Big Brother (UK) - Season 9

Daily 9:00 PM on Channel Five Premiered Jul 18, 2000 In Season




Episode Guide

  • What the Housemates Did Next
    Lee Kern meets up with Mario, Jennifer, Dale, Belinda, Rebecca, Luke, Stephanie, Lisa, Kat, Nicole, Rachel, Darnell, Mikey, and Rex to see what's happened to them since they were evicted from the Big Brother house.
  • BB9 Final
    BB9 Final
    Episode 124
    Sara is told to leave the house and has her interview with Davina about her time in the house, she is also awarded her cheque with the money she won earlier in the week. Davina then goes live to the house and makes the announcement that Rachel has won and that it's time for Mikey to leave. Davina interviews him about his time in the house and their's a look at his best bits. Winner Rachel leaves and is Davina interviews her as well. Their's then a look at her best bits and highlights of the previous series. Before this years housemates join Davina and Rachel on stage. Rachel then goes down the walkway for press photos.moreless
  • Day Ninety Three Highlights [Eviction #14 & Eviction #15] Live
    Davina hosts, as this years evictees join her on stage. Their's a look back at yesterdays highlights as the remaining housemates toast to their time spent in the house. Davina then announces that Darnell has finished in fifth place, he joins Davina for a interview based on his time in the house, their's also a look at his best bits. Rex is announced as finishing in fourth place, has a interview and looks back at his best bits, before Davina announces that in third place is Sara, but she won't be evicted until the start of the next show.moreless
  • Day Ninety Two Highlights
    Today the housemates write a rap about the highlights of their time in the house and as a reward for passing it get to watch an episode of the show back. Everyone's excited ahead of their last full day tomorrow and Big Brother plays some tricks during the day, playing crowd noise into the house and making the housemates stand up in alphabetical order in the sofa area, only to let them know they are the last five housemates.moreless
  • Day Ninety One Highlights
    Today the housemates are set a task were they have to dress up as the other housemates and take on the mannerisms of them for a short period of time. After dressing up as Darnell, Mikey, Rex, Rachel and Mohamed, Davina interrupts a song to announce that Mohamed has to leave the house immediately. As the housemates are still getting over the shock of losing one housemate, Kathreya is then evicted as well. The remaining housemates are then told they have to continue with the task and dress up as Sara.moreless
  • Surprise Eviction #12 & Surprise Eviction #13
    Davina is back and interrupts a party in the house to let them know that Mohamed has got to leave immediately. She interviews him about his time in the house as 'greedy Mo' and they look back over his best bits. Davina then interrupts the party again and announces that Kat has to leave, she shares her best bits with her and after a rendition of 'If You're Happy and You Know It' gives her a huge cookie. The phone lines are then reopened, with a look at the best bits of the five housemates remaining.moreless
  • Day Eighty Nine Highlights
    In celebration of Mo's last day as HOH - the only two housemates who haven't been a HOH this series - Kat and Sara have to serve on the other housemates as part of a task. The HOH's are called to the Diary room, leaving only Sara and Kat in the house. They are both convinced that they will be choosing one of them to be evicted, however the HOH's return. Sara and Kat ask them who they would of evicted if that's what decision they would of had to make, the majority say Kat - this upsets her, which in turn upsets Darnell who believes she's playing a game and threatens to walk out.moreless
  • Diary Room Uncut - Series 9 - Week Thirteen
    Highlights this week include this week's nominations, Rex and Darnell being sanctioned for their behaviour towards Sara and reaction to them making up.
  • Day Eighty Eight Highlights
    Today the housemates are set a task as they are asked to fill out personality trait cards about themselves. The housemates are then called to the Diary room and choose a name of a housemate out of a hat, they then have to guess three of the words used to describe the housemate in question.moreless
  • Day Eight Seven Highlights
    Sara and Lisa prepare for their final day in the house. Later Lisa is evicted, this weeks shopping is delivered and the housemates are awarded with some alcohol.
  • Eviction #11 Live
    Eviction #11 Live
    Episode 114
    Lisa leaves the Big Brother house and looks back on her time in their. She is awarded her £25,000 cheque, which she won on Wednesday night and is reunited with Mario who proposed to her last week. Davina then reveals ahead of next week's final, that there will be a double eviction on Tuesday and she will be hosting Big Mouth all of next week.moreless
  • Day Eighty Six Highlights - Live
    Davina introduces tonights highlights, as Rex continues to criticise Sara for her treatment of Darnell, who's come to the diary room threatening to leave. Alot of the housemates end up getting involved in a heated discussion about how Sara and Darnell are acting towards one another. Rex is called to the diary room and is warned about his behaviour again. He later apologises to Mikey and to Sara. Mohamed completes this weeks shopping budget - including bedroom rental. Davina then talks to the house and reveals that Lisa is going to be evicted from the house.moreless
  • Day Eighty Five Highlights
    The housemates are set the next part of the Las Vegas task and have to gamble away the shopping budget for next week. As HOH Mohamed breaks the rules, the group fail the shopping task for the week. Later Big Brother asks the housemates to nominate face to face, the two housemates up for eviction this week -Lisa and Sara are then called to the task room, and as the other housemates watch on the plasma screens - the pair end up coming away with £25,000 each after playing a game of chance.moreless
  • Face to Face Nominations/Game of Chance - Live
    Davina's back and we go straight to the house were HOH Mohamed comes and collects some whiteboards and marker pens to distribute evenly amongst the other housemates. They are then told that they have to write their two names for nominations on the whiteboards, not revealing them to anyone else. Afterwards the housemates then have to stand up and reveal the two names of the housemates to the rest of the house. The two housemates with the most nominations - Lisa and Sara are then called to the task room and play a game of chance. Were they could win £25,000 each, £50,000 for one housemate or could go away with nothing at all. Whilst the other housemates are watching on the plasma in the living area. The pair end up sharing the money.moreless
  • Day Eighty Four Highlights - Live
    Davina introduces a live midweek show, as later tonight, Big Brother has some shocks in store. The housemates are set a task for the week - as the Big Brother house is turned into Las Vegas. HOH Mohamed splits the housemates up into groups, to then perform later in the day a Las Vegas talent show. Big Brother announces that the first part of the task has been passed. Throughout the day Darnell and Rex are called into the diary room and are repremanded for their behaviour towards Sara yesterday night.moreless
  • Day Eighty Three Highlights
    It's nominations day however today the housemates are asked to nominate two people to become the HOH with a valid reason, meaning that they will automatically win a place in the final week. Anyone can be HOH, even if they've had the role beforehand. Housemates are still not permitted to discuss their nominations, although Kat almost slips up. Mohamed is named as the HOH. Darnell insults Kat again. The housemates are given some alcohol. Rex and Darnell start teasing Sara, however Darnell ends up taking it to far, and Sara breaks down.moreless
  • Day Eighty Two Highlights
    Big Brother is nice to the housemates today. After a champagne breakfast, each housemate receives a present; Rex a bottle of vintage champagne; Kat some cookies; Lisa a marriage proposal from ex-housemate Mario; Rachel some grapes; Mikey some chocolate and smoothies; Mo a pizza; Darnell a hours use of a MP3 player with seven of his favourite songs on it and Sara a letter from her sister. Later a cardboard cut-out of Mario is delivered to the house to help celebrate Lisa's engagement, as Big Brother throws the house a engagement party.moreless
  • Diary Room Uncut - Series 9 - Week Twelve
    Highlights this week include nominations, Mikey's reaction to the way Nicole and Rex talk to him throughout the 'Thriller' task and Rex's reaction to Nicole's eviction.
