Big Brother (UK) - Season 12

Daily 9:00 PM on Channel Five Premiered Jul 18, 2000 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Ultimate Big Brother - The Final Hour - Live
    Davina McCall presents the last ever Big Brother show live. A house band joins Davina on stage alongside BB1 winner Craig Phillips, BB6 winner Anthony Hutton, BB7 winner Pete Bennett and BB11 winner Josie Gibson, plus all of the ex-Ultimate Big Brother housemates. Davina then goes live to the house and reveals that in third place is CBB4's Chantelle Houghton, Davina talks to her about her time in the house, before speaking to the house and revealing that the winner of the series is BB2's Brian Dowling. Before his interview, runner-up BB7 Nikki Grahame leaves the house and talks to Davina about her time in the house. Brian then has his interview. Some of the many ex-housemates then play tribute to BB with a video set to the song 'Time to Say Goodbye', led by BB1 winner Craig and BB11 winner Josie. Big Brother then surprises Davina and shows her, her best bits montage which features some of her closest friends, past housemates and some of the shows crew chatting about their relationship with the host. All of the housemates who are their tonight alongside narrator Marcus Bentley, who join Davina on the stage as she say's her thank yous.moreless
  • Davina's Big Send Off
    Big Brother's Little Brother host (2008-2010) George Lamb celebrates host Davina McCall's time presenting the show, featuring an audience of ex-housemates. Davina's personal highlights from the show. Plus some special friends say goodbye to their favourite reality host and Davina reveals her sexiest and favourite housemates. Tim Westwood selects his highlight of the previous ten years. Pete Burns plays out the show with his hit 'You Spin me Right Round'.moreless
  • Dermot's Last Supper
    Big Brother's Little Brother host (2001-2008) Dermot O'Leary presents a retrospective look at the past series of Big Brother at a dinner party which features a housemate from each of the past main series, on finale night.
    BB1's Craig Phillips
    BB2's Narinder Kaur
    BB3's Alex Sibley
    BB4's Cameron Stout
    BB5's Marco Sabba
    BB6's Anthony Hutton
    BB7's Pete Bennett
    BB8's Brian Belo
    BB9's Rex Newmark
    BB10's Bea Hammill
    BB11's Ben Duncanmoreless
  • Ultimate Big Brother - Day Seventeen Highlights/Big Brother: All Access/Eviction #6, #7, #8, #9/Jade Goody: Ultimate Housemate
    Davina McCall presents the first part of the last show ever. Marcus Bentley narrates yesterdays highlights, which see's him enter the house as we see Big Brother's funeral take place. The ex Ultimate Big Brother housemates, BB11's Josie Gibson, CBB3's John McCririck, CBB6's Coolio, BB6's Makosi Musambasi, BB5's Michelle Bass and CBB1's Vanessa Feltz are watching from the crowds. We go backstage and see how the live shows are put together, featuring task producer Daniel Nettleton, creative director Phil Edgar-Jones, series editor Danny Bell, host Davina, narrator Marcus and series director Tony Gregory. Davina then talks to the house and evicts CBB6's Ulrika Jonsson, CBB4's Preston, BB1's Nick Bateman and BB5's Victor Ebuwa, she chats to each housemate about their time in the house. Davina then introduces a special documentary chronicling the life of BB3 and CBB5 contestant Jade Goody, who sadly lost her life last year to cervical cancer. Her closest friends and family and people associated with the show talk about how Jade lived her life through Big Brother, featuring Jack Tweed, Max Clifford, Lucie Cave, creative director Phil, Ruth Wrigley, Jackiey Budden, host Davina and Kevin Adams.moreless
  • 8 out of 10 Cats: Big Brother Special
    Jimmy Carr hosts the current affairs quiz, with team captains Sean Lock and Jason Manford. On Sean's team are BB8's Brian Belo alongside Jarred Christmas. On Jason's team are BB11's Josie Gibson alongside Charlie Brooker. Studio guests are BB6's Eugene Sully and Makosi Musambasi, BB7's Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, BB8's Sam & Amanda Marchant, BB9's Mario Marconi and BB11's John James Parton.moreless
  • Ultimate Big Brother - Day Sixteen Highlights
    Marcus Bentley narrates highlights of the previous 24 hours in the house. Host of the show Davina McCall enters the house, as she has a look around, whilst the housemates are locked away in the garden. Davina gets set a task by the Tree of Temptation, to tell each housemate that they are her favourite before reading them their letter from home. Later it's eviction time and BB5's Michelle Bass and CBB1's Vanessa Feltz leave the house. The final 7, listen to Take That's 'Never Forget'. BB5's Victor Ebuwa tells CBB4's Chantelle Houghton he thinks she should go for it with CBB4's Preston. Later the pair chat in the bedroom.moreless
  • Ultimate Big Brother - Eviction #4, #5 - Live
