Big Brother (UK) - Season 6

Daily 9:00 PM on Channel Five Premiered Jul 18, 2000 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Episode 679: The End
    Day 78, the last day of Big Brother 2005.
  • Episode 678: The Live Final
    After footage from the housemate's last full day in the Big Brother house, Davina announces that the housemate who came in 4th place is . . . Kinga! Kinga is then interviewed; she reveals that she found it hard coming into the house two weeks before the end. Next, Davina talks to the house to reveal that the housemate who came in 3rd place is . . . Makosi! There's a 30 minute break before Makosi is interviewed, she comes out of the house to the sound of boos and she is heckled by the crowd during her interview with Davina. Makosi reveals that she regrets nothing and feels no shame for her actions in the house. Davina says she's surprised at that. Then, Davina talks to the house to reveal that the winner of Big Brother 2005 is . . . . . . Anthony! Anthony is delighted and jumps around the living room while Eugene leaves the Big Brother house. Davina talks to Eugene, he tells her he's fine about being a runner-up since Anthony is such a nice person, Davina also asks him about living in the secret garden and Eugene reveals that living with Kinga and Orlaith is such a small space was a challenge! Then comes the time for Anthony's departure from the house. He exits to huge cheers and the traditional firework display. When he sits down with Davina she tells him about Makosi's claim that she could have been pregnant which shakes Anthony a little. Anthony tells Davina that he's learnt very little about himself after his time in the house. Then, that's it! The end of Big Brother 2005 . . . see you next year!moreless
  • Episode 677
    Episode 677
    Episode 77
    Day 76 in the Big Brother house.
  • Episode 676: Craig Evicted
    Davina hosts 2 episodes from 8pm and 9.30pm. Could another housemate be packing their bags two nights before the eviction?
  • Episode 675
    Episode 675
    Episode 75
    Day 74: Big Brother sets the remaining housemats the task of performing a play telling the story of their time in the house.
  • Episode 674
    Episode 674
    Episode 74
    Day 73: Big Brother gives all of the housemates the secret task of pretending to be hypnotised. They later win a party for their efforts.
  • Episode 673
    Episode 673
    Episode 73
    Day 72: The final five start their last week in the house. Once again, Craig has a go at Anthony for not sticking up for him.
  • Episode 672
    Episode 672
    Episode 72
    Day 71: Derek spends his final hours in the house before the eviction.
  • Episode 671: Derek Evicted
    Davina hosts the final Friday eviction show of the series which sees Derek being the 10th person to be evicted from the Big Brother house. Also coverage from day 70 which saw housemates fail their weekly task.
  • Episode 670
    Episode 670
    Episode 70
    Day 69 in the Big Brother house.
  • Episode 669
    Episode 669
    Episode 69
    Day 68: Kinga has regrets the morning after the night before while Derek and Eugene find out that they face the public vote this week.
  • Episode 668
    Episode 668
    Episode 68
    Day 67: housemates nominate for the final time. As a result, Derek and Eugene face the public vote this week.
  • Episode 667
    Episode 667
    Episode 67
    Day 66: housemates get a surprise when Orlaith's replacement arrives.
  • Episode 666: Orlaith Walks & Kinga Goes In!
    In a live special, hosted by Davina, Kinga entered the Big Brother house four and a half weeks after being refused a place by Makosi. Also coverage from day 65, which saw Orlaith keep her word by leaving the Big Brother house via the Diary Room.
  • Episode 665
    Episode 665
    Episode 65
    It's day 64 in the Big Brother house.
  • Episode 664: Kemal Evicted
    Kemal becomes the 9th evictee from Big Brother 2005. Also, action fron day 63 which saw housemates pass this week's task.
  • Episode 663
    Episode 663
    Episode 63
    Day 62: During a Big Brother ball, housemates decide that Derek is the double agent . . .
  • Episode 662
    Episode 662
    Episode 62
    Day 61: housemates are set a spy task and they find out that Kemal and Orlaith face the public vote this week.
  • Episode 661
    Episode 661
    Episode 61
    Day 60: Housemates nominate the two people they want to STAY in the house. The two or more housemates with the least nominations face the public vote to evict this week. That turned out to be Kemal and Orlaith.
  • Episode 660
    Episode 660
    Episode 60
    Day 59 in the Big Brother house.
