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  • Needs new casting and production

    The people involve with the show are lazy casting 20's who don't care about the money but showmances, gaining followers on there instagram, twitters and just making it to jury. Older cast may or may not help but maybe try it one season with no showmances, etc.
  • Worst season ever!

    What a bunch of sore losers! It was so obvious that PAUL should have won! He played BIG BROTHER!

    Also, it is a sad country who votes for a psycho path for fan favorite! I was hoping Jessica's mother would have talked her out of that scary lunatic!
  • Not Sure if I will watch again.

    I think I have watched every season and haven't cared for a different person because of how they were season I would have to say Christmas should have left because she could do nothing but run her mouth. She is rudy and thinks she is so smart but she had Paul do everything for her!!! Paul was someone that I didn't want to see and then how he played was even worst than last time....
  • OMG How awful!!!!

    This is the worst season of Big Brother. Nothing but bullies on this show. I can't believe grown men and women act like such children, running around calling each other names, banging pots and pans just to annoy someone and the rest of the cast laughing and clapping at the bullying. I think prior season Paul and this season's Josh are absolutely the worst. I give plenty of kudos to Cody and Jessica for not stooping to the childish pranks of these two boneheads. I was thoroughly disgusted with this season.
  • Big Brother Rigged

    The show is probably rigged, many of the competitions are indeed rigged everytime someone who is a fan or production favorite is in danger of going there get saved by a HOH/ POV and if not that another twist saves them this happens to much now adays the show is comming off more and more rigged, less and less real to bad the fans continue to not care.
  • MORE! : (

    derivative crap, julie chen SUCKS
  • worst season ever

    This season got an F in every category, though the girls were good except for Christine, who was a real Puker. Maybe its actually a D- minus-minus-minus-minus. Remembering Devin just made me puke in my mouth, so add another minus to the list. Unless next season is dynamite, I'm finished with BB. If it has an America's Team, I will cancel immediately. There was nothing entertaining about Ameri-Team. It was a real waste of time. All the "new" twists and turns. Classic BB is good enough, otherwise I'd rather use the time to clean my toilet.
  • Big Brother 16: one of the best yet

    Big Brother season 16 is going to the best one. I am really fascinated with the complicated and genuine relationship between each character, their alliance, their love story. I agree a lot with the review of "Big Brother 16: one of the best yet" in Look to the Cookie.

  • gotten way too old and crappy

    i think over the years BB has gotten alot more crappy dont get me wrong i was a fan but now its just old and boarding we need something new or if we cant get that plz end the show for good
  • Big brother

    I would love to know why big brother has never had a person that is over weight??? I have watched all 16 seasons and it upsets me that CBS never has anyone over weight. Please feel free to send a message thanks Ruby Becknel
  • "comp fixing"

    I feel that all the comps are geared towards frankie winning. I find it appalling that big brother would allow this to happen, let alone cbs. The fact that he has won 9 comps should be a clue. I sure hope america doesn't choose frankie to be America's player. He doesn't deserve the money, and he shouldn't have been chosen due to his sisters career. Sounds to me like big brother was scraping the bottom of the barrel when they chose him. I feel to make it fair, have America choose the house guests.
  • stop being mean

    every needs to stop bullying gary they are being mean .feel sorry for him .white dee is great as well .white dee or gary to win
  • Reminds me of Survivor

    The show feels a bit like the reality tv show Survivor and it has the same effect in a way with people trying to stay in the game as long as they can without getting voted off. It does feel impresive a little as the show goes from the outdoor tropics to the indoors and the challenges seem to be slightly more intresting than Survivors challenges. I think that the show is a great reality show and I cant wait to see it mostly until it ends.
  • new season. yay or nay?

    i personally hope that its going to be a lot better than last years. i hated almost everyone on the cast, especially gina marie and the monstrosity we shall call aaryn. im hoping there aren't any racists this season, but who knows i wouldn't be surprised. bb all the way, woo!
  • Andy is the winner. A lock. Guaranteed.

    No? Do you think CBS is going to allow a racist to win that show and give them $500,000? Really? Ok. If he doesn't how in the hell is CBS going to spin shelling out that much cash to an out and out ***phobe and racist? This has been the most ugly season yet. Aaryn drank the Kool-Aid. She wasn't in the house 2 minutes before she profusely apologized to Candice and Elyssa. You don't think she had a "talking to" on the way to The Jury house? At least 4 of them have been fired. Amanda is the ugliest of them all. The neutered Pizza Boy is an embarrassment to all men. What a weak, sorry individual. Congrats, Andy. Yours by default.
  • Amanda the Horrible

    Amanda is absolutely horrible! She is a Bully, a Bitch, a cry -baby, a hypocrit and such a loser as a person. She thinks it's okay for her to lie -- but bullies & blasts anybody else who does. GET HER OFF THE SHOW & OUT OF THERE! Nobody likes you -- and the FANS CAN'T STAND YOU!

    Also, Andy needs to go ----- he talks out of both sides of his mouth, keeps playing both sides and is a snake in the grass.


    McCray needs to go, also ---- he has done nothing but ride Amanda's coat tails and let her do all the dirty work. PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR HIM AS America's favorite player.

