Big Brother (UK) - Season 8

Daily 9:00 PM on Channel Five Premiered Jul 18, 2000 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Episode 896: The Live Final part 2
    Big Brother comes to a close in this extended episode during which Davina announces and interviews the winner!
  • Episode 895: The Live Final part 1
    Davina hosts the LIVE finale of Big Brother 8! Along with highlights of the housemates last full day in the house, Davina announces the first evictees for the night.
  • Episode 894
    Episode 894
    Episode 94
    The housemates continue to contemplate the outside world. While Big Brother takes the afternoon off, Jonty becomes Big Jonty. His responsibilites include calling housemates to the Diary Room where he procedes to ask the housemates slightly unusual questions. Big Brother plays some music for the housemates and later they all settle down in the garden for a night under the stars.moreless
  • Episode 893
    Episode 893
    Episode 93
    The housemates make a movie of their time in the house and attend the premiere of it.
  • Episode 892
    Episode 892
    Episode 92
    Day 89 Carole, Liam and Ziggy face their punishment for talking about nominations. The housemates continue to worry about the outside world.
  • Episode 891
    Episode 891
    Episode 91
    The housemates take part in the Big Big Brother Quiz. The are many surprises in store for the housemates. Big Brother shows some of the housemates most embarrassing moments in the house including Ziggy dumping Chanelle, Liam and Amy getting together and Brian and Amanda getting together. The biggest surprise is when a mystery guest enters the house- Chanelle. Later Brian and Liam get into an argument which upsets the twins.moreless
  • Episode 890
    Episode 890
    Episode 90
    The housemates perform 'iconic duets' for the final shopping task and contemplate their final week in the house and what lies ahead.
  • Episode 889: Tracey and Kara-Louise evicted!
    Tracey and Kara- Lousie are evicted from the house and are interviewed by Davina. In Tracey's interview, she discusses nominations and her catchphrases. Kara-Louise talks about being the newcomer in the house. At the end of the show, Davina opens the voting lines for viewers to choose the winner of BB8!moreless
  • Episode 888
    Episode 888
    Episode 88
    Davina presents highlights from Thursday in the house including the house rating themselves best to worst and nice to nastiest the results of which leave Kara-Louise upset. Later the housemates bargain with food to win alcohol and music from Big Brother. Carole is not happy when her picalilli is given to Big Brother as part of the bargain.moreless
  • Episode 887
    Episode 887
    Episode 87
    Day 85 The housemates play some games and Carole upsets the housemates with her predictions for Sam and Liam's relationship
  • Episode 886
    Episode 886
    Episode 86
    The housemates complete their Finishing School Task with a posh ball and dancing. The mood is sour though due to arguments about food before and after the ball
  • Episode 885
    Episode 885
    Episode 85
    The housemates continue to participate in the Big Brother Finishing School
  • Episode 884
    Episode 884
    Episode 84
    Highlights from Day 82 in the house. The housemates begin their shopping task which entails learning to act like 'posh' ladies and gentlemen.
  • Episode 883
    Episode 883
    Episode 83
    Highlights from Friday and Saturday in the house. The Guru's are forced to evict either Carole or Gerry and Gerry is evicted from the house. The housemates take part in a task to win pizza
  • Episode 882: Gerry evicted!
    Gerry is evicted from the house to a fairly friendly crowd. He talks to Davina about his time in the house including why he wanted to leave instead of Carole and what he thought of his fellow housemates.
  • Episode 881
    Episode 881
    Episode 81
    Davina presents highlights of Thursday in the house. Later she announces that Gerry will be the 10th person to be evicted
  • Episode 880
    Episode 880
    Episode 80
    Day 78 The housemates fight over the shopping list. Later rule breaking by Carole causes the housemates to lose their luxury budget causing upset in the house.
  • Episode 879
    Episode 879
    Episode 79
    Day 77 The housemates complete the Guru task by each taking lie detector tests. They pass the task but some secrets are revealed which causes arguments in the house especially between Gerry and Tracey. Tracey wins Guru status and therefore immunity from eviction this week. Some of the housemates plan a shopping coup from Carole.moreless
  • Episode 878
    Episode 878
    Episode 78
    The housemates continue the "Guru" task for the week. They try to better their bodies by completing an assault course. The twins win Guru status.
  • Episode 877
    Episode 877
    Episode 77
    The housemates begin the "Guru" task for the week which will decide both the shopping budget and this week's nominees. The housemates do a test to improve their minds. Ziggy wins the first Guru status and therefore immunity from eviction
  • Episode 876
    Episode 876
    Episode 76
    Highlights from Day 74 in the house. The housemates take part in Big Brother's linguist task.
  • Episode 875: Amy evicted!
    Amy is evicted from the house and interviewed by Davina. She discusses her relationship with Liam and her feelings on the other housemates.
  • Episode 874: Who Goes?
    Davina presents highlights from Thursday in the house including the housemates catwalk show. Later she announces that Amy will be evicted from the house.
  • Episode 873
    Episode 873
    Episode 73
    Big Brother set the housemates a cheesy task which requires them to wear hats of cheese, eat some cheese and sleep to see if it affect their dreams. The revealation of this week's nominations is still causing problems as Amy discusses her annoyance of Carole and Gerry tells Big Brother he has nothing o say to Ziggymoreless
  • Episode 872
    Episode 872
    Episode 72
    The housemates discuss Brian and Amanda's relationship, Liam, Amy and the twins go back in time to the prehistoric age and have to skin a rabbit and Jonty and Gerry fail a history quiz. Later the thre nominated housemates up for eviction, Amy, Jonty and Kara-Louise watch this week's nominations which causes awkwardness in the house.moreless
  • Episode 871: Amy, Jonty, Kara-Louise nominated!