  • Episode 659
    Episode 659
    Episode 59
    Day 58: Big Brother called housemates to the diary room one by one to scare them. They successfully endured 45 minutes of scaring in all and so they won themselves a party!
  • Episode 658
    Episode 658
    Episode 58
    Day 57: Science spends his last few hours in the Big Brother house.
  • Episode 657: Science Evicted
    Science becomes the 8th person to be evicted from the Big Brother house. Also, there's coverage from day 56.
  • Episode 656
    Episode 656
    Episode 56
    Day 55: once again the housemates have failed this week's task and will not recieve a luxury food budget this week.
  • Episode 655
    Episode 655
    Episode 55
    Day 54: the dog school task continues and Orlaith and Science discover that they will face the public vote this week. Orlaith insists that she wants to go.
  • Episode 654
    Episode 654
    Episode 54
    Day 53: Nominations return to their usual format this week. Housemates nominate Orlaith and Science to face the public vote. Also, the group are set a human dog school task: half of the housemates are dogs and the other half are trainers. A dog show must be performed each day for the next three days in order for the group to succeed at the task.moreless
  • Episode 653
    Episode 653
    Episode 53
    It's day 52 in the Big Brother house.
  • Episode 652
    Episode 652
    Episode 52
    Day 51: Anthony comes to the diary room to talk to Big Brother. He's unexpectedly told that he is the 2000th person to do so since the start of the series and as a reward he has won a date with Big Brother!
  • Episode 651
    Episode 651
    Episode 51
    Day 50: she doesn't know it, but it's Vanessa's last day in the Big Brother house. Later, she is evicted and the housemates are let to contemplate what Big Brother could throw at them next . . .
  • Episode 650: Eviction Twist! Vanessa Evicted
    Davina reveals live to the housemates who is really up for eviction this week and later announces that the public have decided that either Makosi or Vanessa will be evicted from the house this week! In turn, each housemate must then stand and within 10 seconds decide who they want to evict. Everyone except Kemal chooses Vanessa and so she becomes the 7th person to be evicted from the Big Brother house. Also, there's footage from day 49.moreless
  • Episode 649
    Episode 649
    Episode 49
    Day 48: housemates are told that they have failed this week's task.
  • Episode 648
    Episode 648
    Episode 48
    Day 47: Big Brother lies to the housemates for a second time, telling them that Anthony, Craig and Kemal face the public vote this week when in fact it's all of the other housemates! Also, the housemates are set this week's task: the Big Brother games.
  • Episode 647
    Episode 647
    Episode 47
    Day 46: Anthony, Craig and Kemal are the only housemates who choose to nominate and therefore are the only housemates who will not face the public vote this week.
  • Episode 646
    Episode 646
    Episode 46
    Day 45: The housemates are warned that this week Big Brother will tell them two lies. Later, Big Brother tells them lie 1, that this week's nominations are optional . . .
  • Episode 645
    Episode 645
    Episode 45
    Day 44: Big Brother set the housemates a mini-task that only one housemate could perform. They chose Kemal. He later passes the task and wins messages from home for the group.
  • Episode 644
    Episode 644
    Episode 44
    Day 43: Big Brother rewarded Science and his supporters from this week's 'Mass Debate' task with a Science-themed celebrations party!
  • Episode 643: Maxwell Evicted
    Maxwell becomes the 6th person to be evicted from the Big Brother house. Also, footage from day 42 in the Big Brother house which saw Maxwell, Anthony and Craig sacrifice their hair for alcohol!
  • Episode 642
    Episode 642
    Episode 42
    Day 41: Housemates were set a mini debate task where they had to split into two teams and argue for one of this week's nominees: Maxwell and Science. Craig was put out when Maxwell selected Derek instead of him. Also, Makosi told Vanessa and Kemal that she thoght she might be pregnant!moreless
  • Episode 641
    Episode 641
    Episode 41
    Day 40: the housemates discover that they've nominated Maxwell and Science to face the public vote this week. Also, the housemates find out that they have once again failed their weekly task and will have to survive on £1 per head per day for another week.
  • Episode 640
    Episode 640
    Episode 40
    Day 39: After 5 hours of nominating, Maxwell and Science will face the public vote this week.
  • Episode 639
    Episode 639
    Episode 39
    Day 38: Housemates are set their next weekly task as the house is transformed into a holiday camp! The three female housemates are selected to be the reps and have to do everything while everyone else sits around and enjoys themselves!
