Big Brother

Season 7 Episode 723

BB7 - All-Stars: 723: Janelle wins PoV; Danielle nominated

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 29, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The houseguests enjoy their new trampoline, despite having to live on slop for a day for this privilege. Neil Patrick Harris, aka "The NPH", surprises the houseguests, especially a giddy Will, for their "Christmas in August" prize. Janelle wins the PoV competition, pulls herself off the block and Erika nominates Danielle in her place.moreless
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  • A pretty good episode.

    Awe, I fell so bad for Dani I wanted her to win, all my favortie palyers are leaveing, James, then Dani, and next will prob. be Janey but I hope she wins it. I was so mad to see Erika mess over Dani that was a big mistake, and if Will gets to the final two I hope he wins the whole thing again he played the best game ever, he is for sure the Big Brother King, with Janey, Dani, and James falling close behide. Yes, none of them won but Janey is the the best compitional player, Dani is the best player to never win BB, and James is the Veto King.moreless
  • Fearful of Danelle getting nominated!

    I fear as though Danielle will get nominated as George

    Who people say isn't doing nothing but IMO, he is

    Flying under the radar. Danielle will be voted out and that if Erika is the next person to get voted out. I think Danielle will punch the living daylights out of Erika if Erika meeets up with Danielle in the jury sequester house!
  • An emotional Danielle gets nominated after Janelle pulls herself off the block.

    On last nights Big Brother, what the heck was Neil Patrick Harris (aka, the NPH) doing in the house? It must have solely been to plug his show How I Met Your Mother, which also happens to run on CBS. Could it also have been something to do with the NPH being Will's "favorite actor" and "How I Met Your Mother" being one of Will's "favorite TV shows" as listed on his "Favorites List?"

    Overall, the episode was very dramatic as we saw an emotional Danielle beg and plead with Erika to not put her up for eviction after Janelle won the PoV competition. But, Erika listened to her "showmance" alliance and put up Danielle. Will and Boogie certainly deserve their praise. They were the ones who pulled the strings to convince Erika to nominate Danielle in Janelle's place, but it was Erika who came off looking like the back stabber in Danielle's eyes. Brilliant.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • This is the third appearance of a morphing face veto competition. It originally appeared in Big Brother 5 and has appeared since.

    • On his "Favorites List," Will names this episode's surprise guest, Neil Patrick Harris, as his favorite actor and Harris' show, How I Met Your Mother, which just happens to be on CBS, as one of his favorite shows.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Will: I was lying in bed and, as usual, I was having a dream about hanging out with Neil Patrick Harris. And, uh, it is no longer a dream. (excitedly) I was really hanging out with Neil Patrick Harris!

    • George: (opening presents) So cool!!

    • Mike (after hearing George's story of being struck by lightning): How is it that we've been here for sixty days and you haven't told this story yet--that you were struck by lightning?
      George: Well, it was a long time ago, but yeah, I was struck by lightning.
      Will: Important question...did you have any superpowers afterwards?

    • Mike: George, are you saying you've been struck by lightning?
      George: Yeah, I was struck by lightning.
      Will: (in the diary room) Isn't that the kind of story that you would want to mention like when you first meet someone? That's kind of a life altering event and it also explains his (pauses for emphasis) unique behavior.

    • Will: During the food competition, I made the entire house go on slop so I could get a trampoline. Selfish? Absolutely.

    • Will: Any time Chilltown is not nominated, I'm thrilled. I don't know how Mike "Boogie" did it, but through his showmantical work, he got Erika to not nominate us.

    • Neil Patrick Harris: (in the diary room referring to the gifts the houseguests received) The houseguests got lots of clothes which apparently they desperately needed because if I see Mike "Boogie" wear a Dolce shirt one more time on this show (shakes his head) really.

    • Neil Patrick Harris: (as part of the house's Christmas in August prize) Ho, ho, ho. Rise and shine, everybody! Merry Christmas!

    • Will: (to Erika in the HoH room as Danielle was outside constantly ringing the door bell) She's lost her mind. She's clearly crazy.

    • Danielle: (after Erika promised her she'd be safe) I gave you my heart, Erika. You nominating me is the ultimate betrayal. … By you, it hurts. It hurts.

  • NOTES (1)