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  • 9/25/02
    BARTENDER GETS $500,000 TIP Before the final voting gets underway, Danielle tells Lisa about the moves she made to get herself to the final two. She "puts it all on the table," including telling Lisa that it was her idea to split up the Couples alliance that separated her from Eric. In the Diary Room, Lisa says that when Eric left, part of her left as well, but importantly, a "new part emerged, a part that was ready to play." Danielle talks about how her alliance with Jason needed a third person to work, and that they originally wanted Marcellas, but that they adopted Lisa because Marcellas was too "unstable." As the game was winding down, Lisa says she "saved her strength" for a run to the finals, a run that will hopefully pay off soon. TOGETHER AGAIN… The ten evicted HouseGuests reunite and have their first chance to discuss what happened inside the House. Tonya says that after she left, she heard a lot of the things that were said about her, and was not happy. She singles out Marcellas for his attack on her skills as a parent. Marcellas apologizes, saying that he took on the role of "the boy with the lines" in the House. Tonya forgives him and they hug, sealing the deal. Amy chooses to address her criticism of others and apologizes if she offended anybody, adding that she knows she's a critical person. Chiara, a frequent target of Amy's criticism, says she doesn't accept the apology until Amy delivers one to her directly. Josh apologizes to Gerry for being "mean and cruel" to him in the House. Chiara tells Roddy she's sorry that he was the one who "took care of her" in the House when she was feeling insecure. Roddy tells the group that he was hurt by the "personal attacks" made against him, calling some of the comments "sickening." He says that he feels he was "kind and respectful" to everyone and is still struggling to figure out why he was singled out for attacks. After the air is cleared between them, the HouseGuests get down to the business of discussing the game. Josh says he thinks that Lisa let others take her along in the game and Gerry agrees, saying that she never had a "defined strategy." Marcellas believes that Lisa's defining moment in the House was during the recent Luxury Competition when she refused an offer of $15,000 in order to let everyone else get a phone call home. Tonya says she noticed how Danielle got others to do her "dirty work" rather than do it herself. Josh agrees, adding that everyone liked Danielle when they were in the House, but turned against her when they got outside and realized she had lied to them. Jason starts to defend Danielle, but Marcellas, who had been sitting next to him, gets up to move. Marcellas later says that he couldn't sit next to the "Christian virgin and have him glorify meanness." Jason goes on, saying that everyone in the House said mean things about someone else during the game and asks them to consider giving the game to the one who played it best. MAKING A DECISION Each evicted HouseGuest gets a chance to ask Danielle and Lisa one question each to help them make up their minds. Lori asks Lisa if she has any regrets regarding the first HoH Competition and the original Six alliance. Lisa says yes, that she regrets joining an alliance as quickly as she did, since she normally doesn't judge things that quickly. Lori asks Danielle about the argument they got into the first week regarding Gerry 's hygiene. Danielle says that she's sorry about the argument, especially the fact that it escalated to the point it did. Tonya tells Lisa that she heard her say uncomplimentary things on the Internet, and wonders what her true feelings about her are. Lisa says that she doesn't remember saying anything bad, but she apologizes if she did. Tonya asks Danielle if she could change one thing about how she played the game, what would it be. Danielle answers that she would have held on to the key in Round One of the last HoH Competition. Amy asks Danielle how honest she was during her Diary Room interviews. Danielle answers that her comments in the Diary Room were very honest, calling them "the real deal." Amy asks Lisa the same question. Lisa says that she was honest in the DR, but admits that at times she could have said more. Eric asks Danielle to rate her approach to the game on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most ethical approach and one being the least. Danielle grades herself with a 1, but adds in her defense that she didn't break any rules of the game in the process. Eric asks Lisa if she considered his final vote when she decided not to vote him back into the House. Lisa says she didn't consider his vote, but only thought that she didn't want to be separated from him again. Josh asks Lisa why he shouldn't vote for Danielle to win the game, then reverses the question for Danielle. Lisa says that she played the game with the hope that an honest person would win. Danielle says that Josh's question has left her speechless and admits that even she thinks of Lisa and herself in terms of "good and evil," respectively. Chiara asks Danielle to list the HouseGuests that she's lied to. Danielle says she's lied to everyone in the House, except Jason and Lori. Chiara asks Lisa if she's forgiven for calling Lisa insecure. Lisa tells her that she does forgive her, but that she doesn't understand why she said it. Gerry asks Danielle if she feels she had any flaws in her approach to the game. Danielle responds that if she had played the game honestly, she'd be able to win at his point, but wonders if she would have gotten this far if she had played honestly. Gerry asks Lisa the same question. Lisa responds that the only flaw she feels was in her game was falling for Danielle's lies. Roddy asks Danielle how bad the peanut butter and jelly weeks were for her in the House and Danielle says they were "really, really bad." Roddy asks Lisa what her favorite memory will be from the House. Lisa tells them that her favorite memory will be watching her own "growth experience as a person." Marcellas has no questions for either of them, but offers his congratulations on making it this far. Jason also doesn't want to ask any questions, but tells them that he loves them both and thanks Danielle for the friendship they had formed in the game.moreless
  • BB3 Ep #31
    Episode 31
    Before returning to Part One of the ultimate HoH Competition, Jason explains that he evicted Amy because she was a better player than Lisa when it came to the Competitions. His strong ally Danielle agrees with Jason's actions, saying that she has loyalty to both Lisa and Jason, so she's fine with them both still being in the game. For her part, Lisa says she's "Not surprised, but relieved" that Jason kept her in the game. Outside, the HouseGuests are still being deluged by rain from BIG BROTHER's "deal" with Mother Nature. All three hands shiver as they desperately clutch their keys. Danielle says that when the rain first started, it was like being in the path of a storm. Jason notices that Lisa keeps her "game face" on the entire time, smiling broadly as if she wasn't bothered at all. Lisa says she got inspiration from her swimwear, the top of which belonged to her mother and the bottom that came from Eric. As another downpour starts up, Jason loses his focus and lets go of his key to put his rain hat on. As he gets out of the pool, he says he was "kicking himself," and that he felt he "could've gone the distance." With Jason out, the pressure of the alliance falls squarely on Danielle. She says she has to beat Lisa, and that if she takes her hand off the key, she's taking her hand off $500,000. As more rain comes down, Danielle starts to howl into the wind, trash-talking the storm to keep her spirits up. Lisa says that she was having a constant internal monologue, asking herself when she should approach Danielle regarding a deal. When the next monsoon starts up, Lisa asks Danielle if she has a secret deal with Jason. Danielle doesn't answer yes or no, but tells Lisa to keep holding onto her key because she doesn't know what Jason will do. Lisa reads between the lines and realizes Danielle is telling her that she does have a deal with Jason. Finally, during the next storm, a shivering Danielle gives her word to Lisa that they'll both go to the final two together if Danielle wins HoH, and Lisa reciprocates. After nearly four and a half hours, Danielle lets go of her key, giving Lisa round one and a bye to the HoH finals. Inside, while Lisa is showering to warm up, Danielle tells Jason about the deal she made in the pool, but adds that she was lying to Lisa, and still intends to keep him. Danielle says in the Diary Room that the money is the most important thing to her in the game, and that it "means more than either of them." Danielle races to the first station, the Memory Wall, where she puts the HouseGuests in order of their eviction. At the second station, she has to wash and dry a towel, filling the wash bucket to a certain level with water. She uses the outdoor shower, fills the bucket, dunks the towel, puts it through the ringer and throws it into the dryer before moving on to station three. At this station, Danielle faces her nemesis: the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She makes a sandwich for herself and wolfs it down, then moves over to station four to arrange the HouseGuests in the order that they held the Power of Veto. The whistle sounds at the seven-minute mark, before she finishes the station, giving Danielle three points. After the Competition, Danielle says that she didn't throw the event, but that she'd "feel better if Jason won." Jason knows that Danielle has another deal with Lisa to go to the final two, and feels like he'll be evicted if he loses this competition. He struggles a little at the first station, going slower than he'd like, but makes up lost time at station two. At station three, he swallows his PB and J sandwich "pretty much without chewing it," which has given him a bit of a sore throat afterwards. Jason gets through station three and moves on station four, where he correctly arranges the pov order, then goes to the backyard for station five. He dives into the pool without removing his shirt or hat, and admits he gets distracted when he sees his hat floating next to him. Before he can start to arrange the HouseGuest photos he finds on the pool bottom in any sort of order, the whistle blows and his turn is over. From the studio, Julie Chen talks to Jason, Lisa and Danielle. Before telling them their scores, Julie asks Jason about his Round One mishap. Jason says he was distracted by something he saw in the sky and lost his focus. When the rain started to fall again, he explains, he simply let go of the key to grab his hat. Julie turns to Danielle and Lisa, who made it more than four times as long as Jason, and asks them how difficult it was to endure the cold and rain of the storm. Both are speechless when Julie asks them, but Danielle manages to tell Julie her shivering was real and that she was actually that cold. Lisa says it's actually worse now, because her muscles have gotten sore from being still so long. With Lisa guaranteed a spot in Round Three, Julie reveals the results of Round Two to Danielle and Jason. Jason successfully completed four of the stations to Danielle's three, putting him into Round Three and a chance to win the ultimate HoH title. With the final battle lines drawn, Julie asks Jason and Lisa if they've made up their minds regarding whom they'll evict if they win. Lisa and Jason both tell Julie that they have their minds made up.moreless
  • BB3 Ep #30
    Episode 30
    The Jason and Danielle alliance is close to paying off. With Jason holding the only vote for eviction, he'll determine who goes to the Final Three in the House. After that, the winner of the final HoH Competition will determine the last two HouseGuests standing. Jason says that his alliance with Danielle has lasted for 10 weeks, and he isn't going to change his approach now. He adds that if someone else wins the next Competition, he plans on pushing them to take Danielle instead of him. Lisa, despite being nominated, is planning for her future in the game as well. She doesn't think she can beat Jason in the final vote and thinks she has a better chance against Danielle. Lisa has also started to piece together the puzzle that is the Jason and Danielle alliance. She says that she thinks the fact that Danielle didn't nominate Jason was suspicious and realizes that, if they were together, they would need a third person to advance to the end, which is why Danielle has been looking out for her the last few weeks. On the other hand, Amy tells the others in the hot tub that she's glad there are "no alliances" left in the House. Earlier she had also said that if she wins the next HoH, she plans on keeping Danielle because she wants Danielle to win the game. With all the power in Jason's hands, Lisa and Amy appear to be taking Danielle's advice when she suggested that since all three of them were single, they should do "whatever" to secure his vote. Jason says that there has been some flirtation in the air, and that the girls have been "working it" to stay in the game. Amy coaxes a kiss out of Jason in the Storage Room, and Lisa innocently kisses him before going to bed. Unfazed by the new attention, Jason realizes that he's in the catbird seat and is looking to move his agenda forward. He says he's not planning on taking someone he thinks he can beat to the end, but will take Danielle, no matter what, to fulfill his promise to her. To those ends, Jason and Danielle indicate they plan on evicting Lisa. Danielle says, "I love Lisa, but we gotta take her out." Jason agrees, saying, "there is no plan B." With only four people to talk to, Host Julie Chen talks to the man with all the power, asking Jason how he feels. Jason says he feels "horrible" because he loves both Amy and Lisa and doesn't want to have to pick between them. Julie follows up by asking him if all the flirting has affected his decision. Jason smiles and says that he "can't kiss and tell." Lisa tells Julie that her recent web chat was "amazing and overwhelming," particularly the fact that Eric made the extra effort to sign on and talk to her. Finally, Amy tells Julie that she wouldn't have kept the secret of her phone call victory in the last Luxury Competition for very long, even if the others hadn't figured out she was the one who took the deal. After Amy's declaration that there are no more alliances in the House, Danielle and Jason recall how their grouping came about. Jason says that sometime during Week One of the game, they decided to work together to make it to the end. Danielle says that early on, she felt like a target because no one came to her with any offers to be in an alliance. Some things in the House that they weren't a part of broke their way, allowing them to gain power. Amy's return from eviction and subsequent targeting of Chiara for eviction helped them get rid of one of the strongest players in the game and also weakened Roddy, another strong competitor. Danielle tells Lisa that she only got this far in the game because people "underestimated" her. Despite not being in a strong alliance, Lisa and Amy are in the Final Four as well. Lisa says she thinks "patience" was a key to her survival, while Amy says "a sense of humor" helped get her this far. Julie talks to Danielle alone in the HoH room. There Danielle tells her that she's thrown "at least 8" previous HoH Competitions, but truly competed last week to protect Jason. Danielle adds that she threw the previous Competitions because she knew she wouldn't be able to nominate Roddy without breaking a promise to him, and was content to let other people do it. Finally, Danielle says that she's "never doubted" her alliance with Jason and that she's "confident" Jason will return loyal to her until the end. In anticipation of next week's final vote, BIG BROTHER checks in with some of the evictees to get their impressions of what they've seen. Lori says that even though she was the first one out of the House, she had a "great adventure" in Cancun and was happy to get home to her family. She did, however, express surprise that Roddy was one of the people who voted against her. Tonya says that it was exciting to get back to seeing her kids, but bristled a bit at some of the in-Housecriticism she received. "I do have a wild side," she says, "but first and foremost, I'm a mom." She adds that she's "glad [she] ripped Amy's ass, and Marcellas's too," but thinks that Danielle is "the most conniving, deceitful person ever." Eric's family treats him to a "gourmet" peanut butter and jelly meal, while the rest of them enjoy lasagna. Eric reports that due to a miscommunication, he's been suspended for two weeks from his job as a fireman, but has the support of his coworkers and family. Roddy, hanging out in Las Vegas, says that people keep coming up to him and giving him tips on the game, even though he's (obviously) not in the House anymore. Roddy also has some enmity for Danielle, saying that with her secret alliance with Jason, he finds it ironic she branded him as a "master manipulator." He adds that he doesn't think he'll ever forget the numerous times that Danielle referred to him as the devil behind his back. Just before casting his eviction vote, Jason tells Lisa and Amy that he feels like he's in a "tough position," but also a "position of safety." He votes to evict Amy, but promises her that he'll still be her date for the Fair. Amy understands and hugs everybody before leaving the House. In the studio, Amy and Julie reconnect like old friends. Amy tells Julie that she never expected to be in the Final Four, and despite her strong showing in the game, she never expected to take home the money. Julie asks her if she still feels that the House is alliance-free and Amy tells her that she does, saying that the last week was "very clean" and couldn't have been that way if people were trying to backstab each other. After Julie tells her about the Jason-Danielle alliance, Amy says she's "not disappointed" and that the deception only proves to her how smart a player Danielle is, adding that she's pulling for Danielle to take home the Grand Prize. After her interview is over, Amy is reunited with her mother and her little dog Buckie, who she's pined for since she first went into the House. To determine the final Head of Household, Danielle, Lisa and Jason will have to go through a three-part competition. The winner of Round One gets a bye directly to Round Three, with the two runners-up going head-to-head in Round Two. The Round Two winner will face the Round One winner in Round Three to determine the ultimate winner. Julie instructs the three HouseGuests, now changed into their swimsuits, to enter the backyard. There they find a full-sized above-ground swimming pool, with their keys tied to three different ladders. Anchored to each of the ladders are inflatable boats for the HouseGuests to climb into. From there, they paddle into the center of the pool, where they put their keys into the Nomination Box. The object of the game is to hold onto their keys as long as possible. Whichever HouseGuest outlasts the other two wins Round One and is one step closer to controlling the game. To make things more difficult, Julie informs us that "BIG BROTHER has made a deal with Mother Nature and a storm is moving in." On cue, wind kicks up in the backyard, followed by thunder and lightning. Finally, a hard, cold rain starts to fall on the HouseGuests. Almost immediately, Jason starts to shiver and calls out for some chicken soup. The Competition ends in a cliffhanger, to be resolved on Saturday.moreless
  • BB3 Ep #29
    Episode 29