    The housemates make their nominations and put the new housemates up for eviction against the twins who in a task yesterday chose to be put up for eviction together. Brian and Kara Louise travel back in time as part of this week's task and meet some familiar faces- Alex and Adele from BB3moreless
  • Episode 870
    Episode 870
    Episode 70
    Highlights from Sunday in the house. The Diary is transformed into a Time Travelling machine for this week's shopping task. Kara-Louise is taken to 3049, then Ziggy, Carole, Tracey and Gerry are taken to 1847 where they complete a number of Victorian tasks. Later the twins are taken back to Day 2 in the house and are given a decision to make. The cooking of dinner causes friction between Carole and the rest of the house.moreless
  • Episode 869
    Episode 869
    Episode 69
    Highlights from Friday and Saturday in the house. An inflatable globe won in a task causes a huge argument between Gerry and Ziggy.
  • Episode 868: Shanessa and David evicted!
    Shanessa and David are evicted from the house and have a joint interview with Davina. During the interview they discuss the decision to put them back into the halfway house and their opinions on the other housemates.
  • Episode 867: Who Goes?
    Davina introduces highlights from Day 65 in the house, including the Halfway housemates eating a series of questionable food items to win the main house's shopping budget. Later she announces the two housemates to be evicted from the house..... Shanessa and David.
  • Episode 866: Halfway housemates up for eviction!
    Kara-Louise, David, and Shanessa feel left out in the main house and resoolve to band together. Later a further twist from Big Brother sends the house into a spin. Amy, Jonty, Liam and Ziggy are allowed to move into the main house but at a price: 4 housemates must take their place and be put automatically for eviction. Kara-Louise, David, Shanessa and Tracey are chosen much to their dismay. The housemates react to the departure of these housemates but excitedly welcome Amy, Jonty, Liam and Ziggymoreless
  • Episode 865: Shanessa goes into Main house
    Shaneesa wins a jack in the box task and trades her spot in the halfway house with Liam who gets a little action from halfway housemate Amy! Ziggy and Liam chat about how maybe they chose the wrong halfway housemates to join the main house.
  • Episode 864
    Episode 864
    Episode 64
    Chanelle finally leaves the house. David and Kara-Louise are chosen to go into the main house and in exchange, Ziggy moves to the Half-way house, losing his housemates status
  • Episode 863
    Episode 863
    Episode 63
    Highlights from Sunday in the house Chanelle decides to the leave the house and makes some tearful goodbyes, but is eventually convinced to stay. Shanessa and Kara Louise invidually visit the main house before all five half-way housemates are invited to a dinner party in the main house.
  • Episode 862
    Episode 862
    Episode 62
    Highlights from Friday and Saturday in the house. The housemates come to terms with Charley leaving, some being more pleased than others. Brian, then Amy and then Jonty each spend a few hours in the main house. A fire alarm in the house sends the housemates temporarily into the outside world and then into the halfway house. Chanelle and Ziggy discuss their relationshipmoreless
  • Episode 861: Charley evicted, Halfway house opened!
    During this specially extended episode Charley is evicted to mass booing. During her interview with Davina, Charley lets her true opinions on the housmates known as they discuss nominations, her fake eviction and her constant fighting. Davina then introduces 5 new housemates (David, Shanessa, Kara-Louise, Jonty and Amy) who enetr the house and go into the 'half-way house' David is called into the Diary Room with all the hosuemates watching where Big Brother reveals that only 2 of the half-way housemates will be chosen to go into the main house and they must fight for this. David is allowed into the main house in order to impress the housemates and win a place in the Big Brother house.moreless
  • Episode 860: Who Goes?
    Davina presents highlights from the previous day before announcing who will be evicted from the house
  • Episode 859
    Episode 859
    Episode 59
    Day 57 Arguments break out in the house about a variety of things including cleaning and Charley The housemates are thrilled to find out that they have passed their task
  • Episode 858
    Episode 858
    Episode 58
    Highlights from Tuesday in the house. During the new bulletin as part of the shopping task Charley and Tracey find out that they have been nominated. The housemates present a BBTV talent show
  • Episode 857: Charley and Tracey nominated
    Highlights from Day 55 in the house. The housemates continue their BBTV shopping task during which Gerry and Liam recieve messages from home. The housemates make their nominations for the week and put Charley and Tracey up for nomination. Ziggy is overjoyed when hi dog Molly pays him a visit in the house.moreless
  • Episode 856
    Episode 856
    Episode 56
    Highlights from Sunday in the house. The housemates are set their shopping task for the week- BBTV. They must complete new bulletins,a shopping advert and a show to pass the task. Brian and Chanelle practise their advert for slop. Ziggy and Charley recieve messages from home as part of the news bulletins.moreless
  • Episode 855
    Episode 855
    Episode 55
    Highlights from Friday and Saturday in the house. Nicky spends her last day in the house. The twins and Tracey mourn her leaving. A survey of the eviction audience has some of the housemates upset.
  • Episode 854: Nicky evicted!
    Nicky leaves the Big Brother house and is interviewed by Davina. She talks about her flirtation with Liam, friendship with Charley and nominations.
  • Episode 853: Who Goes?
    Davina presents higlights from the house and then announces who is to be evicted
  • Episode 852
    Episode 852
    Episode 52
    Highlights from Wednesday in the house
  • Episode 851
    Episode 851
    Episode 51
    Highlights from Tuesday in the house. The housemates help Big Brother celebrate its birthday with a ten hour long party. Liam, Channele (as a magician and his assistant) Brian, (as musician) Carole (as an animal balloon maker) and Tracey and Charley (as clowns) provide the entertainment for the other housemates
  • Episode 850
    Episode 850
    Episode 50
    Highlights from Monday in the house.

