Big Brother

Season 8 Episode 28

Big Brother 8: Live Eviction #9; HoH Competition #10; Nomination Ceremony #10; Pov Competion #10; Live Eviction #10; HoH Competi

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 06, 2007 on CBS
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In this Big Brother "fast forward" episode, the ninth houseguest (either Jessica or Jameka) is evicted and a tenth head of household is crowned. Also, the tenth nomination ceremony, the tenth power of veto competition and the tenth live eviction was held.
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  • They do a weeks worth of events in one week and two houseguests are forced to leave the house

    It was so exciting to have it all thrown into one episode. The vote with Jessica and Jameka was kind of obvious, but I really liked getting to see Dick's strategy, and how he wanted to tell Jameka they were keeping her at the last minute. I would have liked to see him actually tell Jameka to make sure he actually did it. The HOH competition was really entertaining, although I had no idea on most of the questions. It was cool to see how much people wanted to win. I was glad ED won and his nominations went as expected. With the Veto competition it was hard to tell what was going on, but that was expected with it being live. I really don't know what they should have done with Jameka's blue ball. I feel like she put it there on accident, but she should have had to just get another ball. Zach winning was interesting, and I didn't origonally realize that it could mean Dani could go home. This made it really exciting, it is so cool how things can turn around so much with Dick being HOH and then Dani being in danger. It was cool to try to figure out what Zach should do and what he would do. I kind of expected to see Eric go, but I wasn't really sure. I wish Eric didn't have to go, but that is how the game goes. For being a live episode this show was really good. I also loved seeing everything happen so fast. Thursday nights can be boring, but this episode was really good.moreless
  • So for real i'm so freakin pissed!

    Okay so for real i'm so freakin pissed!!!!!! If Jameka doesn't win I'll be really angry! UGH I wanted Jessica and Eric to be final 2 not 6th and 5th. I hate this. If Jameka loses on Tuesday I swear i might not even watch the end cause i really don't care if its zach danielle and dick i hate them all equally and i really hope jameka pulls this HOH. I hate his stupid show now and i think it's really sad that zack daniele and dick one of them will definatly make the finale now and thats pathetic yeah....moreless
  • What the deuce!?!

    I don't even know what to say. I read the spoilers so I saw the Jessica eviction coming but I still feel angry. I was hoping for a last minute change, a last minute realization that Eric and Jessica, for better or for worse, deserve to be there at the end with D and D. Love them or hate them, they've all played the best game, strategically et al. Anyway, I saw it coming but I was hoping that Eric, who I only became a fan of as he turned to D and D and when his romance with Jessica flared, would be able to finally when HOH. He played this entire game without ever winning. I'm a little disappointed. Maybe he can return one day for an all stars turn. When he was voted out, I just felt sick. Both pairs wanted to turn on each other but it was D and D, the firm "honest" players, who did it. I love to watch them and they were repentent about it and it is a game but, oh, what a dirty move! Anyway, it may have been the move strategically. Hopefully, Jameka goes home next week. Who would want to sit next to her when her friends sit in the jury house? Eric would have been the wiser person to keep. Anyway, the game is on. It's the final four and away we go!!!moreless

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