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  • BB2 Ep #29 Finale
    Episode 36
  • BB2 Ep #29
    Episode 35
    It's come down to this. Will and Nicole have taken different routes to the Finals, but they remain standing and are now waiting for the word from their former housemates. With the former HouseGuests waiting in the wings, Nicole and Will reflect on how they made it this far. Nicole's intent was to remain true to herself and be the same person inside the House that she is outside. "It's gotten me this far," she says. Will went into the House with a devious, two-pronged strategy: lie to everyone and lose all competitions. "I consider lying a sport," he boasts. "If you got burned in this House, it's your fault." After a narrow victory in the first eviction vote, Nicole tried to rally the other HouseGuests into going after Will, who was nominated three times but never voted out. Nicole believes the only reason she made it as far as she did is because she was able to make alliances with people, but Will turns this idea on its head, saying, "The smartest thing I did in this game was falsely befriend Nicole." Carrying such a conniving nemesis into the Finals may be what ultimately gives Nicole the prize, and she makes her case, bluntly stating, "I should win because I never lied to anybody, which he did a billion times." Before they can cast their votes, the evicted HouseGuests have some dirty laundry to air with each other. Monica addresses the group, which is meeting for the first time since their individual evictions: "Let's talk about what went down." Mike Boogie defends Chill Town, stating that they did not scheme against anyone in the House, but simply enjoyed each other's company. Krista confronts Hardy about "some negative things" she heard him say about her. Hardy defends his words, saying that things happened in the House based on what they thought was happening, not necessarily what was actually happening. Monica laughs, noting that she "watched some of y'all fall on your faces" after they underestimated her. Kent states that the eviction vote against Sheryl the first week was a vote against Mike and Chill Town for nominating her, not a vote against her as a person. Mike apologizes to Sheryl for putting her in that position and Sheryl accepts. Autumn believes that Nicole did a good job of manipulating people in the House to get what she needed to succeed in the game. Mike agrees, commenting on how well Nicole played Hardy and Will against each other by keeping them both "on her hip." Monica tells Hardy that she was most disappointed in him out of all the HouseGuests, while Shannon tells Bunky that she was most disappointed in him for not giving her a chance to get to know him. Bunky responds by telling her that he wasn't comfortable being around her and says that she's "not a nice person." Regarding the in-House relationship with Will, Shannon has a different perspective, now that she's watched things on tape. "I have no idea about Will," she says. "The stories he told in the House were just…wrong." Later, Autumn confesses to not knowing whom to vote for, while Sheryl compliments Nicole and Will on a game well played. Krista is leaning toward Will, saying that she doesn't "believe in [Nicole's] values," but Bunky says he's glad to not have to deal with living with Will anymore. Kent sums up the undecided atmosphere by saying, "Deciding between Will and Nicole is like picking between an ingrown toenail and a rash." The evictees each get to ask Will and Nicole a question to help them decide whom they're going to vote for. Sheryl asks them both to convince her why they should be the winner. Nicole answers, "I've done the very best I can to treat people well and be as truthful as I was allowed to be." Autumn asks Nicole who in the House she felt she was loyal to. Nicole tells her that she feels she was loyal to her, Bunky and Hardy. Later, Hardy asks her why, during the week Will was able to evict either one of them, she continually asked him to consider what Shannon would want him to do. Nicole denies going to Will and campaigning for his vote at the expense of her alliance with Hardy. Monica tells Will that she found out that early in the game he called her "stupid" and wonders if he still thinks of her as stupid now. Will tells her that early in the game he didn't consider her a strong player, but as time went on in the House, he grew to respect her and her abilities. To Hardy, Will pointedly says that he knows he's not going to get his vote and doesn't bother trying to change his mind. Nicole and Will both make speeches to the group as their final opportunity to change their minds. Nicole tells them that "My strategy was to be myself and the first week that got squashed to pieces. It became a war after that. It's stupid, dumb luck that I'm in here." Will stands and tells them that he's not going to make apologies or discuss his regrets with them. Instead, he says that people who have a problem with him and how he acts on a Reality TV show might have a problem with reality itself and if they have a problem with reality, then their problem is with themselves and not with him. He wonders if anyone in the group followed through on their opening night pledge to become friends and get to know each other. Kent wonders, "what was the deal with Will's speech?" Overall, the evicted HouseGuests have very poor reviews of his performance, calling it "cocky." Shannon tellingly says, "I was looking around the room and I thought he had this won, but after that speech, I don't know."moreless
  • BB2 Ep #28
    Episode 34
    Part of what makes BIG BROTHER 2 unique is that it's competitors are isolated completely from the outside world with only each other for interaction. However, due to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the BIG BROTHER 2 producers broke from this idea and informed the HouseGuests of what had happened. Monica was called to the Diary Room, by herself at first, and was informed of the events at the World Trade Center where her cousin Tamitha worked and remains unaccounted for. Producers were already in touch with her family and promised to relay messages back and forth to keep her up to date on the situation. Bringing Will and Nicole into the Diary Room, the producers informed them that their families had been contacted and everyone in their families were OK after the attacks. Like all Americans, the HouseGuests discussed the tragedies occuring at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania. Nicole and Will were both amazed at the strength Monica displayed after hearing that her cousin is missing. Monica says, "What's important to me is that my family in New York is taking care of that business. If I leave or stay, if they can't get here, it's not important to me." Round Two of the final Head of Household Competition sees Monica eliminated from contention, leaving the decision of who the finalists will be to whoever wins Round Three. From those final two HouseGuests, one winner will be chosen by the Jury, which consists of all the other evicted BIG BROTHER 2 HouseGuests, each of whom is busy with living their lives as celebrities. Mike Boogie says it was a tough adjustment leaving the House, but that he's now OK. He gives Nicole "mad kudos" for her success in the game and says that he and Krista are trying to figure out how they fit in each other's lives. He has recently taped an appearance on the Monday night CBS comedy YES, DEAR. Shannon has been playing volleyball in Hermosa Beach and loves talking about the show to anyone who approaches her. She has no regrets about the "Hardy toothbrush incident," saying that Hardy is a "bully." At this point, she doesn't know where her relationships with Will or Jim will lead her. Autumn reveals that prior to coming into the House she was diagnosed with Graves Disease, a thyroid condition that led to a rapid weight gain. She's lost 9 pounds since leaving the House and is working on recording a CD. Sheryl calls her early eviction a "mixed blessing" because upon leaving the House, she was told by her doctor that she has breast cancer. He recommends a mastectomy, which Sheryl schedules, and her doctor tells her that by being proactive, she'll "probably never have to see us again." Despite this horrible news, Sheryl remains optimistic, saying "With positive feelings, you can conquer everything." On the eve of the last HoH Competition, both Will and Nicole are thinking about throwing the contest, with the idea that whoever wins will be "the bad guy" and sway the votes in the Finals. Nicole approaches Will with the offer that they both try to win the title and Will agrees. Moments later, however, he looks to the camera and whispers "I'm gonna cut her," meaning that he wasn't planning on honoring that agreement. With all of this in mind, Monica says, "It's not a good feeling, my fate in their hands." Julie talks to the group, assembled in the living room, asking Monica how she's doing. Monica replies that she's "keeping the faith, praying and keeping a positive attitude." Regarding what it feels like to be in the final three, Nicole says she hasn't thought about it much, due to what's going on in the nation, but that overall, with only three of them left, it's more like hanging out at an apartment, rather than a game. Will agrees, saying "We don't know exactly what's going on, but we sense the sorrow, and our wishes and thoughts go out to America." Kent, Hardy, Krista and Bunky are still adjusting to their newfound notoriety. Hardy and Bunky are both happy to be home, in York, PA, and with Greg, respectively. Kent says his life after the House has been "exciting," while Krista says she gets recognized everywhere she goes. Kent, having given up smoking in the House, says "I'm a non-smoker and will remain that way." Bunky says it "feels good to say I told you so" to Hardy and Nicole for kicking him out instead of Will. Hardy thinks that watching Will's Diary Room entries are the most eye-opening thing he's seen about the game and marvels at "the insanity that goes on inside that boy's head." Krista is moving on to new things, first saying "it's hard to fathom going back to being a waitress," adding, "I want to thank everybody, it was great. Look for me in the future because I plan on going big." After Hardy says he can't wait to see who emerges as the last HoH, Kent says, "I could care less which one of those freaks wins this game." The last HoH competition involves seven questions from Julie about everything that they've experienced in the Big Brother House. Will and Nicole write their answers on a dry erase board and get one point for each correct answer. Their point totals from the first two rounds don't count towards their Round 3 total.Nicole answers all 7 questions correctly, while Will misses one, giving the HoH title to Nicole. Speaking to Nicole before the eviction decision, Monica says "I played a good game. The fate is in your hands. Yeah, I need the money, but we all need the money.' Will, on the other hand, simply tells her, "I don't think there's anything I can say now." Talking briefly to Julie in the Diary Room, Nicole says that she came to this ultimate position of power by changing her strategy from treating people in the House well, to "trying to nail them to the wall," to a purely emotional strategy the last few weeks. Returning to the living room, she informs Will and Monica that she has chosen to evict Monica, saying that she promised her husband she'd do her best to take home some money and that she has a better chance against Will in the Finals. Monica takes the news in stride, telling Nicole not to cry. As she rises, she says, "This is one of my journeys, it's not over, baby. I played a damned good game, I turned this place out. If you feel good in your heart with what you've done, then God bless you and I wish you the best of luck.'moreless