    The housemates make their nominations and put Gerry and Nicky up for eviction.
    Later the housemates are told of the nomination result
  • Episode 849
    Episode 849
    Episode 49
    Highlights of Charley's fake eviction and the housemates reaction to it. As Charley talks about her time outside of the house, Ziggy and Chanelle express their annoyance about her returning back to the house to Big Brother.
  • Episode 848
    Episode 848
    Episode 48
    Highlights from Sunday in the house
  • Episode 847: Charley fake evicted!
    Charley is evicted to a silent crowd. As the rest of the housemates watch, Charley is given a formal interview from Davina which includes watching clips of who nominated her. She is then sent back into the house where she faces her housemates and excitedly re-tells her experience
  • Episode 846: Who Goes?
    Davina presents highlights of Thursday in the house including hosuemates participating in a fake peace campaign called "Piece for Peace" Ziggy and Chanelle argue over his conversation with Charley. At the end of the show Davina announces that Charley is to be fake evicted
  • Episode 845
    Episode 845
    Episode 45
    Highlights of Wednesday in the house. Fake Week continues as a plane flies over the Big Brother house with the message "There is another house." The housemates are excited by this but still some are suspicious. They are also punished for a fake crime having to do a series of mundane tasks including cutting the grass with scissors and watching paint drymoreless
  • Episode 844
    Episode 844
    Episode 44
    Nicky and Charley find out that they have been nominated. But that isn't the only surprise in store for the housemates...
  • Episode 843
    Episode 843
    Episode 43
    The housemates make their nominations and put Nicky and Charley up for the fake eviction. 'Pauline' continues to try and fool the housemates, but some of the others are becoming suspicious
  • Episode 842: 'Pauline' enters!
    Highlights from Sunday in the house. Australian housemate 'Pauline' enters the house but Carole is already suspicious of her
  • Episode 841
    Episode 841
    Episode 41
    Highlights of Friday and Saturday including the housemates reacting to the news that they will be receiving a new 'Australian' housemate.
  • Episode 840: Laura evicted!
    Davina presents Thursday's highlights from the house and announces that Laura is to be evicted.
  • Episode 839: Australian twist!
    Laura is evicted and discusses her time in the house. The housemates are then shown a diary room entry of their new \'Australian\' housemate, Pauline who will be entering the house on Sunday. Davina then reveals that Pauline is actually actress Thalia who will be working as for Big Brother as part of Fake Week!moreless
  • Episode 838
    Episode 838
    Episode 38
    The housemates are set a banner task in order to show their support for Chanelle and Laura
  • Episode 837
    Episode 837
    Episode 37
    The housemates find out who is up for eviction but in a twist they do not announce the housemates in alphabetical order which confuses the housemates. The sinful task comes to an end with a pass for the housemates, but one housemate is refused entry to the party...
  • Episode 836: Chanelle and Laura nominated
    The housemates make their nominations and put Chanelle and Laura up for eviction. The housemates continue their sinful housemates task
  • Episode 835
    Episode 835
    Episode 35
    Highlights of Sunday in the house including the start of the sinful housemates task
  • Episode 834
    Episode 834
    Episode 34
    Highlights of both Friday and Saturday in the house including Billi's exit from the house
  • Episode 833: Billi leaves the house

