big Brother celebrations, today series 4, 5 and 6 are revisted. As Noirin takes on BB4's Federico in a horse race. Dogface gives her rendition of the song that Michelle sanf in BB5 and Siavash competes against BB6's Craig and Makosi in the box task. The housemates are shocked to learn of Michael Jackson's sudden death.moreless
  • Day Forty Highlights
    Today the housemates begin their weekly shopping task, in which housemates from the past nine series will be returning to the house to take part in a memorable task from their series, in celebration of the shows tenth anniversary. Today Halfwit takes on BB1's Craig Phillips in the BB1 assault course. Lisa takes on BB2's Dean O'Loughlin in the Sugar cube stacking task and Rodrigo has to predict which BB3 housemate wins a egg and spoon race out of Alex Sibley, Lee Davey and Sophie Pritchard. Also today Karly and Noirin learn that they are up for eviction from the house alongside Siavash and Dogface who were punished earlier in the week for swearing.moreless
  • Day Thirty Nine Highlights
    Today the housemates make their nominations, a day early. Siavash and Dogface are asked not to swear in order to not go up for the public vote, as their punishment for talking about nominations. Later a small argument between Lisa and Noirin happens, after Marcus questions Lisa and Karly's money spent on tobacco.moreless
  • Day Thirty Eight Highlights
    After Kris' eviction from the house last night, Dogface is feeling down. Lisa thinks she's cottoned onto Noirin's gameplan, when Marcus paints her back. Later Marcus and Halfwit reveal why they think Rodrigo is been used to Noirin and she thinks she gets it. Lisa is convinced she could get Noirin if she wanted.moreless
  • Day Thirty Seven Highlights
    The housemates prepare for what could be their last day in the house as its eviction day. Davina talks to the house and reveals that Kris is the next housemate to be evicted, to the shock of the house. Dogface is in tears.
  • Eviction #5 Live
    Eviction #5 Live
    Episode 46
    Davina goes live to the house and reveals that Kris is the next housemate to be evicted. Joining her in the studio alongside Kris tonight are Melanie Blatt and Geoffrey Beattie.
  • Day Thirty Six Highlights - Live
    After the huge argument last night, Siavash is called to the Diary room and is told that he will be punished next week. Marcus does some impressions of Halfwit. When going to bed, the housemates play a trick on Rodrigo.
  • Day Thirty Five Highlights
    The circus shopping task ends today, with Kris and Karly doing their tightrope performance, Charlie performing on his unicycle and Noirin, Marcus and Siavash perform their strongman routine. Later Siavash begins a argument for Noirin, as he tells her what the other housemates have said about her jumping from group to group.moreless
  • Day Thirty Four Highlights
    Today the housemates learn of their weekly shopping task, a circus themed task, which sees different groups of housemates taking part in different tasks. Rodrigo and Lisa perform a fan dance, whilst Halfwit and Dogface perform a balloon routine. The housemates are also told that Halfwit, Dogface, Kris, Marcus and Charlie face eviction this week.moreless
  • Day Thirty Three Highlights
    It's nominations day today, however Charlie is informed that after he had a conversation regarding nominations, he must remain silent until midnight, orst he will face eviction from the house this Friday. Noirin and Kris tell Siavash what they think about him and he takes it the wrong way. Later Kris and Dogface are called into the Diary room and are told after they had a conversation regarding nominations that they too have to remain silent until 2 in the morning and are not allowed to go to bed until then either. Big Brother lets all three know that they have failed remaining silent and therefore all three are up for eviction automatically. They are allowed to share this information with the other housemates.moreless
  • Day Thirty Two Highlights
    Today the housemates split into three teams to compete in a speed race. Lisa becomes the health and safety inspector for the task. Halfwit, Dogface and Kris win, and as a reward get to have a party, however the party food and drink have to be consumed for the amount of time that the housemates are in the room and they also have to continously dance to the music, in order to win tokens along the way. Noirin lets Marcus know she's not interested in him, however this leaves him confused as to were he stands. Charlie and Rodrigo have another falling out. After Marcus earlier spoke to Siavash about his and Noirin's relationship, Siavash talks to Noirin.moreless
  • Day Thirty One Highlights
  • Day Thirty Highlights
    Upon waking up Halfwit makes up with Lisa. Later Sree and Halfwit find out that Sree has been evicted from the Big Brother house, as he leaves, everyone wishes him well on his way. Freddie tells the housemates why he thinks he's managed to survive eviction for another week. Later the housemates are given some of the alcohol that they purchased with their budget this week, after Kris and Charlie steal some alcohol that Marcus had hidden in the bedroom, and Karly and Rodrigo get involved. Charlie ends up arguing with Rodrigo and then breaking down in the diary room. Later the pair make up.moreless
  • Eviction #4 Live
    Eviction #4 Live
    Episode 38
    We go live to the house to see who out of Sree and Halfwit will be evicted, Davina announces that Sree's time in the house is up. In the studio joining Sree tonight are Kelly Osbourne and Judi James.