  • BB2 Ep #28
    BB2 Ep #28
    Episode 33
  • BB2 Ep #27
    BB2 Ep #27
    Episode 32
  • BB2 Ep #27
    Episode 31
    Nicole reflects on the run she and Hardy had controlling the House. For three consecutive weeks, they were HoH and dictated who stayed and who left. "The only thing bad for us is if Monica wins HoH," she told Hardy on the patio. Monica did become HoH and Hardy and Nicole's nightmare came to life: their power was gone and Will would decide which one of them got evicted. Monica says, "It felt good to let them know they were human." Hardy tells Nicole that he's not going to do anything to persuade Will to keep him, and says, "I'm fine with leaving. But if I stay, I'm kicking his ass." Monica believes that Will, who has made no secret of his deceitful approach to the game, deserves the power that she has given him, and Will is running with it. He believes that Nicole is subtly stabbing Hardy in the back, insinuating to Will that she wants him to keep her in the House. He asks Nicole for a haircut, but Nicole says she won't give him one until Friday, or after the eviction has happened. "I want to see her stab Hardy in the back one more time," Will says. He balances the reasons he has for evicting either of them, remembering his promise to Shannon, but saying that, "If I had to decide right now, I'd evict Nicole. She's bossing me around, but with Hardy, I'm having fun." Monica looks at all the machinations in the House and simply says, "I prayed for folk in here. Forgive them, for they know not what they do."moreless
  • 9/5/01
    After Monica's speech to the newly nominated Nicole and Hardy, Will compliments her, saying, "Monica, that was the best nomination speech yet." Nicole and Hardy don't have any bad feelings toward Monica, but they are upset with Will. Nicole sobs, "I'm flabbergasted and disgusted Will may place first or second." Hardy believes that Will "violated the spirit of [their] agreement" when he took the offer from Big Brother and handed the HoH to Monica. "My first instinct was to crush him," Hardy says of Will, but Will remains true to his philosophy. Regarding the House Competitions, Will says, "I incorporated a 'lose everything' strategy" that has kept him appearing weak. Nicole is still greatly upset by the airplane banner she saw, insinuating that her husband was upset over Internet rumors. She cries in her bed, saying repeatedly that she wants to leave the House to be with her husband, but Will tries to talk her out of it, saying later that he needs her around for his strategy. Later, another banner from Nicole's husband flies overhead, saying "[HEART] U N Stay Torment WL 4 Me - CSI" (Translation: "Love you Nicole. Stay and torment Will for me." The CSI reference is a code from her husband to indicate the banner is really from him.) The banner bolsters her spirits and lets her continue on in the game, which is something Will didn't doubt. "She's the mean queen behind the scene," he says, "She wouldn't leave." As a result of the latest America's Choice Question, the backyard is transformed into a "Winter Wonderland." The HouseGuests charge outside and immediately get into a snowball fight. Monica says, "I think it's amazing the way the backyard was transformed." Nicole, however, hates snow and the stuffed penguins and polar bear used for decoration. Will stands behind the polar bear and pretends to speak to Nicole, getting under her skin. She goes back inside to make a sandwich while the others happily build a snowman. Later, Monica returns from the storage room carrying a box of Big Brother 2 T-shirts, but says she doesn't know what they are for. She begins to read the instructions for a "Special Event Challenge," which culminates in her asking if the HouseGuests are ready for the "Ultimate Reality Showdown." As she finishes reading, the doorbell rings, a sound nobody in the House has heard in over 60 days. They rush to answer their front door to find reality TV veterans Alicia, Gervase, Jeff and Sue from Survivor and Survivor:The Australian Outback waiting for them.moreless
  • BB2 Ep #25
    Episode 27
    Picking up from last episode's cliffhanger, Monica, Will and Nicole are in the midst of the HoH competition. Nicole says that this is "the biggest, most important HoH competition yet. If I don't win it, that signs my death warrant. I'll kill myself trying to win." Overhead an airplane trails a banner reading "N & W in hotub Im betrayed & hurt. J," sent by Nicole's husband Jeff. Hardy explains in the Diary Room that the night before the group had gathered in the hot tub and rumors had evidently spread via the Internet that something inappropriate happened between Nicole and Will, upsetting Jeff. He goes on to say that this was an emergency of a serious nature, causing Nicole to worry that her marriage may be over due to the Internet rumors, so Big Brother contacts Jeff because of the incident. Nicole then communicates a message to Jeff, still on the bed competing for HoH, directly to the cameras for transmission over the live Internet feed, vowing that he had absolutely nothing to worry about. With all three competitors still in the game, Hardy makes them an offer on behalf of Big Brother. The first one to take their hand off their key and ring their bell will win a chauffeur-driven limousine ride to the fast food restaurant of their choice. Will, Monica and Nicole reject that offer quickly. Looking at the group, which has tried to cover up with the bed sheets for warmth, Hardy notes that Nicole was "positioned precariously, especially since Will kept moving around." Will tugs on the sheets to better cover himself and Nicole pulls back, taking her hand off her key to do so. As Nicole leaves the bed and the competition, Will apologizes, but Nicole, already upset by the banner, is infuriated. As she walks away, Will looks at Monica and laughs, "One of them [Hardy or Nicole] is going home." In the Diary Room, Nicole rages, "I just lost to Will's ass! And the only good thing in my life is falling apart!" Will talks to Monica, saying that he's been deceitful since he got in the House, but hasn't tried to hide it, while others do the same and worse, only they can't admit it. Monica gears herself for the long haul, telling Will that HoH is "something I want. You don't understand." Earlier Will had noted that when Mike and Shannon were evicted, both finished second in the previous HoH competition, leading him to wonder if throwing the competition would be a good strategy. Hardy comes to him and Monica on the bed and makes them another offer: accept the mystery prize, which could be "their wildest fantasy or worst nightmare," or stay in the game. Will takes his hand off the key and rings his bell, saying, "I came in this House to gamble." As a result of his gamble, Monica is the new HoH and Will is the proud winner of a three-foot-tall (empty) jar of peanut butter, a prop from an earlier Food Competition. Nicole and Hardy are both upset at Will's decision, because the deal they made with him depended on him winning HoH. By accepting the offer, they feel he threw the Competition and sold them out. Nicole tells Hardy, "It makes me sick that he got the best of us." In the Diary Room, Nicole says of Will, "I've never had such an immense distaste for anyone in my entire life. Ever." Will anticipates this reaction, but thinks that Hardy and Nicole will eventually realize they need to kiss up to him in order to stay in the House. In their bedroom, Nicole tells Will, "I have to hand it to you, Will. You played us like a violin." She leaves the bedroom for the patio, but returns a few minutes later and yells at him, asking, "What is it about me that you think you can stomp all over me? Do you think you're smarter than me? Do you think you're better than me?" She leaves again for the patio, but this time Will follows her. He apologizes, saying, "I'm sorry you think I'm such a monster. You've proven to be an amazing friend. I hold myself responsible for the bad things that have happened to you and I hold you responsible for the good things that have happened to me." Making her first nominations, Monica has what she calls "a little anxiety attack." Nicole and Hardy are also nervous, not knowing Monica's strategy. Will is blasÈ, saying, "I'm always nominated." Gathering the nomination keys, Monica looks to the pictures of Sheryl, Bunky and Krista, calling them "the underdogs," and prepares the nomination box. Hardy reminds Nicole that their plans can still work so long as one of them is kept safe by Monica. Nicole is hopeful, thinking that Monica hates Will enough to nominate him, ensuring "a fun, peaceful House." With only one key to pull, Monica removes Will's key, which leaves Nicole and Hardy up for nomination. Monica tells them, "You two are a power and you threw it in our faces." Will, whose one vote decides who stays and who goes, smiles broadly and calls Monica his "new best friend." Nicole is preoccupied with the banner she saw and says, "I'm nominated and have to live with not knowing what's happening on the outside." Looking back on the decisions and agreements he's made, Hardy says, "I should have been more intelligent with my choices."moreless
  • BB2 Ep #24
    Episode 26
    Will and Bunky, the two nominees, are using different strategies to deal with their nominations, but share one thing in common: a healthy fear of the Nicole/Hardy tandem. Hardy yells at Bunky while exercising, but then offers to cook him breakfast, an offer that Bunky mocks when alone, calling Hardy a "closet case." Monica says that Nicole and Hardy are running the House, but that they're not her parents and don't have control of her. In the HoH room, Nicole tells Hardy that it's "our bedroom," meaning she has as much right to the HoH title as he does. Hardy disagrees, telling her "it's more my room"--but not everyone sees it that way. When Bunky makes his last-ditch appeal to stay in the House, he goes to Nicole first, indicating where he thinks the power really is. While setting up for the Monday meeting, Hardy tries to usher Monica into one of the red chairs, signifying that he thinks of her as a nominee. Bunky feels that this means Hardy believes Will is already evicted, since Will's chair is the one that was empty at the time. (Bunky makes his case )Monica also notes this curious exchange and is concerned that Hardy asked her three times to sit in the chair she didn't belong in. Will talks to Hardy and affirms that he intends to honor the deal they made to keep him in the House. Alone outside lying in the sun, Will refers to Hardy and Nicole as "suckers" for believing him and says, "Some village is missing an idiot if they think I won't stab them in the back."moreless
  • BB2 Ep #23
    Episode 23
