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Free Speech - Do NOT Post Spoilers in Thread Titles

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    To the poster(s) who have been disrupting the Big Brother forum this evening after the Pacific airing of Big Brother, please kindly leave and head over to another forum where you feel more comfortable. As this particular show is unique in that is airs live feeds via the Internet prior to such feeds being aired on television, it is highly susceptible to being spoiled for those viewers who do not watch the live feeds and do not like for the show to be spoiled. Fans of the show come here to discuss what has already aired over the television airwaves. If you are a feed-watcher, there are also a few threads dedicated to discussion spoilers and/or the live feeds just for you.

    As to any free speech arguments that have been made, please also rethink those. It may be best for posters disrupting the forum to pick up a case law text book on the first amendment and study it. An individual is only afforded such rights when they are acting in a public forum. Furthermore, such "free speech" rights are suject to additional limitations. In other words, not all speech is free. While the Internet is publicly accessible, the domain of "" is run by a private sector, and as such, members are not entitled to "free speech."

    The moderators are an SRO (self-regulating organization) and are able to set the rules and guidelines as they feel is proper. When you become a member of this web site, you must actively opt-in to "agree" to abide the rules, guidelines and regulations governing the site (the "Rules and Regulations"). If you disobey the Rules and Regulations, you are subject to several ramifications. One of the Rules and Regulations states that spoilers shall be properly labeled and must not be contained in the thread topic. Thus, by posting spoilers in a thread topic, the poster disrupting the site this evening is not following the Rules and Regulations he/she agreed to follow when becoming a member.

    If you have any further "free speech" arguments, please do feel free to private message me or a moderator. I would be more than happy to debate this subject.

    Yours truly,
    "Big Brother Editor of"

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