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With the double eviction and a probable end to the mostly toothless MVP twist looming this week, I wanted to check in on Big Brother and I had hoped to do so with another rendition of ridiculous quotes. Unfortunately, last night's live episode was so action-packed that there weren't all that many stand-out lines. Well, except for everything that Candice and GinaMarie shouted over one another in what became the best nominee speech of the season (and recent memory), but most of that stuff was incomprehensible (though I did love Candice's shots about GM living with her parents). With the game in the middle of its (first) big sea change, how's a good time to take stock in the most important question of any Big Brother season: Who's the craziest? Who's the favorite to win now? Let's break it down.

Evicted Houseguests: 

David (I seriously had to look him up on Wikipedia), Nick (In Witness Protection; hiding from GM), Jeremy (back on the 25-foot boat), Kaitlin (hey girl), Howard (still talking; not making any sense), Candice (lots a drama in Candy Land), Judd (R.I.P., bear shirt). 

9. GinaMarie

This week's outgoing HOH might make it further than houseguests ranked higher on this list, but that's only because people know she has no shot in hell in winning. Frankly, I'm convinced that her fellow contestants are keeping her around for Nick's sake. Midway through her fight with Candice this week, GM held up Nick's hat, as if that gave her special arguing abilities. Or maybe she was just reiterating to Candice that she's nuts. If she wins another competition that doesn't involve deep-throating, I'll be shocked. 

8. Jessie

Have you guys noticed that Jessie looks like a cartoon toad when she wears glasses? That's my primary Jessie thought. She's improved a little in recent weeks, but she tends to get overly emotional about stuff that doesn't really matter. And this is a show where the primary action is getting overly emotional about stuff that doesn't matter. 

7. Spencer

Just in case you were craving more stories about the Big Brother 15 houseguests being legitimately awful people, Spencer went and made a preeeeeeeeety creepy "joke" about child porn. Forgive the profiling, but if you'd've asked me before the season started which houseguest I thought might make that kind of joke, I'd've totally said Spencer. He's another one who the house Dons are going to keep around just long enough, but I suspect he might find a way to last a week longer than most people expect. He's not an idiot, or a bad game-player; he's just someone you don't want to be in a dark anything with. 

6. Elissa 

Remember the first few weeks of the season when Elissa was the focal point of everything happening in the house? Thank goodness that's changed. She lost her unearned MVP powers once the producers realized that casting the sibling of a popular former player and then giving fans power was kind of screwed up, and then she lost my interest. I don't think she's done anything to boost her chances of winning, but she weathered that early storm and she's been attached to Helen's hip since week two. Not the worst place to be.

5. Amanda

Amanda is incapable of shutting up and she's let the power go to her head in recent weeks. She's all about "the game" until someone plays her, which is basically the worst mindset you can have on this show. I see why America tried to take her out, and even though it failed in the short term, the last two weeks have probably ruined Amanda's long game. She's not winning. 

4. Aaryn

I don't even know how we got here. Aaryn's evolved into a competition beast, winning three HOHs and a Veto, and she's pretty chill with both Helen and Amanda. When one of those two egomaniacs ultimately goes after the other, Aaryn could hold a lot of power. But she made it this far by doing whatever the heck people told her to do, which isn't exactly a winning strategy. Even though she's a racist and a puppet, sometimes it feels like Aaryn's one of the only people trying to do stuff in the house. 

3. Andy

If this were a fair world, Andy would be a front-runner. Nobody works the house like he does. He's squashed any plans to evict Amanda that've percolated in the last two weeks, seemingly without raising much suspicion among Helen and Elissa. The problem is that everyone sees him as a supporting player in their various alliances with him, which means that when he makes it to the final four or better, people will start calling him a floater, or a hanger-on, or something stupid. Dude's playin' the game. 

2. Helen 

As a television viewer, I can't stand Helen. She talks too loud in the diary room, she uses ridiculous hand gestures, and she tries so hard with her faux enthusiasm. But as a fan of the game, I can't hate on Helen too much. She works the house better than anyone who's not named Andy and she's proven that she can get big people out of the house when she wants to. Depending on who wins the next HOH, I'd wager that she's ready to go after Amanda, and it's time. That's how Helen will win.

1. McCrae

Come on, the Pizza Boy's still the frontest frontrunner. Somehow, amid Amanda's toxic and hateful arguments with half the house, McCrae has avoided almost all of the backdraft. That doesn't usually happen with clear pairs, even when they're a big part of the controlling voting block. But McCrae's smart; he's outwardly voiced his displeasure with Amanda's actions, signaling to the rest of the house that he's not a complete package deal with her. He's likable, he's been pretty good in competition, and it's going to be at least a few weeks before he ends up with a major target on his back. Things can—and will—change, but right now, McCrae's in the driver's seat. 

Who do you think is the favorite to win the game now?

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