    The HouseGuests are surprised that the usually emotional Bunky is taking his first nomination so well. Hardy tells Nicole, "When my time comes, I want to take it as well as he is." For his part, Bunky says, "It doesn't feel bad. It's my first time being nominated and probably my last." Will, the other nominee, is his usual self, preferring to talk about Hardy, saying, "He's becoming strange, like a Bizarro Superman." Bunky says that Hardy is very high maintenance and that he never felt a lot of love for him. He approaches Nicole to find out if this is his last week, telling her he wants to really enjoy himself if it is. Nicole tells Bunky that nothing is set yet, and Bunky reminds her of her promise that she'd never vote to evict him. Nicole in turn corrects Bunky, claiming she never said that, that he promised her he'd never vote against her. Nicole says that she told him to play the game based on his own strategy and instincts. Bunky relays this conversation to Monica, saying he thinks Nicole was non-committal to keep him "under her thumb." He calls the Hardy/Nicole faction "Bully and the Bitch," and says that if he goes he'll still get his say in the Finals. Hardy sits at the wall, listening in on the conversation between Monica and Bunky. As the first part of the upcoming Luxury Competition, the HouseGuests are given small dolls that they have to decorate in their own likeness. Nicole hates arts and crafts, saying she "sucks" at them, and goes outside to work out while the others stay at the table. She asks Will to make her doll for her, then gets even more upset when he makes it anatomically correct. The finished doll has only one eye, which Will explains Nicole uses "to look for dirty towels and kids having fun." (Will makes a sandwich ) Nicole complains to Hardy, who tells her Will is acting out because the deal they made with him to keep him in the House makes him feel safe. Nicole says Will is mistaken if that's how he feels. Later, Nicole talks to Monica about things that have happened in the House. Monica tells Nicole that her idea of the UT alliance was wrong, angering Nicole again, because Nicole's entire idea of the UT was fed to her by Will. Nicole is disturbed that Will lied to her and regrets the game decisions she made based on his lies. Monica thinks Nicole "feels like a sucker, mad at herself and at him for him duping her." But any feelings of ill will are put aside at the thought of being able to leave the Big Brother House, even for an hour. Each HouseGuest spends a few moments fantasizing about what they'll do in the hour that the Luxury Competition winner will be able to spend out in the big, bad world again. The second part of the Luxury Competition is called "The Great Escape." Each HouseGuest has a work station, consisting of balloons, string, a tank of helium and a basket containing their doll. The object of the Competition is to fill as many balloons as it takes to float the basket over the top of the Big Brother fence line. The first two HouseGuests to accomplish this will win a helicopter tour of Los Angeles, including flights over the Hollywood sign, Griffith Park Observatory, Dodger Stadium, and Santa Monica Pier. Will uses a surgical suture procedure he learned in medical school to tie his balloons, allowing him to come in first, while Bunky, who worked at a party decorating company, finishes second. Bunky notes with irony that the two nominees are the ones who get to leave the compound. The winners are blindfolded and guided through the exit of the House by Hardy and Monica, then follow a guide rope to the helicopter. As it takes off, they wave to Hardy and Monica watching them from the basketball court below. Hardy admits to feeling "jealous" of their victory, but Nicole is more extreme, saying, "There are two things that will make me feel better. One, throw Will out of the helicopter and put me in it. Two, kick the crap out of Will." Will, however, thinks Bunky is the perfect companion for this trip, even though he's never been on "a gay date before. Or a helicopter date. Or a gay helicopter date." In the air, Will and Bunky snap photos of themselves and enjoy their trip around Los Angeles. Will asks the pilot to set the helicopter down in the backyard of the Playboy Mansion, telling him, "Hef and I are on a first-name basis." In the House, Nicole is complaining about Will to Hardy, calling him "a lying, conniving, two-bit snake in the grass." She tells Hardy that she may want to go back on the deal and evict him first because she can't imagine being around him anymore. As the helicopter lands outside, Nicole is in the Diary Room. She refuses to go outside and greet them, saying she doesn't want to hear what they have to say. "Oh, God. They're going to be talking about it all afternoon," she says into her hands. Will and Bunky have brought gourmet food back for the others. Will goes to Nicole's bedroom to offer her champagne and salad, which she refuses. Will says of Nicole, "She's clearly the most depressed person I've ever met." He asks Hardy how he should approach Nicole to make amends, but Hardy warns him to stay away. Will says privately, "I'm not going to let her ruin this day. She's already ruined the last 55 days for me." To stir things up, Will asks Bunky over dinner if Bunky thinks anyone in the House, past or present, has had a gay experience. Bunky says when he met Hardy he thought he was gay, but realized he wasn't when he saw Hardy throw a football. Nicole asks Bunky if he thinks Hardy has had a gay experience and Bunky says no, amending his thought to say he thought Hardy might be bisexual, with an 80 percent to 20 percent split in his preference. Bunky also tells Hardy and Will that their skin-care regimens, shaved bodies, and plucked eyebrows are all gay stereotypes that they fulfill, but he doesn't. In the kitchen, Will and Bunky complain to each other about the Hardy/Nicole alliance. Bunky is put off by Hardy's temper, thinking that Hardy always had a bad temper, but hid it pretty well the first few weeks in the House. Will is preoccupied with Nicole, saying she's not the "slightest bit funny." He tells Bunky a theory that Nicole and Hardy use the same voices whether they're angry or happy, which, psychologically, indicates that they're unhappy, insecure people. "People comfortable with themselves use inflection when they speak," he says. Since they are so similar, Will says, "My only hope is that they turn against each other." The most recent America's Choice question allows viewers to vote on what type of clothes they wanted the HouseGuests to go on a 90-second shopping spree for. Monica, a devoted shopper, says that this is "as good as a letter from home." Will agrees, noting that he "can't live with my own clothes. They stink." Sportswear gets the most votes and racks of clothes, shoes, sunglasses and jewelry are brought into the House. The HouseGuests get 90 seconds to browse the racks, then 90 seconds to grab any items they choose. As time expires, they can keep whatever clothes they are wearing. Nicole, another shopaholic, says, "Monica and I lost our voices. Only dogs could hear us we were screaming so loud." Will grabs as many clothes as he can, then dumps them into a chair. As time winds down, he puts as many on as he can, including stuffing shoes inside his pants. Hardy says, "[The guys] didn't fare as well as the ladies, but I'm happy." It's agreed that Bunky did the worst, which Bunky blames on not being efficient. Will says Bunky's items were "cheap. I think he was looking for bargains or he had coupons at the register." Will was able to get so many items for himself that he gave things away to Monica and Nicole for them to take home with them. Nicole approaches Will while he showers, telling him, "I'm going to have some wine, then you and I are going to talk." On the patio, Nicole asks Will why he insists on pushing her buttons, especially now that she holds his fate in her hands regarding eviction. Will apologizes, saying that it's something he's always done and always gotten into trouble for. The conversation ends on a high note, with Nicole saying, "Hopefully, he took this [conversation] to heart." It doesn't seem like it did, however, as Will later professes his intention to stab Nicole in the back and says she's "living in denial. She likes me and really wants me to like her." At the Monday Meeting, Nicole pronounces to the group that the rift between her and Will has been healed. Will tells the group that he likes the way they've come together to work toward common goals. Bunky is emotional, telling everyone, "If I go, thank you all for your friendship. I'll miss you guys." Despite Bunky's stirring words, Hardy says, "Nothing short of catastrophe will change my plans." Nicole, however, warns that if Will has one slip-up, one obnoxious moment, she'll vote him out of the House.moreless
  • BB2 Ep #22
    Episode 22
    Bunky walks the thin line between victory and defeat, saying, "I lost HoH, but I put up a good fight. Now I think I'll be nominated." Hardy's third reign as HoH spells trouble for Will, who points out that, "Historically, I'm in trouble. Hardy has nominated me twice before." Nicole, on the other hand, is thrilled that Hardy is in charge again because it helps push their plan forward. "I'm elated," she says. "Now I just have to hold up my end and win HoH next." With a third opportunity to nominate fellow HouseGuests, Hardy reflects on his previous chances and says that this time is harder than either of those. The remaining HouseGuests are all "people I enjoy being around," he says. In an effort to smooth things over and maybe escape the seemingly inevitable nomination, Will turns on the charm to entertain Hardy, a maneuver Nicole notices. She tells Will she thinks it was a good move and Will asks her if she can save him from eviction if Hardy does nominate him. Nicole is non-committal, saying that she likes Will only "50 percent of the time." Will wants Nicole to lobby Hardy to nominate Bunky and Monica, but Nicole isn't sure she can make that happen. Privately, Nicole admits that, in her opinion, Hardy presents the only real threat to her winning, because so much of her strategy depends on his support. Later, Hardy tells Nicole that deciding on nominees is really hard because he can't figure out how people are going to respond if they are nominated and not evicted. With the end of their four-day peanut butter and jelly diet rapidly approaching, the HouseGuests start to get impatient for real food again. Will leads a 120-second countdown until the Storage Room doors open, giving them access to a fast-food meal Big Brother ordered for them. As they reach the big moment, nothing happens; they remain locked out. The door finally clicks open, and everyone is able to enjoy a normal meal again. The fast food whets their appetites for regular rations, leading into the next Food Competition. In the backyard the HouseGuests find enormous building blocks, color-coded for different food groups, that they will use to build a tower. For each block from the different food groups they use, they will win one item of their choice from that group. As the blocks are all used, they remove pieces from the bottom and place them on the top until the tower falls over. During the contest, Bunky feels that Hardy was being rude and critical, saying, "Hardy is disrespectful and doesn't realize it." Placing the blocks high on the tower requires the use of ladders, terrifying Monica, who is scared of heights. To give their support, Nicole and Hardy follow her up the ladder and stand directly behind her to help her get over her fear. Everyone is happy at the end since they worked together, and they join in a group hug after the tower eventually falls.moreless
  • BB2 Ep #21
    Episode 21
    Bunky takes the offer, and Hardy wins HoH.