    Davina McCall presents as BB1's Nicholas Bateman, BB5's Michelle Bass and CBB1's Vanessa Feltz face a double eviction. Davina talks to the house and reveals that Michelle is tonights first evictee, after talking to her about her time in the house and speaking to the house again, she reveals Vanessa is the next evictee. The lines are then opened to vote for the winner of the Ultimate series.moreless
  • Ultimate Big Brother - Day Fifteen Highlights - Live
    Davina McCall presents as Marcus Bentley narrates highlights of the previous 24 hours in the house. Britain's Got Talent finalists Flawless set the housemates a dance task, were they have to come up with their own routine and based on their efforts, Flawless shall decide on whether they have passed or not. The group pass their task. Later when CBB4's Preston doesn't feel very week CBB4's Chantelle Houghton upsetes CBB6's Ulrika Jonsson. Later Davina chats to Derren Brown who has a new live special airing in between tonights two live shows.moreless
  • Ultimate Big Brother - Day Fourteen Highlights
    Marcus Bentley narrates highlights of the previous 24 hours in the house. The tree of temptation sets BB5's Victor Ebuwa a task to record the other housemates bitching about one another, however after failing, he is forced to wear a tree suit for the rest of the day. The housemates play spin the bottle and CBB6's Ulrika Jonsson gets a bit too comfortable with Victor and BB1's Nick Bateman. Victor refuses to continue wearing his outfit after the game.moreless
  • Ultimate Big Brother - Day Thirteen Highlights
    Marcus Bentley narrates highlights of the previous 24 hours in the house. Today the housemates are asked to nominate, but to make their nominations valid, they first have to spin a wheel which dictates how they shall nominate, with the options of miming, rapping or gurgling their nominations. Later the housemates are set a task to take part in CBB1's Vanessa Feltz's new chatshow 'Feltz', with BB5's Victor Ebuwa been producer, BB5's Michelle Bass the runner and BB2's Brian Dowling floor manager. CBB4's Chantelle Houghton and Preston appear as guests to talk about their relationship, but Chantelle breaks down. BB1's Nick Bateman goes under a lie detector to see if he's really nasty or not. CBB6's Ulrika Jonsson talks about the price of fame and BB7's Nikki Grahame talks about having tantrums at the age of 28. As a reward for taking part in the task, the housemates are given cocktails and music, however one of the cocktails reveals that Nick, Vanessa and Michelle are up for eviction.moreless
  • Come Dine With Me: Big Brother Winners
    Dave Lamb narrates a special episode of Come Dine with Me, featuring past winners of Big Brother, BB2's Brian Dowling, BB5's Nadia Almada, BB8's Brian Belo and BB10's Sophie Reade. Over four nights, one winner plays host to the other three, cooking a starter, main course and a desserts, before been scored. The housemate who has the highest score by the end of the week wins £1000 for their chosen charity. Throughout the week we see a budding romance between Brian Belo and Sophie, tantrums from Nadia and Brian Dowling bringing back some classic tasks.moreless
  • Ultimate Big Brother - Day Twelve Highlights
    Marcus Bentley narrates highlights of the previous 24 hours in the house. Today BB9's Rex Newmark returns to the house as each housemate has to endure a task in silence under his watchful eye. Jon Tickle from BB4 returns to tickle a strapped up BB5 Michelle Bass. BB1's Nicholas Bateman has to crawl across upturned hairbrushes on his hands and knees. BB2's Brian Dowling had to find a needle in a bunch of nettles. BB5's Victor Ebuwa had gross substances fired at him from water pistols. BB7's Nikki Grahame had to transfer fish from one box to another whilst her arms were incased in blocks of ice. CBB1's Vanessa Feltz and CBB4's Chantelle Houghton had to play catch with a cactus. CBB4's Preston had to have a wrestler take him out. CBB6's Ulrika Jonsson had to eat a wasabi and lard ice cream.moreless
  • Ultimate Big Brother - Day Eleven Highlights
    Marcus Bentley narrates highlights of the previous 24 hours in the house. The housemates continue carrying out retrospective tasks from past BB series, with BB7's Nikki Grahame becoming BB7's winner Pete Bennett's PA for the day. The rest of the housemates begin preparing for tonights eviction, Big Brother then announces that the BB5 wedding task shall be taking place again with Nadia Almada as bridesmaid, Victor Ebuwa as the groom and Michelle Bass as the singer (as they were in their series). Michelle is allowed to practise her song, with the gospel choir she will be singing with. BB6's Makosi Musambasi is the first housemate to be evicted tonight followed by Nadia. It's then time for the wedding, Michelle leaves to perform her song with the choir out in front of the eviction audience, and Victor's bride CBB1's Vanessa Feltz enters the house as a new housemate.moreless
