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After last week's tumultuous run of horrifying houseguest behavior, the rightful internet outcry over said behavior and the only-surprising-to-some-houseguests eviction of David (who was already asking to get back into the house on Twitter this week, prior to suspending his account), the second week of Big Brother's fifteenth season seemed bound to be a little calmer. However, with the much-despised Aaryn in the Head of Household room and cracks within the Moving Company, the last eight days ended up being pretty compelling in some traditional Big Brother ways. We've made it through another (surprising) live eviction, so let's discuss some of the week's best and worst moments. 

CBS finds its villain

Last week, all anyone could talk about was the bigotry and hate being spewed in the house, and with good reason. At first, producers chose not to include any of these remarks in the telecasts, mostly responding with a typical, "Yeah these people are bad, but hey, 24/7 filming right?!" But this week, the show—or CBS—decided that Aaryn's rise to HoH power offered an opportunity to air some of her truly horrible remarks. Executive Producer Allison Grodner told The New York Times that Big Brother included Aaryn's hateful statements for story purposes, which I 100 percent believe, but also find kind of icky. 

So basically, the show's willing to let the unknowing TV audience in on the fact that Aaryn is pretty terrible simply because it makes her HoH reign more compelling, not because it's the right thing to do—especially in a game where the audience votes to award power to someone in the house and thus any misinformation directly impacts said game? (Not like it matters, Elissa is going to win MVP until someone votes her out which is a much more minor injustice, but ugh.) You probably noticed that the show continued to assassinate Aaryn's character this week by airing her conversation with Amanda where she showed zero remorse for her comments, yet outside of some of the milder things that GinaMarie has said, we have yet to see the offensive comments made by Spencer, Jeremy, and even Amanda herself. I guess because those folks aren't designated villains yet. 

I'm still having trouble processing this, really. I applaud the show for at least airing a big chunk of Aaryn's hateful, unapologetic behavior because the TV-only viewers need to know that she's a scumbag. But now they've only showed some of it, and for one specific reason: to label Aaryn as the season's Big Bad. Well two reasons, if you buy into the theory that producers or CBS decided that airing some of the comments would salvage the show's sinking ratings. 

The Moving Company is closed for business

This is not a surprise, even if you've only watched the telecasts since last week. Nick, this week's evicted houseguest, made the two points I planned to make here, but I'll just repeat them anyway. First of all, The Moving Company failed because some of its members tried to play too hard, too fast. There are always those people—typically younger men—who come into the house and immediately come up with game-ending master plans; typically, as soon as they mouth off in the diary room about final fours and post-jury deals, they're talking to Julie on the stage. Nick was that person this year, and Jeremy and Spencer are damn close to ending up just like him. The big play last week made it too obvious that something was up and sure, Spencer and Nick walked around the house for a week thinking they were masterminds, but Candice and others (I think Amanda figured it out early but hasn't really said so) caught on quickly, it wasn't hard. And Jeremy's just too pushy, loud, abrasive, etc. 

That was enough to put the Moving Company in danger. But Nick's second point was even better: Playing multiple games with different sides of the house eventually forces you to pick sides. Because the MC had this "secret" alliance but the members socially interacted with opposite sides of the house, they all had to decide betwen the Super Duper Secret Bro alliance and the people they actually like to hang out with. McCrae was never going to be able to resist Amanda, and it's not like he's besties with Jeremy anyway. Meanwhile, Spencer flipped on Nick because he and Howard think they're going to outsmart the new majority by saying Jessie was the other vote for Elissa to go. 

Of course, it's probably not going to work. Jeremy's going to be new HoH Helen's target this week, but she'd be better off getting rid of Spencer. He thinks he's running the house. In any event, these big-time early alliances rarely work. The MC isn't the exception; it just proves the rule.

A mostly new game

The MC is dead, but while the Mom Squad is in control right now, I'm not sure Candice's dream all-girl alliance is really in play. We know that the miserable quartet of Jeremy (who's gone from comic relief to straight-up douche very quickly), Kaitlin, Aaryn, and GinaMarie is in trouble. With Elissa likely to win MVP again, it's going to take a miracle for one of those four not to leave the house in week three. Still, I think Nick's departure and the dissolution of the MC raises more questions than it answers. Are the other 10 people in the house really going to stick it out long enough to get those four out? It's hard to believe they will, especially with Spencer always looking to show off how smart he is. Amanda made some in-roads with Aaryn during the week, as did Helen, so I'll be curious to see if the bigot flips on the other three just to stay alive for a few more weeks. 

Right now, I think Judd, Andy, and Candice are still playing really great games. Helen is as well, but the aftermath of her HoH stint could turn her into a bigger target. It's easy to root for Amanda and McCrae, but people will come after them sooner rather than later. She's too big of a threat, and he can't—or isn't willing—to see that yet. 

What's been the most interesting part of the past week for you folks?

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