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Big Brother

Season 8 Episode 13

Big Brother 8: Live Eviction #4; HoH Competition #5

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 02, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The houseguests vote on whether to evict Nick or Kail.

Also, the fifth Head of Household competiton commences, but the audience will find out on the next episode who won.
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  • America told Eric to vote out Kail when he cleary wanted Nick to leave.

    Danielle backstabbed Nick by voting him out. Zack on the other hand wanted him to stay. Amber cried about him being up but in the end voted him out. America wanted Kail to go again. Kail and Jen were put up two weeks in a row but neither of them left. Only two people voted out Kail. Nick found out about america's player. Amber cried again after Nick had gone. Dustin is no longer HOH. Danielle and Dick were happy after Danielle won HOH. In the next episode, we will see what two people Danielle puts up. Tune in Sunday at 8.moreless
  • Amber really needs to go!!! She is such a phony.

    It amazes me that Amber has not become ill from dehydration, she must cry 3 litres of tears everyday. Like I am not into hitting people especially females, but the whole time she was crying, I really wanted to give her a slap, and not just any slap but those soap opera slaps across the face, like take that. I am sure this is her game plan, but I dont how the other people arent sick of her yet. And Dick is a prick Whatever you call people out, thats cool, but when you consistently cross line and do stupid things like pour tea on Jenn head, like come on act your age, your 50 yrs old, old man. There has been some funny moments this year so far but overall I am so sick of Amber crying, Dick being a dick to Jenn and Kail, and the whole American player thing.moreless
  • Amber cries, again, tea poured on Jen's head.

    What a show!!! WOW!!!

    First of Evil Dick is living up to his name. He really has it out for Jen, and he does everything he can to start arguments, and try and get her all riled up, but she does not seem to take the bait. What is up with Amber an all that crying? Stop with all the crying, it's annoying and it's so fake!!! Fake I tell you!!! "Nick I love you soooooooooo much!!! Boo, hoooo, hooooooo" Please!!!

    Nick was really feeling Danielle, and she acted like she was not interested. I wanted to slap her!!! This was not just a showmance, and it was so obvious she played him. I hope that comes back and bites her in the butt. The most shocking aspect of the show was Dick pouring his tea on Jen's head!! Whoa!!! So uncalled for!! Okay we get it, you don't like her, but she never did anything disrespectful in a physical way. That was so wrong. Immature, and just wrong. A house full of grown ups? Yeah sure. A house with some grown, and others that need therapy!!! I honestly did not see the sense of sending Nick out of the house. IMHO there was nothing strategic about that move at all. Nothing!!! These folks better start playing the game better or they will be the ones evicted!!! If Dick gets put up, don't put up Danielle, and vice versa. The key is putting them up, but not against each other!!! It did not work the first time, and it won't work if it's done that way again. In fact, put up Dick first, against someone else, I bet Danielle will vote against her father. Better still, put up Amber. I'm tired of her crying!!!moreless
  • Arguments, Tea Pouring, and Crying...Oh my!!!


    A lot was revealed in this episode and, for those with no live video feeds, it all, not surprisingly, silly. Amber of course continued to cry water buckets of tears, expending a large amount for her newly nominated and dearly departed "friend" Nick whom she wholeheartedly worked to get out of the house. Nick declared his feelings once again for Danielle and she, assumedly out of respect for her loved one at home, avoided his eyes. Her video goodbye was equally lackluster in emotion. Evil Dick stayed true to form and verbally attacked Jen. Some may not like this. I thought it was honest even though it certainly was overbearing and vindictive. He went way over the top by pouring tea on Jen. I didn't find it "evil" but definitely immature. It was annoying how Dick and Nick came to Danielle's defense! She can take care of herself and she began the argument. That was the drama. Now, onto the eviction...

    Nick was voted off. Dick is always talking about strategic moves and he made a bad one here. Nick would have been a strong ally and where Nick goes so too does Zach. The four of them could have been a big block against those others who I must admit I find tedious to watch at times. By siding with the house and voting him out, they played it too safe and may have just sealed their fate. I read on the message boards that, through a live feed, viewers saw the rest of the house discussing putting up Dick and Danielle...

    Stay tuned for next week when we see whether this happens or not...until then today's episode will have to sate your big brother appetite and, if you tivoed it like I did, you may want to watch Dick pour tea on Jen again...Who does that!?!moreless

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