Big Brother

Season 1 Episode 1

BB1 Ep #1

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 05, 2000 on CBS
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On the first show, an hour long affair, a host named Ian O'Malley shows us around the house while a correspondent from CBS's "The Early Show," Julie Chen, acts enthusiastic as the 10 residents travel to the house in a caravan of SUVs.

O'Malley shows us the house, including the confession room (where, each day, each resident is required to go in and share his or her feelings) and the bathroom (monitored to prevent the residents from sneaking into the toilet or shower to have private conversations). Meanwhile, Chen chats with the residents' friends and families, whom the show has gathered outside the house.

At the end of the hour, the residents finally arrive. They meet one another and go into the house. The door shuts behind them. They roam from room to room. A solitary Jordan is caught at the end, gazing at the cameras and the two-way mirrors pensively, reality dawning. It's a lyrical scene.moreless

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  • The Beginning of the Big Brother Reign.

    They started this first episode by showing the audience the house and explaining the concept, which was totally new. I loved knowing that I would be able to play a part in deciding who would be going home; I wasn't sure if this show was going to be any good. I got choked up when George saw his wife and started to tear up. He isn't even in the house yet and he's already missing his family. I enjoyed watching Jordan's face as she's looking at the bedroom realizing that's where they are going to sleep. Priceless.

    Britany looks like she's going to be a lot of fun, as long as she doesn't get mad.moreless
  • Beginning to a great series (review based on how I felt when I first watched it)

    Well this is the first episode of the US Big Brother series. It's very different from the other 11 seasons (it's based off of Big Brother UK). I think this was a good way to start off the show. Meeting all the hg's and already forming first impressions. I enjoyed this episode a lot.


    Brittany- I enjoyed seeing her two lives. Her work life and her home life. She seems like she's gonna be hilarious in the house. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her.

    Josh- He seems to be a nice down-to-earth guy. I think he can play the game well and hopefully make it far. The story about his mom was sad though :(.

    Eddie- He seems hilarious. I don't care at all that he's missing a leg, I don't think that will affect him at all. As long as it doesn't hinder him in physical comps, it could be an asset to him if he plays the pity card. But I could see him being my favorite.

    Will- He seems really nice with him helping the children and stuff. (man was I wrong!) I also liked him doing that thing before he entered the house. Anyway I liked him on the first episode.

    George- I liked the fact they just put a regular middle-aged father in the house. He seems like he could be really funny (as long as they don't show him walking around in his underwear). I don't know if I'll get bored of him though. He could easily get boring and could very easily get on my nerves!

    Curtis- He seems like a really nice guy. He could make it far by having everyone like him. And he seems really smart. But he's so boring. I don't think he'll cause any drama what-so-ever. He'll put me to sleep! Boring!

    Jordan- She's really hot. She also seems like she could play a very strategic, smart game. But I have a feeling I won't like her. I think she'll be flirty with all the guys (even though she has a bf), and she will be catty with all the girls. She may be smart, but having everyone hate her would not be a good strategy. Anyway, hopefully I'm wrong and she makes it far, because she's a piece of eye-candy ;)

    Cassandra- Even more boring than Curtis. Next.

    Karen- All right. She seems like the female George, but not funny and very annoying. We saw about 30 seconds of her and I was ready to call in and evict her. I didn't like her at all. She seems like I'll get tired of her really fast and I'll be begging for her eviction. Sorry Karen and Cassandra, there's only room for one middle-aged person and it's not you two.

    Jamie- Hate her guts. She seems like a ditzy beauty pageant girl. Jamie is apparently "evil without her coffee" or whatever her friend said and I was just sitting their losing brain cells. I think I'm gonna lose brain cells listening to her.

    Wow I was way off on what I thought of them and what I think of them now lolmoreless
  • First episode of many BB shows!

    This is the first episode of what will be over

    200 shows of the USA Big Brother cast as the

    Ten Houseguests will live for about a few months with no

    Such things as the internet, cellphones, blackberries, tv, radio, nothing at all.

    As they are shunned from the real world. Pretty boring at first but then you get used to it!
Julie Chen (I)

Julie Chen (I)


Eddie McGee

Eddie McGee

BB1 Days 1-87 (BB1 Winner)

Josh Souza

Josh Souza

BB1 Days 1-87 (1st Runner-up)

Curtis Kin

Curtis Kin

BB1 Days 1-87 (2nd Runner-up)

Jamie Kern

Jamie Kern

BB1 Days 1-85

George Boswell

George Boswell

BB1 Days 1- 78

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    • We are introduced to the season one house guests; George, a Midwest father of three. Eddie, an athlete from Long Island. Jamie, a beauty queen with a 4.0 grade average. Josh, a civil engineering student. Cassandra, a Communications specialist for the United Nations Development Program. Jordan, a former exotic dancer. Curtis, a lawyer from New York. Karen, a mother of four from Columbus, Indiana. Brittany, a spunky girl known for her varying hair color. And William, a politician from Philadelphia.

    • The format of the first season is different than the other seasons. Instead of the house guests competing for HOH they each privately nominate two house guests for "banishment". The two house guests to receive the most nominations are then marked for banishment. America calls an 800 number to pick which nominee to vote out. Whoever receives the most votes is banished from The Big Brother House.