  • Day Eighty One Highlights
    Rex leads the housemates in a silent protest, after the offer of five cans of cider is not enough for them. Mohammed however takes some convincing that it's not worth the five cans.
  • Day Eighty Highlights
    Day Eighty Highlights
    Episode 105
    It's the battle of the three ladies with it being the final day in the house for either Sara, Nicole, or Lisa. Also, Mo is sent to jail and Kat gets upset with the comments Rex makes towards her.
  • Eviction #10 Live
    Eviction #10 Live
    Episode 104
    Nicole gets evicted from the Big Brother house and discusses her time in the house further with Davina.
  • Day Seventy Nine Highlights - Live
    Davina presents highlights from yesterday including Rex having to deal with Big Brother's latest rule regarding the shopping list. Elsewhere, Nicole gets upset after Mikey and Mo both get their claws into her.
  • Day Seventy Eight Highlights
    Today the housemates perform the task set yesterday where they have to perform the dance to the Michael Jackson video 'Thriller'. Tensions are strained between Mikey and Nicole/Rex because of their poor teaching skills.
  • Day Seventy Seven Highlights
    The housemates wake up to the sound of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller.' Today's task is to learn the routine to the dance with Rex heading it up as choreographer. How will Mikey cope when we can't see the training video and what the other housemates are doing? Also, the results of this week's nominations are announced.moreless
  • Day Seventy Six Highlights
    It's nomination day again for the housemates, who will be up going into the final weeks? Also, the group play a game of truth or dare.
  • Day Seventy Five Highlights
    Today the housemates are given the task of creating a portrait of Rex using only chewing gum. The winning picture will be decided by Rex and they will receive a party in the diary room.
  • Diary Room Uncut - Series 9 - Week Eleven
    Highlights this week include turbulent times for Rex and Nicole's relationship. This weeks nominations and housemates reactions to Stuart's eviction.
  • Day Seventy Four Highlights
    Today the new head of house is decided by forming famous statues which they must recreate and become motionless. The last person not to move is the new HoH.
  • Day Seventy Three Highlights
    The housemates are once again tasked with cleaning the house, Rex and Nicole have relationship problems once again, and after surviving the eviction the remaining housemate gets a party based on their favourite things.
  • 4Music: Live from the House
    To celebrate the launch of new channel 4Music, a special music task is to be completed live on the channel.
  • Eviction #9 Live
    Eviction #9 Live
    Episode 94
    Stuart gets evicted from the Big Brother house and discusses his time in the house further with Davina.
  • Day Seventy Two Highlights - Live
    Davina is live with highlights from yesterday, as it's shopping day and Mikey and Lisa use the luxury budget up. After discussing nominations the night before, Kat and Mo are sent to jail, whilst the housemates have a song played into the house.
  • Day Seventy One Highlights
    The games begin, however Mikey is set a secret task, which he isn't allowed to mention to the other housemates, which will decide on next weeks shopping budget. He is asked to predict which housemates will win each event.
  • Day Seventy Highlights
    This weeks weekly shopping task is announced to the house the first ever Big Brother Games. The housemates have to prepare and perform a opening ceremony. They then learn that both Stuart and Rachel are up for eviction on Friday. Kat knows Rachel is upset so takes her aside to talk to her, Stuart's convinced he'll go because of who he's up against. The housemates begin their circuit training, with their times recorded for running on a treadmill, doing 10 push-ups and 10 star jumps before doing 20 lengths of the pool in the garden. As Mikey's the HOH he doesn't have to take part as a participant, instead he's given a loudspeaker to encourage the housemates. Later he and Kat come to the diary room to reveal how upset they are about Rachel being up for eviction.moreless
  • Day Sixty Nine Highlights
    Mikey enforces his powers as HOH, making sure housemates stay awake all day. The housemates make their nominations for the week. Later, a argument erupts involving most of the housemates about why they dislike one another.
  • Day Sixty Eight Highlights
    The housemates wake up to discover that the divide has been taken down. They are set a task were a container must be filled with some hair off of each housemate by another housemate who becomes the houses barber. Lisa takes on the role and after Kat goes against the rules the task has to start again. After getting their haircuts, HOH Mikey and Darnell are bald and Kat has had a portion of her hair shaved off as well.moreless
  • Diary Room Uncut - Series 9 - Week Ten
    Highlights this week include Nicole and Rex pining for one another and Nicole's suitcase. Nominations and reaction to Dale's eviction from the house.
  • Day Sixty Seven Highlights
    Housemates are instructed to bake a cake resembling a famous London landmark. Heaven has to create St. Paul's cathedral and Hell the Milennium Dome. HOH Rachel has to judge the two teams, and decides Heaven has won the task and that for the next week Mikey shall be HOH. She doesn't know that the hell housemates will just simply swap places with the heavenly housemates, causing alot of the heavenly housemates now living in Hell to be annoyed with her.moreless
  • Day Sixty Six Highlights
    It's either Dale or Stuart's last day in the house, so Big Brother decides to set a test to see if superstition is real or not, setting the pair a obstacle course full of suspicios behaviours, including running under ladders and breaking mirrors. Later Dale is evicted from the Big Brother house.moreless
  • Eviction #8 Live
    Eviction #8 Live
    Episode 85
    Dale is evicted from the Big Brother house and talks about his time in the house, the other housemates left in and his romance with evicted housemate Jen. Later Davina reunites him with Jen and reveals that the heaven and hell divide will be down at some point during the weekend.moreless
  • Day Sixty Five Highlights - Live
    Davina hosts as we look back over yesterdays highlights, Stuart is sent to jail for discussing nominations. Whilst HOH Rachel does this weeks luxury shopping.