  • Episode 638
    Episode 638
    Episode 38
    Day 37: housemates are set a mini-task to collect as many tears as possible! Also, there was much nakedness in the jacuzzi!
  • Episode 637
    Episode 637
    Episode 37
    Day 36: Housemates react to Saskia's eviction . . . some react better than others.
  • Episode 636: Saskia Evicted
    Saskia becomes the fifth person to be evicted from the Big Brother house. Also, coverage from day 35 which saw housemates pass their weekly task.
  • Episode 635
    Episode 635
    Episode 35
    Day 34: housemates are set the task of performing Romeo and Juliet the ballet.
  • Episode 634
    Episode 634
    Episode 34
    Day 33: housemates discover that Maxwell and Saskia face the public vote, which, as far as the nominees are concerned, is a lose-lose situation . . .
  • Episode 633: Kinga Ejected; Eugene and Orlaith Enter!
    Day 32: The housemates nominate Maxwell and Saskia to face the public vote and Makosi has to choose to eject one of the secret housemates so that the other two can enter the main house. Makosi chooses Kinga and later, Makosi introduces Eugene and Orlaith to their new housemates!
  • Episode 632
    Episode 632
    Episode 32
    Day 31: Makosi finally manages to turn the divide in the house into a chasm. When Maxwell asks for Cider Big Brother calls someone to the diary room to collect it. Makosi enters but decides she would rather share the alcohol with the secret housemates as opposed to her regular housemates. 10 cans later and she emerges a little tipsy to face the others. A furious Maxwell and Saskia can no longer fake any level of tolerance towards Makosi and they turn on her. The slanging match that ensues leaves the house even more divided than beforemoreless
  • Episode 631
    Episode 631
    Episode 31
    Day 30: Makosi gets another secret mission and must ensure that the new housemates are taken care of while keeping them a secret from the main house!
  • Episode 630
    Episode 630
    Episode 30
    Day 29: And then there were 9 and then there were 12 again! In the main house, there's reaction to Roberto's recent departure and in the Secret Garden, Eugene, Kinga and Orlaith get to know one another and settle in . . .
  • Episode 629: Roberto Evicted; Three Enter Secret Garden!
    Roberto becomes the fourth person to be evicted from the Big Brother house and 3 new people enter the Big Brother house. Meet: Kinga, Eugene and Orlaith. However, they're not housemates yet . . . Also, highlights from day 28.
  • Episode 628
    Episode 628
    Episode 28
    Day 27: Housemates pass the Room 101 task and Maxwell discovers the truth. Meanwhile, Vanessa discovers that she will be punished for failing to complete the task.
  • Episode 627
    Episode 627
    Episode 27
    Day 26: the housemates discover that Derek and Roberto face the public vote this week.
  • Episode 626
    Episode 626
    Episode 26
    Day 25: the Room 101 task continues with Maxwell none the wiser.
  • Episode 625
    Episode 625
    Episode 25
    Day 24: The housemates are set this week's task: Room 101. While one housemate slaves away in Room 101 (located behind a wall near the diary room), thinking that all other housemates are doing the same task, all of the other housemates are actually partying in the garden. They'll pass the task as long as the unlucky housemate doesn't discover what's really going on! Initially, Vanessa grabs the key to Room 101 but when she hears that the task is sorting maggots, she comes running out of the room screaming and another housemate is ordered to take her room number and go and start working immediately. Maxwell does just that!moreless
  • Episode 624
    Episode 624
    Episode 24
    Day 23: The housemates get their Saturday task to look after a delicate huge egg while wearing a chicken suit, Just a while into the task, Makosi drops her egg and is elimated from the event, later the housemates are told they have passed their task and their award is a barn dance and buffet.moreless
  • Episode 623
    Episode 623
    Episode 23
    Day 22: Housemates react to Sam's departure from the Big Brother house.
  • Episode 622: Sam Evicted
    Sam becomes the third person to be evicted from the Big Brother house. Also there's coverage from day 21 which saw housemates taking part in a dating task!
  • Episode 621
    Episode 621
    Episode 21
    Day 20: housemates discover that they have failed this week's task.
  • Episode 620
    Episode 620
    Episode 20
    Day 19: the housemates discover who faces the public vote this week and fail their pirate task.