    Billi leaves the house and talks to Davina about his time in the house.

    He talks about his game plan, nominations and predicts Laura to win

  • Episode 832: Billi evicted!
    Davina presents highlights of Thursday in the house and then announces that Billi has been evicted
  • Episode 831
    Episode 831
    Episode 31
    Highlights from Wednesday in the house including Big Brother's cruel twist for the twins 19th birthday party
  • Episode 830
    Episode 830
    Episode 30

    Highlights from Tuesday in the house.

    The housemates react to the results of the nominations

  • Episode 829
    Episode 829
    Episode 29

    The housemates make their nominations and put Billi, Carole and Tracey up for the public vote

  • Episode 828
    Episode 828
    Episode 28
    Highlights from Sunday in the house including, Charley and Brian returning from their 'holiday'
  • Episode 827
    Episode 827
    Episode 27
    Highlights from Friday and Saturday in the house including Seany's departure
  • Episode 826: Seany evicted
    Seany leaves the house and talks to Davina about what it was like to live in the Big Brother house
  • Episode 825
    Episode 825
    Episode 25
    Davina presents highlights of Thursday's action in the house before announcing that Seany has been evicted.
  • Episode 824
    Episode 824
    Episode 24
    Highlights of Wednesday in the house including Liam winning the £100,000
  • Episode 823: £100,000 won!
    In the second on tonight's shows, Davina reveals to the audience that one housemate will win the £100,000. The housemates think that this is the prize fund but in actual fact the winner will still win £100,000.

