Big Brother (UK) - Season 5

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Episode Guide

  • Episode 572: The Final 36 Hours
  • Episode 571: Big Brother 5 Finale
    After ten weeks of bitching, rowing, romance, passion, scheming and just about everything else in between, Big Brother 5 finally comes to a close in the biggest Reality TV finale of the year. Host Davina McCall presides over the night's evictions and announces who has won. The show kicks off with some highlights of Day 70 in the house, including the evening's "Big Brother 5 Awards". The announcement that Shell will be the first evictee of the night shortly follows, coming 4th. Her exit is met with rapturous applaud by the audience outside who welcome her with open arms back into the real world. In her interview, she discusses her approach to life in the house which had many wondering - "is she really that nice?". Soon after the 4th Place Housemates interview, Davina announces that Daniel is in 3rd place and will be the next to leave the house. On his exit, Daniel confirms what he said in the house for weeks, he didn't want to win. He also discusses his role as mediator within the house. Next up, it was the announcement that mattered more than any before it. Davina announced that the winner of Big Brother 2004 would be Nadia. A shaken up, shocked and exstatic Nadia is hugged by Jason, the show's suprise runner-up. And with that, Jason leaves to a large ammount of BOO's from the audience outside. His interview is often awkard, with the moody scot's frosty reception from the crowd not helping. Next, Nadia's time to meet her adoring public finally arrives and the winner walks out of the house to rapturous applause and a collection of noisy and spectacular fireworks. In her interview, a still shaken up and delighted Nadia discusses her time in the house and how she feels about winning. And, in an added suprise, she is greeted by her mother whome she has not seen for a year, and other members of her long distant family. As the tears roll, Davina calls an end to what has been one of the most exceptional seasons of Big Brother to date.moreless
  • Episode 570
    Episode 570
    Episode 75
  • Episode 569: Stuart Evicted
    A quick update of Tuesday, saw the housemates pay for their refusal of nominating, as they were shown nominations, their fellow housemates made. Shell was slightly upset over Stuart's nomination to her, but really upset after Nadia saw Shell's nomination of her. However Nadia was more concerned of how she looked while making the nominations. Shell started crying and ran outside, kicking the pillar and hurting her foot, while the others went to comfort her. In the shock live eviction, the audience were told to be quiet- no cheering or anything until music was played into the house. When it was, the audience screamed as Davina takes it over to big brother for the eviction of a housemate. While housemates danced, a chipper Stuart was called to the diary room, where he was told he will be evicted without saying good bye to his fellow housemates. Leaving through the diary room, he enters the hallway where the screaming crowd await him outside. In the interview, Stuart spoke about his relationship with Michelle, saying how he would like a future with her. Also told that he received no nominations, he- like Michelle refused to say anything about his and her rumble under the table. He was also shown, his former housemates reactions in the house, after hearing the crowd shout for Stuart. Thinking he won, they scream and clap getting ready to leave them selfs. After his best bits were shown, he was reunited with his lover Michelle. Now that just leaves 4 housemates- Dan, Jason, Nadia and Shell. Who wins? You decide!moreless
  • Episode 568
    Episode 568
    Episode 73
    Monday highlights saw Big brother playing with the housemates minds, as early in the morning, Big brother informed housemates the store room is now open with their suitcases, and must all pack their bags in 1 hour. Nadia was most shocked and surprised, "1 hour?!" she kept shouting. While everyone panicked Jason kept calm, saying they needed some excitement in the house. The hour was up and housemates returned their cases to the store room. Later Big brother called a housemate to the diary room (Nadia) and asked how she was, then told Nadia not to tell anybody about their conversation, as big brother will take the rule breaking very seriously. Coming out, the housemates are suspicious as Nadia claims they asked her about her microphone. They later call Nadia back in and say the same thing, while Nadia is more concerned that she thinks Big brother are trying to show her something, and looks around the diary room. Big bro then informs housemates, nominations will take place in one hour, and all must arrive fully clothed- Their eviction outfits. An hour arrives as Nadia reads a laminate to the group informing them they must make one nomination- face to face! Unknown to them, the housemate with the most votes will get an individual reward. All housemates refuse to nominate, as big brother told them the truth behind it. Housemates receive their suitcases again, as Shell teaches Nadia some English slang words for sex.moreless
  • Episode 567
    Episode 567
    Episode 72
  • Episode 566
    Episode 566
    Episode 71
  • Episode 565
    Episode 565
    Episode 70
    Highlights from Day 64 in the house, during which previous favourite to win, Michelle, was suprisingly booted out by the viewers. The housemates are also told all of them had faced the public vote during the week. After her departure from the house, Stuart comes to the Diary Room to express his dissapointment at his lover's exit from the house, but also says he is pleased to have made it to the final week and says he will be excited to see Michelle in the outside world. Jason is also suprised by Michelle's departure, and reveals he thought that his time would be up this week. In a conversation with Daniel, he asks him why he wasn't honest with Nadia when she thought the audience outside were boo'ing her. In fact, Jason is mistaken. They were not boo'ing her, but instead giving him a frosty reception when his picture came on the large screen. Daniel insists that he doesn't believe Nadia was getting boo'd, and correctly so, she wasn't.moreless
  • Episode 564: Michelle Evicted
    Housemates learn the secret, that all of them faced the public vote. Davina finally announces the result, as Michelle becomes the 7th housemate to be evicted from the big brother house, after her jealousy became too much for the fans. Davina interviews her, while trying to get Michelle to reveal if her and Stuart did more under the table. Michelle gave no comment. At the end of the interview, Davina revealed that a special eviction show will take place this Wednesday, as the housemate to come in 5th place will be evicted! Also on Thursday, housemates talk about what could happen on Friday with eviction, and Michelle spends some quality time with Stuart, as he says he will miss her if she is gone, and that Michelle will wait for Stuart if evicted.moreless
  • Episode 563
    Episode 563
    Episode 68
    Day 61
  • Episode 562
    Episode 562
    Episode 67
    Day 60.
  • Episode 561
    Episode 561
    Episode 66
    Day 59 in the Big Brother house.
  • Episode 560
    Episode 560
    Episode 65
    It's day 58 in the Big Brother house.
  • Episode 559
    Episode 559
    Episode 64
    It's day 57 in the Big Brother house.
  • Episode 558
    Episode 558
    Episode 63
  • Episode 557: Victor Evicted
    In tonights eviction, Victor was told that he had become to 6th housemate to be evicted from the big brother house. While Jason was gutted that he was evicted, Dan was surprised at how he stayed. As Victor left, he came out of the house to boos. Davina then announces in the interview, a surprise twist to the nominations. All remaining housemates will face the public vote for eviction, as viewers get the chance to evict a housemate they think does not deserve to enter the final week. Meaning no nominations will take place on week 9.moreless
  • Episode 556
    Episode 556
    Episode 61
    More highlights from the house
  • Episode 555
    Episode 555
    Episode 60
  • Episode 554
    Episode 554
    Episode 59
  • Episode 553
    Episode 553
    Episode 58
    Shell and Michelle are freaked out by a large spider they discover in the bedroom and Stuart 'rescues' them from the unwanted visitor. Nadia is upset, and speaks to Big Brother in the Diary Room. She's feeling down and admits she needs to get herself out of her bad mood. Michelle spots Stuart and Shell in the kitchen making bread, and questions them both after she thought that Stuart had promised to make bread with her and not Shell earlier. Later, Big Brother supplies the housemates with two Sumo Wrestling Outfits and a small ring in which to battle in.moreless
  • Episode 552
    Episode 552
    Episode 57
    Resident Phsycologic Experts analyse further the contestants behaviour in these final weeks of the programme and as end-game begins. As talk moves to the final night, and possibility of winning gets even greater with every passing day, what do the contestants' comments in the Diary Room say, and more importantly, what does thier body language fail to conseal. Claims of not being able to win, of not wanting to win, and of not wanting to see other's leave are more often than not false. An in-depth look at body language supports this. But despite the talk of the very serious matter of finale night, the housemates still find time for fun and games. Such energetic rounds of play fighting and other games have become a daily and incredibly important aspect of the housemates lives this year. Seemingly harmless fun and laughter is actually a very covert way of picking out people to exclude, making social circles as clear as possible and ultimatley of surviving the 10-week haul. The experts analyse. And have the contestants made a fatal mistake of under-estimating Michelle? Always kean to portray herself as a ditzy, harmless and fun loving girl who wouldn't harm a fly, is this just a smart way of avoiding nomination? If it is or not, it seems to have been overall very successful. None of the housemates see her as a potential threat in the game, and as such Michelle has avoided eviction thus far. But with the end in sight, can such a successful method of avoiding eviction still work? Or is it too late for her rivals and has Michelle won out over those who doubted her strength in the Big Brother game.moreless
  • Episode 551
    Episode 551
    Episode 56
  • Episode 550: Ahmed Evicted
    It's the public's fifth chance to evict another housemate. As usual, Davina McCall presides over the evening's events. Highlights from the previous 24 hours in the house include one of Stuart's few open and honest moments in the Diary Room. He's upset about the possibility of leaving, and is reflecting on the seven weeks he has now spent in the Big Brother house. He also confesses he will miss Michelle if the public do decide he should leave. Daniel, while having a chat with Nadia lets slip he is finding his role as 'Mediator' in the house to be tough. Nadia comments it's not a role he wanted, but one he was given by the other contestants, to which Daniel agrees. When the announcement of Ahmed's rejection from the house comes, the housemates are suprised to here both the most recent evictee and his friend in the house, Victor recieve large BOO's from the audience outside when thier names are mentioned by Davina. Victor and Jason discuss next week's nominations less than half an hour after the eviction result in the privacy of the bedroom. Victor says he will definatley be up for the chop next week.moreless
  • Episode 549
    Episode 549
    Episode 54

