Big Brother

Season 7 Episode 15

BB7 - All-Stars: 715: Kaysar Out; Janey HoH

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 10, 2006 on CBS
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The Legion of Doom has spelled the end of Kaysar, one of the most influential players in S-6. The Iraqi Prince is evicted in a 5-1 vote. Erika proves too quick on the buzzer for James as she wins the HoH in a tense competition that has the viewers on the edge of their seats. Following the episodes live airing, Big Brother producers determined Erika was not the rightful HoH, and announced a second HoH competition later in the day, which was won by Janelle.moreless
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  • Kaysar is out... why guys... WHY!

    This is an episode that really hit a bar.

    Two whammies appeared.

    1) Kaysar is out.

    2) Janelle is HOH after an "alledged" technical fault.

    Yeah. Like we know that happened.

    Overall, I still do not know why Danielle decided to go with Kaysar.

    The thing is, this episode was, in a word, DISASTEROUS!

    Out of control.

    Kaysar does not deserve to go, Will or Mike does. Why doesn't the other houseguests know this already?

    They seem to be the deadly players now... there is only seconds left before Will wins again.

    Also, Erika won HOH! Which was good, until we found out that "tech difficulties" happened. All of a sudden, Janelle wins.

    And we know how much that blows...moreless
  • When you think Janelle is down for the count...think again, she's only just begun. This episode is an example of the reason why she is one of the best players in Big Brother history.moreless

    So, seemingly it's too late to save Kaysar and the S6 alliance, however, due to 'technical difficulties' in true form Janelle shows the house why she's the viercest competitor in BB history. By the looks of things Janelle would be packing her bags to go this week, however, in a twist of fate the HOH competition is replayed and she yanks the spot from the forces of doom back into the S6 arena. While I am a true believe that HOH competitions are 'better suited' for certain players, this competition was tailor made for Janelle. I must admit that I was thrilled that Janelle won, however, I was not happy that the 'wool was pulled over' both Janelle and Howie's eyes as they again bring James into the fold. Despite the usual power of HOH, this is the week where that individual, Janey, can be overthrown. This episode was merely the setup to what promises to be an interesting next couple of shows.

    Other items of note: Past houseguests return to judge the food competition, Janey is oblivious to Marceallas' flip to the Red Room Alliance, and Erika and Boogie are showmancing it up!moreless

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