    Amy and Lisa take their nominations well. Lisa has a "strong feeling" she's headed for the Final Two, but Jason tells Danielle he might want to keep Amy around, thinking that the other HouseGuests would be less likely to give her the money at the end. Still unaware of Jason's alliance with Danielle, Amy thinks he is making his own decisions. Danielle wants Jason to make the call between Lisa and Amy, but still wants him to come to her so they can discuss it. While gazing at the Photo Wall, each of the remaining Houseguests get pensive and nostalgic. Lisa is reminded of how much she misses Eric, while Danielle is reminded of her strategy entering the game: Protect those who will protect you. In a private moment, Jason tells Danielle that his family will be proud of him for their alliance, and that his goal was to find someone in the House who was his opposite to ally with. Danielle says in the Diary Room that the secret of their success was keeping their bond quiet, which allowed them to gather information from all the different corners of the House, then compare notes. Danielle admits that she "lied and stabbed friends in the back," but adds that she remained loyal to the two people who mattered most: herself and Jason. Later, she sits with Jason, who signals his intention to evict Amy, but leaves open the possibility of changing his mind during the week. Amy points out to Jason that because they both the Final Four, the South has two people going the distance and has "represented" well. With their strong showing in mind, Jason and Amy share the Southern BBQ (won during the last Food Competition with Lisa and Danielle. Danielle is thrilled, noting that a lot of what they're eating is "soul food," but Lisa is less enthusiastic. She marvels at Amy and Danielle's hands-on approach to eating ribs and chicken as she tries to use her knife and fork. Amy declares there's "no graceful way" to eat good barbecue, and Danielle adds that if you're using a knife and fork to eat barbecue, "there's a problem." Jason, the only man in the House, has taken up flirting with Lisa. He tells her she looks beautiful when she wakes up in the morning. Danielle makes fun of him for his word choice, but Jason says he'd "be lying if [he] didn't say she was beautiful. Despite enjoying himself, Jason knows that he can't have a relationship with Lisa. "You saw Eric," he says, "He could smush my head with his bicep." The Houseguests, dressed in the recommended beach attire, enter the backyard to find it drastically changed. There are palm trees, surfboards, tiki idols and, in the center of everything, a hydraulic surfboard. Their Competition is to ride the surfboard for two rounds, and the two Houseguests with the longest combined time win a cruise on the Pacific Ocean. Lisa says that boats make her nervous, so she doesn't compete wholeheartedly, having a cumulative time of 1:04. Danielle says she was nervous for the second round after a strong showing in Round One, but still ends up with 1:43 combined. Jason, from Mobile, Alabama, says he's never surfed despite people telling him he looks like a "surfer dude," ends up with a time of 1:56. Amy, whose closest body of water is the Mississippi River, scores a combined 2:01. After enjoying their barbecue, the Southerners win the sailing trip. Amy and Jason are blindfolded and pull themselves along a guide rope through the doors of the BIG BROTHER House and into a waiting limousine. They remain blindfolded until they arrive at a marina and board the sailboat. Out on the open sea, Jason says he realizes "how small the world is inside the House." Amy enjoys seeing seals resting on a buoy, then gets queasy because of the choppy water. She gets sick over the side of the boat, but Jason is there to hold her hair and give her a napkin afterwards. Amy is "mortified," but admits she feels better afterwards. They enjoy a beautiful sunset over the Pacific Ocean before returning to the dock. The game goes on for Lisa and Danielle, left behind. They discuss the game and how close they are to the finals. Lisa worries about who'll vote for her in the end, and wonders if she's ever made Danielle mad. Danielle struts around, doing an exaggerated impersonation of Amy and her flirtatious behavior. After the sun sets and she realizes Jason and Amy will be home soon, Danielle tries to lock the back door so they can't get back in. When Jason and Amy return, they're surprised to find Lisa and Danielle already in bed. After their trip outside, Amy and Jason find themselves in the midst of a pressing House concern: the lizards. Amy and Danielle both dislike the lizards intently, while Jason has assumed the mantle of "dragon advocate" since the departures of Eric and Gerry. Lisa says she has a "love-hate" relationship with the lizards, especially since she's noticed that they've gotten more hostile since they've grown. Amy, however, is the most anti-lizard HouseGuest, saying that the only way she'd touch one of them is if she was "going to fry it in a pan." The HouseGuests are excited when they find out that the new America's Choice question will give one of them an opportunity to have an Internet chat with their fans. Danielle doesn't think she'll win it, but Lisa treasures the chance to make a "connection with the outside world." Before the winner is revealed, BIG BROTHER gives each HouseGuest a printed screen shot from one of the fan-made websites that have sprung up in their honor. Danielle is amused at the lesbian audience she's attracting, and Amy is amazed that people have adopted her sayings, which they call "Amy-isms," into their speech patterns. Lisa wins the America's Choice question and enters the HoH room for her online chat, feeling "overwhelmed." Lisa tells her fans that she considers Danielle to be a "beautiful person," but ultimately "threatening" when it comes to the game. She adds that her favorite House memory was when Eric spelled out "Hi" in her peanut butter. After she tells another fan that she can't wait to see Eric outside the House, Eric himself logs on and asks Lisa if he can be there to greet her when she leaves the House. Lisa excitedly says yes and confirms that she still wants to go with him to San Francisco. In closing, she thanks the fans for giving her the chance to talk to them, and then runs outside, where she tells the others all about her chat. Everyone is happy for her, especially about the news regarding Eric.moreless
  • BB3 Ep #28
    Episode 28
    After Marcellas declined to use the Golden Veto to save himself, Danielle says, "sadness came upon me, because I knew how it was going to play out." Lisa adds that the fact that the voting was done on live TV "made it even more stressful." As Marcellas was leaving, everyone was touched by the fact that he still told them all he loved them. Amy, Marcellas's closest friend in the House, was hurt that Marcellas had to leave and she got to stay. Jason, who cast the tie-breaking vote that eliminated Marcellas, says it was hard to do, but that "it comes down to Danielle and that I'm looking out for her." Outside, Danielle comforts an upset Amy and explains why she voted to evict Marcellas. In the Diary Room Danielle says that she has to "make sure her words are right" when talking to Amy. Lisa was under the impression that Danielle and Jason wanted Amy out, so the fact that they didn't vote that way makes her "suspicious." Lisa talks to Jason in the kitchen about the votes and says she feels bad putting Jason on the spot. Jason tells Lisa that Danielle didn't have time before the live show to tell her how they were voting, but Lisa says she spent enough time with Danielle before the show to be let in on the strategy. Furthering Lisa's suspicions is the fact that Jason asked her how she voted. She says, "Something about that didn't sit right with me." She wonders if she's being "paranoid," but feels that maybe Jason and Danielle "set the vote up." Lisa later asks Danielle why she wasn't let in on the voting strategy, and Danielle tells her it's because she expected Marcellas to save himself with the Veto Power. Lisa says this answer makes sense, but still feels that "something doesn't sit right." Julie Chen makes a surprise appearance in a Saturday show to oversee a Luxury Competition. The HouseGuests are told that they have each won a 3-minute phone call home plus a $1000 gift for a loved one, provided they can find the four T Mobile cellular phones hidden inside the House. After they have each found their phone, Julie calls them one by one to the Diary Room, where she sweetens (and sours) the deal. Danielle goes in first and Julie offers her an additional $5000, plus the phone call and the $1000 gift, with the catch that if she accepts the deal, none of the other HouseGuests get their call home or gift. Julie tells Danielle that everyone is getting the same offer, and that if someone else takes it and Danielle doesn't, she gets nothing. Also, if more than one person takes the deal, the winner will be determined by a number printed on the cell phone under a strip of silver tape. Most importantly, Julie assures her that nobody will find out Danielle took the offer unless she tells them herself. Danielle considers the offer, and thinks that Jason and Lisa wouldn't take it, but thinks that Amy might. Danielle accepts the offer of $5000, the phone call home and the $1000 gift. Amy comes in next and ponders the $5000 offer, thinking that Danielle would be the one to take it. Amy refuses that offer, but then Julie ups the ante to $10,000. Amy accepts that offer, plus the call and the gift. Lisa comes to the Diary Room and refuses both the $5000 and $10,000 offers. Julie offers her $15,000 but Lisa declines that also, saying that she cares too much about the others getting their phone call. Jason is last and also refuses the $5000 and $10,000 offers, but takes the offer of $15,000 after much hand-wringing. Julie tells the HouseGuests, assembled together in the living room, that an offer was accepted. Lisa says that she felt "naïve" for thinking that no one would take the money. She says, "I didn't want the $15,000. I wanted to talk to my Dad." When Julie tells them that the winning offer was for $10,000, the HouseGuests figure out by process of elimination that Amy is the one who won the money. Amy goes to the backyard and makes her call, talking to her father, mother and brother. After the Competition, Jason feels a little remorse, saying that he wishes he could have touched base with his family. Lisa continues to be stunned that the others took the offers, saying that she thought the House had a stronger bond. With Jason the last male HouseGuest remaining, Amy, Lisa and Danielle have turned him into their personal butler, sending him to the kitchen to get them drinks. Jason says he wishes he had another guy to do "manly things" with, like "lift weights or spit." He also looks for a way to escape the constant "girl talk" going on around him. Danielle laughs that the "Born-Again Christian virgin" is the one who gets stuck in a House filled with females. Danielle tells the group that they have three minutes to change into their bathing suits. In the backyard they find two large kiddie pools filled with water and, across the yard, seven smaller, empty kiddie pools. They each don oversized "sponge suits," which they soak in the larger pools, then bring the water over to the smaller pools and wring themselves out. For each smaller pool they are able to raise to a predetermined water level, they will receive a theme meal for that day. As the Competition starts, Lisa is determined to fill the Tuesday pool, which will give them a "surf and turf" dinner. Her sponge suit starts to rip and her shorts keep threatening to fall down, which gives her some trouble. Amy feels obligated to target the Friday pool, representing Southern Barbecue. As the Competition wears on, things get harder as the sponge suits weigh more than any of the HouseGuests suspected they would. With five of the seven days accounted for, Amy falls into the Thursday pool and can't get up, like a turtle on its back. When she gets out of the pool, her sponge has soaked up all the water in the pool and time runs out. In anticipation of Danielle's Nomination Ceremony, Jason says the House is in a "somber mood," with only one safe key to be pulled from the box. Lisa says she's nervous now, because her entire strategy went out the door with Marcellas. As she prepares the box, Danielle realizes that the House is like "family," and that every time someone leaves, they take with them something that can't be replaced. Bringing the group together, Danielle tells them that there is one key in the box, and that one person will get to make the ultimate decision. Jason's key is pulled from the box, putting Lisa and Amy on the block. Danielle tells the nominees that she has delegated the responsibility to Jason and is allowing the "man of the House to make the decision." After the ceremony, Lisa admits she's nervous, even though she feels she has an "unspoken agreement" with Danielle and Jason. Danielle says that she would prefer Lisa to stay, but if she gets mixed signals from her, she wouldn't mind seeing her go. With the decision in Jason's hands, Danielle reminds that they work together and make all of their decisions together. With no more Veto Power to save them, Lisa and Amy are the two nominees.moreless
  • 9/12/02
    After Roddy's departure, Jason says he'll miss him and the way Roddy took care of him like a brother. Danielle is "relieved" that Roddy's gone, since he knew she was coming after him. Amy says she'll miss Roddy, since he was such a big part of her House experience, and Lisa wanted to give him a sympathy vote so he wasn't evicted unanimously. Marcellas, however, says that Roddy "deserved to go" because he wasn't playing the game well. Lisa is upset because just before the last live show Roddy asked her if he was being evicted, and she told him she didn't know. Jason and Danielle both say they were upset with Roddy for referring to the fact that Amy didn't use the Veto Power to save him as she promised she would. Danielle calls it "sad and hurtful" that Roddy held that over Amy's head one last time. Jason reveals that he had talked with Danielle about throwing the last HoH Competition so that Amy or Lisa could win it. Imagine their surprise when Lisa and Amy were eliminated on the first question, leaving Danielle and Jason as the only competitors! Marcellas and Lisa are both happy to have Jason in control again, since they each think they have a deal in place with him and Danielle to ensure they make the final three. Jason says in the Diary Room that this obviously can't happen. Amy tells Danielle that she's not unpacking her bags in anticipation of being nominated again this week. Danielle tells her not to think that way, which Amy interprets as a sign that Danielle is looking out for her. The next morning, Jason wakes early to find the plasma screen with the familiar "Expect the Unexpected" graphic, which makes everyone nervous. Jason reveals to the HouseGuests that the newest twist in the game is the Golden Veto, which will allow a nominee to remove him or herself from the nomination block if they win. FOOD COMPETITION Before they can compete for the Golden Veto, the HouseGuests must first win their food supply for the week. BIG BROTHER tells them they have 15 minutes to dress for a "formal dinner." Amy chastises BIG BROTHER for such short notice, but everyone dresses to kill. Before they enter the backyard, they split themselves into teams: Marcellas and Danielle on one side, Amy and Lisa on the other. (HoH Jason doesn't compete in this event.) The outside has been decorated in a manner that Lisa calls "gothic, exotic and sexy as hell." The HouseGuests find a dinner table swathed in red velvet and candles and six covered dishes. Jason tells them that this is "The Dinner Party From Hell." There are three courses in the dinner party, each corresponding to two days of regular House food supplies. If a team is able to successfully finish each course, they get their regular food; if not, they get PB and J on those days. As the course is presented, Team One (Lisa and Amy) can choose to eat it or pass it to Team Two. Whichever team doesn't eat the first course has to eat the second. They have one minute to eat everything, and Jason ominously warns them, "throwing up at the table is considered bad manners." Lisa chooses to eat first, and despite the fact that it appears to be sushi, the course turns out to be the sexual organs of a giant sea urchin. Marcellas chooses to eat for Team Two and gets escargot, which he's happy about because he's eaten them before. However, neither Lisa nor Marcellas are able to eat their full meals, putting both teams on PB and J for Saturday and Sunday. For Round Two, Danielle has to eat boiled pig's feet, while Amy is served poi. Amy tries to eat the poi like pudding, but it's too thick for her to swallow. Danielle doesn't do any better with the pig's feet, meaning both teams have another two days of PB and J. For Round Three, both team members can eat their course, which is twice the size, but they have twice as long. Marcellas and Danielle are served jungle curry, while Amy and Lisa get haggis, which is boiled sheep stomach stuffed with liver. The jungle curry is too spicy for Marcellas and Danielle, and Amy and Lisa barely make a dent in the haggis. The teams get the peanut butter and jelly for Wednesday and Thursday as well. Jason, who is now stuck eating PB and J as well, says he was frustrated watching the others give up rather than try to eat. To prove his point, Jason samples a little bit of each item and wonders what the big deal is. NOMINATION CEREMONY Marcellas asks Danielle if she knows whom Jason is looking to nominate. Danielle suggests that he might put Amy and Lisa on the block together. But when Marcellas is outside with Amy, Lisa, Danielle and Jason discuss whether they'd prefer Amy or Marcellas to be the next evictee. Danielle says she wants Marcellas to go because he told Roddy things about her strategy and she doesn't trust him anymore. Jason feels bad that his last reign as HoH resulted in Gerry's eviction and feels worse because he "cares about all the others here." After bringing the group to the table, Jason tells them that he doesn't like the look of the nomination box with only two keys sticking out of it. Lisa and Danielle's keys are removed from the box, leaving Amy and Marcellas as the nominees. Jason tells them he nominated them without "any good reason" except that "it's a game and someone has to leave this week." He turns to Danielle and Lisa and reminds them that because of the new Golden Veto, neither of them are safe just because they weren't nominated here. MARCELLAS VS. JASON Amy says that she's not mad at Jason for nominating her, but she feels "bitter" that he also nominated Marcellas. Outside, Marcellas tells Jason that he feels "betrayed" that he was nominated and reminds Jason that he didn't nominate him, despite his two terms as HoH. Marcellas adds that he feels he's done more to protect Jason than Danielle has. Marcellas talks to Danielle in the bathroom and insinuates that if he stays, he's going to target Jason for eviction next week. He adds that he doesn't want anyone to use the Golden Veto to save him because he feels he can beat Amy in a vote. Danielle tells him that she won't save him with the Veto, but that she will vote to save him if he's still on the block. Walking around the House talking to himself, Marcellas says that he definitely wants Jason out next. He tells Amy that, based on his nominations, Jason must have a deal with Lisa or Danielle. Amy says she thinks it's Lisa, but Marcellas wonders why he'd have a deal with Lisa, whom he categorizes as a weaker player. Danielle approaches Jason and tells him about her talk with Marcellas. Jason says he won't second-guess himself, but admits he knows he's in trouble if Marcellas stays. They decide that no matter what, Marcellas has to be evicted. MARCELLAS HAS A GOLDEN VETO! For the crucial Golden Veto Competition, the HouseGuests change into skintight outfits and wait in the Diary Room. One at a time, they enter the backyard to find something out of a James Bond movie. There are 24 photographs of evicted HouseGuests, each bordered by black carpeting. Above this grid are a series of criss-crossing laser beams. The competitors have to go across the board from photo to photo in the order of eviction. If they break one of the laser beams or touch the black carpeting, they receive a 15-second penalty for each contact. Additionally, there is a one-minute penalty for touching any of the photos out of order. Amy goes first and makes it through the course in 1:04, with only two penalties. Lisa goes next and steps through each laser beam on her way across the board. She later admits