  • Day Twenty Nine Highlights - Live
    Davina hosts as later tonight either Halfwit or Sree will be evicted from the house. First we take a look at yesterdays highlights and as the housemates prepare their shopping list, Sree and Marcus have a row in the garden. Later Big Brother gives Marcus a official warning regarding his behaviour towards Sree.moreless
  • Day Twenty Eight Highlights
  • Day Twenty Seven Highlights
    The housemates begin this weeks Italian themed shopping task, by splitting into their groups. Kris and Charlie become Italian footballers, whilst Lisa becomes a football journalist. Marcus and Noirin become artists. Dogface and Sree take on a gelato making task. Siavash becomes a fashionista. Whilst Halfwit, Karly and Rodrigo become tenors. The tenors perform, however Karly and Rodrigo are confused over what Halfwit starts singing. Dogface and Sree incur one fail in their task so far. Siavash has two costume changes. The housemates are also informed that Halfwit and Sree are up for eviction from the house this week. Later Kris and Halfwit have a argument over why Halfwit thinks he was put up for nomination again.moreless
  • Day Twenty Six Highlights
    Today the housemates are required to make the next round of nominations. After all the housemates have nominated, we are told that Sree and Halfwit will face the public vote. When Charlie and Kris decide they want to get drunk, they'll do anything to get enough alcohol to make sure that they get merry. Siavash and Sree race in the garden, which leads to near enough the entire house ganging up on Sree.moreless
  • Day Twenty Five Highlights
    Today Big Brother sets the housemates a extreme sports day task. Marcus as the housemate who entered the diary room to get the tasks instruction becomes the events referee. After been asked to choose two team captains, Marcus chooses Noirin and Siavash. He then has to choose in the diary room which team he thinks will win. Noirin's team consists of Lisa, Charlie, Dogface and Rodrigo. Siavash's team consists of Sree, Kris, Karly and Halfwit. The housemates compete in four events, a skipping race with lego blocks around the track, a sack race with nettles in the sacks, a egg and spoon race were the housemates then have to eat the 1000 year old egg and finally a baton race, were a cactus is used as a baton. As winners of the task Noirin's team win a school disco and as Marcus correctly guessed that her team would win, he gets to join them. The majority of housemates become upset with Sree and Halfwit, for different reasons.moreless
  • Day Twenty Four Highlights
    After successfully passing a house cleaning task, Lisa uses a token to shave her mohican off. Halfwit annoys housemates and begins striking up conversations of housemates gameplaying. Dogface and Kris' romance seems to take a backseat, as Kris thinks Dogface is ignoring him.
  • Day Twenty Three Highlights
    After last nights argument over Angel not cleaning, Angel cleans the kitchen. Rodrigo also makes his peace with Noirin. Halfwit and Sree argue over the amount of garlic that Sree is using in his cooking, as the hungry housemates struggle on their basic budget. Later Angel gets evicted from the Big Brother house and the housemates use a token to get some alcohol. Halfwit massages Charlie.moreless
  • Eviction #3 Live
    Eviction #3 Live
    Episode 30
    Davina goes live to the house and announces that Angel is the fourth housemate to be evicted from the house. She joins Davina in the studio alongside TV personality and ex Celebrity Big Brother housemate, Anthea Turner and sociologist Peter Collett.
  • Day Twenty Two Highlights - Live
    Davina hosts as either Halfwit or Angel will be evicted later tonight. Charlie's latest prank, a water balloon, doesn't go down as well as expected when he throws it at Angel. The housemates struggle with this weeks shopping list, using a basic shopping budget after failing this weeks shopping task. Later Rodrigo and Noirin argue when Noirin asks Angel to wash up late at night.moreless
  • Day Twenty One Highlights
    The housemates are required to nominate live on air and their nominations are timed. It is then revealed that Angel and Halfwit are the two housemates who are up for eviction this week. The housemates put together this weeks basic shopping list.