  • Day Sixty Four Highlights
  • Day Sixty Three Highlights
    Due to Rachel contuining to wash up, the Hell housemates are punished and are given alot of pots to wash and dry. The housemates are set the weekly shopping task to re-create a table tennis Bunraku style performance. Whilst Heavenly housemates have to perform a puppet show, featuring the housemates as puppets whenever a siren is played into the house.moreless
  • Day Sixty Two Highlights
    It's nominations day and this week in order for Hell housemates no nominate they must first eat a tray of brussell sprouts. Nicole who's immune from nominating or been nominated is allowed to help the other Hell housemates out. As the heavenly housemates make their nominations, the Hell housemates give up and decide to try again later. Rachel's told that she can't wash up anymore because of her HOH role. Rex tries to light his cigarette without a lighter, so Rachel is given a belt with a lighter on it, which she must wear at all times, she is the only one allowed to light anyones cigarettes whilst wearing the belt. Mikey tries to eat the remaining sprouts, but gives up. Whilst Rex and Dale confront Rachel about still wanting to wash up.moreless
  • Day Sixty One Highlights
    The hell housemates are asked to sort through a bag of letters, which contains letters from home for the heavenly housemates. HOH Rachel is called to the Diary room and is told that if she wants her letter from home, then the housemates from Hell won't receive theirs. She decides to give the Hell housemates their letters. Later Darnell makes a move on Sara, however she doesn't feel the same way. Darnell is to embarassed to sleep near Sara, so crosses the divide into Hell, to sleep in the basic bedroom instead. Big Brother makes him move back, so he decides to sleep on the sofa.moreless
  • Diary Room Uncut - Series 9 - Week Nine
    Highlights this week include nominations, Maysoon choosing to leave, Luke's eviction and Nicole's entrance.
  • Day Sixty Highlights
    Today the housemates have to compete to be the HOH for the week, reciting the alphabet as fast as possible backwards. Although Darnell wins, he's already being HOH once, so the role goes to runner up Rachel. Since they took the longest time to answer, Mikey, Nicole and Kat have to live in Hell. Whilst everyone else is in Heaven. Since Rex is still seperated from Nicole, the pair come to the Diary room individually and try to convince Big Brother to give Nicole her suitcase back. Neither attempts work, so they try coming to the Diary room together to ask. The housemates in heaven are given a hamper of an A-Z of foods and drink to feast on whilst the three hell housemates are given cold spaghetti shapes on toast.moreless
  • Day Fifty Nine Highlights
    Luke is evicted from the Big Brother house, however new housemate, ever changing prize number 57 from this weeks shopping budget and Rex's girlfriend, Nicole enters to replace Maysoon who walked earlier in the week. Lisa is annoyed about her entrance into the house and breaks through a fire exit to leave the Big Brother house. Since she didn't leave the compound, the producers talk to her and she re-enters the house via the Diary room.moreless
  • Eviction #7 Live / New Housemate Arrival
    Luke leaves the Big Brother house and talks to Davina about why he knew he'd end up leaving tonight and his developing relationship with ex-housemate Becky. We then go live to the house and see the arrival of Rex's girlfriend and new housemate Nicole.
  • Day Fifty Eight Highlights - Live
    Davina reveals that tonights eviction will work a little differently, throughout the show she will reveal two housemates which won't be leaving the house, at regular intervals, until two housemates remain. She also reveals that if Rex doesn't leave tonight, his girlfriend Nicole will enter the Big Brother house. Yesterdays highlights include Rex and Mikey doing this weeks basic shopping budget, ordering only the basics and fifty seven of Big Brother's very special ever changing prizes. The housemates all decide to clean the house from top to bottom, aside from Mohamed who goes to sleep in the bedroom. Throughout the show it's revealed that Stuart, Rachel, Kat, Sara, Mohamed, Darnell and Dale are safe from leaving the house. Davina then reveals that Luke will be leaving the Big Brother house.moreless
  • Day Fifty Seven Highlights
    Today heaven housemates as the coppers have to interrogate the Hell housemates about the missing token, which Dale stole as the actual task yesterday - the housemates are still under the belief that the cops and robbers task depends on what they're doing now. However because the coppers correctly guess that Dale and accomplice Maysoon took the token, Big Brother reveals the secret task and that it has being failed. Maysoon decides to leave the Big Brother house because she feels as if she's got everything out of the experience that she wanted. Later a food fight begins in the garden, so Big Brother locks the housemates in. It's later revealed that alongside Dale and Luke, the housemates involved in the codes yesterday Rex, Stuart, Rachel, Kat, Sara, Maysoon, Mohamed and Darnell will also be up for eviction.moreless
  • Day Fifty Six Highlights
    The majority of the housemates develop a oode to discuss who they think will be announced as being up for eviction later today. Big Brother announces to the house they know about the code and reveal it to the whole house, to the astonishment of the housemates not involved. They reveal that Stu's HOH title has also being removed as punishment. This weeks shopping task begins, as heavenly housemates become coppers and hell housemates become robbers. Two heavenly housemates must remain in the cop car in the garden at all times. Whilst the Hell housemates are split into groups for their tasks. Luke and Lisa are asked to identify Rex's girlfriend and Mohammed's brother in a identity parade whilst Rachel, Kat and Sara run a counterfeit money ring from within the house. However when Dale comes to the Diary room it is revealed that the fate of next weeks shopping budget will be on his shoulders, as he's challenged to steal a token from heaven and remain undetected. He chooses Maysoon as his accomplice, she distracts the Hell housemates as he successfully steals a token.moreless
  • Day Fifty Five Highlights
    The Hell housemates have to sort some sprinkles out into the correct colours, in order to nominate this week. As the heavenly housemates make their nominations, they successfully pass and also make their nominations. The heavenly housemates continue discussing the VT footage that they were allowed to watch of the housemates audition tapes. Rex tells Maysoon that Mohamed said she doesn't like him or Stuart, leading her to confront him straight away. Lisa talks to Mikey about the male housemates making a move on her when they thought she was single in the first week of the show.moreless
  • Diary Room Uncut - Series 9 - Week Eight
    This weeks highlights include housemates nominations, Sara visiting heaven and Dale's reaction to HOH duties. Plus Darnell, Mo and Becky's reaction to been nominated and Luke's reaction to Becky's eviction.
  • Day Fifty Three Highlights
    All of the housemates compete in a chilli challenge, to see who will become this weeks HOH. Stuart wins, meaning he's the HOH for the week and alongside runners up Mikey, Mohamed and Rex will be living in heaven. They are given pampering products and music is played into the luxury bedroom to celebrate. Luke upsets Kat and Rachel after Lisa makes a comment about the mood he's in because of their singing.moreless
  • Eviction #6 Live
    Eviction #6 Live
    Episode 67
    Rebecca leaves the Big Brother house, shocked that Mo and Darnell received less votes then her. She talks about her relationship with Luke but doesn't give to much away.