that she didn't want to win the Golden Veto so Marcellas and Amy could have a chance to win it themselves. Lisa's time is :21, plus 3:45 in penalties. Danielle gets the eviction order wrong, forgetting that Eric was evicted before Josh. Her time is 1:34 plus 3:00 in penalties. Jason, who says he felt like Spiderman creeping around in tights, loses his balance halfway through the course. He makes his way across quickly, in :28, but has 1:30 in penalties. Marcellas goes last, and while concentrating on the fact that he thinks he looks fat in the tights, gets through the course in :52 with only :15 in penalties. Marcellas's total time of 1:07 gives him the Golden Veto. After the Competition, Danielle says she's going to try to convince Marcellas not to use the power to save himself. Marcellas is conflicted, wondering whether he should use the power to save someone who has been a "great friend" to him during the game, if he should save himself or if he should just leave well enough alone. Jason, nervous about being targeted by Marcellas, asks Danielle to get close to Marcellas. Danielle tells Marcellas that if he saves himself, he'll be evicting either Lisa or Amy. She asks him which person he'd rather see leave. Marcellas realizes that Danielle and Jason are banded together and approaches Lisa about an alliance that would bring them to the final two. Danielle says in the Diary Room that she needs to protect her interests, in this case, Jason. She says that if Marcellas doesn't use the Golden Veto to save himself, he'll definitely be evicted. AND THE GOLDEN VETO GOES TO… Host Julie Chen talks to the assembled HouseGuests in the living room in anticipation of the live Golden Veto Meeting. Marcellas tells Julie that the decision whether or not to use the Veto is the hardest part of the game that he's faced so far. Jason tells Julie that he's prepared to make a nomination should Marcellas save himself or Amy. He goes on to say that he doesn't want to do it, but that it's his job as HoH. With the moment at hand, Marcellas tells the group that he feels he's played the game thus far "looking out for others." He adds that when Gerry used the Veto Power to save him, it was the "most amazing thing in the game." With that in mind, Marcellas chooses NOT to use the Golden Veto to save himself or Amy. He tells the group that he's leaving the decision in their hands and that he doesn't want to put anyone else in the position he found himself in this week. Julie asks Marcellas whether he changed his mind regarding the Golden Veto on live TV. Marcellas says that he did, that he was so certain he was going to save himself, he didn't pack all of his belongings but he says he loves everyone in the House too much to let them be upset. Julie wonders whether he still felt confident that he would stay and Marcellas tells her no. For her final words to the group before their live vote, Amy tells everyone that she loves them and thanks them for "the chance that no one else has ever had in a game like this." Marcellas asks that everyone vote with their consciences, their hearts and tells them that he'll have no hard feelings, no matter what they decide. VOTING LIVE Finally knowing whom they'll have to decide between, Danielle and Lisa are told by Julie that they'll go to the Diary Room individually to vote. Danielle goes in first, voting to evict Marcellas. Lisa goes in next, voting to evict Amy. The vote is now in Jason's hand to break the tie. In the living room Jason tells Marcellas that he "felt threatened" after he put Marcellas up for nomination and says, "You should have used the Veto." Jason votes to evict Marcellas. Marcellas is stunned, and staggers into the bedroom to grab the last of his stuff. As he leaves, he hugs everyone goodbye. After Julie playfully smacks him in the head for his Veto decision, Marcellas tells her he's "shocked" to be there, then changes his mind and says he's not shocked. He says he "wouldn't have it go any other way" since he made all of his decisions based on what was better for the other HouseGuests. Julie asks if he wasn't playing to win, why he entered the game. Marcellas says his motivation was to learn more about himself and that he's learned that he's "fantastic." After watching farewell video clips from the others, Marcellas tells Julie that he wouldn't change his decision because "Everything I did in that moment, I did it for them." HOH COMPETITION After the shocking eviction of Marcellas, the other HouseGuests compete in the latest HoH Competition, called "And Then There Were Four." Amy, Lisa and Danielle are asked a series of questions and have to step onto the number they believe answers it. The HouseGuest with the most right answers after six questions wins HoH. The first question is "How many of the four remaining HouseGuests have been HoH at least once?" The answer is three, and all the competitors get a point. Danielle gets question two ("How many have held PoV?" The answer is 4.) right, but Lisa and Amy don't. Lisa is right for question three ("How many failed to get 15 food vouchers?" The answer is 3.) but Amy and Danielle get it wrong. After three questions Danielle and Lisa have 2 points and Amy has 1. Amy and Danielle get number four right ("How many had their gnome survive impact?" The answer is 1.), and Lisa is wrong. All three get number five right ("How many opened veto boxes in the second Veto Competition?" The answer is 2.), and everyone gets number six ("How many gained more than 3 pounds in the brownie eating Competition?" The answer is 2.) wrong. With 4 points, Danielle wins her first HoH title.moreless
  • BB3 Ep #26
    Episode 26
    HOT ROD PEELS OUT: NJ WRITER EVICTED 3-0 As the eviction draws near, Danielle wonders why the people nominated against Roddy turn themselves into "sacrificial lambs," allowing him to stay in the House. Marcellas tells Danielle that after listening to Roddy he feels hypnotized, ready to follow him wherever. With Roddy's persuasiveness an active topic in the house, Amy makes his bid to stay a little easier by putting on what Marcellas calls the "ugliest exhibition" he's seen in the House. It starts when Lisa, on the elliptical trainer, overhears Amy make an offer to Roddy for one of his beers. As Amy continues to drink, she babbles to the other HouseGuests, all of whom are visibly uncomfortable. Marcellas, now using the trainer himself, asks Roddy to go inside and get him a drink of water, leaving him alone on the patio with Amy. Marcellas tells Amy to stop drinking and go to bed. Amy goes into the House, but pulls Jason into the HoH room and asks him for some of his alcohol, then lies to Marcellas when he asks her what she's doing. In the Diary Room, Marcellas is beside himself, recounting his efforts to help her. Amy sits in the hammock, talking to Roddy about how Marcellas hurt her feelings, but she falls out of the hammock, laughing hysterically. Sitting at the dining room table with Danielle, Jason and Lisa, Marcellas cuts his ties to Amy, saying, "That was my girl until this week." Later, he tells Lisa what he thinks when he's with Amy lately: "Every word that comes out of your mouth, you're making me hate you." While Amy is self-destructing, Roddy takes the opportunity to gather Lisa's support. Lisa says she noticed that Roddy has been flirtatious with her the last few weeks, and she is considering giving Roddy a sympathy vote, if the others still want to evict him. Roddy senses this, saying that he knows Lisa votes with her heart. Danielle, watching him get closer to Lisa, is flabbergasted. "It's unbelievable," she says, "Every week he talks people into doing things for him." JULIE'S LIVE INTERVIEW With all the HouseGuests in the living room, Host Julie Chen pokes fun at Jason for his new haircut. She gets down to business, though, asking Marcellas about his intent during his harsh nomination speech to Amy, and whether he thinks Amy got it. Marcellas considers his words "a plea" to Amy to be more careful with everyone, since at this point in the game, everyone is fragile and stressed out. Amy tells Julie that she did get "most" of the message, but "it took a while." Talking to Danielle, Julie notes she's the only HouseGuest remaining who never won HoH. Danielle responds that with the next Competition coming soon, she wants HoH "so bad I can taste it." On a lighter note, Julie asks Lisa about the America's Choice shopping spree the HouseGuests enjoyed. Lisa says that the guys got the better end of the deal: since they're all the same size, they were able to come in and "just take everything." THE RETURN OF JOSH Looking back on his days in the House, Josh says his strategy was to "offend everybody," but realizes he probably "did it too well." Now out of the game, he is reunited with his love, Merritt, and calls that the "best part" of leaving the House. Merritt says it was tough to watch Josh in the house the last week of his stay when he was very emotional and vulnerable. She says it was hard not to let him know how much she cared about him when he was so distraught. Now reunited, they both know that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. They stop by a jeweler's to look at diamond rings, and Josh blanches at the prices. "If you're having a 90% off sale, you should call me," he jokes to the salesperson. Josh says that marriage is in their future, just as soon as he gets permission from Merritt's father.moreless
  • BB# Ep #25
    Episode 25
    PAST COMES BACK TO HAUNT AMY With Marcellas's harsh words still ringing in her ears, Amy mumbles to Roddy that she understands being nominated, but wonders why the speech had to be so cruel. Marcellas says later that he considered his words to her an "intervention" of sorts, but Roddy thought it was "unnecessary and flat-out selfish" to hurt someone like that. Amy stays at the table, staring into space while Marcellas confirms to Danielle that he still wants Roddy to be the one to go. Inside, Lisa comforts Amy, who says she expected to be nominated but didn't expect the speech Marcellas made at her expense. Roddy confronts Marcellas about the motivations behind his being nominated. Marcellas responds that it was the will of the House. Roddy asks Danielle, who is sitting nearby, if she felt that way. Danielle says yes, and Roddy asks her why she never came to him with her problems. More to the point, he reminds her that when he asked her if she had any trouble with him, she said no. Marcellas explains again that Roddy might not have done anything wrong himself, but that he was guilty by association, based on the HouseGuests he was closest to. Roddy doesn't accept that explanation and replies, "You talk about a nest of vipers; this makes you the king jackal." Marcellas goes inside, followed by Roddy, leaving Danielle behind. Amy approaches Danielle, who encourages her to talk to Marcellas. Amy goes into the HoH room with Marcellas and clears the air between them. Marcellas tells her that it makes people question her when they see her with Roddy, since nobody trusts him. Amy replies that she understands this nomination wasn't strategic, but was done for her well-being. Later Marcellas says that every time something bad happens to her, Amy has an epiphany about herself, and each time he wants to believe it's real. He adds that when she's just herself and not any of the characters she plays, the real Amy is "amazing." THE TWO SIDES OF RODDY After making up with Amy, Marcellas talks to Danielle about Roddy, the other nominee. Marcellas says that Roddy acts like his hands are clean, but he has other people do his dirty work for him. He adds that he decided to nominate both Amy and Roddy together because the House had bad feelings towards them both and now the House can decide whom to keep. Still, Marcellas is quick to admit that since Chiara left, Roddy has been "lighter and funnier." They also say he's been more "accessible" because Chiara used to "spirit him away" when anyone else was talking to him. Danielle says Roddy has two personalities: Lucifer, the beautiful angel who makes everybody laugh, and Satan, the fallen angel who looks out only for himself. Roddy approaches Marcellas on the basketball court and casually reminds him of their hot tub promise to stick together. Marcellas repeats that he nominated Roddy because it was the will of the House. He adds that he wasn't sure that their deal was cemented and he felt the need to distance himself from someone the House wanted out so badly. Later, Roddy approaches Danielle in hopes of making a deal, but she is wary and doesn't go for it. SINS OF THE PAST With Roddy and Amy nominated, thoughts turn to the Power of Veto Competition. Danielle and Jason become terrified when Amy reminds them that in the Week Two PoV Competition she promised Roddy she'd take him off the block if she had the power. Amy tells Danielle that if she wins, she'll have to take him off, and she won't consider throwing the event. Danielle tells Marcellas this development in the bathroom. They both agree that Roddy is the "luckiest mother on Earth." Jason is stunned, but says he plans on doing what he can to ensure that either he or Danielle win the Competition, taking the dilemma off Amy's hands. VETO COMPETITION As the Competition draws near, Roddy talks to Amy, reminding her of the promise. Amy mentions to Roddy that if she wins and takes him down, she wants an assurance that Roddy will vote to keep her in the House. Roddy is non-committal, saying that he has already promised Lisa he won't vote her out. He worries that if Amy saves him and Lisa is put in his place, he'd have made promises to keep both nominees. Amy says later that this was an eye-opening conversation and that she feels Roddy underestimated her. The Veto Competition is called "BIG BROTHER Charm School." The HouseGuests, decked out in robes, have to navigate an obstacle course, balancing a square on their head. Each time the square falls or the HouseGuest touches it, they get a 15-second penalty. The HouseGuest who gets through the gauntlet fastest, including penalty time, wins the PoV. The obstacle course consists of a ladder and ramp, a series of steps, a rotating platform, steps leading to blocks to step over, a tube they have to creep through and a slalom course made of road cones. After each HouseGuest has gone through, the greatest fear about the Competition is realized: Amy, beholden to Roddy by a long-ago promise, wins the Veto Power. Jason says he was "dying inside" from her victory and is not helped by his reward for finishing second: a massage. He's uncomfortable with a stranger touching him, but is relieved when he finds out he will be using an Aqua-Massager. Afterwards he says he liked it so much he might consider getting a massage from a human being. AMERICA'S CHOICE After the relaxing massage for Jason and Amy, the HouseGuests are treated to the spoils of the latest America's Choice question: a BIG BROTHER-sponsored clothes-shopping spree. Inside the House are racks of clothes for them to choose from. They have 90 seconds to browse the clothes, then 90 seconds to grab whatever items they can, but they only get to keep the items they're actually wearing. Marcellas strips to his underwear to give himself more room to put clothes on. Jason grabs anything with a neck hole and puts it over his head, while Amy simply grabs anything she wants and "got it on somehow." One of Lisa's spoils is a brown dress that Amy had her eye on. She jokes that Amy might nominate her next simply because of that dress. THE VETO MEETING Before the Veto Meeting, Roddy approaches Amy again to find out what she's thinking regarding the Veto power. Amy apologizes to Roddy, but says she can't use the Power to save him, knowing that it would guarantee her own eviction. Roddy blames Marcellas for nominating them and asks why Amy would feel an obligation to the person who was so mean to her during the ceremony. After Roddy leaves, Amy's determination slips, and she says that Roddy is so persuasive "he makes me want to help him." With everyone gathered in the living room, Amy reminds the group of her promise to Roddy in Week Two. She adds that Roddy wouldn't promise to save her from eviction, and as a result, she was not using the Veto Power to save him. As the meeting disbands, Roddy sits in his chair, staring straight ahead. Danielle says he "looked like he got slapped." Outside after the Meeting, Roddy tells Amy he's upset that she didn't follow through, and feels that she has taken advantage of his kindness. As Amy gets more upset, Roddy tells her that by breaking her promise, she's proven to everyone that her word is no good, but that he still loves her, even if no one else in the House trusts her.Roddy leaves Amy alone outside, bawling.moreless
  • BB3 Ep #24
    Episode 24
    HALFWAY HOME After Gerry's departure, Jason says it was "very sad to see the Dad of the family go." Marcellas realizes that he would have been gone early in the game if Gerry hadn't used the Veto Power to save him the first week. Amy is also in shock, but more over the headfake Julie Chen gave when reading the eviction. In the kitchen, the remaining HouseGuests realize they're at the halfway point of the game, and give themselves a round of applause. Roddy says he wanted to win this last HoH Competition to ensure his own safety, but Amy "couldn't be happier" that Marcellas won. She refers to herself as the "First Lady" of the BIG BROTHER House, until Roddy takes her aside and tells her that title makes other people uncomfortable. He indicates that it marks her as a partner to Marcellas, and reminds her of what has befallen BB3's other couples. Inside, Marcellas tells Danielle that Roddy thinks Amy has influence over him, but she doesn't. Marcellas is upset that Amy often "funnels information" to Roddy about other people's strategies. Danielle suggests that Marcellas nominate Jason against Roddy, since Roddy wouldn't be able to campaign against Jason. Later, talking to Jason, she rethinks that notion and hopes that Marcellas puts up Amy against Roddy. Marcellas, however, wonders if he should nominate Danielle, who has emerged as the game's new front-runner. PASSING THE TIME Danielle notices that since Chiara was evicted, Amy has been spending a lot more time flirting with Roddy. She surmises that this might be the reason Amy was so gung-ho about evicting Chiara when she was HoH. Lisa agrees, saying that Amy has been "flaunting it" around Roddy for the last few days. Amy says that Roddy is more relaxed since Chiara left, but won't say any more except, "As long as I don't say anything, I can't be humiliated." Another game the HosueGuests have started to play is co-ed water polo, using Marcellas's rubber ducks and laundry baskets. Amy and Lisa hold their own against Roddy and Jason, despite the fact that the games are full contact. Amy is by far the most physical player in the game, scratching, grabbing and clawing at Roddy and Jason, leaving welts on Roddy. Danielle says Amy likes the game so much because it gives her an excuse to jump on the boys. Lisa unveils a hidden talent: she's fluent in sign language. A longtime friend of hers has deaf parents, so she learned how to sign. Danielle also knows how to sign the alphabet, giving them a secret weapon for strategy. They practice in the hot tub, with Danielle signing out "Jason is a hot guy" to Lisa, but move on, comparing notes while Amy tells them a story about an unnamed HouseGuest. Lisa starts to teach Roddy how to sign until Danielle tells her to stop, saying that she can't "teach the devil new tricks." THE FOOD COMPETITION The Map Room is closed off to the HouseGuests, due to their dwindling numbers. Marcellas pouts a little, not wanting to leave the room he's spent most of his nights in. Even though it's being closed off, the HouseGuests get to give the room a messy sendoff: a Food Competition called "Sweet Surprise." The Map Room walls are covered in plastic, the floors covered in hundred of baked pies. Inside seven of the pies are medallions representing a different day of the week. The HouseGuests have 90 seconds to find all seven medallions or eat PB and J on the days they don't find. They accomplish their mission with seconds to spare, then Roddy sets off a massive pie fight. Lisa dumps an entire pie down the back of Jason's bathing suit, and everyone attacks HoH Marcellas when he reads the results of the contest. Not everything is fun and games, though. Sometime during the Competition/pie fight, Amy loses an antique diamond ring given to her by her grandmother. Danielle finds the ring in the mess of pie filling and gives it back to Amy, but on the way through the House to the outside shower, Amy loses the ring again. Marcellas says that Amy is getting on his nerves. He realizes she knows he's been short with her, but says he's at the end of his rope with her behavior. MARCELLAS, AMY AND STRATEGY Marcellas says that Amy's behavior has been grating on him for a while, but losing the ring twice during the Food Competition was the "straw that broke the camel's back." Outside by the pool, he tells Danielle that Amy needs to go this week. Jason overhears this, and talks to Danielle about it later. Both agree that it's a bad idea. Danielle says it makes him look bad to turn against his friend like that, and Jason thinks it puts Marcellas in a bad position with so few people left in the game. While Lisa showers, Marcellas goes into the private toilet. Danielle enters and uses sign language to tell Lisa that Marcellas wants Amy evicted. Lisa says later that this idea "doesn't sit well" with her. Marcellas and Danielle sit outside to talk, but Marcellas is wary of anything she has to say. He says he believes everything Danielle does is designed to keep herself one step ahead of the game, thus he doesn't entirely trust her. Marcellas turns the tables on Danielle, asking her about her relationship with Jason and wondering if she might be overextended with too many alliances. NOMINATION CEREMONY Leading into the nominations, Amy says she has a feeling these nominations are going to be harder than usual. Worried about repercussions from his nominations, Marcellas says it's actually harder to do now with fewer people left in the House. He assembles the group to start the ceremony. He makes a point of telling everyone that the people left in the House now are the ones he likes and respects most out of everyone who started in the game. Lisa's key comes out first, followed by Danielle's and Jason's, leaving Roddy and Amy as nominees. Marcellas tells Roddy that despite how much he likes Roddy, there is still a perception in the House that he can't be trusted. He turns to Amy and tells her that he's been disappointed in her behavior since she returned to the House. Amy nods, and says it's part of the game, but Marcellas tells her not to "belittle" his action. He tells Amy how much it hurts him to nominate her, but that she "hasn't been playing the game kindly," and that it "tears me apart" to have to say that. After the Ceremony, Amy says she was floored by the speech, but believes the nomination is about the game, despite what Roddy said. Lisa says it broke her heart to see Amy so upset after the meeting, and Danielle feels the same way. Roddy is more pragmatic, looking at his own nomination. He doesn't agree with Marcellas's rationale, saying it was more "emotion than evidence."moreless