  • Timed Nominations - Live Special
    Davina hosts as we go live to the house, were the housemates have been told they have to nominate live on air and they only have thirty seconds to make two valid nominations. Each housemate manages to enter the diary room and make their nominations within the correct time. Big Brother then announces the results of the nominations, both Angel and Halfwit will face eviction from the house this Friday.moreless
  • Day Twenty Highlights - Live
    Davina hosts as a special show is due to air later tonight. We take a look at yesterdays highlights as housemates prepare for judgement on this weeks shopping task, the banquet celebrations for King Henry VIII. During which Sree and Marcus begin arguing again. Later we see the housemates perform their routines and we see how they are told that they have failed this weeks task.moreless
  • Day Nineteen Highlights
    For this week's shopping task, Housemates will be celebrating the 518th birthday of King Henry VIII. Siavash is chosen as the most blue-blooded housemate and has to get the instructions from the Diary Room and has to play the part of Henry. He has to choose 6 housemates to be his wives, 2 to be courtiers, 2 to be cooks and 1 to have the special role of Village Idiot. Lisa and Noirin are the cooks, Marcus is the Village Idiot, Kris and Charlie are the courtiers and everyone else is a wife. Tomorrow there will be a banquet where the cooks have to prepare Tudor dishes using authentic ingredients. The wives have to sing a madrigal and the courtiers have to dance the Volta. Siavash is quizzed on his knowledge of Henry VIII. He does not get 7 out of 10, so fails. Siavash also has to choose to remove the right to nominate this week from one of his fellow housemates and he chooses Charlie. Angel confesses that she fancies Noirin, first in the Diary Room and later to all the housemates. Later, Angel goes for a naked late night swim in the pool observed by a number of the housemates from the sitting room.moreless
  • Day Eighteen Highlights
    All the housemates are in the bedroom when Big Brother wakes them up playing Stevie Wonder's 'Happy Birthday' in honour of Halfwit's 24th birthday, which is today. Big Brother tells Halfwit that as it is also the Summer Solstice today there will be combined celebrations. If they all take part then they will get tokens, an organic carrot cake, music and alcohol. Big Brother provides them with a mini Stonehenge in the garden and hippy costumes. They have to do a freeform musical performance and Halfwit has to hold a 15 minute seminar on 'The Life, Times and Thoughts of Halfwit the First.' During this time Sree and Marcus argue several times over Noirin. The tasks are successfully carried out. Big Brother offers Halfwit a birthday gift – either the chance to be called Freddie again (and Dogface to be known as Sophie again) or for Noirin not to have to draw on her face with permanent marker pen any more. He immediately chose Noirin. Later on, Halfwit and Angel kiss after dancing in the living room, which is then discussed by most of the housemates. Finally, Sree appears to proposition Charlie who then talks to Lisa about it.moreless
  • Day Seventeen Highlights
    Noirin and Sree continue to bicker over Marcus and Halfwit calls on Kris to apologise to Angel for wrongly accusing her of taking the cans of cider. Kris has a bath and Charlie plays with the bubbles, Dogface tells Big Brother that Kris and Charlie are very close but she is like a rose between two thorns. She also talks about Halfwit, about having nothing in common with him. Marcus makes a present for Noirin using an empty cider can. The housemates are given the task to learn 10 Russian phrases to win 2 tokens. Big Brother tests Kris, Marcus, Angel and Karly. They pass. Later, the housemates play a game using a fortune teller they have made.moreless
  • Day Sixteen Highlights
    The arguments between Sree and Marcus over Noirin continue and each of them talks about their problems with the other two to various other housemates. Halfwit chats to Kris and Dogface about his spiritual beliefs. Big Brother provides the housemates with uniforms and cleaning products to clean the House and plays pop music to help motivate them. They get 2 tokens if they clean to an adequate standard. Sree dances with Dogface and asks Noirin to look. Noirin ignores it and talks to Rodrigo instead. An argument breaks out about 5 missing cans of cider. Angel is questioned about them and denies it. Halfwit then finds they were in the door of the fridge all along. Angel kicks over a chair and walks out in disgust. Charlie goes to comfort her. Sree and Marcus argue about personal hygiene when they are all in the sitting room waiting for the results of the eviction vote. Davina announces that the evictee is Cairon, all the housemates are shocked by the result and Siavash starts crying. Later, Sree gets Lisa to ask Noirin to come out to the garden to talk to him but she refuses each time.moreless
  • Eviction #2 Live
    Eviction #2 Live
    Episode 21
    Davina talks live to the house, were the housemates are unaware of who is leaving out of Halfwit and Cairon. She then tells the house that Cairon has been evicted. Iain Lee, Vanessa Feltz and Davina interview Cairon about his time in the house and his relationships with the other housemates, espiacially his close friend Siavash.moreless
  • Day Fifteen Highlights - Live