    The contestants are told of the huge twist in nominations in this, the seventh week of Big Brother. For three days they struggled on with their Boot Camp Task, with the best intentions to pass the task for the good of the group. Their leaders Michelle and Jason encouraged them along the way. As Big Brother reveals to them all they have passed the task, all our more elated than ever. All, this is, but Jason and Michelle who know all too well what is about to hit them. As Michelle sat with her head in her hands, the group realise something is not right. They don't wait too long to find out, Big Brother then plays a clip of the Diary Room in which Michelle and Jason are told of the twist in nominations. And so, with that, all six 'privates' realise their fate.

    Ahmed immediately accuses Michelle of being selfish throughout the week, and declares she only got annoyed with him for not taking part to save her own skin. Michelle is furious and loses her temper with the ex-asylum seaker once more, labelling him an 'Ignorant Little Man' and throws a flip-flop at him. Nadia and Shell eventually calm her down, but the row had already run it's course. Later, when Daniel says he is perfectly happy with the result, Ahmed causes another row when he says Daniel is 'pretending' and hiding his true feelings on the matter. Another heated discussion breaks out and the housemates end the day more divided than ever.

  • Episode 548
    Episode 548
    Episode 53
  • Episode 547
    Episode 547
    Episode 52
  • Episode 546
    Episode 546
    Episode 51

    The housemates continue their weekly task, in which the house has been transformed into the Big Brother Boot Camp. The housemates are becoming increasingly annoyed with Ahmed's refusal to take part in many of the tasks, which is putting their success at risk. Michelle confronts him and things soon develop into a full blown argument when she questions why he even applied to be on the show. Later, Daniel tells Big Brother, in the Diary Room, how he feels Ahmed is acting like a "t*at" and how he feels he is faking his "illness" to get out of taking part in the task. Another argument occurs when Nadia accuses Jason of picking on her because she smokes, and says he is being unfair by not allowing the smokers their usual qouta of cigarettes as part of the task. But things soon turn to other matters, and the two quickly argue about many events of previous weeks in the house. Later, Daniel tries to explain to Jason how difficult it can be for smokers who are forced to stop. But he ends the conversation abruptly when Jason speaks over him and dismisses all of his remarks.