  • Day Fifty One Highlights - Live
    Davina introduces yesterdays highlights, as Mo, Darnell and Becky prepare for what could be their last full day in the Big Brother house. HOH Dale is set a task to entertain the housemates all day, he decides to tell the housemates in heaven and hell that they are competing to be the most entertaining side of the house and that the winning side will win a party. He completes the shopping list, and this weeks luxury groceries are delivered, a party ensues for the housemates in heaven and in hell, were a game of passing an orange round results in Becky and Mo kissing. Luke is shocked and ends up admitting to Rebecca he really does like her, she tells him she also likes him. Davina then goes live to the house to reveal that Rebecca is leaving in half an hours time.moreless
  • Day Fifty Highlights
    The housemates continue taking part in the time tasks. Later on it is announced that they have passed this week so will have a luxury budget next week. Becky tells Rex that whilst in the audtion process, Rachel was alot more outspoken and loud, so Rex decides to wind Rachel up. When it upsets her, he tells her what Becky had told him.moreless
  • Day Forty Nine Highlights
    The housemates are set this weeks shopping task all about time. As the hell housemates are set a task with timers, all of the heavenly housemates have to enter a clock and guess when five minutes is up. Later Darnell is sent to jail for discussing nominations and Luke and Becky kiss.moreless
  • Day Forty Eight Highlights
    It's nominations day, however for the hell housemates to nominate this week they have to dice onions. Darnell is espicially reluctant, however they pass and are allowed to nominate. Later due to the hell housemates success, the heavenly housemates are given beer and curry by Big Brother.
  • Day Forty Seven Highlights
    Big Brother reveals that Kat, Mo and Darnell will have to live in Hell next week because of breaking the rules yesterday, as this weeks HOH Dale chooses Stu, Maysoon, Luke, Rex and Becky to live in Heaven with him. Now in Hell, Mo confronts Mikey about his gameplan and hearing that he's gone behind his back before. Mikey deny's it. Later he tells him that the majority of the heavenly housemates have at some point gone behind his back. Dale gets challenged to a fight by Mo when Dale tells him to calm down. The heavenly housemates are given a silent disco. Kat is given some underwear, after her possessions were taken off her yesterday. As part of a game Becky licks Luke's armpit and runs around the garden half naked.moreless
  • Diary Room Uncut - Series 9 - Week Seven
    Highlights include the HOH candidates campaigns and housemates reactions to the Heaven & Hell split and the tasks that came with them.
  • Day Forty Six Highlights
    Big Brother calls Darnell to the diary room to tell him his time as HOH is over and he will be replaced today. Whilst the majority of hell housemates just want a swap, the heavenly housemates say that will be boring. Big Brother reveals that this weeks deciding HOH task, is an endurance task, that only three housemates will be able to compete in. Darnell tries to take charge and shouts at Rachel, so Dale tells him to calm down. The three chosen housemates, Dale, Becky and Maysoon take on the endurance task, hanging on from a tyre swing in the garden. The tyre swings have been decorated with bananas, which only the housemates taking part in the task are allowed to eat, if another housemate eats one they'll live in hell the following week. Becky is the first to drop off. Mo and Kat decide that because they'll be going to hell anyway, they'll eat the bananas. They are both called to the diary room. Big Brother reveals that Mo and Kat's suitcases are in the store room for them to pack, leading them to believe they'll be leaving, when there's going to be no eviction. Maysoon drops off her swing to stop Darnell eating a banana, leaving Dale as this weeks HOH.moreless
  • Day Forty Five Highlights
    Big Brother makes HOH Darnell choose whether or not the heaven or the hell housemates get a luxury breakfast. He gives it to the heavenly housemates then complains that he was 'pushed' into making the decision. The hellish housemates are sent into heaven to clean. Darnell moans about people who say they don't want to be in the house. Belinda gets evicted from the house. Rex is confused as to why he's still in the house. Big Brother calls HOH Darnell to the diary room, to let him know that the hellish housemates cleaning task has resulted in some alcohol for all of the housemates. However he lies and says it's just for the heavenly housemates. Becky goes in a mood, so Darnell reveals it's for everyone. Kat, Rachel and Mo try and convince Darnell he's liked.moreless
  • Eviction #5 Live
    Eviction #5 Live
    Episode 58
    Davina is joined by latest evictee Belinda who discusses more in depth her time in the house, her snoring and why she thinks she was evicted.
  • Day Forty Four Highlights - Live
    Davina hosts yesterdays highlights as, HOH Darnell has to do this weeks shopping, but as he leaves he reveals he's missed out essential items like potatoes and tea and coffee. Stu tells the heavenly housemates he wants them to nominate him because he doesn't want to walk out, but he wants to see his daughter. The hell housemates are set a task to move a pit of manure to another empty pit, as they pass they are given hot water for two hours. However the heavenly housemates are also rewarded and are given a barbeque by Big Brother. The hell housemates get to send a housemate to luxury jail, and they choose Darnell. Whilst Stu is sent to jail because of him asking people to nominate him earlier. When he's let out, he comes to the Diary room and breaks down over missing his daughter. Davina then talks to the house and reveals that Belinda will be leaving the house tonight.moreless
  • Day Forty Three Highlights
    The vive la France task concludes today, as the cyclists compete their bike ride. Mo and Dale are tested on their wine knowledge and Kat and Rex are challenged to eat a huge baguette between them in half an hour. Kat & Rex and Dale & Mo fail their parts of the task, so it is revealed to the house that they'll be living on a basic budget next week. As it's Luke's twenty first birthday, HOH Darnell gets to choose two heavenly housemates and a housemate from Hell to accompany Luke to the wine celler for a birthday party, he chooses Becky from Hell and himself and Dale from Heaven.moreless
  • Day Forty Two Highlights
    The housemates are set this weeks Vive Le France shopping task, and HOH Darnell is asked to split the parts of task out amongst the heavenly housemates, whilst the housemates from hell are sent to the task room to begin the bike riding part of the task. Mo and Dale become wine tasters, so get tasting and smelling some wines ahead of their test tomorrow. Maysoon and Rachel put together a mime performance for their part of the task, were they have to include some set moves and tell a story. The final part of the task involving french food and the wine tasting task will continue tomorrow. The housemates are told that Rex and Belinda are up for eviction on Friday.moreless
  • Day Forty One Highlights
    On the day of nominations, the housemates from hell are told that in order to nominate that day they have to peel a huge pile of potatoes in the garden. As the housemates from heaven nominate, the housemates from Hell successfully peel enough potatoes to nominate as well. Later the housemates from heaven are given fish 'n' chips by Big Brother.moreless
  • Day Forty Highlights
    The housemates are thrown a luxury breakfast to announce the results of yesterdays poll, as Darnell is announced as this weeks Head of Household. He is given his first task, to split the group into heaven and hell. He chooses to move Rachel, Kat, Maysoon, Dale, Mohamed and Rex with him in heaven. The heavenly housemates are given treats whilst the housemates in hell try to get use to living in the basic bedroom, after many of them have come from the luxury bedroom.moreless
  • Diary Room Uncut - Series 9 - Week Six
    Highlights this week include housemates complaining about Belinda's snoring, nominations and Mario and Becky's reaction to been up for nomination.