  • BB3 Ep #23
    Episode 23
    TEACHER GETS EXPELLED 4-0 Gerry opens what could be his last day in the BIG BROTHER House with a quote from Winston Churchill: "You can lose every battle but the last one." He adds that he is aware of the generation gap between himself and the other HouseGuests and is aware that it has affected his performance in the game. Roddy sits with Gerry in the hammock and rehashes the demise of all alliances in the game, from the all-girl and all-guy groups to the couples and the original hot tub alliance. Gerry recalls Roddy's statement that in the game, memories fade, but points out that he remembers that Roddy was a component in almost all the alliances that existed. In the Diary Room, Marcellas says, "perception is everything," while Gerry tells Roddy that the perception is that he's smarter than everyone else in the House. Gerry adds, with no disrespect intended, "You're not." As Marcellas says, though, perception is everything, and Lisa says she thinks that everyone will be going after Roddy next week. Marcellas agrees, saying that a battle of wills is developing between Roddy and Danielle, each of whom is scared of the other. Roddy and Danielle both make overtures to Lisa to get her on their side, but Lisa comes away wondering why everyone "buckles under" to Roddy. Jason, Danielle's silent partner, tells her in the hot tub that he never feels manipulated by her when they talk, whereas with everyone else he does feel that way. Amy offers a different opinion, saying that she wants Marcellas to win HoH because she thinks he'll nominate Roddy and Danielle against one another. THE GROUP DISCUSSION Host Julie Chen talks to the group, with Amy and Gerry in their places as nominees. She starts by asking Roddy how he feels to not be nominated for the first time in two weeks. Roddy says it feels like he's "been paroled," but is sad because of the bond he's formed with both nominees. Julie follows up and asks him which departed HouseGuest he misses most. Not surprisingly, Roddy answers Chiara, both for the intense bond they shared and for the fact that she is the most recent evictee. Julie tells the group that after tonight, with half their original twelve gone, the Map Room (or High Rent District) will be closed, forcing one of them back onto an army cot. Danielle says that she's already agreed to take the cot, but adds that she has her eye on the HoH room. Danielle also takes an opportunity to thank America and her husband Javier for the inspirational video message she received after winning the last America's Choice Competition. Julie talks to Jason privately in the HoH room about his tumultuous reign, asking him about his decision to nominate Gerry and Amy. Jason says that he simply has trust in Roddy as an ally and stands by the fact that he gave his word to Roddy and Chiara before her eviction. Julie asks Jason about his repeated refrain that Roddy has "looked out for him" during the game. Jason explains that, based on things he's heard, Roddy has stood up for him and prevented him from being nominated. Jason adds that his tough decision regarding nominations has given way to an easy week, made easier by the perks of power, specifically crediting Dunkin' Donuts for the "sugar buzz" the House has been on all week. WHERE'S THE FIRE? Back in Connecticut, Eric has rejoined his other "family," his fellow firefighters, most of whom are ready and willing to bust his chops for things he did in the House. They make fun of Eric for his frequent appearances without a shirt, and laugh that when he left he swore he wasn't looking to "hook up." Eric says that everyone is curious about his relationship with Lisa and is pleased that he doesn't regard it as just a fling. He admits that he was hurt when Lisa didn't vote for him to return to the House, but understands now that it was a strategic move on her part, and it wouldn't have mattered overall, since he didn't have the votes to go back in anyway. In the House, Lisa says she can't wait to have her first date with Eric without cameras. Julie talks to Gerry and Amy, this weeks nominees. Amy calls herself the "professional BIG BROTHER nominee" since this is her third time in the chair. She says that this nomination experience has been the same as the others, minus the going-away party she had before her two previous turns. Amy wishes her terrier Buckie a happy 7th birthday, then thanks the HouseGuests for bringing her back in after her departure. Gerry says of his first nomination experience that, all things considered, he'd "rather be sitting on the couch." He jokes that now that he's been nominated, he no longer wishes to run for office. Gerry says he has no regrets if he is evicted, since he came into the House with a "rich life" that has only been enriched further. For his final words to the group, Gerry urges them all, "Carpe diem--seize the day!" IN THE DIARY ROOM Before casting their votes, the four eligible Houseguests take turns in the Diary Room giving their impressions of the nominees. Marcellas says that Gerry came into the House as a teacher, but that he himself didn't come in to "be parented." Of his close friend Amy, Marcellas says she's " funny, aggressive and gregarious." He adds, hesitantly, "And young. She's got some growing up to do." Of Amy, his close friend, Marcellas says she's " funny, aggressive and young." Lisa feels that Gerry "talks at you, not to you" and doesn't appreciate the other HouseGuests, while she has "great conversations" and a lot of fun with Amy, especially since her return. Roddy says he's "not a big fan" of the selfishness that Amy sometimes exhibits, and is worried that he'll never get a return of the favor Gerry owes him if he's evicted. Danielle says she has respect for Gerry for being able to "keep up with the young crowd," and says that Amy is a "spoiled child" who "gets on my nerves sometimes." THE TEACHER GETS SCHOOLED Julie announces to the group that by a 4-0 vote, Amy gets to stay in the House. Everyone is thrown for a moment as they realize that Gerry is the one who has been evicted. Gerry rises and tells the rest of the group, "Don't get up. I know the way out." On his way to the door, Gerry puts his sunglasses on and hugs the other HouseGuests. After he's gone, the HouseGuests mill about, discussing Julie's fakeout. In the studio Gerry kids to Julie that he'd "rather be back in the House" than there talking to her. He does say that he's "not terribly surprised" to have been evicted, but that, to quote Hamlet, "Readiness is all." Gerry says that sometimes the age difference was a hurdle for him to overcome, but that he's lucky to return to the teaching job he loves. Of the remaining HouseGuests, Gerry is pulling for Danielle to win and thinks that Jason may regret trusting Roddy as much as he does. MARCELLAS RECLAIMS THE POWER For the Head of HouseHold Competition, the HouseGuests are asked a series of true/false questions, based on statements made about them by the evicted HouseGuests. If they believe the statements are true, they have to hold up a red paddle; if they think they're false, they hold up a black paddle. The first statement is from Chiara, who said she thinks Marcellas is the neatest HouseGuest remaining. Everybody answers true, the correct answer. Josh says he thinks Lisa is the HouseGuest most likely to pose for Playboy, another true statement that everyone gets right. Statement three, Roddy is the HouseGuest Lori would set up with one of her friends, is false, eliminating Danielle and Lisa. (Lori chose Jason.) Roddy, Amy and Marcellas all get number four wrong, guessing false to the statement that Danielle is the HouseGuest Josh would lend money to. On question number five, Eric brands Lisa the sloppiest HouseGuest remaining. Marcellas correctly guesses that this is true, while Roddy and Amy guess false, eliminating themselves. Marcellas wins HoH, the first BIG BROTHER 3 HouseGuest to take the title for a second time.moreless
  • BB3 Ep #22
    Episode 22
    After Jason puts up Gerry and Amy, Lisa tells him that she's proud of him for being himself and not following the will of others. Jason tells Lisa that just before Chiara's eviction, he promised her that he would look out for Roddy, and that's why he didn't nominate him. Danielle is not as understanding about his motivations, even after Jason explains that evicting the "wild card" Gerry will take their partnership further in the game. Danielle remains concerned that to avoid being nominated Roddy was just telling Jason anything he wanted to hear, but she admits that Jason did the right thing for himself. Marcellas thinks Jason's decision marks him as "weak" and incapable of making the tough decisions. AMY AND GERRY: WHO'LL GO? Amy says that she's had premonitions of her fate before her previous two nominations, and that she feels good about her chances this time around. She kids Lisa, saying that Gerry the teacher is needed back at home, because school about to go back into session. In the Diary Room Gerry talks about the sacrifices his family made for him to come to BIG BROTHER for the summer, and that he'll be disappointed if he returns to them empty-handed. Despite Amy's premonition, Roddy intimates to Gerry that his eviction isn't a done deal, and that he'll snoop around and find out where Gerry stands. In the bedroom, Danielle says she knew Roddy would escape being nominated by Jason, and Lisa wonders why nobody ever follows through in evicting him. THE GNOMES In the backyard Amy finds several unpainted garden gnomes, along with a note that says each HouseGuest has to adopt and decorate one of them. Marcellas takes to his gnome quickly, naming him "Boo" and painting him into the night. Danielle and Jason stay out late painting their gnomes as well, leading to an impromptu strategy session. With no one else around, they discuss Gerry and whether he'll approach them to save him with the Veto Power. Jason says he wants to win it himself or have Danielle win it so that they can change the nominations if they see fit. THE VETO COMPETITION After Marcellas tells Amy the list of "Marcellas-approved" fashion designers, the others agree that his help in picking out their clothes is invaluable. Gerry can't help but notice, however, that Marcellas never gives him any advice. The HouseGuests enter the backyard for the next Veto Competition, called "Gnome Drop." Each of the decorated gnomes hangs from a crossbar by three strings. Each of the three strings corresponds to the answer to a multiple-choice question about each HouseGuest. If the question is answered correctly and that string is cut, the gnome will crash to the round, eliminating that HouseGuest. Gerry goes first, answering Roddy's question correctly, dropping the gnome to the ground. Lisa's gnome goes out next, followed by Amy's and Gerry's, leaving Marcellas, Danielle and Jason still alive. Danielle takes out Marcellas, who in turn takes out Danielle, leaving Jason as the PoV winner. With all the power once again in his hands, Jason tells Danielle after the Competition that he's happy to be able to potentially reconsider his nominations since he has begun to have doubts about Roddy. Amy later says that people "fear and mistrust" Roddy, while Marcellas suggests that he has "telepathic powers." Lisa says she doesn't like the way Roddy constructs his sentences, and says that it's scary he's still there. Marcellas wonders how it is that with all the dealings Roddy has been a part of nobody has caught him in a lie. Danielle says that Roddy must be "the devil," since he's good-looking with a charming smile and can "talk you out of your firstborn and you won't even know why." BOO AND HIS FAMILY During the Competition, every gnome shattered into pieces except for those of Roddy and Marcellas, both of which remained intact. Marcellas has become drawn to Boo, saying his gnome actually was what he was going to be like when he turned 70. He puts Boo with Jason's gnome so they can hang out and avoid Roddy's gnome, which he says "looks like it's on crack." Roddy's gnome, complete with axe and sinister black mask, is Boo's "bad cousin" with a troubled past. Marcellas says it's the type of gnome that "comes to your House and steals your television." He later becomes afraid that Roddy's gnome is becoming obsessed with him when the gnome turns up in his bed with "blood" dripping from his axe on to his gnome jacket. Roddy swears that he didn't move the gnome there, that he did it by himself. Marcellas says that he's afraid the gnome will turn up in the shower or the bathroom with him next. DANIELLE'S TEARS AND LAUGHTER Danielle tells Lisa and Roddy that she's missing her family tremendously and is upset that she hasn't won any letters or pictures from home yet. Danielle does win the latest America's Choice question, which allows her to view a video from her family members. At first, she watches a message from her mother, father and brother, who tell her they're proud of her and the way she's playing the game. Danielle's mother tells her during the message that she doesn't have multiple sclerosis as Danielle thought she did when she went into the House. Danielle cries at the news that her mother is healthy, and then watches the second message, from her husband Javier and their two children. Javier reads a letter of love to Danielle and tells her that he's taken up cooking while she's been gone. Lisa says after the message that it was a "precious moment" she's glad she was a part of. Jason agrees, and says that watching the video with her connected the rest of the HouseGuests to Danielle in a special way. The message rejuvenates Danielle, who declares that seeing her family has given her the "strength to move forward." AMY'S LAMENT While she entertains the HouseGuests and herself, Amy confesses that she's afraid "nobody is ever going to love" her. She tells Lisa and Danielle that she's never had a "normal relationship" and thinks she'll end up being a lonely old woman who lives with her dog in a big house that kids throw rocks at. Lisa talks to her late at night and tries to cheer her up. She says that some of the things Amy wants reveal a "very cute side" of her that Lisa had never seen before. Amy says that she hopes that some of the lessons she's learned in the House can translate to the outside world and help her. With the Veto Meeting approaching, Jason takes Roddy aside and tries to find out whether Roddy intends to target Danielle if he becomes HoH. Without naming Danielle, Roddy tells Jason that there was one person in the House who, according to everyone else, desperately wanted him out. But when he asked that person if it was true, they denied it. Roddy adds that if there's a HouseGuest who is using others to do their dirty work and isn't truthful about it, he has to regard the person as a threat. Jason knows of the conversation between Roddy and Danielle that Roddy just described, and is afraid that Roddy might go after Jason's strongest ally. Jason says, "If it's a choice between Roddy and Danielle, he has to go." THE VETO MEETING Gerry and Danielle talk on the patio. Gerry tells Danielle that there's a part of him that's "not reluctant to walk out" of the House. Danielle urges him to go out fighting and urges him to talk to Jason, since that's where the power is. Gerry tells Jason that if he had won the PoV, he would have vetoed Amy's nomination in hopes of going against Roddy, against whom he thinks he has a better shot. Gerry suggests that Jason do the same thing and tells him, "In all likelihood, if I survive, I won't come after you." With a few options in mind, Jason calls the Veto meeting to order. He gives Amy and Gerry a chance to plead their cases. Amy goes first and simply tells Jason that no matter what he chooses, she'll be all right with his decision. Gerry says the same thing, reminding Jason that he has to do what's best for him and his own strategy. Jason tells the nominees and the group that he would love to save them both, but since "there's no one else to substitute," he wasn't going to use the Veto. With the nominees set, Marcellas says his focus is on the next HoH Competition, which he says will be like a "clash of the titans" between Roddy and Danielle.moreless
  • BB3 Ep #21
    Episode 21
