Big Brother

Season 7 Episode 726

BB7- All-Stars: 726: Janelle wins PoV; Will Nominated; Will Evicted

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 05, 2006 on CBS
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This shocking episode starts with the Buxom Blonde winning the final PoV. After Erika and Janelle finally compare notes on their respective "showmances," they realize that Chilltown has each promised them a spot in the final three. Thus, Janelle then pulls herself off the block and Mike is forced to nominate his fellow Chilltown member, Will. Will is evicted by a vindictive Janelle, whose sole vote was enough to finally evict the former Season 2 winner after he had been begging to be evicted the whole season.moreless
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  • We will all wonder what would have happened if Will and Mike Boogie had gotten to the final two. The final speeches, the votes, the jury's anger. It would have been great. Alas, we shall never know it!moreless

    I had a dream a few weeks ago that Will and Mike Boogie (Chilltown) would make it to the final two, and the jurors would be forced to give one of them the five hundred thousand dollars, but I shall not see it! (At least, not this season.) Now, it's up to Mike Boogie to win anyway, just to say that Chilltown, the notorious alliance that lied fervously throughout the game, and was a public alliance, still won. It would be very demeaning. I am dissapointed with Will's reaction of a nonchalant manner, but that's just how Will is. Nothing really ruffles his feathers.moreless
  • About damn time!

    I was SO relieved when Janelle turned the tables on Will. The scumbag was scumbagged. How ironic. The player was played.

    He should've realized: "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" or in this case played!

    Now I can watch this show knowing that someone other than him will win!
  • Janelle wins her fifth POV. Forcing Boogie to nominate the only houseguest left to nominate...his buddy Will...and then the greatest thing happened...Janelle did the right thing and voted out Will!!!!

    This episode was great. I loved that the girls were talking and realized how much they've been played by Chill Town. Like they said, I've been laughing at them the whole time because its so stupid how they have let those Chill Town boys get to them. I was excited when Janelle won the veto. I knew she would. She has always been good at competitions like that. Plus I have the live feed so I knew she won before the episode aired. I loved seeing Will squirm as he wondered if he was safe or not. Janelle's speech was perfect. "I've made a lot of mistakes this season, but after today I'm not going to make anymore. So for Howie and Marcellas I have to evict you, Will" That was a beautiful moment. The look of disbelief on Will and Boogie's faces was priceless. Janelle did the right thing. Putting herself at 2-1 odds going into the final HOH comp would have been stupid. GO JANIE!!!!!moreless

    Will is my favorite player. He is the only person who plays this game with a bit of common sense. The reason that I am so upset is I cannot believe someone like Janelle had to take him out. I am so not a Janelle fan and she didn't come to her senses on her own- But decided to use Erika's advice and vote Will out. I was very upset. Mike Boogie also acted dumb for forfeiting the last competition. He doesn't think just because Will is gone. It doesn't really matter to me who wins because I don't like any of them.moreless

    I cannot believe Will is out!

    God, I'm so happy!!! :) Ever since S07 started, all the people I like started getting voted off: Jase, Danielle, Diane, and i desperately wanted Jannelle out... So, why am I so glad to see Will out?

    1. He already got his mnoney

    2. More important, he has a huge ego, he thinks he's the best guy in the world... Hands down, he is an awesome player, but I just started hating him a few weeks ago...

    I was so sad when I saw Jannelle win (another) PoV... But, this time, Erika's magic worked... I am so glad she opened to Jannelle, and if Jannelle hadn't found out Chill Town told them both they were a member of CT, Jannelle would still keep Will, and then what? She'd go home next week...

    And Boogie's face!!! :D :D That was absolutely hillarious! When he got off the volcano, I was soooo happy! :) And then, Jannelle moves her hand off the key... OMG, this couldn't have gone any better... I just hope Erika wins HoH, sends Mike home and goes with Jannelle to the finals... Then, I think Erika will have a pretty good chance of winning this... Why? Danielle might reconsider her decision of not voting for her... She's the one who voted out Will, and Will stabbed her in the back... I she gets Mike out too, she'll be the season's hero who got Chillies out... :)

    Go Erika! :) :)moreless

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    • Mike: (to Erika and Janelle) You can't take each other. You have to take me. You won't make that big a mistake. You won't. You did the smartest play ever tonight Janelle--you can't make that mistake, you can't take her.

    • Mike: Hey, Julie. Remember Richard Hatch? They both have to take me to the finals. (jumps off the "volcano")

    • Will: Okay, Boogie I'm going home. She's opening the wine, no eye contact, and Janelle was the one who said, "Let's go inside." I have no control, dude.
      Mike: This is our show, and these b*tches think they're going to try to steal it from us.

    • Erika: (whispered to Janelle) I'm over it. I'm over these two boys. They've lied to everybody on the way out this door. Why let them get to the final two? They think that you and I are a joke. Like they've manipulated us. I'm just being honest with you. I mean, they've already pitted us against each other, let's not let that — why should we continue to let them do it? He'll tell you how beautiful you are, how smart you are, how funny you are, but he cannot guarantee you he'll take you to the final two. I can look you in your eye and say I will take you to the final two and I will kick them out.

    • Janelle: I really feel like this summer I've made a lot of mistakes in the house, and after tonight, I'm done making mistakes. For Marcellas and Howie, I vote to evict you, Will.

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