  • Day Thirty Nine Highlights
    The housemates are told that they have to decide between them if they want to run for Head of Household or not. Dale, Darnell and Luke decide to go up for the vote and are kitted out to campaign, they make speeches as to why they should become HOH and everyone then has to vote, with the announcement of the winner made tomorrow. Becky and Stu throw some toothpaste at the other housemates. Later in bed, Luke tries to get Becky to admit to fancying him.moreless
  • Day Thirty Eight Highlights
    Mario and Becky prepare for their last day in the house. As Luke and Becky talk about the kiss they shared last night, as other housemates become alerted to the undercover action, the pair find it difficult to talk to one another. As the housemates gather round the sofas for the eviction announcement, Mario is evicted from the Big Brother house. Luke and Becky share Luke's bed again, and Becky tries to get him to admit he likes her, but he refuses and says he thinks she's reading too much into what happened last night.moreless
  • Eviction #4 Live
    Eviction #4 Live
    Episode 49
    Mario leaves the Big Brother house and talks to Davina about how hard he found been in the house with partner Lisa and not been able to have been as close with her in the house, as he would be in the outside world. As the show ends, Davina reveals that this weekend the housemates will be choosing their first HoH - Head of Household, and that the house is going to be split into Heaven & Hell.moreless
  • Day Thirty Seven Highlights - Live
    Davina hosts tonights highlights, as we see Mario and Becky prepare for their last night in the house. The housemates are set a task, were they have to sing for a whole hour. They do this weeks shopping list. Becky and Luke share a bed and get intimate.
  • Day Thirty Six Highlights
    Belinda's snoring is still a problem, so she comes to the Diary Room to see if Big Brother would help her out, they just say to ask Rebecca about the problem. Luke tries to convince Belinda that Darnell is playing a game, but she doesn't believe it. The housemates get on with practising the riverdancing task, they practise with some music, both the drummers and the dancers think the other group are going to fail the task. Luke tells Big Brother he's upset that one of his friends won't be present for his 21st birthday next week. The task then gets underway - for real. Big Brother reveals that as a group, they incurred an uncountable amount of fails, meaning the house failed the shopping task. Mario, Mikey and Luke worry about Rex's plans for spending some of the shopping budget. As Big Brother gives the housemates two bottles of wine and five cans of beer, housemates like Mo and Mario start taking advantage of what they can have in comparison to what they'll give the other housemates. Darnell trades a can of beer with Mo for a cigarette in secret. All the housemates play a game rating themselves in certain categories and asking each other questions. When Darnell doesn't give Becky time to answer a question, it triggers a small argument. It annoys Darnell who vents his anger at Mohammed. Becky then chases Luke around the house with a bag of flour.moreless
  • Day Thirty Five Highlights
    After another restless night because of Belinda's snoring, Belinda is torn between where she should sleep and what she should do. Mario decides that because she doesn't like been asked questions about herself, that's what he'll do. He asks her why she's so intrusive about peoples personal life, she says it's because she wants acceptance. The housemates are set their weekly shopping task, to learn a riverdance routine off by heart, with one group drumming and one group dancing. Mario and Becky learn that they are up for eviction this week. The housemates continue practising. Mario tells Lisa he thinks she's playing a game, she's very annoyed and insists that she isn't. Mikey confronts Belinda about some comments she's made about him been blind and she gets quite upset because she didn't mean any offence. Mario explains his 'gameplaying' theory to Lisa, who realises now what he means.moreless
  • Day Thirty Four Highlights
    It's nominations day in the house, new housemates Belinda, Maysoon and Sara are excempt. Mario confronts Lisa and tells her she should start realising she's on a gameshow, she doesn't really understand. He gives up and to try and prove a point, he decides to make his nominations in a silly outfit. To avoid Belinda's snoring, Kat, Rachel and Becky decide to move into the basic bedroom. Luke, Becky, Mario and Lisa discuss their new housemates becoming paranoid that they aren't who they say they are. Although Sara had been flirting with him all day, Darnell tells Dale, Becky and Luke, he's slightly scared of her. The housemates throw a goth party and dress up, later in the pool Kat makes out with Sara which makes Lisa and Mario realise she's a bit of a dark horse. Dale and Stu come to the diary room to discuss the new housemates. Rachel tells Mo that if he really does fancy Maysoon he should talk to her about it. He takes her advice and tries to use it. In the luxury bedroom, Belinda enters after Mario, Lisa, Luke and Becky had been talking about her. She makes Becky jump twice. Becky ends up staying in the same bed as Luke, so just Kat and Rachel move rooms.moreless
  • Day Thirty Three Highlights
    Some of the housemates overhear members of the public shouting 'get ____ out', as no-one's clear who the name was, everyone starts speculating that it was them. After winning a task some housemates have a party in the diary room.
  • Diary Room Uncut - Series 9 - Week Five
    Highlights include housemates taking part in the zoo task, nominations, Rex and Jennifer's reaction to been put up for the public vote. Plus Belinda, Sara and Maysoon's first visits to the room.
  • Day Thirty Two Highlights
    Becky cuts Stuart's hair. Belinda's snoring gets on some of the other housemates nerves.
  • Day Thirty One Highlights
    It's eviction day and either Rex or Jennifer will be evicted tonight. Both get ready to leave. Mario talks to Luke about his senior position in a post office. Jennifer is evicted, as she leaves three new housemates, Sara, Maysoon and Belinda enter the house and start to get to know the others.moreless
  • Eviction #3/Three New Housemates Enter Live
    Jennifer is evicted from the Big Brother house, with three new housemates entering straight afterwards.