  • Ultimate Big Brother - Eviction #2, #3 - Live
    Davina McCall presents. She reveals to the house that BB6's Makosi Musambasi is the first housemate to be evicted tonight. Makosi discusses her time in the house, before BB5's Nadia Almada is also evicted. After BB5's Michelle Bass and the gospel choir sing the wedding song for BB5's Victor Ebuwa who is eagerly awaiting the arrival of his new bride as part of this weeks retrospective memorable tasks been revisited, new housemate CBB1's Vanessa Feltz enters as his wife.moreless
  • Ultimate Big Brother - Day Ten Highlights - Live
    Davina McCall hosts as Marcus Bentley narrates highlights of the previous 24 hours in the house. The retrospective task week continues, BB6's Makosi Musambasi continues been the unluckiest housemate, going on a date in the garden with Anthony Hutton fromBB6 with whom she shared a awkward moment with previously. She is also asked to wear a green suit, which would allow Big Brother to edit her out of the show if they so wished. Whilst BB2's Brian Dowling takes on his podium dancing task, everytime he hears the line 'Bubble, Hold Me', he has to run to the podium and dance with whoever is their. The housemates that appear are BB5's Marco Sabba, BB8's Sam & Amanda Marchant and BB7's Glyn Wise. BB5's Nadia Almada falls out with CBB6's Ulrika Jonsson when she leaves a broken plate on the side. New housemate CBB1's Vanessa Feltz is then revealed, however she won't be entering the house until tonights second show.moreless
  • Ultimate Big Brother - Day Nine Highlights
    Marcus Bentley narrates highlights of the previous 24 hours in the house. This weeks shopping task, which sees the housemates revisit previous series most memorable tasks, see's BB5's Ahmed Aghil enter the house to smash some plates. We see CBB6's Ulrika Jonsson and BB1's Nicholas Bateman sing the duet 'My Endless Love', like Ulrika did in her series. CBB4's Preston has to eat as many liquer chocolates as possible without been sick. BB6's Makosi Musambasi becomes the unluckiest housemate like she was at the start of her series. As she is called to the diary room, the other housemates are informed of the secret task Makosi is given and are told to completely ignore it. Makosi's task sees her try and upset as many of her fellow housemates as is possible. BB7's Nikki Grahame has trouble with her fellow housemates snoring, and ends up waking up half of the housemates in a strop.moreless
  • Ultimate Big Brother - Day Eight Highlights
    Marcus Bentley narrates highlights of the previous 24 hours in the house. Today the housemates take part ina recreation of the BB7 majorette task. Nikki Grahame from that series becomes choreographer and CBB4's Chantelle Houghton becomes head cheerleader. Later the housemates find out who's up for eviction, when they receive a baton each with a message on it telling them if they are up or not. BB2's Brian Dowling is given a task by the tree to try and get three housemates to admit that they are the most famous people in the house. However he fails and as punishment, he is edited badly when asked to read Big Brother a bedtime story.moreless
  • Ultimate Big Brother - Day Seven Highlights
    Marcus Bentley narrates highlights of the previous 24 hours in the house. Today is nominations day, however as part of this weeks shopping task, each housemate has to complete a previous series task in the diary room in order to make valid nominations, including the BB9 shock task and the BB11 ignore the obvious task. BB1 winner Craig Phillips enters the house to compete against all of the housemates in building a shed. He is allowed the use of powertools, however because of the amount of them, the housemates only have their manpower between them.moreless
  • Ultimate Big Brother - Day Six Highlights
    Marcus Bentley narrates highlights from the previous 24 hours in the house. Todays task see's the housemates wear massive heads of themselves and see who can last the longest in them, with CBB6's Ulrike Jonsson predicts who will last the longest. CBB4's Preston wins and as his reward, bedsit housemates BB5's Michelle Bass and Victor Ebuwa are let into the main house. BB1's Nicholas Bateman and Victor bond straight away.moreless
  • Ultimate Housemate - Day Five Highlights
    Marcus Bentley narrates highlights of the previous 24 hours in the house. BB5's Nadia Almada still feels threatened by CBB6's Coolio, so when he comes to the diary room, he decides the best thing to do is to leave the house for good. Bedsit housemates BB5's Victor Ebuwa and Michelle Bass give BB1's Nicholas Bateman and BB2's Brian Dowling a disco and Nadia a slave for an hour, BB9's Stuart Pilkington. The housemates are given some party games to play, one of which sees them pick up cards with ex-housemates pictures on them, they have to guess which housemate it is, without seeing the picture, when Brian gets a picture of Victor, he says some things that upset Victor and as Victor gets upset, it upsets Michelle.moreless