  • Episode 545: Two Tribes Go To War
  • Episode 544
    Episode 544
    Episode 49

    Highlights from Eviction Day in the Big Brother house. Becki and Ahmed await news of their fate in the house. Becki says to both the group and Big Brother in the Diary Room she doesn't want to leave the house.Ahmed appears to be much more relaxed about the whole thing, saying either way he will be happy.

  • Episode 543: Becki Evicted
    In the fourth public vote of the season, viewers at home decided that new girl Becki Seddiki should leave the Big Brother House. Before the imporatant announcement was made, several clips from Day 42 were aired, including much of the anticipation for the week's eviction result. Ahmed informs Big Brother that he doesn't want to leave, and it's a thought mirrored by Becki too. When the announcement finally comes, Becki is graceful in defeat, and hugs all of her housemates. While hugging Michelle, a huge BOOing erupts from the crowed outside, and the housemates all hear it. Daniel quickly tries to give the evictee advice on how best to handle such a hostile reaction. When Davina returns, she informs Becki she has one minute to gather her thoughts, say her goodbye's and leave the house. Her rival contestants, who had once treated her with suspicion and voted her out at thier first oppurtunity, all rallied round to try and make her departure as pleasant as possible. When the doors opened for Becki, as expected a huge BOO could be heard from the hundreds of audience members waiting for her outside. Throughout her interview, which was controversially held outside, Becki discussed her time in the house with Davina. She talked about everything from her flirtatious antics to her relationship with Ahmed and more. At the end of her interview she was reuinted with two of her best friends.moreless
  • Episode 542
    Episode 542
    Episode 47
  • Episode 541
    Episode 541
    Episode 46
    Big Brother reveals to the housemates which of them will be facing eviction in the sixth week. Ahmed and Becki are told they will face possible eviction on Friday. Ahmed, having asked his fellow contestants to vote him off, seems happy. Becki insists she was expecting it, but seems less delighted about the situation. Stuart and Michelle get in trouble for 'snogging' in the garden, and not behind the 'bike sheds' as rules for the Big Brother Primary School require. Michelle must write 100 lines of 'I Must Not Snog The Boys In Inapropriate Places of the School' with a chalk and black board, while Stuart must wear a 'D' hat and stand in the corner without speaking to anyone until further notice. Daniel vents his frustrations to Shell about Becki's joking behaviour at 'registration' when she pretended to act like a silly young girl. Her actions annoyed Daniel because as he put it, this task must now, under any curcumstances, be 'f*cked up'.moreless
  • Episode 540
    Episode 540
    Episode 45

    An aeroplane, sponsored by tabloid newspaper The Sun, flies over the house, and the housemates see it's banner that reads 'Only Becki Nominated Michelle!'. The contestants are confused, and Shell thinks the national newspaper have got their wires crossed and made a mistake. By coincidence, Michelle is in the Diary Room as the time of the plane's flying across the house and so only hears about what it says when she leaves the diary room. Becki continues to lie about it, and says she is totally innocent and confused by the message. Michelle tells her not to worry about it and insists she doesn't mind. Later in the day, the contestants make their nominations, all that is, but Jason and Victor. The rest of the house decided that Ahmed and new girl Becki should face the chop.