    JASON SPARES THE ROD-DY Chiara's departure has hit the HouseGuests hard. Amy says she feels like a "horrid home wrecker," but wishes everyone would realize they were playing a game and "not Love Connection." Lisa is upset because Chiara asked her while leaving why Lisa didn't vote for her to stay. Roddy asks Jason to open his bag and see what Chiara left for him: a security blanket she's had since she was a young child. Roddy cries, but says he's "proud to be close enough" to Chiara for her to give him something so important to her. With the rest of the House in a stupor over the eviction, Marcellas tells Danielle and Lisa, commiserating in the Map Room, that Chiara "did dirt" to Lisa, to him, and would have done it to Danielle if she had the chance. Danielle feels confident in Jason as the new HoH, and says she had to try and act calm after he won, even though she was overjoyed. Taking in the perks of power, Jason says he's looking forward to sleeping in a real bed, since he's been using a sleeping bag on a cot since he arrived. Turning his thoughts to strategy, Jason feels safe with Danielle, but says nobody else is a hundred percent safe. Danielle informs Jason that prior to her eviction, Chiara told Lisa and Danielle that she thought Jason, for all his virtues, was a weak player. Danielle cautions Jason that if Chiara thought that, Roddy might think it too. DWINDLING NUMBERS Nothing so far brings the reality of departed HouseGuests home like their new, smaller dining room table. Jason calls everyone inside when he notices it, and they all stare at it. Lisa calls the table a "reality check," and Gerry says it's "eerie…it reminds me of lost comrades." With this unsettling new addition to the House, Danielle's ability to make everyone laugh is appreciated even more. Her dancing and particularly the different "characters" she does are a constant source of amusement. Amy, however, is finding that some of her antics aren't as well received. Gerry says her "selfishness hasn't changed" since she returned to the House, particularly regarding alcohol. Amy asks Gerry if he's going to finish his beer, and then offers to pay Marcellas for one of his. Marcellas sits her down in the HoH room and explains to her that this is the same type of behavior that led to her first eviction. He cautions her that since it already happened once, it could easily happen again. In addition to worrying about his friend Amy, Marcellas also worries that Gerry's feelings towards him might be a little bit stronger than just friends. "Gerry is in love with me. There, I've said it. It's out in the cosmos," Marcellas says in the Diary Room. Marcellas is unsettled by Gerry's asking him if he wants an "old, white sugar daddy" and by Gerry's habit of staring at him. The final straw for Marcellas comes when Gerry stands outside the shower, looking in at Marcellas as he washes up. In the Diary Room, Gerry says that he's very comfortable with his sexuality, and wonders whether Marcellas is simply uncomfortable having a straight friend paying attention to him.moreless
  • BB3 Ep #20
    Episode 20
    SAYONARA, CHIARA! Still reeling from their private Sheryl Crow concert, the HouseGuests enter the Storage Room and find personalized autographed T-shirts and copies of Sheryl's latest CD "C'mon, C'mon." Marcellas calls her appearance "the most amazing departure ever" from the game, while Amy marvels at the goodies they received, saying "I'll have friends now, any way I can get them." Roddy tells Chiara that last week he didn't mentally prepare himself to leave the House, but that this week he is getting ready. Chiara promises that if he does go, she won't seek revenge against Amy. In another room, Marcellas, Lisa and Danielle are discussing the fates of Roddy and Chiara, trying to figure out whom they're going to vote for. Marcellas eventually declares that he's going to evict Roddy, because the circumstances of the game dictate his eviction. After deciding to keep Chiara, Marcellas approaches her with a warning not to trust the people who are always "smiling" at her, because those are the ones who are lying. Chiara tells Danielle what Marcellas said, and believes that Marcellas was referring to her. Danielle discusses voting with Marcellas, and they agree not to tell Amy they're going against Roddy, since she desperately wants Chiara out. But Marcellas tells Amy anyway, adding that everyone in the House except her sees Roddy as a threat. The next day, Amy tells Danielle what Marcellas told her, and that she feels like she was used. While they're talking, Jason is called to the Diary Room to cast the first vote. He interrupts Danielle and Amy to confirm with Danielle how he should vote. Danielle tells him to vote the "opposite," but Jason isn't sure what she wants him to vote the opposite of. In the Diary Room, Jason tries to figure out these cryptic instructions and finally confesses, "A lot is happening. I sure don't know what to do." CHATTING WITH JULIE CHEN Julie talks live to the assembled HouseGuests in the living room. She opens by asking Lisa how she felt seeing a new face, especially one of a music superstar. Lisa says it was "amazing" simply to run out the door and see people "breathe the same air we're breathing." Turning to Amy, Julie asks how she feels to be back in the House after her eviction. Amy says she's happy to be back, and thanks BIG BROTHER for waiting until her to return to bring Sheryl Crow into the House. Regarding his recently passed 28th wedding anniversary, Gerry tells his wife that he's "hanging in here" and that he plans to "bring home the bacon." Finally, Jason tells Julie that the thing he's most surprised by in his BIG BROTHER experience is how much he loves the others and how close he feels to everyone. THE VOTING BEGINS Before casting her vote, Danielle says that she likes Roddy a lot as a person, but he's "too dang clever" a competitor. On the other side, she says Chiara is "spoiled" and that she was disappointed Chiara turned against her friend Lisa. Gerry finds Chiara's outspoken nature "refreshing," and says she reminds him of his daughter. He thinks of Roddy as another "alpha male" and worries that there can be only one in the House. Danielle votes to evict Roddy and Gerry votes to evict Chiara.moreless
  • 8/21/02
    BB HOUSE BECOMES CROW'S NEST! Immediately after Josh's 5-0 eviction, Chiara says that she was afraid Roddy was going to be the one sent home when she heard the initial vote count. Roddy agrees, telling the group he was afraid he was the one about to get evicted unanimously, prompting Jason's realization that despite their friendship, Roddy doesn't trust him. While Marcellas was happy that Josh left, he feels "amazingly blessed" to have his good friend Amy back in the House. Lisa says she was happy to see Amy, but feels "selfish and greedy" about voting against bringing Eric back to the game. She says that in light of finding out Chiara voted to evict her, she wouldn't have been able to resume an alliance with Chiara, Roddy and Eric if he returned, and was afraid Eric wouldn't understand why she had changed her mind. Roddy, who quit the last HoH contest right after it began, is having regrets and blames his decision on feeling "nervous and sleepy" from having been nominated. Amy didn't quit the Competition and won HoH, which makes Chiara nervous because, as Lisa points out, Chiara nominated Marcellas and Amy for eviction. Roddy, sensing he might be nominated, doesn't talk directly to Amy, but instead turns to her closest ally Marcellas in an attempt to clear the air. Marcellas tells Roddy that he has the "taint" of Josh and Chiara's actions on him, and people consider him the mastermind behind their maneuvers. Roddy responds that he's playing the game in a straightforward manner, and worries that Marcellas doesn't understand that. Danielle gets suspicious of Roddy and Marcellas, and wonders if they have a secret pact. Marcellas talks privately with Danielle about Roddy, and Danielle calls Roddy "the devil." After Marcellas indicates discomfort about telling Amy outright to nominate Roddy, Danielle tells him to send Amy to her and she'll take care of it. FOOD & LUXURY, PART 1 Before the next Food Competition, the girls are asked to change into their swimsuits, while the guys are given new Speedo trunks to wear. Each HouseGuest is assigned a day of the week, then enters an enclosed booth where they have to catch 10 food vouchers that are blown around by fans in the floor. Whatever vouchers they catch have to be stuffed inside their bathing suits to count toward their total. If someone fails to catch 10 vouchers, the HouseGuests are on PB&J for that day of the week. Chiara goes first and gets only 7 vouchers, putting them on the Spartan diet for the rest of that day. Lisa goes next and gets 10, then Danielle gets 13, before Roddy gets his hands on only 7, giving them another day of just PB&J. Gerry gets things back on track with 11 vouchers, then does his triumphant "gorilla dance," much to Marcellas's horror. Jason gets 19 vouchers, the high for the day, followed by Marcellas, who collects 18. Amy goes into the booth and gets 10 vouchers, giving everyone food for the day that Roddy had lost for them. Also in the booth for the HouseGuests to try to catch were "luxury dollars," which they decide to pool together so Gerry can send his wife a 28th anniversary present. Touched by the group's generosity, Gerry says he's buying his wife an orange tree, and every time he eats one of the sweet oranges from the tree, he'll remember their gesture. LUXURY, PART 2: SURPRISE CONCERT WITH SHERYL CROW! Sitting at the dining room table, the HouseGuests declare their need for music. Lisa says she would take even some light elevator music playing in the background, and Danielle says they need music "for their soul and feet." Amy gathers the group for a Luxury Competition and tells them to dress for a "special night out." Their Luxury Competition goal is to find 18 CD cases that have been hidden around the House, then put them together as a jigsaw puzzle on the dining room table. While the rest of the HouseGuests tear the House apart looking for the cases, Lisa put together the puzzle which reads: "Sheryl Crow--Live in Backyard." As the HouseGuests read the completed puzzle, out in the backyard Sheryl Crow and her band launch into her 1994 smash hit "All I Wanna Do." The HouseGuests storm into the yard and find her on a full stage, with lights and a full sound system. They dance and laugh together, forgetting all thoughts about strategies and alliances for the time being. Chiara later says it was "nice to forget the game and just have fun." Roddy said Sheryl is a "beautiful woman" and that "all the boys noticed that." Jason summed up the overall sentiment of the House when he said, "A private concert with Sheryl Crow. It doesn't get any better than that." After her second song, "Soak Up the Sun," Sheryl sits down on the lip of the stage and talks to each of the HouseGuests individually. Roddy jokingly says later that she whispered into his ear that he shouldn't trust Gerry; he plans to alter his strategy accordingly. After dancing along to her latest single, "Steve McQueen," the HouseGuests wave goodbye to Sheryl and her band, while Marcellas proclaims this year's BIG BROTHER gang the "most spoiled cast in Reality TV history." THE DEVIL VS. THE SAINT Jason starts to worry that his habit of stuttering and fidgeting when nervous is starting to give away his strategy to anyone who's observant. But for the time being at least, others are focused on Roddy and Chiara and trying to get Amy to nominate them together for eviction. Marcellas explains to Amy that while she was gone, Chiara voted against her best friend Lisa, then tried to strong-arm him and Jason into voting how she wanted them to. With her own reasons to target Chiara, Amy listens to Danielle, who explains that Roddy needs to go because of his overall strength in the game. Amy tells Danielle that if everyone is committed to voting out Roddy, she wasn't going to nominate him because she wanted to send Chiara home and nobody else. Amy goes to Roddy and tells him that there's pressure to nominate him, but that she doesn't want to do it. Amy returns to Marcellas and tells him she's going to nominate Chiara and Jason to guarantee her departure. Sensing that things are afoot, Roddy invites Marcellas into the hot tub for a one-on-one chat. As Roddy strips down to his underwear to jump in, Marcellas later says he felt obliged to listen, if only just to be around Roddy, whom he calls "devastatingly handsome." Roddy offers Marcellas an opportunity to work together, which would guarantee them as the final two in the game. Marcellas accepts the offer and tells Roddy that he's "exhilarated" to be a part of it. Danielle approaches Amy in the HoH room, where Amy tells her she wants to nominate Chiara and Jason, calling it a match-up of "The Devil vs. The Saint." Danielle promises to "have a Holy gospel fit" if Jason leaves, but agrees when Amy promises to go after Roddy next week. NOMINATIONS On Nomination day, the whole House is nervous. Amy says preparing the Nomination box is the hardest thing she's done in the House, including leaving when she was evicted. Gathering everyone at the table, Amy declares that she wanted to win HoH to save herself, not to evict anyone else. She starts the ceremony by pulling Lisa's key, followed by Marcellas, Danielle, Gerry and Jason, leaving Chiara and Roddy as the nominees. Amy swears that her decision wasn't based on revenge, but that Chiara was the one she was "least close to" when she left the House and that Roddy was her "biggest supporter." Chiara storms out of the House to the hammock, where Lisa joins and comforts her. Chiara says she doesn't believe Amy's motive "wasn't revengeful," and that she had "no chance" of avoiding nomination. Amy tells Marcellas that there was too much at risk in the House by not nominating Roddy and Chiara together, saying that if she hadn't returned, someone else would have nominated them. Roddy comes to the HoH Room and tells Amy he understands her actions. Right after he leaves, Danielle comes to the HoH Room to commend Amy on a job well done. Outside, Roddy has joined Lisa and Chiara. He tells them that he thinks Danielle is after him, based on her body language after the nominations. THE VETO COMPETITION Despite the fact that Roddy is catching on to her, Danielle has a plan: to make Chiara and Roddy both think she's on their side and is gunning for the Veto Power, implying to both individually that she'll use it to save each of them. For the Veto Competition, the HouseGuests don swimsuits and swimming caps for a game called "Slippery Proposition." After getting oiled up, everybody takes a run down a Slip and Slide, with the Veto Power going to the HouseGuest who slides the farthest without going over the end line. During practice, Chiara worked the hardest to put herself into position to save Roddy, but when the Competition started, she went first and slid too far, just over the line. Amy slides next, going halfway down the chute, followed by Marcellas, who just barely beats Amy's mark. Roddy slides over the line on purpose and Chiara realizes it. Lisa slides only a third of the way down, then Jason who goes two-thirds of the way, then Danielle makes it three-quarters of the way down the track, giving her the lead. But Gerry becomes the first two-time Veto Competition winner by sliding just a few feet past Danielle's mark to win. With everyone unsure of what Gerry will do with the Veto, Chiara starts to panic about being nominated for eviction. She resents the fact that Amy, absent from the House for two weeks, is the one putting her up. Chiara is also upset that she wasn't able to compete in the last Head of Household Competition, which she feels robbed her of a chance to use her overall strategy in the game. Additionally, Chiara is rethinking her decision to evict Josh, believing that he would have voted to keep Tonya or Eric, both preferable choices to her. The animosity between Amy and Chiara starts to boil over as they each call the other "trash" to the other HouseGuests and say they don't have any respect for each other. Danielle realizes that Chiara is just nervous, and says, "If Eric had come back, she wouldn't have had any complaints." A SMORGASBORD OF STRATEGY Marcellas, aligned with Danielle, is becoming impatient with how hard Danielle pushes her agenda and how consistently she gets people to do her dirty work for her. Roddy notices that Danielle pushes the money aspect of the game a lot, and remarks to Chiara that Danielle's constant reference to wanting to win for her family is "the biggest con going" in the House. Roddy reminds them that while it's noble for Danielle to want to better her family's circumstances, that they're not in the "Make-a-Wish Foundation." Marcellas says that Danielle brings up wanting to win the money so often that he "almost doesn't want her to win." Lisa and Amy sit at the hot tub and discuss the upcoming eviction vote. Lisa says she's 50/50 on whom to vote for and wants Amy to help convince her. Lisa says she wants them both to go, but Amy rationalizes that Chiara should go first, because everyone is scared of Roddy and will vote to evict him down the line. Lisa concurs, and approaches Danielle, who also agrees to evict Chiara this week, then Roddy later on. In the HoH room, Danielle tells Amy that she's on board with the plan to vote out Chiara, and Amy renews her vow to evict Roddy once Chiara is gone. THE VETO MEETING Gerry opens the Veto Meeting by asking Roddy why he thinks Gerry should use the Veto to save him. Roddy doesn't make an argument and tells Gerry to leave things alone and let the House decide. Chiara also abstains from making a plea, saying she doesn't want to put Gerry through what she went through last week when she had the Veto Power. Gerry tells them that he's not using the Veto Power, simply because it's "better for me not to use it." After the quick meeting wraps up, Amy says she's thankful that Gerry was so "quick and efficient." But even after the Veto Meeting, things don't remain calm for long. Roddy tells Danielle that almost every HouseGuest except Jason has approached him and said that Danielle wants him out. As a result of this, Roddy also feels that Danielle has turned Jason against him so that he has "no support" in the House. Danielle denies it to Roddy's face, but in the Diary Room admits that he was right. Danielle tells Lisa about her conversation with Roddy, and says that Marcellas had to be the one who told Roddy, based on the words that he used. Danielle is convinced that Marcellas has "turned" and has to be evicted, but that first they have to distract Roddy from the fact that Lisa and Danielle are allies. Lisa suggests that they break their word to Amy and simply evict Roddy now that they have the chance.moreless
  • Week 6: Amy HoH
    Episode 18
  • BB3 Ep #18
    Episode 18