  • Day Thirty Highlights - Live
    Becky is sent to jail, whilst in there she breaks a mirror. The weeks shopping is delivered. Dale spends the day avoiding Jen, who notices. Kat comes to the Diary room to give her thoughts on Luke and Becky's blossoming relationship, as she chases him around the luxury bedroom and goes swimming with him. Stu shares Jen's bed and tells her why he didn't want to make a move on her in the house.moreless
  • Day Twenty Nine Highlights
    The housemates take part in the final aspects of the zoo task, as Dale and Rex do their Kangaroo punching task, it is then revealed they have passed the task. A jelly fight ensues and Mikey shaves his eyebrows off. Later Becky tries to truce with Rex and admits that earlier in the week she lied about hearing someone shout over the fence.moreless
  • Day Twenty Eight Highlights
    The housemates are set this weeks shopping task, the Big Brother zoo. Lisa and Stu become flamingos, who must stand on one leg for 20 minutes straight, they are given the majority of the day to practise. Luke and Mikey as elephants have to learn a extract from Rudyard Kipling's The Elephant Child word for word, for tomorrow. Mo and Darnell as rabbits have to munch on a carrot every fifteen minutes. As seals, Becky and Jen have 90 seconds to go to the podiums in the garden to have zookeeper Mario throw fishy water on them, everytime a clip from Seal's song Kiss from the Rose is played. As a two-headed Llamma, Kat and Rachel have to wear a suit which joins them together. Jen and Becky move into the spare beds in the basic bedroom to avoid making their beds in the luxury bedroom smell. Stu and Lisa are tested on their part of the task. It is revealed to the house that Rex and Jen are up for eviction this Friday. The song Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N Roses is played into the house, so all zoo animals have to dance for the duration of the clip. Rex and Jen are both convinced that they'll be leaving and tell there closest house friends to be prepared.moreless
  • Day Twenty Seven Highlights
    Luke is sent to jail after discussing nominations with Becky. Housemates then give their nominations. Becky hints that she's done something to someone's clothes. Becky is told off in the Diary room as she gets angry at Mohammed stealing some of her tobacco. Mohammed finds the belt that Becky has gone at with a knife. The pair go away to talk about the earlier incidents. Becky then causes more trouble when she tells Rex she heard someone shout insults about him over the gate, when she didn't. He's aware of this however and doesn't believe her for a second.moreless
  • Day Twenty Six Highlights
    The housemates are suspicious of a new housemate arriving to replace Dennis. Luke talks about who he fancy's out of the girls to Big Brother. Jen talks to Mario and Luke about been stereotyped as a bitch because of the people she's hung around with in the house. The housemates are split into pairs by Mikey, who as the blind housemate gives the housemates a insight into what it's like living blind in the house, as one person from each pair wears a pair of goggles to block their sight. As the task progresses, many housemates comment on now having more respect for Mikey. Mikey goes to the diary room to collect the prize for successfully completing the task, a token. Becky and Jen watch on as the majority of housemates play with the hula hoop, they make comments about missing the fun housemates and the hula hoop game. Jen tells Stu why she wouldn't get in a relationship within the house. Whilst Dale tells Darnell he's worried about how close Stu and Jen have got during the day.moreless
  • Diary Room Uncut - Series 9 - Week Four
    Highlights from the past week featuring Mohammed and Sylvia discussing their feelings, when put up for nomination by the rest of the house. Plus Dennis gets ejected from the house and the other housemates are repremanded after a huge argument, involving nearly the whole house.
  • Day Twenty Five Highlights
    Luke and Becky flirt with each other. Kat and Rex discuss the atmosphere in the house. Mikey talks about the changes in the group in the Diary room. Mario and Mikey are sentenced to jail after discussing nominations last night. Kat and Rex teach some of the other housemates how to make cookies. Becky and Jennifer discuss Rachel and how fake they think she's been. Rex makes some comments to Becky about her size, as she eats some cookies, which puts her in a bad mood. Rachel confronts Becky and Jen. Darnell and Kat talk about life after the house, Becky enters the room and starts a little argument with Kat over a comment she made earlier, however it just ends up being a argument between Becky and Darnell.moreless
  • Day Twenty Four Highlights
    It's the day after the night before, Dennis is removed from the house after spitting in Mohammed's face, as the other housemates remain locked in the bedrooms. The entire house is gathered in the living area, as Mario reads out a statement regarding his departure and reveals that tonights eviction will still be going ahead. Jennifer tries to start another argument over who should be evicted and as Dale and Stu try and get Mo to calm down a little, Dale is called in to the diary room as Mo calls him a bully, to calm down. Sylvia and Jennifer who are convinced Sylvia will still go, the pair start crying. Jennifer tells Darnell she no longer trusts him, he says he would of stuck up for anyone who would get spat on. Throughout the day Big Brother calls the housemates involved in last nights argument into the Diary room to repremand them all. Jennifer and Darnell make up. Mo and Jennifer also make up. Some housemates dye their hair pink. Lisa talks to Mikey about been a bouncer. Mo and Dale make-up. Mario, Luke and Mikey discuss Mo and Dennis. Dale straightens Luke's hair. Becky and Darnell talk about tonights pink theme in the Diary room. Sylvia and Mo prepare for tonights eviction. Sylvia gets evicted.moreless
  • Eviction #2 Live
    Eviction #2 Live
    Episode 31
    Davina shows us highlights of Sylvia's remaining time in the house. Davina leads her through to the studio, as she gets evicted to discuss her time in the house and relationships with other housemates past and present.
