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Wednesday 8:00 PM on CBS (Returning June 25th, 2014)

Well, no one has died (yet!) in the current edition of Big Brother, so CBS has made the easy decision to give it another season. The reality show will be back for its 16th edition next summer. Out of pure magical coincidence, CBS renewed the series with just under a week to go until next Wednesday's special 90-minute season finale crowns a winner. 

The deal also means that Big Brother After DarkBig Bro's less censored naughty little brother—will return next summer, too. Big Brother After Dark will once again air on its new home of TV Guide Network. 

Racists, exhibitionists, and dimwits, start doing some sit-ups and get ready to apply for Season 16!

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AIRED ON 9/18/2013

Season 15 : Episode 36