    BEST IN SHOW: AMY RETURNS, TAKES HOH With Roddy vacating the HoH contest quickly, Gerry, Marcellas, Jason, Lisa, Danielle and Amy settle into the bathtub and try to remain comfortable while squid splash all around them. Making things worse, Chiara informs them that "A good Head of Household has to weed out troublemakers" and dumps a bucket full of seaweed and pond scum into the tub, splashing it all over Marcellas in the process. Uncomfortably settling in to their changed surroundings, Amy tells the group that when she was in a "remote part of Mexico" a little girl recognized her from her time on the show. Perhaps inspired by their dirty surroundings, the HouseGuests recall the House fight they felt was the best so far: the Danielle vs. Lori argument regarding Gerry's personal hygiene. Back in the tub, another 20 minutes has gone by, meaning it's time for Chiara to add more ingredients to the soup. She pours in two more buckets of pond scum and algae, which quickly turn the vile solution "slimy" in Marcellas's words. Still soldiering on, the HouseGuests ask Amy for news and gossip from the outside world, but Amy wants to know what's happened in the House. Amy tells the group of Julia Roberts's recent marriage and Danielle tells Amy the tale of Marcellas's valiant efforts with the chicken livers in a recent Food Competition. Jason and Gerry, despite what they're sitting in, both begin to worry that their mutual need to urinate will be their undoing. Chiara reminds the group that if someone goes to the bathroom in the tub, they're surrounded by "seaweed and dead squid. Urine is the least of your concerns." LISA COMES INTO HER OWN Since becoming involved with Eric so early in the game, Lisa was occasionally thought of as "Eric's girlfriend," but since his eviction has become more assertive for herself. Amy is told of the date that Josh and Chiara arranged for them on the basketball court and the subsequent eviction of Eric at Gerry's hands. Amy had her own House relationship severed when she was cut off from her best friend Marcellas, but not before they had a fierce argument about what Marcellas thought was Amy's attempt at campaigning against him. But now, with Amy back in the House, Marcellas says he doesn't even remember fighting with her. Prior to Amy's eviction, the HouseGuests, led by Chiara gathered in the living room and had a "roast" where everyone told Amy one thing they liked and respected about her. Gerry and Marcellas abandon the tub, both saying they need to use the bathroom. Feeling the cool night air against his skin after leaving the tub, Marcellas runs through the backyard shower in a desperate attempt to clean himself of the filth he was sitting in. ALLIANCES: THE DIRTIEST WORD IN THE HOUSE In the tub, Danielle is starting to look a little sickened by the concoction she's marinating in. She later says this was strategy and that she used to work as a "fish clerk" and wasn't bothered by anything that was put into the tub. She exits the tub and says in the Diary Room that she wants to "let other people do my dirty work for me." With Jason still in contention, Danielle knows that her alliance is still represented. However, many other House alliances have fallen by the wayside since the game started 41 days ago. On the back porch Josh and Marcellas, are shown having a long discussion, which Josh turns to the topic of the Original Six alliance and how they wanted to vote Marcellas out the first week. Josh points out to Marcellas that if Gerry hadn't saved him with the Power of Veto that week, he definitely would have been kicked out. Marcellas gets up and retreats to his bedroom, where he tells Chiara and Lisa about his talk with Josh. Chiara goes back out and confronts Josh, asking him why he can't be considerate of someone's feelings and play the game at the same time. Josh goes inside and apologizes to Marcellas, but the damage is done. OPERATION REVOLVING DOOR Still in the tub, Jason, Amy and Lisa are reminded the hard way that in the BIG BROTHER House, one should always "Expect the Unexpected." Twenty electric eels are added to the swamp-like fluid in the tub, a development almost as shocking as when the Power of Veto was introduced to the game. With Marcellas and Lori up for eviction, Gerry wins the first Veto Power and uses it to save Marcellas from nomination, making a speech whose repercussions are still being felt. Also changing things considerably was the idea of one of the evictees returning to the House after their exiles in exotic locales. Inside the House, Chiara and Roddy, in anticipation of someone's imminent return, came up with "Operation Revolving Door," whereby everyone in the House would agree to nominate and re-evict whichever HouseGuest came back. When approached with the idea, Danielle at first agrees, but later wonders aloud whether Chiara and Roddy expect anyone to believe one of them would nominate and evict Eric if he was the one to return. Denouncing their "strong-arm tactic," Danielle and Marcellas both say they wouldn't go along with Operation Revolving Door. In the bathtub, Lisa decides enough is enough and bails out. In the Diary Room she says that she knew if she became HoH she would have to nominate Roddy and Chiara, and that "wasn't a card I wanted to show yet." THE CAMERAS With just Amy and Jason left in the tub, Amy confides that one thing she missed most while in Mexico was the cameras following her everywhere. Each HouseGuest has noticed the particular sensation of being followed by the cameras as they move around the House or hearing the cameras whirr and click as they film from behind the walls. Despite being conscious of the omnipresent cameras, some of the HouseGuests sometimes forget that they're being filmed 24/7. They groom themselves and each other, make silly faces and pass gas with little to no concern for who's around them. Another noxious smell, this the one emanating from the bathtub, finally gets to Jason. He looks across the tub at Amy and says, "Welcome back. You're the new HoH." Jason stands up, disqualifying himself, giving the HoH power to Amy, the prodigal HouseGuest. As Jason wrestles with Amy in the slimy tub, Chiara expresses her reservations about Amy's rise to power. "I want to be happy for her," she says, "but I'm annoyed."moreless
  • BB3 Ep #17
    Episode 17
    JOSH JAMS, AMY ARRIVES & THE HOH SOUP'S ON! Josh finds solace in the company of the lizards, who "inspire him to fight harder" to stay in the game. At the very least, he enjoys being around the lizards because they don't twist his stories around and use them against him like he feels the other HouseGuests do. Josh talks to Gerry and suggests that this is the best opportunity people will have to evict Roddy. Gerry tells Josh that discussions along those lines have taken place between some of the HouseGuests "outside of the clique." Roddy senses something in the air, and says in the Diary Room that he hopes he doesn't go. Danielle, who was leading the charge to evict Roddy, talks to Lisa about getting him out, then turning their attentions on Chiara. Lisa says she's leaning more toward evicting Roddy than Josh at this point. Gerry talks to Marcellas, letting him know that Josh was going to approach him about voting against Roddy. Marcellas tells Roddy what Josh is up to, and Roddy approaches Josh on the basketball court in front of all the others. Roddy confronts Josh about campaigning after swearing that he wouldn't do it. Josh is upset that Chiara had secured votes for Roddy before the nominations, and blames Roddy for having his campaigning already done for him. He also denies approaching anyone about voting Roddy out, but says that people came to him with that information. Marcellas then enters the argument, telling Josh that his own behavior is the reason he's been nominated, not any collusion between Roddy and Chiara. He also harshly tells Josh that none of the other 11 HouseGuests will ever want to see him again after the game is over. Josh goes to the Diary Room and laughs the argument off. He says he "got caught stealing home," but vows to continue fighting to stay alive. Host Julie Chen talks to the HouseGuests in the living room about the turbulent events of the last week. Roddy tells Julie that there are no hard feelings stemming from his argument with Josh, and that they had made up as soon as the last word was spoken between them. Josh kids Roddy, saying that he was "peacocking" and putting on a show for the ladies back home in New Jersey. Marcellas says that he doesn't have any vested interest in which HouseGuest returns tonight, sarcastically adding that his best friend "was ripped from my arms on national television." In his final words to the group, Josh thanks everyone and asks that they don't judge him on his actions in the House, that he was only doing what he thought he needed to do to win the game. Roddy tells the group that if he walks out, they all "walk out together" and that they are all welcome in his life whenever. PRELUDE TO VOTING The nominees this week represent a tough decision for the HouseGuests. Lisa is tired of feeling like Josh's "babysitter" and resents his "extravagant behavior." But she also thinks Roddy was the "mastermind" behind her nomination alongside Eric. Marcellas regards Josh as "one of the vilest people I've ever met," but might not be able to ignore the fact that Roddy is vulnerable. Jason enjoys Josh's "life and energy," and feels that evicting Roddy might be in his own best interest. Gerry and Danielle both look at Josh's position in the House in strategic terms. Gerry feels like Josh's outgoing nature allows him to continue to fly below the radar. Danielle sees Josh as someone she can use to serve her needs in the game. Gerry thinks of Roddy as "a master strategist," and Danielle says she "doesn't have a chance against him." The HouseGuests still in the game are anticipating the imminent return of one of the evictees, but aren't entirely happy about it. Josh says that putting someone back in the House would be like adding a third lizard to the cage. He says it would be unfair to cut down on the space they've established for themselves. Gerry doesn't mince words saying that he's "pissed as hell." Lisa wants Eric to be the one who comes back, but Gerry is terrified of his return, fearing that Eric will target him for eviction as revenge. Everybody in the House seems to want someone different back, but Jason thinks that no matter who returns "they'll be ganged up on" by the others. JOSH EVICTED, 5-0 With the HouseGuests gathered in the living room, Host Julie Chen announces that Josh has been evicted, 5 votes to zero. Josh feigns surprise, but responds good-naturedly. All of the HouseGuests come together in a group hug, then Roddy and Jason escort Josh to the door at Josh's request. In the studio with Julie, Josh says his strategy going into the House was to position himself as a person people would want to stand against at the end, then take his chances. When the alliance he constructed broke down in Week Two, he says he had to "scratch and pull" to survive. Julie tells Josh that just two days before, it appeared that he had the votes needed to stay in the House. Josh is momentarily stunned, but says he doesn't think that would have panned out, that people would have "feared repercussions" if they evicted Roddy. Josh adds that some of the animosity on display in the House was "for show," and that he treasures the time he spent with everyone he met in the game. Josh is reunited with his girlfriend Merritt, hugging her tightly as she comes in the studio. WHO'S COMING BACK? The four evicted HouseGuests--Lori, Tonya, Amy and Eric--have the opportunity to return to the Big Brother House. Lori enters the studio first and sits down with Julie Chen. Julie asks her what she'd be willing to do to reenter the House; more specifically, how much of the $500,000 grand prize would she be willing to forfeit for a chance to go back in right now? Lori says she'd be willing to give up $50,000 of the grand prize. Julie hands Lori a contract and asks her to sign it, making it a legal agreement. Lori fills in her $50,000 answer, signs the contract and hands it back to Julie. Tonya comes in next and, sitting one-on-one with Julie, says she'd be willing to give away half the money for reentry into the House. She signs her contract as well. Amy and Eric both also say they'd give up half of the prize money to go back in. The four evictees are brought together for the first time since their eviction, and Julie tells them that Lori is eliminated from contention and will be going home. As a tiebreaker, Tonya, Eric and Amy were asked how many days, out of the remaining 42 in the game, they'd be willing to eat only peanut butter and jelly. Tonya answered 21 of the days, but Eric and Amy both say 42, eliminating Tonya. With the two finalists reached, Julie rips up their contracts and tells them if they win, they'll get to keep the full prize, and they won't have to eat PB and J for the remaining 42 days in the House as they had agreed to. The final decision on whether Amy or Eric returns to the House will be voted on by the seven HouseGuests still inside. With each of the HouseGuests in different rooms inside the House, Julie asks them one at a time to raise a red paddle if they want Amy back and a black paddle if they want Eric. Roddy votes first, raising a black paddle for Eric. Danielle and Marcellas both vote for Amy, with Marcellas putting his black paddle on the floor so there's no mistaking his intention. Chiara ties things up at two with a vote for Eric. Gerry pushes Amy ahead by voting for Amy and then Lisa, shockingly, clinches Amy's return by raising her red paddle. Jason, with the last vote, also votes for Amy to return. Amy hugs Eric, then rings the doorbell to go back inside. The HouseGuests, unsure of who's returning, all scream and yell and hug the prodigal HouseGuest as she comes back to their ranks. THE NEXT HOH With Amy once again eligible for the HoH title, the HouseGuests all change into their swimsuits and head into the backyard. There they find an oversized bathtub filled with water. After removing their microphones, all the HouseGuests sit down in the tub. If they stand up, they're disqualified. The last of them to exit the tub will become the new HoH. Then, however, the ante is upped considerably. Chiara, the outgoing HoH, removes a card from the first of many "Mystery Buckets" lined up alongside the bathtub. Signifying the need for the HoH to have their fingers on the pulse of the 8 remaining HouseGuests, Chiara pours 60 whole squid into the tub. Roddy immediately leaps out, eliminating himself from contention for HoH. The episode ends in a cliffhanger.moreless
  • BB3 Ep #16
    Episode 16
    HE SAID, SHE SAID: JOSH & CHIARA SQUARE OFF After his nomination at Chiara's hands and her harsh words for him, Josh begins to pack, ready to make a voluntary exit from the game. He regards Chiara as "treacherous" and "manipulative," and feels that she's stabbed him in the back twice now. Lisa is glad that her name was thrown into things, because it gives her an excuse to confront Josh about what he said to Chiara. Josh tells Lisa that Chiara had already made up her mind to go after Lisa before she spoke to Josh, and that Roddy was the one who convinced her. Later, Josh confronts Roddy for knowing in advance they would both be nominated and then securing the necessary votes to stay in the House. Roddy reiterates his loyalty to Josh, assuring him that he is nominated because he told Chiara he wouldn't vote to evict him. Lisa overhears their argument and joins it, shooting down Josh's theories. As she leaves, Chiara follows her. Lisa, also upset with Chiara, says later that she wanted to shut the door to her bedroom in Chiara's face rather than talk to her. Lisa realizes she needs Chiara on her side, though, and they talk, with Lisa pointedly telling Chiara that she "can't deal with liars." Josh returns to packing his bags and is approached by Danielle. He tells her that he knows the votes against him are secured and that he's leaving the House. In the Diary Room, Danielle says that she's considering breaking her word to Chiara and voting Roddy out. Chiara attempts to smooth things over by bringing Josh into the HoH room. Josh tells her that she's betrayed him twice: first by voting to evict him in Week Two and second by nominating him after promising she wouldn't. Chiara explains that she nominated him because Roddy had her convinced Josh was going to nominate him if he ever became HoH. Josh gets upset at this news and starts to cry, saying, "If the two of you feel I'm untrustworthy, then I'm glad I'm gone." A COUNTER PROPOSAL Roddy approaches Josh, who is still packing his bags to leave. Josh tells him that he doesn't want to stay in the House as a "lame duck" waiting to be kicked out. Roddy tells him that if he's certain he'll be going, then just relax and enjoy his time with everybody. More to the point, Roddy tells Josh he'll regret it for the rest of his life if he walks out and is remembered as "a guy who got so angry that [he] walked out." Josh tells Roddy that he's "dying" to get out of the House, but concedes and starts to unpack. With Marcellas, Danielle broaches the idea of targeting Roddy instead of Josh. Marcellas is tentative, but says the idea is "tempting." Soon, they are exploring scenarios and trying to figure out their third vote. Danielle says Jason has already been approached and said he couldn't. As they're talking, Gerry approaches. Gerry admits he's nervous about the possibility of Eric returning and seeking revenge for Gerry evicting him. Danielle and Marcellas float their idea to Gerry, who promises to consider it. THE POWER OF VETO Roddy comes to Josh, who has been alone in his bedroom. Josh swears to use the Veto Power to take Roddy off the block if he wins it. The next Veto Competition is called "Clockwork." The HouseGuests are shown snapshots on the plasma screen and have to place them in chronological order, from earliest to latest. For each correct answer, one point is awarded. The HouseGuest with the most points wins the Veto power. In the First Round, the pictures are of the facials the girls gave Jason, Eric and Roddy, Danielle winning the Veto Power, Gerry leaving the slime tank, Marcellas eating a chicken liver and Josh breaking an egg over Amy's head. (In chronological order, the correct order is: slime tank, eggs, Veto, facials and chicken livers.) Chiara, Danielle and Gerry are eliminated, leaving Jason, Josh, Marcellas, Roddy and Lisa still alive. For Round Two, the photos are the luau, human bowling, a congratulatory toast, peanut butter bikinis and Lori's eviction. (In chronological order, they are: Toast, luau, bikinis, Lori's eviction and human bowling.) Lisa gets all five correct and wins the Power of Veto.moreless
  • BB3 Ep #15
    Episode 15
    CHIARA TAKES CONTROL After Eric's eviction, some of the HouseGuests are reflecting on their roles in his departure. Jason feels guilty because his third vote is what put things in Gerry's hands for the tiebreaker. Roddy tells Lisa he was in denial that Eric could possible leave and Lisa says that the finality of Eric being gone will most likely hit her that night. Danielle sees his departure differently, plainly saying: "Four down, six to go." Chiara settles into the HoH room and says she hopes everyone gets to experience that pampering once during the game. Gerry talks to Josh, saying that he thinks he'll be nominated as revenge for evicting Eric with his tiebreaker vote. Josh pledges to vote in Gerry's favor if that happens. Later, Josh tells Roddy that he suspects Jason and Marcellas have a secret deal based on a handshake he saw them exchange. Roddy checks in with Marcellas, who defends Jason. Josh thinks Jason has to be evicted because he "used" Roddy and the invitation to the alliance Roddy extended him. Chiara also feels betrayed by Jason and says she might put him up for eviction. Chiara goes to Jason and asks him to explain why he voted to evict Eric. Jason tells her that he was uncomfortable as the "5th wheel in a couples alliance." He also tells Chiara he was uncomfortable with how brazenly Eric tried to sell out Josh to Gerry last week. After they talk, Danielle approaches Chiara armed with the knowledge that Chiara voted to evict Lisa. Danielle pretends she doesn't know and catches Chiara in a lie when Chiara suggests she voted Eric out. Danielle doesn't confront Chiara, but tucks that information away and says she's "got Chiara's number." Danielle turns around and tells Lisa that Chiara voted her out, not Jason, which stuns Lisa. Feeling betrayed, Lisa declares herself the new "Princess of Darkness" in the House. Weight Loss, Intellect and Free-Spirited Conversation Gerry is using his BIG BROTHER 3 experience as an opportunity to try and lose some of the weight he recently gained. Every day he's doing cardio workouts for 90 minutes on the glider, then weightlifting. Jason estimates that he's dropped 15 pounds and Gerry joyfully tells Marcellas that his clothes are starting to become looser on him. Roddy admits that he's getting bored with the conversations of the other HouseGuests, many of which are about pop culture and celebrities. He prefers to talk about how African peninsulas affect weather patterns in the region than whether certain fashion designers do enough for the models they employ. However, Roddy isn't unaware of the fact that sometimes the others tune him out when he starts to talk about headier topics. Chiara on the other hand, has a "potty mouth" according to Danielle. Josh says he thinks Chiara might be "too sexually liberated," but Chiara just says that it's part of her personality to be contrary. Jason, the virgin, seems to be around for many of her more outrageous statements and bears the brunt of her outspokenness. "Expect the Unexpected" Chiara wakes from the HoH room to find a message on the plasma screen reading: "Expect the Unexpected." The possibilities of this message make the HouseGuests nervous across the board. But before they find out what that means, they compete in their next Food Competition. In the backyard is a full-scale version of the game "Ballast," which they've been playing in the House. Ballast consists of a large cylindrical frame holding several smaller cylinders piled up inside. Written on each of these smaller cylinders are food items. Each HouseGuest has two chances to pull a cylinder out without collapsing the rest of the stack. For each food item they successfully pull out, they get to eat for the week. After each HouseGuest has had their two turns, they end up with a well-balanced diet consisting of items like grapes, halibut, zucchini, steak