  • Episode 619
    Episode 619
    Episode 19
    Day 18: Derek , Roberto & Sam are up for eviction, Sam sees the pirate flag and the housemates are warned by BB.
  • Episode 618
    Episode 618
    Episode 18
    Day 17: the box task comes to an end after a whopping 27 hours! Anthony, Derek and Roberto are declared joint winners.
  • Episode 617
    Episode 617
    Episode 17
    Day 16: Housemates have to "think insight the box" for this week's task. The person who stays in their cardboard box the longest win luxury meals for the next 3 days. Vanessa is exempt from the task after being taken to hospital after jumping off her bed and twisting her ankle.moreless
  • Episode 616
    Episode 616
    Episode 16
    Day 15: Having failed their weekly tasks, housemates were pleased to learn that Big Brother had dropped an Emergency Aid package in to the garden! Also, reaction to Lesley's eviction.
  • Episode 615: Lesley Evicted
    The show kicks off with the line "What does it feel to be last in a popularity contest?" (Davina), then highlights of the previous day. As Davina announces the nominatees (All of them, see ep. 610), loud boos arise from the crowd for Lesley, Sam and Vanessa, much to their surprise. Lesley is the second to be evicted, and the show breaks off for "8 out of 10 cats" After the break, Davina shows how the housemates reacted. Then Lesley is evicted, donning a "Seargent Sexy" costume. She has the trademark interview with Davina, and the public started to love her, albiet too late.moreless
  • Episode 614
    Episode 614
    Episode 14
    Day 13: Big Brother cautions Lesley over her actions last night.
  • Episode 613
    Episode 613
    Episode 13
    Day 12: the day starts off with the Hospital Task. The nominations are revealed: All are up for eviction ,as Vanessa told Lesley she would be nominating Sam, to get on her side. Saskia gets a bit of power as "Big Brother"
  • Episode 612
    Episode 612
    Episode 12
    Day 11: An argument breaks out when Lesley hides Sam's make-up bag and then denies it!
  • Episode 611
    Episode 611
    Episode 11
    Day 10: Saskia plays Big Brother and interogates Maxwell from the privacy of the bedroom toilet! Also, Maxwell, Anthony, Craig, Lesley, Sam and Saskia plotted to get Derek with a waterbomb while he slept!
  • Episode 610
    Episode 610
    Episode 10
    Day 9 in the Big Brother house: the housemates are set a counting task by Big Brother. Saskia wins and gets the chance to become Big Brother . . .
  • Episode 609
    Episode 609
    Episode 9
    Day 8 in the Big Brother house: the build-up to Mary's eviction and the aftermath!
  • Episode 608: Mary Evicted
    Davina McCall reveals that Mary has been evicted, while other nominee Craig remains in the house.
  • Episode 607
    Episode 607
    Episode 7
    Day 6 in the Big Brother house: Makosi's nominations are revealed to the rest of the housemates.
  • Episode 606: LIVE Nominations Twist
    Davina presents a live show revealing whether or not Makosi has passed her secret mission . . . she has! But her "reward" is to nominate the two people who will face the public vote this week. She chooses Craig and Mary. Also, there's coverage from day 5 in the Big Brother house which saw yet more arguments!moreless
  • Episode 605
    Episode 605
    Episode 5
    Day 4 in the Big Brother house: it's Mary's birthday and she wins a witch themed party for the group!
  • Episode 604
    Episode 604
    Episode 4
    Day 3 in the Big Brother house: the housemates get their suitcases but there's more bad luck for Makosi when it turns out Big Brother has "accidentally" supplied her with the wrong key to unlock her case - oops! Also, the housemates were set their first task: to paint portraits of one another.moreless
  • Episode 603
    Episode 603
    Episode 3
    Day 2 in the Big Brother house. Also, Big Brother's resident psychologists give an insight into the new housemates.
  • Episode 602
    Episode 602
    Episode 2
    Day 1 in the Big Brother house: the housemates move in and get to know one another.
  • Episode 601: LIVE Launch Show
    Davina introduces the 13 new houseguests: Anthony, Craig, Derek, Kemal, Lesley, Makosi, Mary, Maxwell, Roberto, Sam, Saskia, Science and Vanessa! Later, Big Brother asks one housemate to come to the Diary Room, Makosi answers that call but discovers that in the process of doing so she has nominated herself as the unluckiest housemate ever! To save herself from the public vote this week she must receive the most nominations..moreless
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