  • BB2 Ep #20
    Episode 20
    The energy level of the entire House is down following Krista's eviction. Nicole calls her exit "the worst yet," and understands why Monica, Krista's closest friend, is upset. Monica says that her relationship with Krista created "safe space" for both of them away from the negative aspects of the game. Will takes her departure very badly, saying that he's embarrassed to be in the House and recalls that Krista could have nominated him when she was HoH in the second week, which would have resulted in his certain eviction. Bunky fears that he may have ruined dreams that Krista had for herself, which makes Hardy angry at Bunky. Hardy sees her eviction in practical terms, that she was a threat to him winning the game. Nicole bonds with the others on the patio, crying and yelling in frustration, upset at not having an outlet for eliminating tension. Will is confused by her reactions, saying that Krista's eviction was Nicole's doing. Later, Will cries, upset at himself, feeling like he "let Mike, Shannon and Krista down. Most importantly, I let myself down." Bunky gives Will comfort, but Will is down on himself, telling Bunky that "I couldn't stand up and do the right thing, even once." Will makes certain that Monica sees him crying, using it as a chance to bond with her. He tells Monica that he was intimidated by Hardy and Nicole into voting against Krista and tells Monica that her advice is the smartest thing he's heard anyone in the House say. In the Diary Room, Will says that he only told Monica that to get on her good side. In her own Diary Room entry, Monica says that she saw through Will's motivation, even though his crying was legitimate: "You think you'll sucker me in with the crying? Hell, no!" Outside, Bunky approaches Monica and tells her that he wants her to be one of the last three in the House. Monica tells him that she wants to evict Nicole and they agree they shouldn't let anyone know they are working together for their own protection. Bunky later says that he didn't tell Monica that Nicole was the other person he wanted to carry through to the end and hopes to convince Monica to work against Hardy, whom Bunky wants out next. The HouseGuests convene at the trampoline and talk about the things they miss most from the outside world. They all agree that they would love to be able to watch a movie, which ties in to the next Head of Household Competition. Bunky acts as the emcee, directing the group to the storage room to get dressed in orange jumpsuits, which Will comments make them look like "firemen-slash-strippers." The Competition is called "Blockbuster" and involves the HouseGuests breaking through blocks of ice to get at movie tickets frozen inside. The first person to remove their ticket and drop it into a ticket bin wins the screening of a blockbuster Hollywood movie. Given tools, Monica and Bunky use buckets to pour water over the ice to melt it and pull out to large leads over the others, who chip away with hatchet handles. Bunky gets his ticket out first and quietly walks it over, winning the Competition. Inside, the group is told that the film is the summer blockbuster "American Pie 2," and that Bunky can choose another HG to watch it with him. After asking the others why they should be the one, Bunky chooses Monica. The HoH room is transformed into a movie theater, complete with popcorn machine, candy counter, theater seats and projection TV. As Monica and Bunky laugh at the hysterical movie and enjoy their treats, the others exercise in the backyard. All eyes soon return to the game as Will notes that when someone is evicted "new alliances are formed and old ones are strained." Bunky and Will discuss their common goal of eliminating Hardy, with Bunky telling a story of Hardy purposely hitting balls over the fence after Bunky asked him not to. What upsets Bunky more is that Hardy came to him after that and kissed him on the cheek to apologize, which Bunky felt was Hardy's way of using Bunky's homosexuality against him. As a player, Bunky regards Hardy as "the total package," the HouseGuest with the best chance to win the game. He feels that if he gets Hardy out of the House before he goes, he'd be happy, knowing he did better than such a strong player. Hardy though, is on a mission of his own. He talks to Monica, saying that Will has to be the next person to go, then has a parallel conversation with Bunky. Hardy reminds both of them that he's nominated Will twice and hopes that "the third time's the charm." Nicole tells Hardy that Will is trying his best to sabotage their friendship, while Will is working on getting Nicole to turn against Hardy. Will has come to believe that "the person most concerned with money is Hardy. I'm realizing that there are worse people in the House than me." Julie Chen helps the HouseGuests through the latest Food Competition, which is in two parts. The first part is easy: find a hidden jar of peanut butter. Each person is then called into the Diary Room, one at a time, starting with Bunky. Julie offers Bunky a cash payment of $2500 for the House to eat PB and J for five days. Nobody will know if he takes the deal unless he tells the group himself. Bunky says no, but Julie counter-offers $5000 for four days of PB and J. Bunky deliberates, then says yes, since nobody will find out. The same offer is made to Nicole, who quickly turns it down at $2500 and debates for a moment at $5000, but says no again. Julie reminds her that only the top two finishers in the Big Brother game will win any money, and offers her $7500 for 3 days. Again, Nicole says no, and as leaving, says, "If anyone takes this, I'll kill them." Hardy declines the first two offers, but caves in at the $7500 offer. Monica refuses all three offers, believing that it's too deep into the game to do something like that. Will also snubs all three offers, saying, "For the first time in my life, I'm going to do the right thing." From the living room, each HouseGuest is called to a telephone where Julie informs them of their status. With both Bunky and Hardy taking the offer, the money goes to Bunky, by virtue of a lower number printed inside the lid of his peanut butter jar. Julie informs the group as a whole that one of them did take the deal for $5000 and four days of PB and J. Immediately, everyone starts to try and figure out who did it. Nicole thinks it was Monica, saying that Monica wouldn't look her in the eye when she left the Diary Room. Hardy laughs that whoever took it didn't even get the best deal, since he was offered more money and less time. Will tells the group that, even if they don't find out who took the deal, the evicted HouseGuests watching at home know and won't vote for that person in the Finals. Ironically, Will says that he doesn't think it was Bunky since Bunky would have started to cry already. Hardy tells the group that he did accept a deal for $7500 and 3 days, which angers the rest of the group. Nicole thinks that Hardy sold out and Monica wondered if this is what Hardy would do to the group for $7500, what would he do to them for $500,000? Will is more direct, calling Hardy's character into question, saying, "It doesn't surprise me that he took it. He's a bigger liar than me, but won't admit it. He stabbed Kent in the back, he stabbed Krista in the back…"moreless
  • BB2 Ep #19
    Episode 19
    The latest round of nominations has thrown the House more out of balance than usual. Nicole has used her power as HoH to convince Hardy, Will and Bunky to vote Krista out, perceiving her to be a bigger threat than Monica. Talking to Will and Hardy, she says, "If you two vote the way you're supposed to vote, there's nothing to worry about." But things are never that simple in the House, as who is helping who is always the number-one topic of discussion. Krista believes Bunky is the swing vote and reminds him of the power he holds. She later tells him that her wish is to get a marble tombstone for her mother, and Bunky tells her that, no matter what, her wish will come true. Krista believes this is Bunky's way of telling her that she's set for eviction. Hardy starts to soften his stance, telling Nicole he doesn't want to be the bad guy and vote Krista out. Will's conscience begins to bother him also and he says that he at least wants to give Krista a sympathy vote. Hardy believes that Will has been disloyal to their allegiance and tells Nicole that Will told Krista she was going to be evicted.Will asks Nicole later if Hardy told her that and Nicole lies, telling him no. As controversy swirls around them, Krista and Monica wonder what their fate will be. Monica says that no matter who wins the game, "The money is dirty." Monica and Krista both have supportive family waiting for them at home. Monica's sister Melonie says that Monica is "the exciting one" and is always a leader, never a follower. Melonie believes that Monica has been laid back during the game because taking the lead would make enemies for her, but that Monica's recent angry outbursts are a result of things affecting her personally. Freddie, Krista's brother, says that Krista is a true Cajun woman and says, "We're different. We tell the truth." He says that his sister has been a great mother to Laken, having instilled in her strong values and morals. Both siblings agree that Krista and Monica have a deep friendship that will thrive outside of the House. At this point in their stay, the HouseGuests have their eyes on the prize and are starting to think of what they'll do with the money if they win. Krista wants to