and macaroni and cheese. After the Food Competition the HouseGuests are made aware of the imminent return of one of the evictees by watching a video package on the evicted four. On Thursday night, August 15, the four evictees will compete for a chance to return to the game. The HouseGuests are shocked by the news, but hoot and holler while watching the clips of where the others have been since their eviction. Josh is the exception, looking off into space, considering what this means to the game. Gerry says that this move might derail every piece of strategy he's utilized thus far. Josh says that of the four evictees, Amy is the one he'd like to see return, adding that he doesn't "want to see the other three ever again." Josh Gets Caught Chiara approaches Lisa and asks her about what she heard from Josh: that Lisa intended to target Chiara for eviction for not using the Veto Power to save her from nomination. Lisa says she never said that and wonders where Chiara heard that. Chiara doesn't tell Lisa, but says she should be able to guess it. Not realizing he'd been found out, Josh goes to Chiara and asks her to put his key in the Nomination Box first so he knows that he's safe. Chiara is non-committal, but tips her hand when she asks Gerry in the HoH room whether he has a deal in place with Josh. Gerry says he did, but it was for one week only and pledges to help Chiara evict Josh as retribution for the mean things Josh said to him. Roddy enters the HoH room and joins the conversation, only to find out that Chiara is considering nominating him against Josh. Chiara explains that Roddy is the only one who has an active deal with Josh and would vote to save him. Roddy is nervous being the decoy and asks Chiara to reconsider, telling her that he'd never nominate her. Chiara later says in the Diary Room that nominating Roddy was also strategic, a means to let people know that she's not as strongly aligned with him as they think. The Nomination Ceremony Jason is feeling stressed, worried that his explanation to Chiara wasn't enough to save him from being nominated. Roddy, with his insider information, says that he's so nervous he's feeling nauseous and stays in the shower for 20 minutes considering his options. Chiara says that making this decision has turned her into a "basket case" and that it would be much easier to do if she hated someone in the House. Bringing the group to the living room table, she tells them that, in the theme of the week, they should "Expect the Unexpected." Lisa's key comes out first, followed by Danielle, Gerry, Marcellas and Jason, leaving Roddy and Josh as the nominees. Chiara tells Josh that his nomination is a result of the lie he told her about Lisa and that she simply can't trust him anymore. While talking to Roddy, Chiara keeps the onus on Josh, saying that she thinks Roddy would vote to save Josh and she doesn't want him to have one vote. She tells the group to consider the times they've felt betrayed or been lied to in the game and puts the blame squarely on Josh, saying that he's responsible for all of it. Marcellas agrees with Chiara's strategy, saying, "It's time for Josh to be dealt with." Danielle isn't so sure. The temptation of Roddy on the chopping block might be too much for her to pass up. Josh retreats to his room and starts to pack his bags already and says, "Clearly I'm being strong armed out of the House."moreless
  • BB3 Ep #14
    Episode 14
    THE EVICTION Julie announces to the gathered HouseGuests that for the first time in BIG BROTHER 3, there is a tie in the eviction voting. As HoH, the tiebreaker vote falls to Gerry. Gerry reiterates his strategy of looking at the nomination/eviction like a chess move, and states that he loves both Eric and Lisa. That said, Gerry votes to evict Eric. The rest of the group reacts with silence as Eric hugs Lisa and moves to the door. Everyone follows, and Eric leaves after exchanging quiet goodbyes with the other HouseGuests. As he makes his way to the studio for a chat with Julie Chen, the inside of the House is completely quiet. Eric settles in and tells Julie that he's "not happy" about the outcome. Of the other HouseGuests, Eric says he's only disappointed in Gerry, not just for voting him out, but for trying to be all things to all people. He says he doesn't regret anything in the House, including his romance with Lisa, even though it "didn't help me as much as it should have." HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD To crown a new House power, the HouseGuests compete in a game called "Gutterball," a type of bowling. The HouseGuest who rolls their ball down a lane and comes closest to the edge without going into the gutter is the new HoH. To complicate matters, bumpers lie along the lane to deflect their balls. Roddy rolls first, but his ball goes too long, eliminating him. Jason goes next, and his ball hits a bumper and stops about a third of the way down the lane, putting him in the early lead. Marcellas is next, but like Roddy, rolls his ball too long. Josh strategically soft-tosses his ball, bringing it to a stop halfway down the lane, eliminating Jason and putting Josh in control. Chiara rolls next, and her ball stops inches from the end, a roll that will be tough to beat. With Chiara in the lead, Danielle and Lisa both roll their balls too long, giving Chiara the HoH title. THE BIG TWIST Just as a new power structure is introduced to the House, a new development is on the horizon. One of the four evicted HouseGuests, Lori, Tonya, Amy or Eric, will be reentering the BIG BROTHER House. The first three evictees have been whisked away to secluded locations and have no idea what has happened in the House since their eviction. Lori has been in Cancun, Mexico since her eviction, checking out the ruins and waiting for her chance to return, which she says she will do with "pride and dignity." Tonya has gone to the Caribbean, working on her tan and planning to make a "sexy" return to the House. Amy is in Ixtapa, Mexico, which she calls Margaritaville, and thinks about Marcellas's reaction if he saw her come back in through the door. Eric too, will be secluded and deprived of information regarding events in the House.moreless
  • BB3 Ep #13
    Episode 13
    LOVE ON THE ROCKS After her nomination, Lisa goes into the bathroom to be alone and "breathe." Eric comforts her both with a hug and with the promise that Gerry will be evicted next week for targeting them. Chiara says she wants Gerry to go out "with shame," and adds that he plays dirty despite his speeches about honor. Later, Gerry tells Chiara how difficult it was making his decision, saying that the first few weeks there was an obvious target for nomination, something he didn't have. Chiara feels nervous because she knows Gerry targeted the couples and is afraid she'll be nominated if someone uses the Veto to save Lisa or Eric. Lisa asks Gerry why she was put up instead of Josh, who has been mean to Gerry since they moved into the House. Gerry replies that it was a chess move, purely strategic, and done with no malice towards her or Eric. Josh stops in the HoH room to commend Gerry on his tough decision and swears that he'll stand with him until the end of the game. Outside, Lisa reports her conversation to Eric, who replies that no matter what anybody promises Gerry on his behalf, he'll "axe his ass next week." THE VETO COMPETITION A sure sign of the tension in the House leading up to the Veto Competition is Danielle's teeth grinding, which the other HouseGuests say sounds like "breaking rocks" and an "automatic weapon going off." In a tender moment, Lisa assures Eric that if she wins the Veto Competition, she'll definitely use it to save him, a gesture that Eric says "touched my heart," and promises to use it to save her also. For the Veto Competition, called "TurnOver," the HouseGuests stand on a game board in the backyard, broken up into a series of squares like a chessboard. They can move one space in any direction, turning over the square they just left behind. Nobody can step on a square that's been turned over, and they are eliminated when they can't step any further. The last remaining HouseGuest on the board wins the Power of Veto. Danielle and Chiara are the last two HouseGuests left, with Chiara winning. Chiara is torn about what to do with the power to change the game, since she cares about both nominees. Chiara wants to offer to eliminate Lisa, but only if Gerry will promise to put Josh in her place. Roddy doesn't agree with this strategy, afraid that Gerry will double-cross Chiara and put him up instead. ERIC MAKES HIS MOVE With the HouseGuests feeling lonely, the next America's Choice question will allow one HouseGuest to get a letter from home. Gerry excuses himself after tearing up at the idea of hearing from home. Each of the other HouseGuests misses something: Josh misses his girlfriend and his cat; Marcellas misses the city of Chicago; Chiara misses New York; Lisa also misses her cat; Jason the rain that falls in Mobile, Alabama; Roddy his grandfather; Eric the beach by his apartment. With those thoughts in their heads, the HouseGuests return to strategy talk. Lisa says that she knows Josh is "the voice behind" Gerry. After talking to Lisa in the kitchen, Eric approaches Gerry in the HoH room with the proposal that he nominate Josh if someone uses the Veto Power. Hearing voices from the HoH room, Josh stands by the door and hears the whole conversation. Outside, he tells Roddy that he understands Eric's actions, but he doesn't want them to come at his expense. In the Diary Room, Josh says that Eric's overture to Gerry may cost him his spot in the House. Lisa and Eric, their "concentrated form of courting" still going strong, are realizing that they might be split apart by the next eviction and feel angry because it's happening "for the wrong reasons." THE TWO SIDES OF JASON Jason wins America's Choice and receives a letter from his mother. In the Diary Room he cries while reading the letter, then goes back to the living room to read it to the others. He calls the letter "the most awesome thing ever," and thanks America for voting for him. The other HouseGuests regard Jason as " a nice guy" and "genuinely the nicest person I've ever met." Danielle, who knows him best, says that he's "playing them all like fools." Jason hatches a plan to stage a fight with Marcellas and Danielle to throw off the suspicion that they're working together as a group. THE VETO MEETING Chiara asks Roddy for help deciding what to do with the Veto Power. Roddy argues that she's better off if Eric stays, because Lisa would nominate him for eviction before Eric would, and if that happened, Chiara would lose her number one ally. Chiara confesses that Lisa "annoys" her, adding that she "reminds me of every girl I ever hated growing up." Still, she doesn't know what move to make, mostly because she's not sure how Gerry will respond if she saves someone. At the meeting, Chiara asks Lisa and Eric why she should save them. Lisa doesn't answer, saying she knows that Chiara loves them both. Eric says he understands Chiara's situation because he was in her shoes last week. Citing a fear of who else would be nominated, Chiara decides not to use the Veto Power, guaranteeing that the new couple will be split up on Thursday.moreless
  • BB3 Ep #12
    Episode 12
    GERRY MAKES HIS MOVE After Amy's eviction, Marcellas and Gerry take her departure hardest. Josh says that he planned to give Amy the one vote she wanted so desperately to avoid a unanimous eviction, but didn't because she went to everyone in the House asking for their vote. Jason hopes that Marcellas can take solace in the unanimous vote and see it as a symbol of how he is regarded in the House. Marcellas remembers being targeted the first week, though, and maintains that he doesn't trust anyone in the House. Eric feels he let everyone down losing the HoH tiebreaker to Gerry, since Gerry was the one person he didn't want to see become HoH. For Gerry, who had been ignored since he used the first Veto Power, his sudden strength is very sweet. "All comes to he who waits," Gerry says, while Lisa says his reign will be "hell." In the HoH room, Gerry receives his rewards: a U2 CD and photos of his family that he shows off to the others. Josh, once Gerry's sworn enemy, makes himself very comfortable in the HoH room, which is not lost on the others. Roddy calls Josh's new bond with Gerry "pathetic," and Lisa says she can't watch as Josh acts friendly with Gerry. But Gerry knows what Josh is doing, and says he hopes he can set Josh up before Josh sets him up. Because none of the HouseGuests know what direction Gerry is leaning regarding nomination, no one feels safe. Danielle approaches Chiara in the Storage Room and pledges to use Veto Power on her if Gerry puts her up. Chiara tells Roddy that Danielle is on her side, which prompts Roddy to confirm with Gerry their deal to not nominate each other. Roddy adds that he's a "big enough boy" to understand if Gerry nominates Chiara. Outside, Eric tells Roddy the same thing about Lisa: he has "no allegiance" to her, and since they'll spend time together outside the House, he'd be willing to let her go. DUCKBALL, FACIALS AND A DREAM FULFILLED As a way of passing time, the HouseGuests have come up with a game they call Duckball. The HouseGuests toss three rubber duckies (which Marcellas brought into the House) across the backyard towards a bucket, with points awarded for accuracy. While Jason thinks that Duckball will soon be a Summer Olympics event, Marcellas is "apprehensive" about the treatment afforded his duckies, since he brought them exclusively to go in the pool.moreless
  • BB3 Ep #11
    Episode 11
    READY, AMY, FIRE! Marcellas still feels nervous about his status as the "other" nominee, put up only to guarantee Amy's eviction. "Why am I still on the block?" he wonders. Amy is more nervous that her eviction will be unanimous and campaigns with Josh to get his one vote to avoid being humiliated. Josh agrees to vote for her, saying he wants to stir things up in the House. Chiara senses that Josh might give in to Amy and says that there might be repercussions for him if he votes against the group. Eric, Lisa, Roddy and Chiara, the new "Couples Alliance," have all noticed Josh's increasingly unusual behavior and have lost some of their faith in him. Marcellas overhears Amy trying to secure her coveted one vote and gets angry, telling Danielle and Chiara what she said. Danielle brings Amy inside so Marcellas can confront her. A tearful Amy tells Marcellas she wasn't campaigning against him, and Marcellas loses his temper, saying he wouldn't have been nominated if he hadn't been such a good friend to her. After speaking his mind, Marcellas worries that he may have given Amy some votes out of sympathy. With the HouseGuests gathered in the living room, Host Julie Chen asks them a few questions. Marcellas jokes with Julie that his argument with Amy was a "glitch, something from last year's cast." Josh screams delightedly when Julie asks him how he felt about surviving his nomination last week. Lisa tells Julie that Eric, the notorious sleep talker, serenaded her last night with a little reggae music. Before casting their votes, Chiara and Eric discuss the good and bad in both nominees. Eric says that Amy can be selfish, but is aware of her flaws, and that Marcellas worries him because he is comfortable with everyone in the House. Chiara thinks Marcellas has been nothing but nice and has played the game fairly, but that Amy is not a team player. FRIENDS AND FAMILY Angela, one of Amy's best friends from home, confirms what everyone suspected: Amy is a princess and the definitive Southern Belle. While agreeing that Amy can sometimes be annoying, Angela is proud of Amy for always being herself. Clarice, Marcellas's mother, calls her son her "pride and joy." She's not surprised at the close friendship he's developed with Amy, or that he constantly wears his white bathrobe, his "security blanket." She recounts that after Marcellas told her he was gay, some distance developed between them that was bridged when Marcellas wrote her a tender letter telling her he loved her.moreless
  • BB3 Ep #10
    Episode 10
    IT'S ALL ABOUT AMY Sharing the Diary Room after their nomination, Amy and Marcellas say, in no uncertain terms, that they're mad at having been nominated. Amy thinks it was tacky of Roddy to single her out during the nomination, saying he wants her out of the House. She thinks it's tackier, however, that he came to them and apologized right afterwards. Amy blames her nomination on Chiara's possessiveness when it comes to Roddy and Eric agrees, saying she was put up because of the "soap opera with Chiara." Roddy approaches Marcellas and Amy a second time to apologize, but Marcellas brushes him off, saying, "We can't make this feel better for you, but you really need to go away from us." Disheartened by the dismissal, Roddy reminds Marcellas that he nominated Tonya for eviction and should know how he feels. Inside, Roddy tells Chiara and Lisa that because of this, the last doubts he had about evicting Amy are gone. Marcellas approaches Roddy to speak his mind, saying he thinks Amy made mistakes in the game and that he's concerned about being nominated, because twice already the "decoy" nominee has been the one evicted. Despite Roddy's attempts to soothe his fears, Marcellas still sees his nomination as a veiled threat. Still conflicted, Marcellas says he wants to believe Roddy but doesn't, and thinks he'll be evicted on Thursday. CURSE OF THE MAP ROOM Marcellas further believes his fate is sealed simply by his location in the House. He's taken to sharing the double bed with Chiara in the Map Room, a location previously occupied by Lori and Tonya, the first two evictees. Also, the black and white photos of the departed Lori and Tonya bracket his picture on the Picture Wall. In addition to discussing whether or not the bed she sleeps in cursed, another hot topic in the House is Chiara's freedom in discussing intimate details of her life. Watching Chiara play a game of "I Never," Amy is "appalled" at some of the things Chiara is willing to reveal about herself. To Josh, it's not a big deal, and Roddy calls it "entertainment," adding that it's Chiara's strategy to use her femininity in the game. Marcellas doesn't share Amy's harsh opinion of Chiara, but does agree that Josh winning the Veto Competition is the key to survival. Josh says he knows Amy wants him to win and expects to be saved from nomination as a result, but he says he's not sure if he'd do it. Marcellas pledges to save Amy if he wins the Veto and says he wants to go out "in a blaze of glory." A NEW POWER RISES Danielle says her strategy from the beginning was to ally herself with one person and stick with them, no matter what. As a result, her bond with Jason is very strong. They discuss their moves over games of cards, but only start to really play as cover whenever another HouseGuest comes into earshot. Jason, regarded as a total innocent, points out to Danielle that Roddy's only weakness in the game is his relationship with Chiara. Because they accept him, Jason digs for information from Roddy, Eric, Lisa, Chiara and Josh, while Danielle sticks with Gerry, Marcellas and Amy to find out what they're thinking. Together, they have access to everyone in the House. Jason targets Roddy as the biggest threat and Roddy, oblivious, says that he trusts Jason "as much as any human being I've met in my life." Additionally, Roddy says that he'd be "in awe" of Jason if he had tricked everyone into thinking he wasn't playing the game deviously. A BREAK FROM THE DRAMA Taking a break from strategy discussion, Chiara tells Danielle in the hammock that she has feelings for Roddy that she hasn't had for anyone in five years. Danielle ticks off Roddy's good points, concluding that he's "perfect." Lisa joins the conversation and expresses surprise at the depth of Chiara's feelings, which include discussing why she thinks Roddy will make a good father and picking baby names that sound good matched with his last name. Perhaps inspired by this romance and Eric and Lisa's budding romance, the second America's Choice question asks voters to decide which HouseGuest will have a private, gourmet dinner date with the HouseGuest of