  • Episode 539
    Episode 539
    Episode 44
  • Episode 538
    Episode 538
    Episode 43
    This weeks Saturday Challenge featured 8 of the Housemates taking part in a Cow & Farmer Race. Dan chose who would be the farmers and who would be the cows. All of the housemates completed the Task, except for Jason and Ahmed, as Ahmed refused to be a cow, and he switched with Jason, which cost them $2,500. Meanwhile, Jason, Victor, Ahmed and Becki had a conversation about transsexuals, while Nadia was in the room. The three men stated that they could never date a transsexual, while Becki said the opposite. And Nadia remained quiet through out. Which led to Nadia and Becki leaving the bedroom. The Phsycologists continue to analyse the housemates' behaviour.moreless
  • Episode 537
    Episode 537
    Episode 42
  • Episode 536: Marco Evicted
    Marco was the 4th Housemate to leave the Big Brother House. Which now leaves just Michelle and Nadia as the remaining members of the Harem. Meanwhile, Jason, Victor and Ahmed were all given warnings by Big Brother, for their conversation on Nominations. Ahmed did not take the news well, as he asked Jason and Victor to stop talking to him about nominations, and then announced to the entire house, that he wants them to Nominate him for the next weeks Eviction.moreless
  • Episode 535
    Episode 535
    Episode 40
    For the third part of the Weekly Task, the Housemates had to write a song, in which they would then perform. The housemates were split in to two groups, and both successfully completed the task. And the for the first time since they entered the House, the housemates were able to listen to music, that was played through out the house.moreless
  • Episode 534
    Episode 534
    Episode 39
    The Housemates received the news of the Nominated housemates. Which caused all three of the Harem to react in different ways. At first, Michelle demanded that Big Brother would left her leave the house straight away, before the other Housemates calmed her down. Nadia had stated that she had prepared herself for the news, and therefore was not deeply affected by it. Unlike Marco who began to insult Ahmed, and then went onto to insult housemates such as Victor and Jason, in stating that they would receive large amount of abuse, once they left the house. Meanwhile, Becki had to restrain herself from informing the Housemates of why Michelle was nominated. And an argument between Victor and Marco began, with Marco accusing Victor of sabotaging the votes. Which Victor then accused Marco of doing the same.moreless
  • Episode 533: Kiss of Betrayal
    Jason was given his 2nd official Warning from Big Brother, as he left the seating area during Nominations. Jason and Ahmed spoke to the housemates after wards, explaining that they he can not stay in the seating area with everyone smoking. All the Housemates agreed, but Nadia had issues with it. Meanwhile, the Housemates had nominated, and Marco and Nadia both received 6 votes, which put them up for Eviction. Once again, Stuart did not receive one nomination, along with Michelle. Later on that day, Becki was told to come to the Diary Room. While there, Big Brother told her that she had to nominate one Housemate, and the housemate that she would select would immediately be put up for Eviction on Friday. The way that she would select the Housemate, would be to kiss her on both cheeks, and therefore becoming the Kiss of Betrayal that Judas did to Jesus. After a few minutes of thinking, Becki went over to Michelle and kissed her on both cheeks. So that all three of the Harem are up for Eviction.moreless
  • Episode 532
    Episode 532
    Episode 37
    Big Brother's resident phsycologists dive deeper into the housemates thoughts and emotions, and give viewers at home a unique insight into how the contestants are really feeling.
  • Episode 531
    Episode 531
    Episode 36
    The housemates reacted badly when they heard the abuse that Vanessa had received from the crowd. And for the first time since Big Brother started, Jason was the first to go to bed. The next day, the housemates were given a long slippery surface which kept them occupied for a few hours, and took their minds away from Vanessa's departure. Meanwhile, Jason had a conversation with [i]Shell[/i], about how he had spoken about her in the Diary Room, and wanted to apologize. And Dan kept himself thinking about why he was not the Housemate to leave on Friday night, and how he doesn't fit in that well.moreless
  • Episode 530: LIVE Task
    Tonight's live task risks another £10,000 of the housemate's remaining £77,000 prize fund in a game of intelligence, skill and strength called Big Brother's Human Games Challenge. Split across three sections, the housemates must divide into three teams and decide how much of their £10,000 stake to risk on each of the three games - for instance, if they're more confident about strength than intelligence or skill, they could risk £5,000 on the strength game and £2,500 each on the skill and intelligence games. Losing a game means they lose the stake risked on that game, winning it means they keep the stake. In the first part, the team taking on the intelligence challenge must rearrange scrambled letters to form a word. In a twist, however, the letters will be displayed on sandwich boards worn by the housemates, so they must rearrange themselves to form the word. In the second part, the team facing a test of skill must complete the familiar game of moving a metal loop around a twisty wire without letting the loop touch the wire. They will have 60 seconds to complete the challenge, having to restart from the beginning if buzzers and lights indicate the loop touched the wire. The twist here is that the loop will be attached to the head of one of the contestants, with their team mates having to carry them around the course. In the final game, the housemates' strength will be tested, in a game of garden skittles with a difference - the "ball" will contain one of the housemates.moreless
  • Episode 529: Vanessa Evicted
    In the first true eviction night of Big Brother 2004, house beauty Vanessa was shown the door by the public. Highlights from the past 24 hours in the house were aired in the first of the evening's episodes as always. They included the 'hareem' enjoying fun and games as always, when Nadia and Michelle conspire to rip Marco's boxers off him to leave him naked. Even his attempts to find refuge in the Diary Room don't work when the girls follow him, and after achieving thier goal, Big Brother asks Marco to take a seat on the diary room chair. Daniel complains to Jason about his continuing bad mood once more and the two end up having a debate about the scot's turbulant moods. When the eviction announcement finally comes, the contestants gather on the sofa's to hear that Vanessa will be evicted. Upon her eviction, Vanessa is evicted too loud and shattering booing from the audience outside. Trying her best to drum up support for the south-african beauty, Davina presents her to the audience on the main stage in a optimistic tone but the battle is already lost and the boo's continue. In her interview, Vanessa speaks frankly about her time in the house. Hot topics for discussion include Jason, Nomination and her rivalry with Michelle. The evictee looks suprised and upset to see Michelle make some incredibly harsh and devastasting judgements after witnissing Vanessa say she has no respect for her, while in the Bedsit. At the end of her interview, Davina makes an important announcement, and based on events of the previous week, a suprising one. It seems that 'Evil' Big Brother will be returning, and soon. The housemates have a nasty shock on the way this weekend, the host reveals.moreless
  • Episode 528
    Episode 528
    Episode 33
    While the Housemates did their weekly shopping list, Stuart noticed that there was a Cowboy Hat priced at £20.00. He gave up hope in buying it, until Big Brother informed him that the price of the hat had been reduced to £6.00. The hat shall now be delivered with the rest of the food on Saturday. Meanwhile, Jason apologized to Vanessa about the argument that they had the night before. And informed her that she was one of the only Housemates that he could feel comfortable talking to. Also, the Housemates were given a task in which they had to give a News Report to Big Brother.moreless
  • Episode 527
    Episode 527
    Episode 32
    The housemates are set another task for the day. They must, in groups of two, put on a play about their time in the house and their Big Brother experiences. Vanessa vents her annoyance over Jason's constant bad mood toDaniel. Later that evening, Jason leaves the table without thanking Vanessa for the meal she prepared. His actions mean Dan marches into the bedroom to let him know how much it irritated him. It's clearly not Jason's day because later that evening Vanessa confronts him about his recent mood swings. Both him and Victor disrepute it though, commenting "You've been hanging around with too many w*nkers lately". Vanessa accuses him of being "weird and condescending".moreless
  • Episode 526
    Episode 526
    Episode 31

    With no nominations due to the delayed eviction, their is a positive and cheerful mood in the house. Big Brother sets the contestants a new challenge. They must all make a clay cast of a body part. Once all the clay cast's from each contestant have been made, they must all be applied to a wire frame to form the "perfect housemate". A ironic conversation takes a turn for the bizzarre and uncomfortable when Michelle asks transsexual Nadia if she had "it" put in a pickle jar when it was "cut off". The conversation was planned by Marco and Michelle as a joke, but they do not realise how close they are to the truth about Nadia's secret past. The perfect housemate model, which was originally a female, becomes A Sexual when the boys in the house mould a penis onto it.