    This has to be the best show of the whole season. AMANDA is gone, and Elissa, (Who turned on the rest of the people that saved her) got what she had coming too. Now whoever wins this show may deserve it, (with the exception of ANDY). All the rest are doing fairly well. Whatever happened to showing the jury house? I'd like to see what happens when Amanda arrives there, since she pretty much screwed over everyone that is there.
  • CBS not standing up

    We all hear Aaryn talk about racisim, but CBS had the last say so what is to be AIRED or not. this is why this country will never get over racism, people like the CBS team and Julie Chen just won't let it go. CBS knew this was going to get a lot of publicity and let it air. Now they have a screen on trying to apologize for her remarks. if you don't want to have a war on your hands, then edit it out, they edit everything else out, except what they WANT YOU TO SEE. CBS just wanted to have more viewers and have a higher RATINGS. ENOUGH SAID
  • She is finishing up

    She is just finishing up on what Elissa started. But yes she did naminate both of them when elissa only nominated McCrae. But she wanted to backdoor Amanda sad bad ass last week. lol
  • Bullying by the Host??

    This year's Big Brother has one of the worst cases of bullying I've ever encountered. However, it's one kind of bullying if you are a contestant playing to the another when the host of the show plays the part of a bully when interviewing someone that has been stuck in that house for 70 was way too harsh to Aaron in the interview tonight. Too much bullying going on all around!
  • I'm Done

    I have been disgusted all season with the castmates and finally said enough after last night's episode. The racist remarks went on far too long and now the bullying is out of control. Unfortunately, Amanda will probably pull the win and be rewarded for her absolutely horrible behavior and then others will follow in seasons to come, thinking it is the way to play the game.

    I wish that Judd would speak a little louder with his objections and I am so disappointed in Andy and Spencer. Both are floaters and too frightened to stand up and defend their so called friends. They only time Andy is apologetic is when he is pretending and is along with the plan. Spencer says nothing. And tired of hearing how wonderful Helen was. She was a mean girl, too. Wonder how she is going to explain her behavior to her children? I just want to be a fly on the wall at the homes of all the cast members family. They have to be absolutely mortified.

    The MVP was a nice feature this season but did not last long enough. America was wanting to get rid of the despicables, but evidently the producers did not.

    I won't be watching anymore, but will be hoping and praying that none of the #@*^ on the bottom of Big Brother's shoes takes home the prize.
  • Amanda is giving Rachael a run for the money!

    Just when you think BB couldn't find another skank like Rachael, up comes Amanda! Wow, what a nasty, dirty mouthed, disgusting woman! Does she not realize she is broadcasting to the world! I'm sure McCrae's parents are absolutely horrified, and praying to God that he won't continue seeing her after the show! The VERY personal things she talks about in front of everyone is just shocking! She has no morals, no shame, and no class at all!
  • Personally, I am intrigued.

    I love Big Brother. I am a loyal fan, and have been watching since season 2. I can't imagine a summer without BB. This game is being played on a completely different level than we have ever seen. So were seasons with Rachel Reily, my personal favorite, nor can we ever forget the also shocking cast member, Evil Dick. They both blew us away! Evil Dick said some pretty harsh personal things to people, however it was his game play, not personal. Rachel, is an amazing woman, in competitions! She was able to win the game because she could back her mouth up. There are no rules as to how people play the game in the general sense. Yes, BB has rules, however they are not the one's who have this game in a never before seen place, of unexpected loyalty with soooo many cast members. The cast has decided to play this way, loyal until they can no longer be loyal to each other. The real games are about to begin and I am anticipating some more crazy behavior, especially from Amanda. I'm hoping Spencer will do a final two deal with Elissa. I don't trust Helen really having her back until the end. Year after year, the strong survive to battle it out. These players do not seem to have the same physical potential for long term endurance, therefore, had they not taken out the strongest players as they have done as a group, they themselves, would be gone. I am intrigued with this years game play.
  • Worst season ever

    Not only have we had the racist remarks but they are all stupid and no one is willing to do didn't Andy go after either McRae and Amanda or if he wanted to stick with them he could have gone after Helen and he goes the safe route and goes after people who aren't even a threat at disappointing season....
  • ashamed

    this episode should be cancelled. I am ashamed that all those racist people are still on the show. I will not watch it if America do not put an end to that behaviour what are we endorsing. SHAMED SHAMMED
  • not impressed

    Get rid of those with the racial and mean comments and replace the with those voted off.... Amanda is mean and a bully and aryn should have been long gone



    The PRODUCERS of the show should have told you to "GET SOME CLOTHES ON"!!

  • What's Up With Elissa?

    While I don't like Amanda much, I thought Elissa was very nasty to her about the bathing suit. Who cares whether it was a one piece or two piece! I can see teens and maybe young adults acting this way but not a married woman with a child. I was floored by her comments. Maybe she was miffed because she did not know who had put her on the block so she was striking back at anyone.
  • Disgusted

  • Its reality TV

    I understand that people are upset over the racial comments. They are not right no matter what race they go towards. The fact is this is reality TV. You get to find out people true colors. This should be a wake up call for people to watch what they say or do. This years show hasn't started out the best but I do have my favorites. And what is wrong with Howard? Everyone in the house tells a little fib, he has just been caught. I miss Jeff and Jordon.