Big Brother

Season 7 Episode 720

BB7 - All-Stars: 720: Janelle and James Nominated; Janelle wins PoV; George Nominated

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 22, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Janelle does it again (with a slight assist from Chilltown), winning the PoV and removing herself from the block. Boogie taps George as her replacement, and James feels he is sitting pretty as his LOD allies rule the house.
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  • Why can't they seem to get rid of Janelle

    Sure Janelle can be a you know what and that

    She really thinks that she is something else. James and

    Now Chicken George are both on the chopping block since Janelle has yet again won the POV!

    Don't get me wrong, she is a great player strategic wise but her attitude really is getting to me.

    I will die if she wins the whole entire thing!

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    • Will: (on how he threw the PoV competition) James thinks the show is fixed in Janelle's favor. Well, it is. I'm the one fixing it in Janelle's favor, James.

    • James: (referring to Janelle's actions in the PoV competition) She took the doll out of my hand, physically assaulted me. … This b**ch took the doll out of my hand. Intentionally removing the doll from my hand is physically described as assault in the outside world.

    • Janelle: (referring to Chilltown prior to the nomination ceremony) I'm ready to get nominated, win the power of veto, shove it up their asses

    • Will: (to Mike before the nomination ceremony) It is absolutely imperative that Janelle remains in this house. Why? She's a much bigger target than Chill Town. … We have to keep her here, even if she's not on our side, just so that the others will chase her down.

    • Will: (on his plan for Janelle) Janelle is a phenomenal competitor. She's a warrior. And what I want to do is take her from this dark spot she's at right now, and I want to rebuild her faster, stronger, and more loyal, and have her attack James for me.

    • Janelle: (on her strategy following Howie's eviction) I want to appear weak, I want to appear emotional, and I want to appear like I don't have any fight left in me when I actually do. Of course it's strategy.

    • Mike: (on the coup d' etat power) The first two [evictions] I elected not to use it, and now I'm head of household, so the coup d'etat power is now no longer part of the game.

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