  • Episode 525
    Episode 525
    Episode 30
    In the first of the Phsyco-Analysis programme's of Season Five, the resident Big Brother physcologists analyse and comment on the housemate's behaviour over the past 24 hours, and reveal what it tells us about them. They kick off with an analysis of Stuart and Michelle's relationship - labelled "A Dangerous Liasion". Stuart's hot and cold approach to Michelle is under the microscope, and so his reactions to her eviction on Day 15, and her unexpected return on Day 20. Daniel is also analysed further, and his role as the mediator is further investigated. Friendly with both camps in the house, and the ultimate bridge builder after the big fight of Night 20, he was suprised when he found himself nominated for eviction, but have the housemates made a terrible mistake in risking losing him from the group at this stressful and unstable time? Plus, a further look at Nadia and her big secret. Her choice of friends in the house is totally understandable, given that thier main purpose is to have fun, talk about make-up and clothers and generally act like young teens at a slumber party. But, yet even within the secruity net of the hareem [her alliance in the house], she has still not told anyone her biggest secret. With nominations approaching, and the other housemates already suspecting her, has she left it too late to save herself from a reputation as a liar and a contestant not to be trusted?moreless
  • Episode 524: Emma Ejected

    The contestants are told of Emma's departure from the house. After some silence, out of respect for their friend, the contestants pretty much end in agreement that it might be for the best. Outside the house, Davina interviews the ejected housemate, discussing her time in the house and her plans for the future. Discussion on the Big Brawl is limited, but Emma is clearly sad to be evicted from the house because of it. It's also clear that if she is out, so should Victor be.

  • Episode 523
    Episode 523
    Episode 28
    Highlights from Day 22 in the Big Brother House. The contestants continue to speculate about what has happened to Emma and wonder if she's been ejected or not, following events on Wednesday evening. Vanessa and Shell discuss it furhter and decide that whatever happens to Emma should happen to Victor also, and that both should be treated exactly the same. Nadia becomes upset, and comforted by Shell, Vanessa and Marco admits she is feeling guilty for her actions in the brawl, and is considering leaving, Jason's refusal to accept her apologies only makes the situation worse, and yet when told about Nadia's sorry state by Daniel, Jason continues to ignore her apologies.moreless
  • Episode 522
    Episode 522
    Episode 27
    Davina McCall hosts the LIVE Friday night programme, but only this time there is no crowd and no eviction. When events in the house took a sensational turn during the week, Big Brother, eager to avoid any further explosive scenes, decided to put the eviction off for the week in order to give the contestants time to get themselves all sorted out. In this episode, Davina's role is pretty pointless. She introduces a selection of highlights from the previous day. These all revolve around "the morning after the night before" and show the contestants struggling to build the bridges they burned in the previous night's fury. Vanessa and Marco have an argument, when Marco ignites the already volitile situation by calling her "fake" and "two faced". Jason struggles to apologise to anyone, still believing his actions were justified. Nadia and Vanessa put everything behind them and enjoy a genuine apology. Six of the contestants are also given formal warnings by Big Brother due to thier actions during the night. But one thing is clear, things won't ever be the same again.moreless
  • Episode 521: Big Brawl

    On the night June 16th 2004, Day 20 of the fifth season of Big Brother UK, an argument broke out on a scale never before witnessed in the reality show. This episode, especially extended to one hour, airs the brawl itself and the events of Day 20 that lead to such a colossal disaster for the housemate's relationships. During the day, tempers within the house were already reaching boiling point. Irritated by his constant cold showers (which Emma and Michelle set up), Victor rants inside the Diary Room, but getting no response takes to the roof to protest. Vanessa makes a fatal mistake when she tells Dan and Shell how she doesn't respect Michelle and that her opinions do not matter, unaware that the 'evictee' she is talking about is watching and listening to it all.

    By the time the two 'evicted' contestants return at around 10.45pm, the atmosphere in the house is at it's most explosive yet. Annoyed by the girls' return, Victor and Jason retreat to the garden to lick their wounds. "It's time to stir things right up" remarks Victor, little does he know that is exactly what will happen, but on a scale he can't even imagine. Lifted by the return of their buddies, Marco and Emma are more hyperactive than ever before, and the old house divide between the "the lipstick bitches" and "the adults" returns, more prominant than ever. The night's terrible arguments soon begin, for a more detailed review of these events be sure to click the link to 'recap' below. At around 4.00am, when things have finally calmed down, several of the housemates are starting to drift in and out of sleep in the living area. As the final shot, the camera zooms in to a writing on the wall [which was put there by Kitten in the first week] which reads "No More War".

  • Episode 520: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

    In this special episode, the bedsit duo return to the house. Informed by Big Brother, the other contestants believe they are just enjoying a special fancy dress party. Special it will certainly be. When contacted by Big Brother on their bedsit telephone, the girls rush about getting prepared for the return. When they do arrive back in the house, something special is planned. With their housemates locked safely away in the bedroom, sent their by Big Brother, the two girls hide under the huge dinner table in the living area. Once inside, they each put their heads through holes in the table which lead to the inside of a platter dish. Unaware of the trick, Nadia removes the lid to the platter containing Emma and gets the shock of her life, as do the other contestants. The two they thought were gone are back, and they know more than anyone can imagine.

    Clips are also shown of the highlights from the past 24 hours in the house. They include the housemates discovering who will be facing eviction. Shell is upset by the result, and comforts Vanessa assuring her that she believed Ahmed and Nadia would be facing the chop. Jason and Victor are shocked, and wonder "what the hell" had happened. Nadia is upset when she feels that in her hour of need, the previous evening, nobody was there for her apart from Marco, and reveals how she had a strict limit of 10 cigarettes a day but that she broke and it resulted in her running out. Later that night, she and Vanessa spot a half smoken cigarette on the floor of the garden decking, under a chair, and reach under it so that she can enjoy a smoke.