  • Ultimate Housemate - Day Four Highlights
    Marcus Bentley narrates highlights of the previous 24 hours in the house. CBB3's John McCririck continues his silent strike against the other housemates. BB7's Makosi Musambasi confides in some of her other housemates that she doesn't know who she is anymore. Nikki Grahame is given a task to write her Sunday newspaper column in the house, interviewing her other housemates. The housemates prepare for tonights eviction, CBB6's Coolio upsets both Nikki and BB5's Nadia Almada, before John gets evicted from the house. Coolio and Nadia then continue arguing. New housemates BB5's Michelle Bass and Victor Ebuwa then enter the house, but not through the front door, instead entering the new Big Brother bedsit, previously used in their series. They are called to their own diary room, and are told of their task, over the next few days they will be playing pranks and treats on the other housemates who they can watch on a plasma screen. They send Mr. Snuggles the evil clown into the house, who targets Nikki.moreless
  • Ultimate Housemate - Eviction #1 & New Housemates Enter - Live
    Davina McCall presents and talks to BB11 winner Josie Gibson who walked out of the house earlier in the week, about why she left the Ultimate BB house. Davina then speaks to the house and reveals that CBB3's John McCririck is the first housemate to be evicted. He talks about his time in the house. BB5's Victor Ebuwa and Michelle Bass then enter the new Bedsit, and recreating a task set to Michelle from her series, must play pranks on the current housemates and watch them on a plasma screen until further notice. Their first prank is to target a housemate and have evil clown Mr. Snuggles terrorise them, Victor chooses BB7's Nikki Grahame.moreless
  • Ultimate Housemate - Day Three Highlights - Live
    Davina McCall presents as Marcus Bentley narrates highlights of the previous 24 hours in the house. CBB3's John McCririck goes on strike, when the Tree of Temptation asks him to be even nicer as part of his secret task. The housemates nominate, however as CBB4's Chantelle Houghton makes her nominations, BB11's Josie Gibson escapes from the house out of the fire escape. Nominations continue, the housemmates are then told that Josie will not be returning to the house. The tree of temptation sets BB1's Nicholas Bateman a secret task, after telling him that CBB6's Coolio and John are up for eviction this week, he has to write these names down on pieces of paper and hide them somewhere in the house, like he did in his series. However he doesn't know that his fellow housemate BB1's Darren Ramsay has been sent into the house to find the pieces of paper and reveal who is up for eviction this week.moreless
  • Ultimate Housemate - Day Two Highlights
    Marcus Bentley narrates highlights of the previous 24 hours in the house. Today BB7's Nikki Grahamme takes part in this weeks shopping task, Who is She? In which she has to identify five ex female housemates from series past and match who it is. She successfully identifies BB1's Caroline O'Shea, BB9's Kathreya Kasisopa and BB7's Grace Adams-Short, but failed to correctly name Amma Antwi-Agyei from BB2 and Anna Nolan from BB1. She earns £50 for each housemate she successfully guessed. Later in the second part of the task, Nikki is required to identify BB4's Lisa Jeynes from a identity parade, she successfully guesses the correct person and bumps the budget up to £650. CBB4 couple Chantelle Houghton and Preston recall their relationship after the show on the day of what would of been the pairs fourth wedding anniversary.moreless
  • Ultimate Housemate - Day One Highlights
    Marcus Bentley narrates highlights of the past night in the house, as ex-housemates from both the Celebrity and civilian variations of Big Brother enter the BB11 house for a chance to be crowned the Ultimate Big Brother contestant. We seeBB11 winner Josie Gibson, CBB4 winner Chantelle Houghton, CBB4 contestant Preston, BB5 winner Nadia Almada, CBB6 winner Ulrika Jonsson, BB6 contestant Makosi Musambasi, CBB3 contestant John McCririck, BB2 winner Brian Dowling, BB7 contestant Nikki Grahame, CBB6 contestant Coolio and BB1 contestant Nick Bateman enter the house. As they get to know one another, the Tree of Temptation sets John a task, he has to be Mr. Nice or he shall be immune from eviction on Friday (after openly admitting he doesn't want to be there), if he succeeds in his mission he shall win a broadsheet newspaper for every day of his stay in the house. Chantelle and Preston who met in the same series and got married after the show, then divorced, are quick to assure everyone that they will not be getting back together again.moreless