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So far the way I see it the only one who has played the game BB IS Amanda, the rest of these players have place blame and point fingers at everyone for their moves, out bursts, and choices! If I was playing any game for 500 thousand dollars there is no way anyone would be pulling my puppet strings! If I was gonna go down in flames it would be at my own hands not by someone else's. And If Elisa continues to say how much better she is than the rest of the world and how scared she is from having to associate with the scum that she has been subjected to live with I think I will PUKE! Her and her weirdo lip poses and constant looking at herself in such admiration is sickening, who casted her? Sheesh! I hope Amanda wins this game she sure as heck deserves the win, not every day you see someone so skilled and powerful she just waves her magic little finger and chills, fear and total command of your mind is taken, and you have to follow her every word, wake up and smell the coffee these people want Amanda to take the fall make the enemies and dirty her hands so they can cry victim at the end. The end, true story!
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