  • Episode 519
    Episode 519
    Episode 24

    The contestants make their all-important nominations for the second time. After receiving the most votes from their housemates, it's Vanessa and Daniel who will be facing the chop. Heavy smoker Nadia is worried to discover she has run out of cigarettes completely, and with no more in the house until the shopping arrives in almost a week, she will have to go cold turkey. Her predicament is a source of amusement for Jason and he jokes and mocks about her openly with all the housemates in the living area. His outburst is not just a frustration to Nadia, but also to Shell who takes it particularly badly. Later the same evening, unaware of Nadia's sex change the group discuss transsexual's in a frank and upfront manour. Nadia retreats to the bathroom and cries for nearly an hour. Meanwhile, Shell is having her own problems, and goes to the treatment room and throws some pillows around and generally loses his temper, thanks to Jasons outburst earlier. Vanessa comforts her.

  • Episode 518
    Episode 518
    Episode 23

    The bedsit duo, Emma and Michelle are set a task by Big Brother. They must pick one of their fellow housemates to receive cool showers. For all of the day, the housemate they pick will only ever receive cold water when they enter the shower. The girls pick Victor and watch with much delight as the London rude-boy gets increasingly stressed out as everyone else enjoys nice warm showers. In the evening, things get raunchy when after a week-long flirtation, Jason and Vanessa end up passionate kissing in the garden and bathroom. There fun soon ends when Marco's screams of excitement from witnessing the two's romance are heard by Jason.

  • Episode 517
    Episode 517
    Episode 22

    Big Brother gets evil, with the introduction of the bedsit. Before the pending eviction, Michelle and Marco discuss their other contestants and who they think is "playing a game". They agree that Dan and Vanessa are doing just this. When a mistake with Davina's link to the house means the housemates overhear the word 'Bedsit' on Friday night, the whole group go into a frenzy. Theories about what will happen are going left, right and centre, including Jason's idea that two people will be evicted and then one voted back into the house. When the voting news comes, the housemates think Emma and Michelle are evicted, when really they are going to the bedsit. Over Excited by being in the bedsit, Emma's breats constantly fall out of her top, to much amusement by the two girls. The following morning, they are set thier first task. They must decide which of the 9 housemates they left behind should have to take a cold shower. After they heard his conversation regarding voting off Nadia and Marco the previous evening, they choose Victor to take the cold shower. And when the girls watch live action from the house, Emma is distraught when Victor labels her 'racist' after some comments she made earlier in the first week. She rushes to the diary room, in floods of tears and struggling to catch her breath revealing he had "twisted" her words.

  • Episode 516: LIVE Task
    The 9 remaining housemates get ready for their 3rd live Saturday task. The housemates were gathered in the living room where a housemate was told to read envelope 1 to the rest of the housemates. Marco read aloud and told his fellow housemates, that they had to pick four housemates to do a physical part of the challenge, and picked were; Vanessa, Jason, Stuart and Dan. Vanessa went to the diary room to confirm the housemates, and while taking another laminate out side the other housemates followed her. It was said that the remaining housemates must sit on a bench, while the chosen 4 were to divide them self's into pairs (Dan, Stuart, and Vanessa and Jason) On the grass was a trail of red cones, and at the end was a group of yellow circles. Reading a laminate, it was said that one housemate had to be wheelbarrowed over to the rings, and pick them up one at a time and back to start, with each pair taking it in turns. For each ring they get, is 10 seconds on the timer for the second part of the task. The housemates managed to collect all the rings forming a 1 minute and 30 second timer...oh wont the housemates regret this. For the final part of the challenge, the remaining housemates one by one, had to hang on to a pole over a bed of stinging nettles, for the whole 1 minute and 30 seconds. If they fall, then that housemate will lose £2000 of the prize fund. Shell was the only one to complete the task so £8:00 was lost.moreless
  • Episode 515: The Fake Eviction

    In a first for the UK Edition of Big Brother, a "fake" eviction was staged. Davina guides the viewers around what will become, for the two "evicted" contestants, their new home for as long as Big Brother decides, the Bedsit. A 70's styled and by anyones standards, distinctly grotty, one-beded room with a tiny kitchen and bathroom and little else. However, most importantly, the room contains a large plasma screen and two sets of headphones. The room's feature will allow the two inhabitants of the room to view all the action from the house, live. After the highlights packege, Davina drops a bombshell on the unsuspecting housemates. Instead of one, she reveals to them two people will leave the house. Shocked and bemused by this new revelation, the group have precious few seconds to adjust before Davina announces the nominated contestants will have to wait an excruciating 30 minutes to learn of their fate.

    When the news finally comes, the housemates are in shock. Their hot favourite to be ousted [Victor, Jason and Stuart among just about everyone else had tipped him to go at some point since his nomination was announced] is kept in the house by the public. Bubbly flirts Emma and Michelle were voted for by the public. When the 30 second countdown is done, they make their way down the entry corridor of the house. The front door does not open for them, and the remaining housemates are told to close the door to their home, and as soon as they do this a security guard ushers the two girls through a secret passage and into the Big Brother Bedsit. As the end credits roll, the girls franticly struggle to cope with their new, and very confusing, situation.