do something for a homeless man in her hometown and get a vehicle and house for herself. Bunky wants to take care of college education for his nieces and nephews, Nicole wants to renovate her home, and Monica wants to help her father pay off his house. Hardy thinks about buying a Harley for his brother, while Will wants to get "gold chains, jet skis, pork bellies, jewelry. Good, solid investments." Monica and Krista both have supportive family waiting for them at home. Monica's sister Melonie says that Monica is "the exciting one" and is always a leader, never a follower. Melonie believes that Monica has been laid back during the game because taking the lead would make enemies for her, but that Monica's recent angry outbursts are a result of things affecting her personally. Freddie, Krista's brother, says that Krista is a true Cajun woman and says, "We're different. We tell the truth." He says that his sister has been a great mother to Laken, having instilled in her strong values and morals. Both siblings agree that Krista and Monica have a deep friendship that will thrive outside of the House. (Will on Krista and Monica ) At this point in their stay, the HouseGuests have their eyes on the prize and are starting to think of what they'll do with the money if they win. Krista wants to do something for a homeless man in her hometown and get a vehicle and house for herself. Bunky wants to take care of college education for his nieces and nephews, Nicole wants to renovate her home, and Monica wants to help her father pay off his house. Hardy thinks about buying a Harley for his brother, while Will wants to get "gold chains, jet skis, pork bellies, jewelry. Good, solid investments." Talking to the HouseGuests, host Julie Chen asks Hardy how Nicole did as the HoH. He said she did a "phenomenal job" but that because of the live voting that night, things were more tense in the House than usual. Will tells Julie that he considers himself fortunate to still be in the House and that he's been "squeaking by every week." As the nominees, Krista and Monica have the chance to make a last-ditch speech to try and save themselves, since the HouseGuests haven't voted yet. Krista thanks her friends and family from home and says that "Friends and people in my life are more valuable than money." Monica is even-keeled, believing that no matter what happens, "Being in this chair doesn't change my destiny." As the person who put Krista and Monica in those chairs, Nicole has become the most powerful person in the House. All of the HouseGuests, past and present, have had something to say about her "loud and bossy ways." Nicole feels being nominated the first week and surviving has been beneficial to her strategy, because it sent her into "vengeful mode." Since then she has taken on the Mom role in the House, responsible for the majority of the cooking and cleaning. This has allowed her to place "everyone at her beck and call," according to Will. Bunky goes even further, calling himself "Nicole's puppet" and saying, "I vote the way Nicole says." Defending her aggressive tactics, Nicole says, "Everyone likes to win, I'm just more fierce." Despite her power, Nicole tells Julie that nominating Krista and Monica was "one of the worst things I've ever had to do." She believes that Monica and Krista were a group unto themselves and for strategy, she needed one to leave the House. The only way to accomplish that was to nominate them against each other. Nicole says that she has "a billion, trillion, zillion regrets" about the nominations and that she is afraid of revenge from whoever stays behind. "Revenge is out there, around every corner," she says. The first live votes are about to be cast. Bunky goes into the Diary Room first and starts to sob, saying, "Those people are my family and when we vote to evict one, it's like we're killing them." Bunky composes himself long enough to vote for evicting Krista, then breaks down again. He explains that he is a puppet for Nicole and Hardy and voted Krista out in order to stay in the game, afraid of being evicted next. Bunky leaves, ushering Hardy into the Diary Room. Hardy is tense and says that he couldn't play the game for other people anymore with what he's gone through in the House. Voting to evict Krista, Hardy says that Krista expressed a desire to go home, which was the final straw in his decision. With Krista's eviction decided, Will votes for Krista as well, making it unanimous. Will says, "There's an alliance in here that's stronger than people realize. To go against it, I'd be gone in a week."moreless
  • BB2 Ep #18
    Episode 18
    Nicole thinks Monica still believes she's being punished for how she voted in Week One. "I have more respect for Monica voting to keep Sheryl," Nicole says, but actually Monica simply feels she never had a chance to win the game. Hardy calls this notion "ludicrous," while Bunky says "it's an excuse, a cop-out." After nominations, Bunky goes to Nicole to lend her his ear, but when Krista comes into the room Bunky leaves and lets them discuss circumstances. Nicole explains that being excluded from the UT alliance was "hurtful," but Krista says she misunderstood what the UT meant. To Nicole, it boils down to the fact that Krista and Hardy, the people she trusted most, plotted against her. Will has worked to convince Nicole that Hardy isn't honest, but Krista encourages Nicole to believe that they (Krista and Hardy) are her friends and that she should trust them again. While Krista tries to mend fences, Monica uses the Diary Room to cry in private so the other HouseGuests don't see (Monica and Krista talk about art ). Immediately after being nominated, Monica packs her bags to leave, saying of Nicole, "I'm going to get her before I go out." Her presumption that she'll be evicted disturbs Nicole, who tells Hardy, "Her assumption could be totally wrong." Hardy responds, "If she keeps acting like she's acting, she's gonna be (evicted)."moreless
  • BB2 Ep #17
    Episode 17
    Bunky mourns Kent's departure, saying, "I never dreamed Kent and I would become friends." Some of the other HouseGuests, however, are upset because Bunky himself voted for Kent's eviction; Krista says, "That guy's such a punk. I thought he was his friend." Bunky thinks that he was doing Kent a favor, believing Kent didn't want to be in the House anymore, and hopes that people aren't "playing" him. With Kent gone, Will congratulates everyone left, noting that the game is halfway done. As the new HoH, Nicole says she is "playing so many games that without pen and paper I can't keep track." She consults with everyone to find out their thoughts about who should be nominated. While talking with Hardy, Nicole suggests Krista, and Hardy recommends Bunky, believing him to be the most powerful threat left. Checking with Krista, Nicole tells her that her friendship with Monica is too strong, then also tells her that she herself, along with Will and Hardy, have pledged to push Krista to victory because they feel she needs the money the most. Krista suggests Bunky should be nominated because of his betrayal of Kent. Nicole talks to Monica next, telling her the same thing: that she's too close to Krista for the other HouseGuests' comfort. Monica counters, telling Nicole that she's just as close to Hardy and Nicole agrees, saying, "You have to worry about powers of two."moreless
  • BB2 Ep #16
    Episode 16
    Will, who has referred to himself as "the puppetmaster", finds out that other people have been pulling the strings from the very beginning. He gets confirmation from Krista that she's been part of the "Untouchables" alliance with Monica and Hardy since the third day in the House. Asked what Nicole will think of this alliance, Krista tells Will that she won't find out, because Will is the only one outside of the group that knows about it. Undeterred, Will tells Nicole about the UT group and explains that their card-playing is a way of signaling each other who they intend to vote out. In the Diary Room, Will says that this is something he made up to make their alliance seem more sinister. Nicole confronts Hardy, more concerned with Krista's duplicity than with his. Will has decided that Hardy is "not a nice guy. He lies. That's my role." His new plan is to evict Hardy, then take his place next to Monica and Krista and hope that Nicole doesn't get too upset with him. He tries to get more information from Krista, who tells him the UT plan, right after pledging her trustworthiness to Hardy and Monica. With Krista's true loyalties coming into doubt, Kent says Krista hates him because he "figured her out first." As the HoH and the target of Kent's wrath at the Monday meeting, Hardy is the center of House attention. His girlfriend, Lindsay, describes a different side to Hardy, talking about how they met at a Smoothy shop and stating that she's "never met anyone with the morals and values that he has." She thinks his occasional temper is out of "frustration," and admits that she "would love to have a few words" with Shannon. Overall, she says, "America loves Hardy. Why wouldn't they?" Turning to the two nominees, Will says that Kent "is on a roller-coaster. Up and down all the time." Kent says that Will has come full circle, from liked to hated and back again. Looking back on the House relationships both men have had, it's hard to argue. Nicole calls Will a "lying bastard," then later describes him as being "on the level" later. Hardy says he's enjoying Kent's company, but as time goes by, decides he has "no wish to speak to