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Sep 11, 2013
I think I know what will happen....don't look because you could be surprised
So, according to audience tweets, Judd got evicted and Andy is HOH. Now, a couple days ago, GM and McCrae actually made a real F2 because I believe GM believes there is a bros before hos thing going on which was kind of confirmed when McCrae told her they had approached him. Now, I am going to place money on the fact that Andy does not either have a) the balls or b) the gamesmanship to realize if he wants McCrae out (which I believe would be his and Spencer's goal), he cannot put both McCrae and GM on the block. He has to backdoor McCrae or at least have the option to vote out GM instead. If he has to replace either McCrae or GM on the block, Spencer is leaving. It just doesn't seem like the odds would be in Spencer or Andy's favor to ...Read more
Sep 05, 2013
Double Eviction Tonight!
Do you guys think Amanda will be able to worm her way out of an eviction tonight? If so do you think the producers are rigging the game for her to win? Who do you want gone for the second eviction? And with pretty much only shady people who make fun of children left to play, who are you rooting for to win?
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Sep 04, 2013
Has anyone been paying attention? Producer interference!!
Not that it really is going to make a huge difference, the only thing coming out of this I see is that McCrae doesn't trust Andy and there is someone who definitely has Elissa's back (since it is not totally totally clear if GM would ever choose her over the Exterminators). I mean, from everything I can tell, getting Elissa to vote to keep Amanda sort of just makes it for the Double Eviction possibly three against three if Judd was serious about wanting to work with McCrae.
Aug 22, 2013
Why does everyone want Amanda out?
So far the way I see it the only one who has played the game BB IS Amanda, the rest of these players have place blame and point fingers at everyone for their moves, out bursts, and choices! If I was playing any game for 500 thousand dollars there is no way anyone would be pulling my puppet strings! If I was gonna go down in flames it would be at my own hands not by someone else's. And If Elisa continues to say how much better she is than the rest of the world and how scared she is from having to associate with the scum that she has been subjected to live with I think I will PUKE! Her and her weirdo lip poses and constant looking at herself in such admiration is sickening, who casted her? Sheesh! I hope Amanda wins this game she sure as ...Read more
Aug 21, 2013
Is this the most boring stretch of a season in recent memory?
Like even if...let's see...Spencer wins the next HOH as the only person who has the balls to put up Amanda, he probably wouldn't put up McCrae next to her. Probably in some weird nod to the Moving Company members he desserted, he puts up Amanda and Elissa. Unless Elissa wins veto, she, as the only other person who would put up Amanda, goes home. I actually think Elissa is the only one who would put up both Amanda and McCrae together. Because I figure the only way that she is not going to go final four at least (because I think Aaryn might get rid of her at that point) is if she is up next to McCrae. No one has sniffed out Andy yet and no one seems ready to risk him. The biggest mystery at this point is who is going first, Spencer or ...Read more
Aug 14, 2013
Aaryn to win BB15

So in my opinion Aaryn is going to win the current season of Big Brother and here is my reasoning why...

1) She has a final four deal with McCranda and Andy AND a final three deal with Helen and Elissa AND an assumed final two with GM

2) She is much more disliked outside of the house than inside the house. Her racist/horrible comments have not been blown up by the media to the houseguests. It is possible that the houseguest may not actually take her comments earlier in the show into account if she would eventually make it to the final two. Also she has way toned down since Jeremy and Kaitlin left the house.

3) The people in the house that she offended the most in the house by her horrible comments are mostly gone now.

4) She is becoming a competition beast! If they let ...

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Aug 11, 2013
So who is the most annoying houseguest now?

Amanda has been such a bitch lately, Early on in the season I did not like Aaryn, even Elissa was not that great, but now Amanda is the person to get out. NOW!!!!! I liked the comment she made when she was trying to get Howard out, she couldnt trust him because she couldnt manipulate him, what a joke.

Jul 31, 2013
I think this season is going to be fairly predictable

Once they unified to get most of the Blonderage out, the group kind of just all fell in line. I can't see Helen or Elissa mounting a real offense to get rid of Amanda no matter how much they talk about it and it is only Candice and Spencer who will do it at that point.

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