  • Episode 514
    Episode 514
    Episode 19
    Ahmed completely loses his temper when the wake-up call [the sound of a car alarm going off] pushes him over the edge. In a fit of rage, he throws a stack of china plates, making them smash into hundreds of pieces all over the garden. After his show of 'emotion', he retires to the spa room and cries for 45 minutes. In an attempt to ease his troubled mind, Emma tries to comfort him and tells him his plate chucking antics reminded her of a "Spanish festival". Things get steamy by night when Emma, Shell and Michelle all have a topless mud wrestling championship. Victor, Jason and Marco also join in the games. Jason and Vanessa's relationship continues to grow, and Victor, Jason and Stuart joke about Ahmed's earlier inexplicable behavior.moreless
  • Episode 513
    Episode 513
    Episode 18
    The housemates are told the results of the first nominations by Big Brother. Michelle takes the news badly and cries twice during the day, to be comforted by Nadia and Marco and later by her love interest Stuart. Ahmed confrontsMarco about why he brought in 300 cigarettes to the house when he doesn't even smoke. When the group tries to explain that it was a thoughtful gesture, Ahmed begins complaining about passive smoking. Later in the evening, Jason discusses his tactics for the ten weeks with Victor and Stuart.moreless
  • Episode 512
    Episode 512
    Episode 17
    This Episode marked the Housemates first Nominations in the Big Brother House. But this week, Big Brother will create another twist, as the two housemates chosen to leave the house will go into a secret room and watch the housemates for 4 days, until they return back into the house. The housemates that are up for the 'Eviction with a twist' are, Ahmed, Emma and Michelle. Meanwhile, the housemates continued their Weekly Task at running a burger bar, and failed to deliver the correct order for the first time. As Michelle struggled to remember the order that Big Brother had given her. The housemates only have two more chances, before they fail the weekly task.moreless
  • Episode 511
    Episode 511
    Episode 16
    The Drama continued in the Big Brother house with yet another outburst between two of the Housemates, by Emma walking in on Victor on the toilet. Meanwhile, a relationship between Vanessa and Jason is slowly developing, but Vanessa is not sure where she wants it to go. And the housemates have begun their weekly task, which involves them running a 24 hour Burger Bar, under the name of Big Bro.moreless
  • Episode 510
    Episode 510
    Episode 15
    Highlights from the second weekend in the Big Brother House. The build up to Kitten's eviction is profiled, including one of her last protests. Demanding more alchohol, better food and no eviction/nomination procedures, Kitten climbs onto the roof again. Vanessa, Daniel and Shell begin to air there feelings about Michelle and Stuart's romance in private to each other and all agree that they do not think Michelle's show of emotion and effection is genuine. "Part of her gameplan", they suggest. An argument breaks out and sends a strong divide down the group when a party, provided for by Big Brother turns into a mass food fight amonst Stuart, Michelle, Emma, Marco and Nadia. Distinctly unimpressed by thier antics, Daniel demands they clean up the mess, and along with Shell, Vanessa, Jason and Ahmed makes it clear he is agry at thier "selfish and childlike" behaviour. Later that night, Nadia confronts those who were unimpressed by her daytime food fighting games, and a huge argument erupts. The weekend ends with the house divided, once again.moreless
  • Episode 509: LIVE Task
    The Saturday Night Task featured the 11 Housemates taking part in a task that could cost them to loose up to £9,000 of their Cash Price. The housemates were told to choose the most intelligent housemate (Stuart) and the strongest housemate (Jason). The remaining housemates were placed on a roundabout that was situated in the garden. Jason then began to spin the roundabout until Stuart answered a question correctly, and Stuart continued to chose one housemate to leave the roundabout every time he answered a question correctly. By the end of the task, Marco was sick while on the roundabout, with Sheele on the edge of sickness. And the housemates lost another £5,000 of their Cash Price, which now leaves them with £86,000.moreless
  • Episode 508: Kitten Evicted
    After a night of fun and games, the housemates were reminded that Big Brother was in control. Big Brother had stated that one Housemate would be Evicted because of Kitten's continuous rule breaking. And the evicted housemate was Kitten. But for the first time in Big Brother history, a housemate (Kitten) refused to leave the house, and Big Brother was forced to lower the Cash Price to £91,000 before she finally left the house. For Kitten's advantage, there was no crowd to greet her as she left the house, and was only forced to deal with the press.moreless
  • Episode 507
    Episode 507
    Episode 12
    In an especially extended episode, to cover all of Day 6's incredible action, Big Brother makes a shocking announcement that none of the contestants wants to hear. After writing offensive phrases on the mirror's as a "protest", Kitten is given a third warning. As explained to the housemates the previous day, such action would mean that one of the contestants would be evicted, and true to thier promise, a statement was released to the contestants informing them a contestant will be evicted because of Kitten's actions. When and Who was not revealed. The shocking announcement causes a huge rift, and Emma promptly tells Kitten how selfish she feels she is being, and how she needs to take responsibility for her actions. Her comments are met with fierce rivalry from Kitten and she tells Emma she is naive for 'playing into Big Brother's hands' by blaming her. Additionally, another argument breaks out when Kitten labels all 11 of her fellow housemates 'ignorant' when they do not agree with one of her views about the gay community.moreless
  • Episode 506
    Episode 506
    Episode 11
    Kitten continues to challenge Big Brother's authority when she pulls the alchohol fridge out from the kitchen and proceeds to try and remove the lock on it. Her actions result in a shocking and drastic statement to be made by Big Brother. It's the last straw for Victor and he doesn't hide his feelings of frustrations towards Kitten's increasingly childish actions. Meanwhile, Jason and Victor tell Ahmed he needs to "Step Up" or risk getting booted out of the house. Confused by what they mean, Jason explains to him how he needs to paricipate more in discussions and "cause tension" among his fellow contestants. No longer than 20 minutes after his advice, Ahmed follows through by confroting Marco and accusing him of being "unfriendly" towards him and declares that he didn't even greet him properly on the first night. Heavily effected by such comments, Marco visits the diary room in tears later the same evening.moreless
  • Episode 505
    Episode 505
    Episode 10
    The housemates continued their attempted rebelling, when Stuart came up with the idea of nominating the two housemates at the time that was right for them. Kitten then went on to nominate Big Sister and a statue for eviction. Meanwhile,Jasons new tradition of cooking naked continued with Shelle cooking dinner for the housemates in the nude.moreless
  • Episode 504
    Episode 504
    Episode 9
    In the first of the half hour highlight shows in the series, a selection of the best moments from Day 3. They include extrovert Jason cooking the meal, with nothing but a chef's apron on and with his buttocks on full display, Kitten climbing the roof and looking at the surrounding area, despite Big Brother's rules and warnings. The housemates also set up a singing competition, with Jason and Vanessa acting as 'judges' for the occasion. Performances include Marco's unforgetable cover of a song from 'The Little Mermaid' movie and Nadia's rendition of 'Happy Birthday', for Big Brother.moreless
  • Episode 503
    Episode 503
    Episode 8

    An hour long highlights programme, airing the most memorable moments from the first two days in the house. They include the contestants entering their new home and their first night, in which they found the 'surprise' of having less beds than people, meaning that some would have to share. Marco speaks frankly to Kitten and says he thinks that one of the females, well, isn't. Brief clips from the task are also shown and after he 'protest', Victor promptly chats in the diary room, revealing that he 'doesn't like that bitch [Kitten]'. Later the same evening, the contestants have a round of mud wrestling and there was mass debate as to if Nadia's breasts were natural or implants. Intelligent Conversation prevails, then.