him." Bunky calls Will "cocky and arrogant" at first but thanks him for working out with him later, and says Will is "amazing." About the unstable nature of friendships in the House, Kent says, "It's weird to be everyone's friend, then be the sacrificial lamb." Nicole, previously one of Kent's biggest supporters, casts the first vote to evict him from the House. Host Julie Chen interviews the HouseGuests, asking Bunky why he thinks he was never nominated for eviction. Bunky doesn't have a set idea, but thinks it's because "other people are more popular" and represent a bigger threat. Julie turns her attention to the two current nominees, asking Will how he feels being on the hot seat. He answers, "I feel lucky and fortunate. Everything is copacetic." Kent, however, says, "I'm ready to go home. I feel there's a way to play the game and have decency be involved. In this House, decency is a weakness. I'm ready to return to the outside world." Julie also talks to Hardy alone in the HoH room and asks him what was hardest this time as Head of Household. Hardy responds that the nominations were hardest, because he thinks Kent is "a great man" but that "no one is responsible for where he is except Kent." Hardy says that Nicole is the person he trusts the most because she has "helped (him) through difficult situations." Julie reads the eviction notice and by a vote of 4-0, Kent is evicted from the Big Brother House. He hugs Bunky, then tells everyone to "take care" before exiting the House very quickly. As Kent makes his way to the studio, Hardy and Bunky talk about his eviction. Hardy says, "He was an ornery guy the last week and a half, but he went out with dignity." Bunky tells Hardy he hopes Kent understands why he voted to evict him. Talking with Julie, Kent is outspoken about his experience. He says he was "really surprised I made it this far. Being oldest, I have nothing in common with these folks." About the other HouseGuests, Kent says, "You got freaks in that House." Regarding his former friendship with Hardy, Kent says Hardy "lied to me and the other HouseGuests. He decided being friends with me is not where he needed to be in the game." Not surprisingly, Kent calls winning the car one of his favorite House moments.He feels that the people in the House have compromised their integrity and honesty for the money, but predicts Bunky will win the overall prize. He is reunited with his wife and children, hugging them close in the studio. With one more HouseGuest down, it's time for the transfer of power to a new Head of Household. In a game called Pushing it to the Limit, the Houseguests slide a key down a lane, with sections at the end corresponding to each room of the House. Whichever HouseGuest comes closest to the HoH room square, becomes the new HoH. Will goes first, with his key stopping on the bathroom, the lowest room on the board. Next is Monica who slides her key off the end of the board and is disqualified. Krista goes and is one section better than Will, landing on the Dining Room. Nicole takes her turn and is the best so far, making it to the Blue Bedroom, second from the top. Bunky goes last and comes up short, stopping on the Dining Room, giving the HoH to Nicole.moreless
  • BB2 Ep #15
    Episode 15
    The last traces of friendship between Hardy and Kent begin to disintegrate as Hardy tells Kent that he meant what he said about him during nomination. Kent says he understands, but calls Hardy a "hard-hearted phony just like all the rest." The other nominee, Will, seems to skating by, but Hardy reminds him he should "feel safe, but not that safe." Krista indicates that nominating Will was a move to ensure Kent's eviction, which shows how far Will has come since Chill Town was disbanded. Kent thanks Bunky "for being a good friend since I got here," but Bunky is asking everyone how they want him to vote. Nicole and Hardy separately tell him to "vote his conscience," which Bunky finds suspicious and makes him suspect he's been excluded from the plan, marking him as the next to go. Nicole tells Kent she threw the HoH competition so she wouldn't be forced to nominate Kent, who wonders if Bunky is moving against him. Nicole tells Hardy she wants to vote to evict Will out of loyalty to Kent, but Hardy says she shouldn't because that gives Kent a chance to nominate them later. Will is angry after costing the men the latest Luxury Competition, (Will on the game ) but not as angry as Bunky gets later. Monica and Nicole play backgammon on the patio, while Bunky takes a nap inside. Their shouts wake him and he comes outside. Monica asks where he was sleeping and Bunky replies, "It doesn't matter where I am. I'm trying to sleep." Bunky leaves and Monica says, "It's not what you say; it's how you say it." Nicole agrees, saying that Bunky has been snapping like that all week. Later, Bunky eats with Kent inside while the others are all out back. Kent waits for Nicole to come into the kitchen and says, "I can't wait to get away from all this phony bullshit." Nicole goes outside and loudly complains about Kent to everyone, while Kent sits inside and laughs at her complaints. Bunky believes that "Hardy's harem feels so guilty about evicting me next week that they can't look at me" and that's why people aren't including him. Asking Monica what he's done, Monica tells Bunky that he's throwing out negativity and getting upset when it comes back to him. Nicole is more direct, telling Bunky she's "so mad, I'll make you cry." Eventually, Nicole tells Bunky his sudden attitude is the root of the problem, but Kent comes along and argues with Nicole. He tells her that he's hurt she threw the HoH competition because it seems like she's gone against her word to evict Chill Town.moreless
  • BB2 Ep #14
    Episode 14
    Mike Boogie may be gone, but he's not forgotten. Krista and Will particularly are taking his absence hard. Bunky takes care of Krista, telling her to "take a few days to get over Boogie" and Krista responds, "It'll take more than that." Krista tells Will that Mike gave her "butterflies," while Will says, "Everyone I'm friends with is gone. I lost my girlfriend and I lost my best friend." If Mike did nothing else in the House, his forming of the "boy band" 2 Hype would be enough for everyone to remember him by. Leading the rehearsals, the band is referred to as "Boogie's brainchild." Their performances are cut together into a video, which the HouseGuests watch together (except for Kent, who stays in the hot tub) on the plasma screens. They laugh at themselves, with Bunky calling it "embarrassing and goofy," but Nicole says, "It looked pretty cool to us." After the video, the group is surprised as Mike's emotional farewell message to Krista plays out. "You taught me what was important in life. I hope you find the happiness in life you deserve," he says. As he concludes, there isn't a dry eye in the room. Touched by his words, Krista says, "That's the most wonderful thing anyone ever said to me. That will stay with me the rest of my life." Starting his second tour of duty as the Head of Household, Hardy believes he has a greater understanding of the HouseGuests. "I've lost respect for some and gained respect for others," he says as people scramble to avoid being nominated. Nicole tells Hardy that Bunky had come to her, desperately wanting to know if he's going to be put up and reminding her that he's always voted how the group wanted him to. Hardy gets upset, feeling this is a sign of weakness on Bunky's part. Unfortunately for him, Bunky comes to Hardy right afterward and tells him directly that he's always been a team player - exactly what riled Hardy so much. While Bunky may seem like an obvious target, Hardy has other people he's considering. He says that the "Untouchables" alliance of Monica, Krista and himself isn't as strong as the other two think, because Hardy has more loyalty to Krista than to Monica. He also describes Kent's actions as "unacceptable to almost everybody," and says that ultimately, his loyalties are "with Krista and Nicole. I'll do what I can for them to be the last two."moreless
  • BB2 Ep #13
    Episode 13
    It hasn't been an easy week for Krista or Mike. Their relationship has made it hard for them to concentrate on surviving in the game. Krista says that she wishes she were nominated against anyone in the House besides Mike, and Mike says that Krista is someone in the House he cares for very deeply. As former Heads of Household, they also agree that they dislike the way Kent ran the game. On the back porch, Mike confronts Kent verbally, asking if Kent is "eyeballing me." They argue, with Kent telling Mike to "grow up," and Mike saying he's "pissed I had to spend a month with your complaining ass." Mike asks Kent how he'll explain his behavior to his kids and Kent warns him to leave his kids out of it. Later, Kent, feeling more comfortable, tells Hardy and Bunky that they "have to be the last three in here." Hardy tells this to Nicole, who turns around and asks Kent about it. Kent denies Hardy's version of events and says Hardy came to him saying exactly the same thing. Nicole knows she has caught one of them in a lie, but isn't sure who. Hardy says that Kent "has replaced Will on the hit list." Kent feels the tide turning against him and sits alone on the patio, talking to himself. He says, "They don't like me. I don't blame them. They're not cool, they're freaks. None of them can love."moreless
  • BB2 Ep #12
    Episode 12