    The atmosphere between Sree, Marcus and Noirin gets worse. The housemates make up their shopping list. Angel eats solid food for the first time since her strike began, she also makes Big Brother a recycled birthday card. Halfwit and Cairon talk to Big Brother in the diary room about the upcoming eviction.moreless
  • Day Fourteen Highlights
    As Marcus begins to reveal his feelings for Noirin, Sree gets very upset. The housemates perform this weeks shopping task and are told that they have successfully passed. Lisa consoles Sree as he breaks down in the garden. Angel decides to end her hunger strike after Big Brother talked to her earlier in the day.moreless
  • Day Thirteen Highlights
    Today the housemates are set this weeks shopping task, they have to learn a dance routine from Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang. Marcus and Sree keep arguing over the task. The housemates are told that Cairon and Halfwit are up for eviction this Friday night. Marcus tells Big Brother how cool he is.moreless
  • Day Twelve Highlights
    Today is the second round of nominations and see's the housemates pick two other housemates that they want to evict. Sree and Rodrigo prepare bacon sandwiches, which aren't even cooked. Angel's hunger strike continues. Charlie annoys Freddie about him going to bed early.
  • Day Eleven Highlights
    Angel sets out to prove that you can survive without eating food for three days, after the argument over the hunger strike last night. Lisa and Marcus discuss the debate. Todays task see's six housemates dress as dancing flowers in the garden. Charlie and Kris set Freddie up, with a pretend game of 'hide and seek'.moreless
  • Day Ten Highlights
    Day Ten Highlights
    Episode 15
    Kris and Dogface are told off by Big Brother, for their fake relationship. Cairon and Charlie are asked to dress as a bull and Siavash controls the pair for todays task, they are required to knock over the china shop that Big Brother have set up in the task room. Later Noirin gets upset over her glasses and moustache that she has to draw on her face everyday, after Big Brother tells Marcus and Noirin that she must continue to draw on her face. Noirin decides to go on a hunger strike, until Big Brother says she doesn't have to do it anymore. She try's to get other housemates to join her, however only Siavash, Angel and Halfwit (who says he'll dress in a towel as a sign of support) say they'll take part. This later leads into a argument between Lisa who believes that the whole idea is stupid and Marcus and Halfwit.moreless
  • Day Nine Highlights
    Day Nine Highlights
    Episode 14
    Kris and Dogface get close on either Sophia or Halfwit's last day in the house. Talk of Sree deciding to leave, after his argument with Cairon the previous night flys round the house, but Siavash talks him round. In the discussion between the pair, Big Brother says Siavash broke the rules regarding nominations, so as punishment is made to wear a dunces hat and sandwich board with writing saying how 'stupid' he is on it. Later it's revealed that Sophia is the first housemate to be evicted from the house. During her last half an hour, Lisa and Halfwit argue over sending her off. They quickly make up however, as do Cairon and Sree from their argument the previous night. Marcus offends Karly and she comes to the diary room to rant. Kris and Dogface share a bed for the night.moreless
  • Eviction #1 Live
    Eviction #1 Live
    Episode 13
    We take a look back over the past half an hour in the house, since the announcement that Sophia is to be evicted. Davina talks to the house and brings Sophia to the studio. The new eviction format takes hold, as Dom Joly and Judy James join Davina and Sophia around a desk to discuss Sophia's time in the house.moreless
  • Day Eight Highlights - Live
    Davina hosts as Halfwit and Sophia are up for eviction tonight. Big Brother asks all housemates to gather around the dining room table, were housemates conversations carried out after the nominations yesterday, which break the laws of the house are read alive. Including Sophia's latest attack on Saffia. Saffia decides she wants to leave the Big Brother house. Charlie gives Big Brother this weeks shopping list. Later Sree and Cairon have an argument, after Sree accuses Cairon of been immature. Davina then goes live to the house and reveals that Sophia is the first housemate to be evicted.moreless
  • Day Seven Highlights
    Todays task see's Kris enter the task room and work his way through a maze of lasers, to get to the other side of the room to get a diamond. If he touches the lasers, then the other housemates who are in the garden, will get covered in custard,from the exploding balloons that they are holding under their chins. The results of this weeks nominations are revealed to the house, Halfwit and Sophia are up for eviction this week. Leading to a number of housemates breaking the rules regarding nominations. At night, Halfwit gets mad with the rest of the house who want to stay up talking in the bedroom. Sree complains about housemates rights in the Diary room.moreless
  • Day Six Highlights
    Day Six Highlights
    Episode 10
    Today see's the housemates reveal their true feelings for one another as they nominate for the first time. Sophia and Halfwit are the two housemates that receive the most amount of nominations so face the public vote for eviction this Friday.
