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  • Jojo is gone and Willie is gone and in trouble.

    So glad she is gone. Her mouth, i could not take anymore. She would not let anyone get a word in. The rest of the people i can deal with. Wille was aressted for fighting and drinking and driving.
  • will and Joe

    I truly feel that both Joe and Will sholud have been sent home. Will did not hit Joe,But however he did start it.What is fair for one sholud be for all
  • farmer joe

    farmer joe should go he is the one who put his hands up not will
  • What was Willie thinking???

    I was so peeved at what Willie did... Words escape me! But I found this really great blog post from a reality TV casting director that sums his nutjob behavior up perfectly:
  • BIG BROTHER NOT IN HD?????????????

    CBS is the cheapest network ever. Why isn't Big Brother broadcast in HD???????????

    The casting crew needs to be fired. They cast the same people every year... and they don't ever seem to cast a physically fit and/or attractive black woman. Plenty of them are representing USA in this summer's olympics. GET YOUR SH*T TOGETHER BB. Hey, here's a twist...CAST THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOU HAVE SPENT THE LAST 14 SEASONS CASTING!
  • same ole, same ole

    Why do they keep having the same people on the show, it gets boring, they have already played the game, it is more like a soap opera, why not new people to make it interesting. Just getting sick of seeing the same people.
  • I give it a 4 but that's probably to high

    Giving this show a 4 but that's probably to high, start with the same old tiring and poor casting each season the casting of houseguest remains unchange always the same old black and gay is cast, the waitress (never cast someone who serves food like say a waiter), fake women with fake boobs, angry annoying religion guy, older person who cleans the house but has to parent killing any fun that the younger houseguests may want to have fun.
  • I don't know why I am drawn to this show..

    but apparently staying in a house with people you may or may not be drawn to will definitely have your emotions running like a rollercoaster. Ok concept, but I see as much drama as I do in romantic movies. This show makes you wonder.
  • i like it

    show is good...but...sometimes seems fixed.

    for example...a popular player gets voted off....then all of a sudden they can get back in the random...i think not.

    to legitimize this they should announce an events calendar (ie. double evictions or evicted person can get back in) to the home viewers so we know when an evicted guest may get the chance to be sent back.

    aside from this it is still entertaining.
  • DRUGS!!!

    They have to be on heroin to stand each other, AND THEMSELVES!!!
  • Stick strangers in a house loaded with cameras and microphones, introduce manufactured stressors, and watch what happens!

    Big Brother is that "train wreck" show that you know you shouldn't watch, but you can't help it anyway. It's crass, lewd, tawdry, and always enjoyable.
    The show typically starts with roughly 16 strangers (more than half generally on the extra-photogenic side) in a house with little privacy, and wired for non-stop video and sound capture. Each week two residents are placed up for eviction, and the housemates vote to kick one out. Sprinkled in the mix are challenges for food, luxuries, and the all-powerful veto, which can save a housemate from the chopping block. Currently, the nominations air Saturday, the veto on Tuesday, and the eviction takes place live on Thursday night, presided over by the always beautiful Julie Chen, who then also hosts the challenge to become the new Head of Household, who has the power to make the eviction nominations, in addition to getting a private room for a week.
    The show has been adding twists over the years to keep the formula fresh, including the surprise inclusion of ex-boy/girlfriends, and having a set of identical twins switch out every few days via the diary room, where the contestants vent and reveal their thoughts daily. This is in addition to the twists the players create themselves, as alliances are constantly shifting and knowing who you can trust can be very difficult. The producers also have gotten very creative with the challenges they throw at the players, and predictably a high number of them conveniently require them to get into their swimwear.
    While never the smash hit that this show is in the UK, nor does it reach quite the level of randiness, it's become a summertime staple here in the states, with ratings that continue to climb as the American public has slowly warmed to the concept. Hopefully this piece of summer fluff will survive for years to come.
  • So much drama, so little time!


    Big Brother is definitely one of my favorite reality television shows. Although the current season (13) does not have as much drama as the others, it is still entertaining and full of interesting twists. I am definitely looking forward to many more seasons of this show. The fights, the hook-ups, the arrogance, the emotions, the HOHs, the POVs and most importantly, the Have-Not competitions. I love almost everything about this show!

  • The Worse Big Brother Ever!


    I thought it was bad during Keasar and Janelle's season. This takes the cake. This is the Jeff and Jordan show. BB is catering to them. I am starting to wonder is Jordan blew through the money she won or is BB trying to help Jeff win, so he will be happy. I have no problem with people playing the game.But, Jeff and Jordan straight up lied on BB after Dark. They know good and well that they told Danielle they would not put her up and would not back door her. CBS owes us another Big Brother. If Evil Dick was not staying what was the sense in bringing in new players. You should of just had a season of two couple teams. Jeff and Jordan got the "newbies" so snowed. They do not realize you can not bring everyone with you to the end! They are suckers. I do not know who I like least Brandon and Rachel or Jeff and Jordan.