    Mike still has hard feelings toward Kent for nominating him, telling the HoH, "You're going to be the joke of your hometown." Mike tells Hardy he has respect for him for not hiding the fact that he wants Chill Town out of the game, while Kent hides behind alliances and group decisions. Mike goes outside and vigorously works out, burning off his aggression. Krista is able to calm Boogie down when she comes outside and tells him she'll spoon with him that night. Still upset about Kent, Mike complains to Will that "It's like being in a movie and the extras and stand-ins take over and the stars are out. I'm a star and he's an extra." Krista wants to find out if others think she betrayed anyone's trust, as Kent said. Nicole tells her that Kent was speaking for himself and not the group, but later says that she thinks Krista is going to everyone and only telling them what they want to hear. Hardy has had enough of all the House intrigue and tells everyone that he will no longer discuss voting, nominations or anything about why they're in the House. This makes Kent suspicious and he asks Bunky about Hardy's motivation. Kent declares that if Hardy is now a "free agent," then he might get voted out if nominated against other TOP members. After Will, Mike and Bunky practice their boy-band dance moves, Monica wins the latest Luxury Competition, getting the CD of her choice (Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall") and a personal stereo. Will is feeling lonely, missing his bedmate Shannon, saying that he misses "sleeping with a 6'10" girl in a G-string." He stares at her photo in the hallway and nuzzles it before he walks away. Loneliness seems to be catching among the other HouseGuests as well. Nicole says, "I'd give up food for a week to hear from [her husband] Jeff." Bunky continues his nightly ritual of saying goodnight to his husband Greg, kissing his fingers and putting them to the bathroom mirror, while Hardy talks about his grandmother who raised him and his brother for most of their lives. The latest America's Choice question gives one HouseGuest an opportunity to have a three-minute phone call from home, which Hardy wins. He talks to his grandmother and is happy to find out she's proud of how he's playing the game. He checks in with her on her health and on how his brother Brady is doing. After he hangs up, Hardy says, "You can't put a price on that phone call." Loneliness isn't the only negative energy running through the Big Brother House. Bunky believes there are "definitely evil spirits in the House" and Krista says she's scared of the "people in the walls." Kent and Monica notice a bird that only comes to the house on days of conflict. Kent then shows Monica a patch of dead grass in the back corner of the yard that looks like a cross. Monica is visibly disturbed, especially after Kent tells her that the grass there was watered regularly like the rest of the lawn. Kent says, "The only way goodness gets in here is in that back corner." Mindful of the evil spirits moving everywhere, the HouseGuests are given a spirit board, candles, incense and a video camera to go on a Ghost Hunt. Hardy pronounces it "bulls-t," but Nicole says she believes in such things. As the group gathers around the board, they contact a spirit named Jim. Will says he had a cousin James who died four years ago, but later in the Diary Room admits he was lying, saying, "The bigger the lie you tell, the easier it is to believe." Krista is upset anyway and goes outside. The board contacts a spirit named "Margie", Krista's mother's name, which nobody knew, except Hardy who wasn't touching the board. Fun and games don't last very long when there are nominations to worry about. As Nicole helps Will shave his legs, they talk about a way to save Mike from eviction. Will says saving Mike is "everything to me," but Nicole says she "feels like you're setting me up." Asking for her help in keeping Mike in the House, Will offers Nicole a promise regarding his future Head of Household status. Nicole isn't sure what to do. She's not a fan of Chill Town, but she does think Krista is a bigger threat than either Mike or Will. Later, Will offers to Nicole not just his support, but Mike's too. Nicole is interested, but wants to hear the pledge from Mike directly. Will tries to talk Mike into contacting Nicole, but Mike isn't sure he wants to stay at Krista's expense. Eventually the thought of surviving starts to get to Mike. He realizes that "if something crazy happens and I stayed, the game would start over." Seeing that Mike is starting to come around, Will pushes him, asking Mike to "join the Dark Side," telling him he can be as ruthless as he wants. At the House meeting, Nicole asks for cleaning supplies, bringing a simmering tension to boil. Nicole feels she does all the House chores, comparing herself to Alice from "The Brady Bunch." Other people see her efforts differently. Kent says, "Nicole has obsessive tendencies, following us all around like Mommy." Monica is angry that Nicole "makes it seem like we're nasty, but you clean the toilet before we can do it." Nicole says that she cleans when she gets "pissy," then gets angry because "they try to justify their nastiness by making me look like a freak." Monica gets very upset with Nicole, saying, "If you're going to clean, then clean, but don't b---h about it." (A typical Monica Sunday ) Group alliances are falling by the wayside. Will predicts that TOP is about to have a "civil war." Kent goes to Hardy and tells him, despite his refusal to talk strategy, that TOP needs to know how he's thinking. If TOP doesn't feel it can count on Hardy, then maybe they have to look at Hardy as a target. Will tries to solidify his new alliance with Nicole while convincing a still undecided Mike to cut Krista loose.moreless
  • BB2 Ep #11
    BB2 Ep #11
    Episode 11
    After Kent wins HoH, he nominates Mike, a member of Chilltown, with Krista, a member of his alliance.
  • BB2 Ep #10
    Episode 10
    Shannon has decided to convince the HouseGuests to evict her instead of Will, directly soliciting their votes. Shannon asks Nicole and others to vote for her to "take the power from Hardy." With 6 HouseGuests voting, Hardy knows that as the Head of Household, he'll cast the deciding vote in case of a tie. He asks Monica to vote to evict Will, planning to get Kent and Bunky to do the same. Monica agrees, noting that Will thinks of her as a target, therefore is more of a threat to her than Shannon.Hardy moves on to Kent, explaining that he wants to rub it in Chill Town's face when he decides who leaves. Kent agrees to the plan, liking the idea of rubbing salt in the wound. Knowing their time is short, Shannon and Will go on a "date" with the help of their housemates. They dress in nice clothes, sit at a private table and eat a meal prepared for them by Nicole.The date is important, according to Mike, because they're falling in love but know one of them is leaving the house. Will says meeting Shannon has made him a "softer, more caring human" and that there are things "more important than money." Their romantic evening is rated a perfect 10 by Shannon, and both talk in terms of their future together. With the first eviction vote, Mike Boogie raps his goodbye to Shannon.moreless
  • BB2 Ep #9
    Episode 9
    Being nominated together has made strategy difficult for Will and Shannon. Will says he refuses to fight against Shannon to stay in the house, preferring that an "arbitrary vote" decide. He mentions to Shannon the idea of a voluntary exit, but she passionately shoots it down, telling him that whoever remains has to "make Hardy's life hell." Shannon is angry at Hardy for nominating her against Will, blaming it on his jealousy of their happiness. Hardy says that "the rationale's not there, it's nonsensical," and says that he is motivated more by the desire for Chill Town to lose the game than for he himself to win it. His offer of immunity to Mike was intended to plant doubt in Will's mind about Mike's loyalty. But Mike and Will are still tight. They discuss how, if Will stays, he'll have a distinct purpose in the house: "to get Hardy out." Mike says that Hardy is dumb to have nominated Shannon and Will together and says, "He'll find out why some people own clubs and other people work at them." For the next Luxury Competition, the HouseGuests have a chance to have their clothes professionally cleaned, a major perk to them: Mike says that using the washboard and ringer is like "being back on Walton Mountain." For the Competition, the HouseGuests dress in matching red or blue outfits and are split into two teams. On each team, two HouseGuests wear red, two wear blue. The red team goes on one side of a clothesline, the blue on the other. The winning team is the one that can first send their colors across the line and get fully dressed again. The winning team is Bunky, Nicole, Kent and Shannon. As a result of the America's Choice question, the HouseGuests are given a toaster, based on Bunky's request. Bunky says that the toaster is a luxury they'll use every day, but Will thinks it's "the most boring thing he's ever heard of." Bunky helps Hardy with his workout, but gets on his nerves with his words of encouragement. Finishing his set, Hardy loses his temper, snapping, "I'll slap the taste out of your mouth." While they argue, Nicole is very thankful for Shannon's help in getting into shape. She says that Shannon is "a good trainer and genuinely cares about me." They hug and Nicole cries on her shoulder.moreless
  • BB2 Ep #8
    Episode 8
    Hardy wins HoH and nominates Shannon and Will for eviction.