  • Day Five Highlights
    Tension between housemates starts to become more apparent. Kris and Charlie take an early morning dip in the newly uncovered pool. As additional rooms and furniture have been added to the house overnight.
  • Day Four Highlights
    The non-housemates up for eviction are told the results of the public vote, Beinazir gets evicted. After Saffia volunteered herself for the Special Forces task, Sophia is not impressed with her.
  • Day Three Highlights - Non-Housemate Eviction Show Live
    Davina hosts live, as we view highlights of yesterday in the house. Non-housemates are set a biscuit dunking task, which they are told will enable one non-housemate to become a housemate and the rest will be up for eviction tomorrow night. Sree gets upset and doesn't really understand what's going on. The housemates participate in the task and Davina keeps giving us numbers to vote for who we want to become a official housemate. It is later revealed that Cairon is the winner of the task and is therefore a housemate. The bathroom is then opened to housemates only. Housemates get into trouble when they try and cook some food for the non-housemates in the kitchen. We then go back to Davina who speaks to the remaining non-housemates stood at the bus-stop, it is revealed that Beinazir has the least percentage of votes to become a housemate and is therefore evicted, to a empty set, were Davina quickly interviews her on the back of a bus.moreless
  • Day Two Highlights
    Day Two Highlights
    Episode 6
    Ex-members of a Special Forces team enter the Big Brother house to help three more non-housemates gain housemate status. Charlie and Saffia walk on glass and Karly has a motorbike driven into her side. Later Freddie and Sophie also gain housemate status by changing their names legally to Halfwit and Dogface respectively.moreless
  • Launch Night Highlights [Day One]
    Sixteen new housemates enter the new house. Big Brother calls a housemate into the diary room, Rodrigo enters, were he's told that none of the people who entered the house tonight are actually housemates, he then has to tell the rest of the house and choose a volunteer, who must have their eyebrows shaven off and a pair of glasses and a moustache drawn on their face, in order for them to be guaranteed housemate status. Noirin volunteers herself. As the non-housemates and housemates get to know each other, the garden and bedroom are opened, but only housemates are allowed in the bedroom. Non housemates are instructed to wear a revealing uniform, which has been left in the garden for them. The phone rings, Lisa answers and is given fifteen minutes to choose another non-housemate to become a housemate alongside her. When her fifteen minutes are up, she chooses Kris.moreless
  • Launch Show
    Launch Show
    Episode 4
    Sixteen new housemates enter the Big Brother house, unaware that not one of them is yet a housemate, until the last person enters, were all is revealed.
  • Big Brother: A Decade In The Headlines
    Grace Dent interviews various media personalities and ex-housemates to see how the reality television show has been reported throughout the media, during it's run so far.
  • Big Brother's Big Quiz
    Davina McCall presents this show ahead of the tenth series beginning in June. The best ex-housemates are in the studio, as team captains Ulrika Jonsson (CBB6), Jack Whitehall (Ex-Big Mouth host), Jamelia and Danny Wallace are joined by a ex-housemate to compete against one another in the ultimate Big Brother quiz, narrated by Marcus Bentley. On Ulrika's team is Luke Marsden (BB9), who is evicted and is replaced by Derek Laud (BB6), who also gets evicted and replaced by Eugene Sully (BB6). Jack is joined by Nikki Grahame (BB7). Jamelia is joined by Brian Dowling (BB2), whilst Danny Wallace is joined by Brian Belo (BB8). Jack & Nikki win the competition.moreless
  • Jade: As Seen on TV
    Patsy Palmer looks over the life of ex-housemate Jade Goody, who died of cervical cancer earlier this year. Media personalities and journalists discuss their involvement with Jade and close friends and family also share their story's. We also see how Jade's legacy is set to live on.