  • Day Twenty Three Highlights - Live
    Davina reveals Dennis has been removed from the house, as we take a look back at what went on beforehand leading to his removal. Rex smudges Jennifer's painting of Stu from the task the other day, she gets very upset. So Rachel, Kat and Dennis try to reassure her as he comes to apologise. Dale goes to find Rex to get him to apologise again. Stu and Sylvia who didn't know anything about the incident, rush to her side when they find out she's upset. Stuart then trys to get him to apologise again. Mohammed who's in the basic bedroom with Rex, talks about Jen using this as a way of attention seeking. Rex and Mo enter the luxury bedroom, were all the other housemates have gathered, aside from Darnell, as Rex tries to apologise again. As he refuses to leave, Stuart and Dale start arguing with him. Rex brings up Dale talking about him the other day. Mo tries to get involved in the argument, and as he does so he gets his face spat on by Dennis. Dennis is immediately asked to enter the Diary room. Mo and Rex are told to go back to the basic bedroom with Mario who restrained the pair in the argument. Darnell talks to Mo about why he's so upset, and then enters the luxury bedroom to find out why they think it's ok for someone to spit on someone elses face. The other housemates manage to calm him down. Dennis is asked to explain what happened before been sent back to the luxury bedroom. Mohammed is then asked to explain what happened. Davina shows Dennis' exit earlier today. She then goes live to the house and reveals that Sylvia has been evicted.moreless
  • Day Twenty Two Highlights
    As Rex steps into Rachel's part of the OK! Go, dancing task. Luke starts talking behind his back. The group continue practising. Becky and Luke discuss underwear, whilst washing clothes. Jennifer talks about Dale fancying her with Luke and Becky. As Dale and Darnell have been thrown into jail after breaking rules talking about this weeks nominations, meaning that the housemates involved in the task don't have a choreographer. Dale and Darnell lie and say they've discussed the chaperone process, but after Luke comes to the diary room, it's revealed that they were sent to jail for discussing nominations. Rex, Stu, Dale and Sylvia then perform the routine in front of the other housemates via the plasma screen. Big Brother then reveals the house have passed the task. Sylvia who told Jennifer she fancies Dale earlier, then tells her she was joking.moreless
  • Day Twenty One Highlights
    Stu reasons with Sylvia after the situation that arose last night. Big Brother offers the housemates the one token they currently have for the return of housemates Rex and Mo who are still in jail. The housemates decide to keep the token. Kat comes to the Diary room to beg for their release. They eventually get released after 18 hours and a parole interview conducted in the Diary room. The weekly shopping task is then set, as seven housemates must take on roles within a re-enactment of the OK! Go, Here It Goes Again music video. With Dennis taking on the role of choreographer, Lisa & Jennifer stylists and make-up artists and Rachel, Sylvia, Stu and Dale as the band. They start practising in the task room. This weeks nominees are revealed to be Sylvia and Mohammed. After a slight medical accident in the task room, Big Brother tells Rachel she can no longer participate in the task. Becky hides under Luke's bed when all the housemates stay up in the luxury bedroom.moreless
  • Day Twenty Highlights
    Housemates make their nominations. After repeated rule-breaking, with the discussion of nominations and the audition process amongst the housemates, Big Brother makes the guilty housemates choose two of their own to go directly to jail, Dennis and Jennifer nominate themselves. Dale starts talking to the pair about Rex, unaware he's laid in the garden. Rex realises how fake some people are, and Darnell goes off on a tangent to Luke. Mohammed and Rex are called to the Diary room and are sent to jail for discussing who they thought would be up for nomination. Sylvia says she doesn't want to sleep by herself, so asks Stu if she can share his bed, this leads into a large argument between what Stu's said about Jennifer and Dale to Jennifer and what he's said about himself and Sylvia to Jennifer. Both of the girls realise he's been trying to play them against one another.moreless
  • Day Nineteen Highlights
    Lisa and Mario are worried about the amount that the other housemates are eating and drinking, and after the hidden biscuits incident, Lisa confronts Sylvia. Sylvia admits to hiding one packet, but knows nothing of the other packet so goes to investigate further. Luke thinks that it's the housemates staying in the basic bedroom, so confronts Rex. Kat gets upset about it, and comes to cry in the diary room, as Luke and Jennifer start searching the basic bedroom and then moves onto the luxury bedroom. The housemates exchange a token for some alcohol. Jennifer reveals that as soon as Stu came in, it seemed as if he was put in for a reason, for her. As Sylvia realises Stu doesn't like her, she starts getting upset. The housemates throw a talent contest. Dale tells Jen, he knew Stu was put in the house for her.moreless
  • Diary Room Uncut - Series 9 - Week Three
    Highlights include this weeks nominations, Alex's departure and the music task.
  • Day Eighteen Highlights
    Mikey overhears Sylvia and Jennifer talking about hidden alcohol and cookies and alerts the other housemates, however when Mo confronts Sylvia, she just embarrasses him in front of the other housemates. Later Sylvia gets upset as she thinks about how she's been acting with Stu, with her boyfriend been outside. Stuart tries to settle in, Rex tells him all the girls have a link with someone somehow. The housemates throw a toga party as Big Brother gives them their remaining booze from the budget this week. Mo talks about his childhood with Stu, Kat and Rachel. Jennifer tells Dale, who told Big Brother earlier he doesn't think Stu likes him, that she doesn't like the idea of having a new housemate anymore.moreless
  • Day Sixteen Highlights
    Mikey starts an argument with Sylvia because she was been noisy whilst he was trying to sleep. Dale gets upset when crowd noise is played into the house, convinced that he will be evicted. New housemate Stuart enters the house in Alex's place. Dale tells Rex he doesn't know what to say to him. Sylvia, who was in the selection process with Stu, talks to Jennifer about how much she fancies him. In the garden Dale tells Mo, Becky and Rex he doesn't want to be competing with Stu for Jennifer, the others try to convince him he's on a secret mission and could already be in some way related to her. Sylvia gets a bath with Stu and tells him to watch out for Mo and Rex, as Kat looks on, she gets worried. Stu shares his first impressions of the housemates with Big Brother.moreless
  • Evictee Interview / New Housemate Arrival
    Davina talks to evictee Alex who was ejected from the house for her behaviour earlier in the week. New housemate Stuart Pilkington joins the house as her replacement.
  • Day Fifteen Highlights - Live
    Davina reveals that tonights live show will still go ahead, and a new housemate to replace Alex will enter the house. Highlights from Thursday follow with the housemates doing the shopping list and get the shopping delivered, the housemates chose ten special prizes, which include a inflatable crocodile and a giant cookie.moreless
  • Day Fourteen Highlights
    Rex and Alex have another argument, as Alex talks about what she has planned on the outside world. After repeatedly been told off in the diary room, Alex is called in and is told to leave the house. The housemates are issued a statement confirming her departure.
  • Day Thirteen Highlights
    The house gets transformed for this weeks Japanese shopping task. Alex confronts Mohammed about the way he behaved last night. Mohammed comes to the Diary room to vent his anger. The housemates are asked to split into five groups to take part in different tasks which all together will determine next weeks shopping budget. Darnell, Lisa and Jennifer learn a karate routine. Kat, Mikey and Mo have to learn 26 Japanese phrases for the following day. Dennis, Sylvia, Luke, Becky and Jenny discuss Alex's behaviour. Alex is called to the diary room to discuss her intimidating behaviour towards Mohammed. The karaoke part of the task, what Dennis, Alex, Sylvia, Rex and Becky are taking part in, begins with Becky starting off. The other housemates watch on as Darnell, Luke and Jennifer perform their routine. Dennis enters the karaoke booth, whilst Mario and Alex are revealed to be up for eviction this week.moreless
  • Day Twelve Highlights
    It's Mohammed's birthday today. The housemates start making their first nominations. Mo and Rex decide that in the evening, for Mo's birthday, everyone should swap places with a housemate of the opposite sex and asks Kat for some advice on what he should wear from her wardrobe. All of the housemates dress up for Mo's birthday party, except for Alex and Sylvia. Big Brother talks to Mo in the diary room about Alex not taking part, and accidentally plays part of the questions they ask into the house. As Mo leaves the diary room, Alex confronts Mo. Big Brother has to call both Alex and Mo into the diary room, in order to apologise for the technical glitch made.moreless
  • Day Eleven Highlights
  • Diary Room Uncut - Series 9 - Week Two
    Highlights of housemates in the diary room, including Mario's birthday party and Mario, Lisa, Luke and Steph's reactions to been up for eviction.