  • Episode 502: LIVE Task

    The 12 new contestants face their first task, live. And to their surprise, just two days into the show the housemates made their first votes. All of them voted for the person they wanted to see go without their suitcase for the duration of their stay in the house. Loose cannon Kitten, who refused to enter the house initially on launch night, continued her rebellious ways and refused to go to the diary room when asked to do so by Big Brother. The votes were counted, and it was Kitten who the housemates decided should go without her case. Back in the studio, Davina looked through her suitcase to see what she would be missing. In addition, she revealed the first eviction would happen on Day 8 of the show. She also announced some shocking plans for the eviction.

  • Episode 501: Big Brother 5 Launch Night

    In this, the totally LIVE Launch Programme of Big Brother 5, Davina introduces us to all 12 brand new contestants. And it couldn't be a more controversial list. A transsexual, a lesbian, an ex-stripper and an outrageously camp gay, to name just a few. In part one, a brief explanation of the application process (accompanied by all new footage) and a tour of the brand new house, lead by Davina. From here on out, the show is dedicated to the new arrivals. One by one, all 12 housemates enter the building that could be their home for up to 10 weeks. There arrivals are accompanied by a short video that shows some of their more memorable audition moments and introduces them to the viewing public. When all 12 have begun their Reality TV journey, Davina announces plans for the following days task and in an added twist, the contestant that loses will not receive their suitcase, containing everything they wanted to take into the house, for as long as they remain in the game. Big Brother is back, and it's found it's evil side.

  • Big Brother's Best Bits Top 10
    Dermot counts down Big Brother's Best Bits from 10 to the number 1 best bit as voted for by you! And they were: 10 Tim's 'comprendé' rant, BB3 09 Helen & Paul: The Love Story, BB2 08 Adele gets booed at her eviction, BB3 07 Alex sings 'That's the Way I Like It...', BB3 06 The confrontation of Nick's cheating, BB1 05 Helen-isms, BB2 04 Alison breaks the garden table, BB3 03 Brian Dowling, BB2 02 Jade strips during a drinking game, BB3 01 Jade's 'verruca' argument with Adele, BB3 Best Bits Count: BB1 Total: 12 Best Bits BB2 Total: 13 Best Bits BB3 Total: 16 Best Bits BB4 Total: 10 Best Bitsmoreless
  • Big Brother's Best Bits 20 - 11
    Dermot counts down Big Brother's Best Bits from 30 to 21. They were: 20 Tim shaves his chest, BB3 19 Craig wins, BB1 18 Jon Tickle, BB4 17 Jade and PJ - The BJ, BB3 16 Alex's shower etiquette, BB315 Big Brother Dance Task, BB2 14 Brian wins, BB2 13 Rich/Poor Divide, BB3 12 Follow the Van, BB3 11 Sandy's escape, BB3 Best Bits Count: BB1: 11 Best Bits To Date BB2: 10 Best Bits To Date BB3: 10 Best Bits To Date BB4: 10 Best Bits To Datemoreless
  • Big Brother's Best Bits 30 - 21
    Dermot counts down Big Brother's Best Bits from 20 to 11. They are: 30 Jon sings 'Hotel California', BB4 29 Nick lies about a wife who died, BB1 28 Darren's relationship with Majorie the Chicken, BB1 27 Helen and Narinder's 'Crappy Cuts/c Cuts' argument, BB2 26 Jade's Geography knowledge (East Anglia), BB3 25 Josh enters the house, BB2 24 Kate wins, BB3 23 Lisa claims she can kill with 2 fingers, BB4 22 Brian's 23rd Birthday, BB2 21 Ray has fun in the toilet, BB4 Best Bits Count: BB1: 10 Best Bits To Date BB2: 08 Best Bits To Date BB3: 04 Best Bits To Date BB4: 09 Best Bits To Datemoreless
  • Big Brother's Best Bits 40 - 31
    Dermot gives a tour of his new home for the next 10 weeks: the BBLB studio and counts down Big Brother's Best Bits from 40 to 31. They are: 40 3 girls in a tub, BB2 39 Anna wants to leave, BB1 38 Fire in the kitchen, BB1 37 Federico's Avid Merrion impression, BB4 36 Tom gives Mel a massage, BB1 35 Dinner Dates for 2, BB2 34 Jade's argument with Jonny and Kate, BB3 33 The Girls talk about Ray's size, BB4 32 Nick on the Assault Course, BB1 31 Naked Clay Painting, BB1 Best Bits Count: BB1: 8 Best Bits To Date BB2: 5 Best Bits To Date BB3: 2 Best Bits To Date BB4: 6 Best Bits To Datemoreless
  • Big Brother's Best Bits 50 - 41
    Dermot teased us all by showing glimpses of the exterior of the new BB house. He also gave a tour of the new gallery and counted down Big Brother's Best Bits from 50 to 41. They were: 50 Gymkhana task, BB4 49 Mel plucking her bikini line, BB1 48 Big Brother Soap Opera, BB2 47 '2 Truths, 1 Lie' game, BB1 46 Leprechaun Night in the Irish Pub, BB4 45 Kate falling over, BB3 44 Sleep talking, BB2/BB4 43 Overhearing Darren's nominations, BB1 42 Stuart not choosing Penny to sleep with, BB2 41 Cameron winning, BB4 Best Bits Count: BB1: 3 Best Bits To Date BB2: 3 Best Bits To Date BB3: 1 Best Bit To Date BB4: 4 Best Bits To Datemoreless