  • Rachel needs to go. I was sick of her last leason and feel even more so this season. Seems like someone told her to tone down her sickening laugh this season and for that I am grateful otherwise I would've completely turned off....


    LOVE BIG BROTHER!!!! Don't like Brendon and Rachel returning. They both made me sick last season and did the same for me this season. Sorry to say but this season has been pretty boring. The best cast members of the season which were PT and Cassie were voted out way too early. Hopefully one of them will make the "twisted" return and bring entertainment back to the show!!!

  • Can't help but watch.

    This show is addictive, but at the same time very much frusterating. Perhaps I am in the minority, but I have come to the conclusion that every Big Brother contestant are the same. They lie, they are hypocritical, and they have no clue on how to keep their guns. That said, this show is by far a show that sucks you in, even if you have no intention on watching it. I've learned to avoid it, and I have been very successful at staying away since the show seems to really anger me. Overall, an okay show that has its flaws. Thank you.
  • Ok I have allways loved Big Brother but it seems this season is a little dull I think we need more America participation

    There doesnt seem to be enough action going on right now, they only punishment anyone gets is the havenot room..the house doesnt have to really earn anything anymore, the twists or americas participation need to increase...too much blah time.If they have to actually earn things they might get more competetive and actually start playing the game,I feel like they're just kinda chilling out the houseguests dont have that oh I miss this kind of far the only thing they seem to really miss is texting and being online, they should have to work for more like maybe a good meal or something instead of everything just being there.
  • What happens when you put a bunch of people in one house together most of which have huge egos?

    I just recently started watching this show, completly by mistake, and i ended up loving it. The drama, chaos, and constant b!tching is so fun to watch. I love reality shows, game shows, social experiments and honestly anything with drama. This show is the best of all four worlds. If you enjoy watching any of the four then this is absolutly the show that you should at the very least give a shot. Even if you don't usually like watching a program such as this one it's still a big possibility that you will get hooked.
    The question was: What happens when you put a bunch of people in one house together, most of which have huge egos?
    The Answer: One Great show!!
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    Big Brother, which began in the summer of 2000, has become an annual tradition for fans; every summer
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  • Americans backstabbing Americans.

    If this show is really about average people in a house - then why isn't the U.S. at war with itself? It shows how people will do anything like lying, cheating, and backstabbing other people just like them in order to be better. I almost guarantee that people on this show loose their friends once they get voted off as who would want to be friends with anyone that will betray him or her as if they would get on top because of it? I really wonder why this show made it through all these seasons and why the producers still have jobs.
  • A bunch of people are put in a house together and have competitions etc. It's crazy. Expect the unexpected.

    I can't help but watch this show every season. There are always crazy people who make you scream or laugh. There are the annoying ones who just drive you insane. The competitions are funny. My favourite person of all time would have to be Dr. Will. He was cunning and brilliant. Not to mention hot. That's what you get with this show. Some laughs, some screams, and sometimes you get something good to look at. It is my biggest guilty pleasure. Pure entertainment. If I were to ever be on a reality show I would be on this one. Check it out people.
  • A clever premise that shows the one thing people actually watch reality TV for: The INTERACTION. However sleazy, it's smarter than MTV counterparts.

    This reality show flirts brilliantly with the line between "classy" and "trashy". I have watched this show every summer for the past three years and have to say that the latest season was definitely better than All Stars and Season Eight (I just won't mention Nine). It helped that I was in love with Dan since Day 1, but I liked how it got a little less gimmicky and just focused on delivering quirky, cool contestants and a healthy dose of competitions, backstabbing, alliances, and all that fun stuff. I just really, really hope that it continues on this encouraging new trend of contestant diversity (finally, a little more variety than Token Black Girl, Token Black Guy, Token Gay Guy, Blondes, Blackhaired Guys!) and sticking with the things about Big Brother that are GOOD.
  • THis show is One of the best organzized plusuring reality-competition show of the century!!! filled with laughs and you bond with the competitiors.

    Big Brother, which began in the summer of 2000, has become an annual tradition for fans; every summer (with the exception of the 2008 winter edition) viewers are treated to new HouseGuests, new challenges, and new evictions! Here's how the game works: each week, there is a Head of Household challenge, where all of the players compete for the power in the house. The HoH then nominates two other HouseGuests for eviction. Several days later, a Power of Veto competition is held, where six players (the HoH, the nominees, and three guests) attempt to win the Golden Power of Veto, which gives the bearer the power to "veto," or cancel, one of the HoH's nominations, forcing the HoH to nominate someone el se (other than the Veto bearer) for eviction. This show has become my best friend.... i ran home to watch it and almost get killed....i love it and i only watched half a season(the 10th) i hope cbs and the host will be back for more.... because this show is absolutley big. i regret i turned my back on big brother for the past 9 seasons....passing the show ever!!!
  • one of my faves