    Big Brother asks this weeks nominees Carole, Jonathan and Seany to choose another housemate to win the money and they pick Liam.moreless
  • Episode 822
    Episode 822
    Episode 22
    In the first of two episodes Davina presents, highlights from Tuesday which include the housemates finding out the nomination results and also the twist for the evening in which £100,000 is place in the Diary room and shown to the housemates
  • Episode 821
    Episode 821
    Episode 21
    The housemates make their nominations and put Carole, Jonathan and Seany up for eviction
  • Episode 820
    Episode 820
    Episode 20
    Highlights of Sunday in the house
  • Episode 819
    Episode 819
    Episode 19
    Highlights of Friday and Saturday in the house including Shabnam's eviction and the housemates reaction to her departure
  • Episode 818: Shabnam evicted
    Davina announces that the first person to be evicted is Shabnam.

    During her interview she discusses living in an all female house, her relationship with Charley and her fellow housemates.
  • Episode 817: 4 new housemates enter!
    Davina presents the first eviction show of the series. First highlights include Charley and Shabnam fighting over the shopping. Then Davina introduces four new male housemates into the house, Billi, Jonathan, Liam and Brian
  • Episode 816
    Episode 816
    Episode 16
    The housemates argue over the shopping list. The arguments continue when the housemates are set a "Man Chat" task where they must discuss various subjects in a 'manly' way.
  • Episode 815
    Episode 815
    Episode 15
    The results of the nominations are revealed to the housemates.
  • Episode 814
    Episode 814
    Episode 14
    Gerry, Seany, Sam and Amanda all make their nominations and put Shabnam, Carole and Tracy up for eviction.

    The girls give Chaneel advice about Ziggy and her relaying of this information to Ziggy causes an argument in the house.
  • Episode 813
    Episode 813
    Episode 13
    Sunday's goings on in the house
  • Episode 812: Lesley leaves
    Highlights from days 10 and 11 in the house. The housemates anticipate new arrivals who do in fact arrive on Friday night; Seany and Gerry.

    The two new housemates spend time getting used to their new surroundings

    On day 11 Lesley walks out of the house saying that it is "boring"
  • Episode 811: Seany and Gerry enter
    Davina introduces two more male housemates, Seany and Gerry into the house.

    Big Brother reveals that they and two others of their choice will nominate this week
  • Episode 810
    Episode 810
    Episode 10
    The housemates react to the news that Emily has been evicted and the eviction has been cancelled.
  • Episode 809: Emily evcited
    Highlights from Wednesday in the house.

    Emily and Shabnam find out that Ziggy has nominated them for eviction this Friday.

    Later on a conversation with Charley and Nicky lands Emily in deep trouble with Big Brother
  • Episode 808
    Episode 808
    Episode 8
    Highlights from day 7 in the Big Brother house
  • Episode 807
    Episode 807
    Episode 7
    More highlights from the house
  • Episode 806
    Episode 806
    Episode 6
    Highlights from Sunday. Ziggy gets used to his new surroundings
  • Episode 805
    Episode 805
    Episode 5
    Highlights from both Friday leading up to Ziggy's entrance and Saturday where he spends his first day in the house.

    Sleeping arrangements prove to be a problem in the house as the girls try to decide where Ziggy will sleep
  • Episode 804: Ziggy must nominate
    Ziggy entrance into an all female house is not without its sting: he must alone must nominate two girls for eviction next Friday
  • Episode 803: Ziggy Enters
    Davina presents the first Friday night show with highlights and the entrance of the first male contestant into this years house
  • Episode 802
    Episode 802
    Episode 2
    Highlights of the first day as the all female contestants enter the house for the first time
  • Episode 801: LIVE Launch Show
    Big Brother 2007 starts now with a first look at the completed house and the people who are going to live in it for the next few weeks.
  • Big Brother : After They Were Housemates
    Dermot meets up with ex-housemates to talk about what they did next. Including ex-winner Anthony Hutton and Craig Coates. Maxwell Ward and Saskia Howard-Clarke also talk about their relationship.