  • BB2 Ep #7
    Episode 7
    Having put Kent and Autumn up for eviction, Krista says she has no regrets and believes that Autumn is not emotionally ready for the game. Her nomination of Kent was luck of the draw, but he's not a sure thing to stay in he house. As part of the strong Chill Town alliance, Mike says he thinks Kent is "just grumpy" and goes so far as to whisper "I hate him" to Will and Shannon. Hardy has the ear of Monica and Bunky and explains to them that Autumn should be at home with her son. That seemingly makes three votes to evict Autumn and three to evict Kent, leaving Nicole as the swing vote. Conflicted about her decision, Nicole says she's likely to just flip a coin to decide, unless something drastic happens before the vote. Nicole is still trying to infiltrate Chill Town, who seem receptive to having her. Adding Nicole to the Mike-Will-Shannon alliance would give the new Chill Town enough votes to evict anyone they wanted, so long as one of them gets Head of Household and makes the nominations. Nicole tells them, "I like you guys. I really like hanging out with you." While Nicole acts as a double agent, others are worried her loyalties may be truly changing. Kent asks Monica if she thinks Nicole would lie to his face about her intentions and Monica says yes. While the Chill Town romance between Shannon and Will continues to heat up, some doubt arises about what's really happening. Will wonders if Shannon is using him to gain advantage and said that while he does like her, he's using her "for strategic purposes as well." Shannon said early in her stay that she wouldn't leave her boyfriend for anyone in the house, but later says she wants Will to come back for her if he gets evicted before she does. Up first, Hardy and Monica both vote to evict Autumn. Shannon's boyfriend Jim is confused about the in-house relationship as well. He says that he doesn't know if Shannon's relationship with Will is based on "passion or strategy," but that he feels he "deserves an explanation." Regarding Will's earlier comment that her boyfriend is "out of here," Jim says Will needs to "say it to his face, and at 165 pounds, he should bring Hardy with him." Overall, despite his conflicted feelings, Jim says he loves Shannon very much and is supporting her. At this point Bunky votes to evict Autumn, making it three against her, with Chill Town and Nicole not yet weighing in. Shannon isn't the only one in the house with support from home. Autumn thinks of her son Justus every day and says he's the sole reason she's there. She wants to win the Big Brother 2 prize so she can give him the best life possible. Kent, her companion on the chopping block, has his family to worry about as well, including his two children, Alex and Maddie. While talking live with host Julie Chen, both Autumn and Kent say they are content to abide by the vote, whichever way it goes. But Kent has strong feelings about those he feels aren't playing the game with class and warns he'll be "hell to live with" if he stays. After talking with Krista in the HoH room,Julie announces that Autumn has been evicted by a unanimous vote of 7-0. Autumn gets up and walks out of the house, not pausing to receive any farewells from the other HouseGuests. In the studio, she sits with Julie and says that she had said her goodbyes to the people she wanted to before she was evicted. Autumn says she is disappointed in Hardy, saying he convinced everyone that she should be home with her son without consulting her feelings. The level of competition in the game was more than Autumn said she expected, and she feels that being voted out unanimously means "seven people think I'm better than what's going on in the house." With one more Houseuest gone, it's time for the new Head of Household to be established. In a competition called "By the Numbers," the HouseGuests are asked number-based questions that they answer silently, by raising a paddle with a number on it. Each of the questions is about the remaining nine HouseGuests. Chill Town is relying on putting one of their members into the private bedroom, but Will gets knocked out by the first question, along with Bunky and Kent. Monica goes out next, followed by Nicole, then Mike. Shannon and Hardy are the last two contestants in a "sudden death" battle. After they both incorrectly answer two questions, Shannon loses out on a third question, giving the HoH status to Hardy.moreless
  • BB2 Ep #6
    Episode 6
    The houseguests compete in a Luxury competition, and the winners get a texas style BBQ. Autumn and Kent give their pleas to stay.
  • BB2 Ep #5
    Episode 5
    Krista nominates both Kent and Autumn up for eviction.
  • BB2 Ep #4
    Episode 4
    Justin is expelled, and Sheryl is evicted in a 5-3 vote.
  • BB2 Ep #3
    Episode 3
    The food competition is held.
  • BB2 Ep #2
    Episode 2
    Heavy is the head that wears the crown. The dark reality of having to nominate two of his housemates comes crashing down on Head of Household Mike. His scattershot focus on whom he's going to nominate ranges from Kent ("I'm getting sick of hearing Kent's voice") to Autumn ("She's getting on my nerves"), from Hardy ("I like him, but he's expendable") to Nicole (calling her his "number one AND number two choice"). Nicole has others in the house upset as well. People say they're tired of her loud and opinionated ways. And she feels the pressure, too. She laments not being able to get to know Mike (calling him "Slim Shady"), and thinks that will count against her when the time comes for nominations. Meanwhile, Bunky is coming out of the closet to the others, starting with Autumn. He shows her a family picture of him and his husband. He's afraid of being evicted by the guys when they find out, and is relieved when Autumn is supportive. Knowing Nicole is under the gun, Bunky approaches her about getting a "6 girls and a gay guy" alliance together to vote out the men. They both agree that Will would be their first target if they all voted together. With the first Luxury Competition looming, Nicole becomes a focal point once again. She tells of her "phobia about bathing in other people's dirt," an issue that keeps her from enjoying the house pool. That phobia is about to get a workout. In the backyard is an inflatable pool filled with mud. Hidden in the pool are 24 keys, 12 blank and 12 with HouseGuest names on them. Mike, the HoH, will jump into the pool. When he finds a key, that key's HouseGuest comes into the pool to join the search. When all 12 name keys are found, the HouseGuests have to pile out and back to their starting positions, in under 6 minutes. If successful, the HouseGuests win access to the backyard hot tub. If not, the tub is locked for 2 weeks. The group is successful, due in no small part to Nicole. Despite her phobia, she doesn't hesitate to leap into the pool when her name is called. Even her most avid critics recognize that she's making an effort to bond with people she's offended. "I came on too strong. I want to get to know people," she says. She reaches out for a "one on one" with Hardy and sets aside time to bond with Justin. Most importantly, Mike notes: "Nicole made great strides in trying to connect with everyone." With Nicole out of the crosshairs, Mike turns his attentions to Kent. As Will notes, Kent "snores like a freak." It sounds funny, but his booming snores keep everyone from getting their beauty sleep. To compensate, Hardy stays good-looking by exercising intensely in the backyard. Jumping rope, lifting weights, more jumping rope, Hardy keeps in shape with a regimen that would make Schwarzenegger proud. Kent and Nicole don't help their causes that night when the rest of the HouseGuests pile into the hot tub to let off some steam. Mike devises a game where strawberries and whipped cream will pass mouth to mouth around the hot tub. Kent and Nicole choose not to take part in the game, leading to a perceived 10 on 2 conflict. Nicole says she has "too much respect for her life and husband to turn into someone's plaything," while Kent feels like the "quintessential voyeur" watching them play their sexy game. While Will and Shannon start to get closer to one another, sharing company and a bed at the end of the day, Autumn is alienating others. Hardy refers to her neediness issues. Autumn cries in her bed, then later says outright: "I try not to be a big whiner." Mike, who has the most important point of view in the house, warns that "Autumn better watch herself in the next 16 to 24 hours. She comes on strong, like a child." On the opposite side is Sheryl, whom Krista calls the "sweetie of the group." Nobody has bad words about Sheryl. It's time for the first nominations. There are 12 keys, one for each HouseGuest with their name on it. The Nomination Box has 12 slots. Mike puts the keys of the 10 safe HouseGuests into the box and the two nominated keys into a velvet sack. With the Nomination Box in the center of the dining room table, the HouseGuests gather around. Mike pulls the first key, Bunky's, meaning that Bunky is safe from nomination. One by one, the HouseGuest keys are pulled, revealing Sheryl and Nicole as the first two nominees for eviction. Mike says he picked Sheryl because she's the "most likeable" person in the house and by "putting someone who is likeable against someone who's not" he's being a one-man jury in stacking the deck against Nicole. But Kent says Sheryl is a definite threat to win the game, meaning Mike's plan might backfire. Either way, Sheryl's not at ease with the nomination. "I don't think anything is safe or sacred," she says. Nicole sees right through Mike's nomination strategy, saying that she feels a war coming in the house. What kind of strategy will she use to escape eviction? How will the tension change the house dynamic? How will Sheryl try to appease those who see her as a threat?moreless
  • BB2 Ep #1
    BB2 Ep #1
    Episode 1
    This is it. The very first episode. Julie Chen is back to host this reality series that took off in July 2000 with mediocre ratings. There are a few changes this time around. The houseguests will vote for one another when the head of household(who wins their title in a challenge) nominates two people for eviction. Oh, and it is no longer banishment. Just eviction. There are 12, instead of 10. There are 12 houseguests and they are: Mike Krista Shannon Autumn Kent Will Hardy Bunky Justin Sheryl Monica Nicole Tonight, Kent wins a brand new car, as all 12 jam themselves into the little vehicle(god help the person who sat near Bunky) and whoever "Outlasts" the rest will win it. It was down to Kent and Autumn, but somehow Kent talked Autumn into getting out of the car. Mike also wins head of household and will not only have a whole room(with added treats) to himself, but he will also have to choose two people for eviction. Oh, much fun.moreless