  • Day Ten Highlights
    Day Ten Highlights
    Episode 15
    Dennis reveals his gameplan to Big Brother and tells them its now changed. Darnell talks to Rex about been a black albino. Big Brother gives all housemates a instrument which they have to keep with them for their duration in the house and learn to play. The group perform When The Saints.moreless
  • Day Nine Highlights
    Day Nine Highlights
    Episode 14
    Highlights of Stephanie's last day and her eviction. Plus the housemates reaction after she leaves. Sylvia talks to Dennis about his and Alex's relationship.
  • Eviction #1 Live
    Eviction #1 Live
    Episode 13
    After a look at what's happened in the house, since the earlier eviction announcement. Stephanie McMicha joins Davina to discuss her time in the house, they take a look at the wedding task, which due to failure led Steph to be up for eviction in the first place. She talks about her and Rex's relationship. They take a look at her argument with Alex, after sticking up for Becky. She says she thinks Mario and Alex will be up for eviction next week. She says she would of tried harder in the task if she did it again. They then take a look at Steph's best bits.moreless
  • Day Eight Highlights - Live
    Davina is live and introduces yesterdays highlights, as the housemates do the shopping for the upcoming week with their basic budget. Becky and Sylvia try dancing 'the worm'. The storeroom is open for the housemates to collect their shopping, they opted to go for two special prizes. Some Moonshine (one part alcopop, three parts water) and a record voucher, allowing one song to be played into the house. Plus four tokens. Luke talks to Rex about the upcoming eviction. Later Luke, Mario and Lisa talk about the eviction tomorrow and they all think that Steph will be evicted. The housemates exchange their record voucher for a song. As they enjoy the moonshine, Darnell beatboxes. Dale gets his first grey hair. Rex and Steph talk about their relationship. Davina then enters the new studio, and reveals that from now on eviction announcements will be made only from the studio, meaning that they will no longer be outside world influences from the crowd. She then reveals that the first person to be evicted is Steph.moreless
  • Day Seven Highlights
    As winners of the endurance task yesterday, Dennis and Rachel are set the part of the task which will determine this weeks budget and the other housemates also have to take part. Dennis and Rachel have two hours to move a metal clanger across a maze of wire, if the wire is touched by the clanger the other housemates will get a electric shock. Rex is asked to assist. For some people it gets too much, so other housemates ask them to try and not to do it again. An argument begins with Alex and Rex, as Alex wants them to stop the task and says she'd rather have a small budget rather then a luxury budget. They end up failing the task anyway. Leading Dennis to get very upset. Alex gets upset in the diary room over Rex's behaviour towards her. Alex, Mario and Lisa discuss Steph. Darnell wonders if the tasks will get harder and thinks the housemates who didn't compete, should be out already.moreless
  • Day Six Highlights
    Day Six Highlights
    Episode 10
    The housemates take part in an endurance test, with Dennis and Rachel winning. However when awarded with a picnic and told to await further instructions about the next part of the task, which will unbeknownst to them determine next weeks shopping budget, Dennis is convinced that the picnic is part of the task and they shouldn't eat it. Even though it really is just a picnic. Alex falls out with more people. Mario calls a house meeting and Kat craves cookies.moreless
  • Day Five Highlights
    Mario and Lisa are treated to their very own birthday party in the diary room for Mario's 43rd birthday. After Rebecca and Rachel try and cook everyone some tea, Alexandra starts an argument later with Rebecca saying she shouldn't cook if she doesn't know how to. She is repremanded in the diary room.moreless
  • Day Four Highlights
    Mario and Steph get 'married' in the house in a bid to convince their fellow housemates that they are a real couple. However it is later revealed at the reception by Mikey that Mario, Lisa, Luke and Stephanie had a secret mission what they failed and Mario and Lisa are the real couple.moreless
  • Diary Room Uncut - Series 9 - Week One
  • Day Three Highlights
    Mario asks Mikey to be his best man at the wedding tomorrow. Luke and Steph come to the diary room, were Luke tells Steph the housemates know they're faking it. Stephanie confronts the people who think the task is fake. Later Steph and her bridesmaids (Kat, Rachel, Lisa and Becky)are asked to enter the task room to have their hen night, whilst Alex, Sylvia and Jennifer are asked to dress as bunnies for the boys stag night. Later after Mikey comes to the diary room, angry that the girls wouldn't dress as bunnies, he volunteers himself and is told to ask two other housemates to dress as bunnies with him. Dennis and Dale volunteer and join Mikey as they dress up as bunnies. Mikey finds a pair of knickers, and after Sylvia returns to the house and realises he's wearing her knickers, a argument ensues. Dale admits he likes Jennifer.moreless
  • Day Two Highlights
    Day Two Highlights
    Episode 5
    As part of the secret wedding task, Mario is made to propose to Stephanie with the other housemates watching. Big Brother announces the wedding to the house and places a document saying that they can hold a valid wedding ceremony in the house, however some housemates begin to doubt the validity of the document, some go as far to doubting Stephanie so much they see through the task and come and see Big Brother.moreless
  • Launch Night Highlights [Day One]
    As the first four housemates, Mario, Lisa, Luke and Stephanie enter, they are set a secret task, which is not to be revealed to the other housemates, who enter afterwards. The bedroom doors are opened leading to some housemates having to sleep in not so luxurious beds. Big Brother gives the housemates some tokens as part of a welcome pack, and reveals what they can be traded in for - everyday things like a hour of hot water or an hour of hair straighteners. Leaving some housemates infuriated by the lack of provisions that will be provided to them.moreless
  • The Live Launch
    The Live Launch
    Episode 3
    Davina introduces us to the new house and the sixteen new housemates. The first four, Mario, Lisa, Luke and Stephanie enter and are given a secret mission by Big Brother. The other twelve; Rachel, Dale, Sylvia, Dennis, Michael, Alexandra, Rex, Mohamed, Rebecca, Darnell, Jennifer and Kathreya then enter the house. Before Davina reveals a further twist in the secret mission happening this Sunday.moreless
  • Big Brother: More Auditions
    We catch up with the lucky hopefuls in the running for a place in the house, however their biggest test is yet to come, as possible housemates are asked to enter the Diary room.
  • Big Brother: Auditions
    We join the show's producers on the road looking for the new housemates to enter the house this year. This year ex-housemates have also been helping out publicising the events as Nikki Grahame from series 7, appears on live radio in Manchester and Charley Uchea from series 8, attends the London auditions, where she may of finally met her match.moreless