    I don't know if I want Dan or Memphis. This is one of the hardest decisions! I am glad I am not a juror. I have been watching "Big Brother" since the first season. I really enjoyed the season with Evil Dick although I did not think he was all that evil! My absolute worst houseguest ever had to have been Jen. She thought she was all that and a bag of chips! I loved when Dick would get up in her face. This season Dan and Memphis have done a hell of a job hiding their renegade allience and I have to give Jerry props for being 75 and made it to the final 3
  • a great show.

    this show is really great!.i love it maybe the fact that there tortured inside lmao!.its really a great show they compete in competitions and basically are suffering the whole time the whole hoh,and pov concepts are great ideas ,heres the premise thank wikipedia,"The housemates are, for the most part, isolated within the house. They are allowed no access to television, radio or the Internet and are not allowed any form of communications with the outside world (including other media). In some shows, even books and writing material are not permitted, with the exception of religious materials such as the Bible, Torah or Qur'an.

    Contestants are not completely isolated, however. They have regular scheduled interactions with the show's host (mostly on eviction nights), and throughout each day the program's producer, via the "Big Brother" voice, instructs the contestants in various matters and sometimes issues tasks or commands them to take certain actions. In some versions of the show, private chats with a psychologist are allowed at any time, often by means of a telephone in the Diary Room."
    dont censor that read it.its just the break down of it k anyways this show is really great and this way people can win alot of money.too.
  • This show is a game a competition between a house of people who compete for monwy

    Big brother just got in my life this year but... I loke it alot it is totaly real and takes alot of brains and skill. To be on big brother you'd need to be a great liar. Only the strong will survive .Its a game of lying and backstabbing whats not to love especially with the yearly showmances. My mom got me hooked and i will love this show forever. I am really sick of reality shows,and this is the only one i still watch.Big brother has been around for almost 10 years now and i hope it will survive another 10.
  • I was watching the voting process this week where they voted Libra off, I was a little confused when April was explaining to Ollie that Keisha was jealous of her because she looks better? Um yeah not true I think keisha is one of the prettiest women there

    Ollie really needs to get a clue and a backbone! His dad would be so embarrassed at his behavior. Wow! what a joke for a man he's whipped from lots of bleach and fake boobs! LOL and Michell please calm down! I'm almost sure that jessie hasn't thought of you once since back with i'm sure his hot boyfriend lol. Take some speech classes and spend more time behaving like a woman and less like a desperate,loud,classless,big hair boy! O wait Jessie may just like you after all lol. Dsn your so dang cute play the game win big! everyone else go home your boring!
  • A Game that is just amazing, so competitve and so fun. Watching these very different people sleep, eat, socialize, and evict each other just makes great television.

    I love Big Brother. Well, maybe not the boring Season 1, but the game evolves every year. In one week you might be nominated for eviction, and the other you could be in control of the house. Will, Lisa, Jun, Drew, Maggie, Mike, Dick, and Adam have all become a half a million dollars richer after playing this physical, mental, and emotional game. This game is a power struggle like no other.

    My only knock against the game are the bad winners: Lisa, Mike, Dick, and Adam. Dick and Adam for their emotional game plays, and somehow beat there more strategic ally in the finale. The interesting evictions and personalities make this show great.
  • This season of Big Brother is with 13 individuals in the house hold trying to make it through the end to with the $500,000

    I Love Big Brother I started watching the show of season 7 ALL- STARS! But for this season my favorite guy is Jessie
    and my favorite girl is Michelle.My favorite top 5 people are: 1)Jessie 2)Michelle 3)Memphis 4)Dan 5)Ollie I find that this season has way more conflict and betrail with all of the House Guests. At some points it is interesting but other points it is all craziness LOL! :P
    Right now Jessie is in a big scramble but hopefully he will get out of it and another conflict will happen so that all the stream is off of him and his alliance members!! Another thing is that Julie the Host said that there is going to be a lot of surprises i would what the surprises are? who know lol! All I can say is that I really enjoy this show.
  • Its back and like I said, Its Better!!!

    When I first talked about the up coming season of "Big Brother", I was hoping for something interesting. What I got was just a little better than thought. First, they actually have a guy from my home state in the house, Go Ollie!! Second, there's a white girl in there named Keesha and she works at Hooters'. They have a 75 year old war vet, Katrina survivor, even a body builder. Finally, they have gotten back to strangers making assumptions about each other then acting surprised when they "stab each other in the back". I don't know if that's even possible...yeah, no. But seriously I think they have the right mix of Crazy, to make good television. In these days of "Losing Lohan" and "Kardasian Booty" although this show, "Survivor of the House", might have run its course, its still worth turning back to each week. Trust me. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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