their choice. Marcellas wins and takes Amy into the lushly decorated Diary Room for a bountiful feast of lobster and scallops. Amy dominates the conversation, gossiping about the other HouseGuests and telling Marcellas some sad stories of her life. Later, Marcellas calls the experience "bittersweet" because he knows, barring the Veto, that one of them will soon be gone from the House. ALLIANCES COME, ALLIANCES GO That night Danielle approaches Marcellas with an idea about how to dominate the game. Noting that the couples have control of things, Danielle proposes an alliance between her, Marcellas, Jason, Gerry and an increasingly disenchanted Josh to gain strength in numbers. Marcellas agrees when Jason comes into the room and pledges his loyalty. They decide to go after the couples, while keeping the troika of Jason, Danielle and Marcellas as the core members of the new group. Chiara approaches Danielle and feels her out about joining the all-girl alliance with her and Lisa. Chiara explains that the girls come first to her in the game and that Roddy, as a fierce competitor, would understand if she voted along gender lines, rather than personal preference. Lisa declares that guys wouldn't suspect their alliance for a while, but unbeknownst to the girls, Roddy, Eric and Josh are having the same conversation about them. Eric thinks the guys have the advantage, reasoning that because the girls have initiated all the altercations in the House thus far, they won't be able to work together well enough to beat the guys. Josh thinks Chiara and Lisa are "complete morons" for concerning themselves with gender equity at the expense of their original Group of Six agreement. THE VETO COMPETITION With groupings changing in the blink of an eye, the HouseGuests compete in the next Veto Competition, called "Pool Sharks." The HouseGuests find an oversized pool table covering the backyard. Using a croquet mallet and volleyball instead of a stick and cue ball, the HouseGuests attempt to knock clear plastic balls, each decorated with a HouseGuest's face, into the only hole that leads into the swimming pool. The HouseGuest with the last remaining ball on the table wins the Power of Veto. When only Chiara, Eric and Marcellas remain on the board, Roddy plays defense, knocking Chiara's ball away from the hole. Marcellas is eliminated next, then Chiara, giving Eric the Power of Veto. Roddy tells Eric that after the Competition Josh confronted him, wanting to know why he saved Chiara. Roddy and Eric talk, deciding that Josh is becoming more of a liability than they're comfortable with. Eric tells Roddy that when the time comes, he'll "have no problem about axing him." THE VETO MEETING Roddy and Amy make amends over cigars by the hot tub, with Amy telling Roddy that she's learned her lesson about selfishness and understands why she was nominated. At the Veto Meeting, Amy faux grovels at Eric's feet, pleading to be saved, but then says seriously that she knows he's already made up his mind. Marcellas says nothing at all to Eric, just sits in his seat, staring straight ahead. Eric decides not to use the Veto Power, saying that it was a move made in his own best interests. Knowing that they're still on the block, Marcellas blames his own position on Amy's actions and his close bond with her. With no opportunity to be pardoned, either Amy or Marcellas will be evicted Thursday night.moreless
  • BB3 Ep #9
    Episode 9
    THE ODD COUPLE GETS NOMINATED After his narrow escape from eviction Thursday night, Josh is feeling "shocked" that he's still in the House. Amy has no regrets about Tonya's departure, saying, "I was glad to see her go." Chiara, on the other hand, is very upset that Tonya was evicted, saying she was her closest friend in the House and that now she's "going to get lonely." Based on the vote count, Josh knows that Lisa voted to evict him, but that Jason gave him his support, lending credibility to Josh's theory that the "women can't be trusted." Marcellas, Josh's sworn enemy, says he is "somewhat let down" because Josh is still in the House, even though they have made a tenuous peace. Chiara has negative feelings toward Marcellas for Tonya's eviction, feeling he shouldn't have nominated her in the first place. Danielle justifies her vote against Tonya by saying she doesn't "respect her as a mother," but what really clinched her eviction were the two fights she had with Marcellas and Amy. As new HoH, Roddy thinks this week is a "freebie" for him, but Danielle has targeted him as the biggest threat in the game. Eric is comfortable with Roddy in charge, calling him his "#1 ally," and Chiara also feels safe because of their blooming romance. However, as a result of her argument with Chiara, Amy thinks she may be nominated if Chiara pushes Roddy to do so. Marcellas is also nervous, thinking that Chiara may convince Roddy to nominate him as punishment for evicting her best friend. Despite the growing paranoia, Roddy says his decision will be based on the "fine line between strategy and personal feelings." He makes a deal to keep Gerry safe this week in exchange for Gerry watching his back down the line, but tells Eric that he's getting fed up with Josh's paranoid approach to the game. "People are starting to defect from their deals," Roddy says, "I'm playing for the last week of the game." EXERCISE AND PHILOSOPHY Danielle has grown comfortable in her role as the "Ab Sergeant," running the HouseGuests through daily exercise routines. Gerry does his exercises in the swimming pool, including laps, despite the fact that it takes only two strokes to cross the pool. Gerry claims to have "decent abs under this fat," and Eric commends him on his efforts, saying it's obvious that Gerry has already lost weight since he arrived. When not exercising, the HouseGuests spend a lot of time listening to Roddy discourse learnedly on a variety of subjects. "He definitely got a lot more out of college than I did," comments Eric. Lisa hopes Roddy can prove to people that it's possible to have book smarts and still be sexy. Danielle is most impressed by the fact that Roddy still maintains a raunchy sense of humor with his intellect. Jason says he's like an older brother, alternately picking on him and protecting him. Marcellas confesses a "crazy crush on him," and says that his dream is to win the game and have Roddy write his biography. LOVE IS IN THE AIR In addition to her romance with Roddy, Chiara finds time to remain affectionate with Jason. Amy says their flirtation "gets on her nerves," but Jason is very comfortable with their arrangement. Chiara can embarrass him greatly, but also says the most "wonderful, amazing" things that make him very happy. He calls her a "friend forever." When Danielle asks if his bride must be a virgin like he is, he looks at Chiara and says he'd be able to marry someone who wasn't a virgin, even if she'd made the same mistake over and over. Eric and Lisa have also joined the ranks of House Couple, as their attraction to each other heats up. Eric indicates he wants to see her outside the House when the game is over. Lisa says she came into the House "anti-male," but that Eric has changed her mind. For his part, Eric calls her a "sweetheart, a lovable kind of girl." Their relationship advances to the physical level as they make out in bed, and both say they hope their parents don't see that part. FOOD COMPETITION When BIG BROTHER randomly provides the HouseGuests with a small two-person Batik game (dropping irregularly shaped puzzle pieces into a container, trying to fit as many pieces inside as possible), Eric notes that BIG BROTHER never gives them games like this without it meaning something, and he is right. The next Food Competition is a life-size Batik game in the backyard. Each of the Batik pieces represents a type of food they can win, based on whatever pieces they can fill the container with. Going first, Danielle picks Sweets, since it includes alcohol, angering Josh because the piece is so large. Eric drops in the cheese piece to make Amy happy. Jason tries to squeeze in snacks, but can't fit it into the full container. The HouseGuests cheer when they learn that among the items they have won for the week is Mystery Food, which turns out to be a daily catered lunch from Subway. Jason enthusiastically notes that since they didn't fit breads or vegetables in the container, this still provides them with their daily requirements. I HEAR THE SECRETS THAT YOU KEEP… Eric's sleep talking is a source of amusement for the rest of the HouseGuests, most notably Lisa, his bedmate. Danielle says that most people mumble in their sleep, but Eric has full conversations. Among his sleeping revelations are, "My tough toes tingle"; "Dang! Nice job guys"; and in a questioning tone, "Oh, oh really?" GERRY PONTIFICATES Gerry has a tendency to quote from a lot of different sources. "Gerry quotes from a lot of Shakespearean plays," Eric says, "I don't think he's making it up, but no one understands it." One of his more bizarre non sequiturs comes when he sticks his head into the bedroom while the girls are having a talk and intones, "If a man is alone in the forest and he says something, is he still wrong?" JOSH'S MODEST PROPOSAL Josh tells Roddy his newest theory about who needs to be evicted next. Since he knows Lisa voted against him, he feels the girls are voting outside the alliance they had formed. He wants Roddy to nominate Lisa as punishment, because "dissenters need to punished, not rewarded." Outside, Gerry arrives at the same conclusion and tells Marcellas that the next move should be to break up the couples in the House, starting with Eric and Lisa. Josh tells Amy the idea he floated to Roddy and says if he buys into it, Amy will be safe for at least the next two weeks. Josh thinks he has Amy under his thumb and can convince her to vote how he wants her to and to potentially nominate whom he wants. Roddy tells Eric he's getting fed up with Josh's suggestions and intimates he might nominate Josh himself. THE NOMINATION RITUAL As Roddy prepares the nomination box, he says that he's put a lot of thought into his nominations, and if his decision comes back to haunt him, he'll "have to live with that." At the nomination meeting, Roddy puts up Marcellas and Amy for eviction. To Amy he says she was nominated because she constantly puts herself ahead of other people in the Game and he didn't feel that she would give him what he needed. He explains that Marcellas was his other pick simply because Marcellas would have voted to keep Amy, and Roddy wanted to guarantee her eviction. Afterwards, Amy is upset that the nominations came down to "all about Amy, let's get her out." Marcellas is equally upset because in both the past two evictions the supposedly safe nominee has been evicted, and that's the position he finds himself in this week. Amy plans on making a strong showing in the next Veto Competition and using her power to save Marcellas, who would in turn work to save her.moreless
  • 7/25/02
    Josh is doing anything he can to avoid eviction, and begins to question Roddy's plan. Chiara, Danielle, Eric, Tonya and Gerry are all put on a PB&J diet, which causes tempers to flare. Marcellas speaks to Julie, and Tonya is evicted in a 5-3 vote. Roddy becomes the new HoH.
  • 7/24/02
    JOSH, TONYA IN THE LINE OF FIRE With Lori first to leave the House, the other HouseGuests are feeling reflective. Chiara realizes with one person gone that the "game has started," and Roddy rationalizes Lori's departure by saying, "She had to go. She had no support." Marcellas feels conflicted about his vote, admitting he considered voting to evict Amy. The 5-4 vote got everyone in the House thinking, especially the members of the Group of Six, who are now aware that someone in their group hadn't voted with the rest. Chiara and Roddy try to figure out who betrayed the group, but Josh, the Group of Six member who voted outside the alliance, remains quiet. He confesses in the Diary Room that he had to vote to evict Amy based on his promise to Lori, and that he doesn't feel bad about that. NEW HOH, NEW STRATEGIES As the new Head of Household, Marcellas immediately implements a "No Strategy Conversations" policy, telling everyone to not approach him about whom he is going to nominate. This creates some anxiety among the other HouseGuests. "He worries me. I want him out," Eric says. Lisa says she's nervous that Marcellas will nominate her as revenge for her nomination of him last week. Marcellas declares that he doesn't have allegiance to anyone, since "everyone in the House has lied to me." He discusses with Danielle their distrust of Gerry, a sentiment shared by the others. Eric tells the group that Gerry will say anything to get on someone's good side. Lisa believes the "generation gap" has made Gerry an outcast. Of interest to the HouseGuests is the mask Gerry wears to help with his sleep apnea, an affliction that causes shortness of breath during sleep. The other HouseGuests call it the "Darth Vader mask." Josh makes fun of the noise the machine makes, but Eric says it does its job because it cuts down on Gerry's snoring. PEANUT BUTTER PAGEANT Perhaps with an appreciation for Tonya's body in mind, the girls decide to have a bikini contest, making bathing suits out of household items. Amy, with her beauty queen background, turns it into a pageant. Unfortunately, as the girls try their floral suits on, the strings holding them together break, so they smear peanut butter on their bodies to hold the pieces in place. Mostly naked, the girls strut in front of the guys in a manner which Gerry calls "a hoot," but Jason confesses makes him uncomfortable. When it's the guys' turn, they go all out. Jason wraps himself in straw left over from the last Luxury Competition, Eric wraps himself in lettuce leaves for a "tossed salad" motif, Gerry tries for a sumo wrestler's outfit using paper towels, and Roddy appears in a bathrobe and goggles, opening the robe to reveal a strategically placed photo of Marcellas. Amy declares Chiara and Roddy "Mr. and Mrs. BIG BROTHER," which is ironic considering the burgeoning romance between them. Roddy admits he has a "little crush" on Chiara, and they discuss whether or not they'd date outside the House, as well as things Chiara will need to do when she first meets Roddy's parents. During this under-the-covers conversation, they share their first kiss. FOOD COMPETITION After Eric declares the group's commitment to proper nutrition and Danielle leads them all through a workout, the next Food Competition blows all good intentions out of the water. Danielle and Roddy choose up teams: Danielle, Tonya, Eric, Gerry and Chiara on one team; Roddy, Josh, Jason, Amy and Lisa on the other. Both teams, with hands tied behind their backs, have to eat away at a massive house made of brownies. Water and milk are available both to help wash down the food and to add weight. The team that collectively gains the most weight in 15 minutes wins the Competition. The losers are stuck with PB and J for the week. All the HouseGuests are weighed before the Competition, then again afterwards to see how much weight they've gained. Roddy quietly tells his team to drink the milk and water provided, since that will add more weight. As the Competition starts, his team does just that. Jason pushes brownie around to make it look like he's eating it, but really he's drinking all his water and Chiara's as well. After the final weigh-in, Roddy's team wins the Competition, with Jason packing on the most pounds (5.2!). Josh is disqualified from the contest for using his hands to sneak brownies into his pants and pants pockets, which prompts Marcellas to call him "the vilest human being ever" and lament that people use "avarice and greed" to get ahead in the world. After the Competition, Josh approaches Marcellas in the HoH room and, assuming that Marcellas will nominate him, tries to convince Marcellas to nominate Gerry as well and "let the chips fall where they may." He also offers his word to Marcellas that if he's not evicted, he'll never nominate or vote to evict Marcellas down the road. NOMINATIONS While Marcellas and Josh move further apart, Amy and Marcellas have struck up a close and unlikely friendship. Lisa says it's because "opposites attract," and that they can "share beauty secrets." Josh confronts Danielle about her alignment with Gerry, feeling that Gerry revealed himself to be a racist with his Veto speech. Danielle won't discuss her alliances, but will discuss her suspicions of the power Josh wields in the House. Josh backpedals, saying he doesn't have any power, and claims that he never suggested Marcellas as a nominee in the first week, even though he was first to suggest him to the group. With his nominations pending, Marcellas worries about the threat Roddy represents, but Lisa and Eric are worried they might be in danger. Preparing the nomination box, Marcellas says he nominated every person in his head, then thought about their good and bad qualities while deciding whether to nominate them for real. With the box ready, he gathers the HouseGuests and tells them that to him, the game is about "honor, kindness, integrity and responsibility," and that he wants to be able to look everyone in the face when the game is over. Marcellas nominates Josh and Tonya for eviction. To Josh he says, "It's no secret we've had problems since Day One" and calls Josh's behavior in the House "disruptive." Regarding Tonya's nomination, Marcellas apologizes and says that somebody has to be "the pawn." Tonya takes the news well, and although Josh is reserved immediately after the nomination, he later says Gerry and Marcellas don't live in reality.moreless
  • 7/20/02
    JOSH, TONYA IN THE LINE OF FIRE With Lori first to leave the House, the other HouseGuests are feeling reflective. Chiara realizes with one person gone that the "game has started," and Roddy rationalizes Lori's departure by saying, "She had to go. She had no support." Marcellas feels conflicted about his vote, admitting he considered voting to evict Amy. The 5-4 vote got everyone in the House thinking, especially the members of the Group of Six, who are now aware that someone in their group hadn't voted with the rest. Chiara and Roddy try to figure out who betrayed the group, but Josh, the Group of Six member who voted outside the alliance, remains quiet. He confesses in the Diary Room that he had to vote to evict Amy based on his promise to Lori, and that he doesn't feel bad about that. NEW HOH, NEW STRATEGIES As the new Head of Household, Marcellas immediately implements a "No Strategy Conversations" policy, telling everyone to not approach him about whom he is going to nominate. This creates some anxiety among the other HouseGuests. "He worries me. I want him out," Eric says. Lisa says she's nervous that Marcellas will nominate her as revenge for her nomination of him last week. Marcellas declares that he doesn't have allegiance to anyone, since "everyone in the House has lied to me." He discusses with Danielle their distrust of Gerry, a sentiment shared by the others. Eric tells the group that Gerry will say anything to get on someone's good side. Lisa believes the "generation gap" has made Gerry an outcast. Of interest to the HouseGuests is the mask Gerry wears to help with his sleep apnea, an affliction that causes shortness of breath during sleep. The other HouseGuests call it the "Darth Vader mask." Josh makes fun of the noise the machine makes, but Eric says it does its job because it cuts down on Gerry's snoring. PEANUT BUTTER PAGEANT Perhaps with an appreciation for Tonya's body in mind, the girls decide to have a bikini contest, making bathing suits out of household items. Amy, with her beauty queen background, turns it into a pageant. Unfortunately, as the girls try their floral suits on, the strings holding them together break, so they smear peanut butter on their bodies to hold the pieces in place. Mostly naked, the girls strut in front of the guys in a manner which Gerry calls "a hoot," but Jason confesses makes him uncomfortable. When it's the guys' turn, they go all out. Jason wraps himself in straw left over from the last Luxury Competition, Eric wraps himself in lettuce leaves for a "tossed salad" motif, Gerry tries for a sumo wrestler's outfit using paper towels, and Roddy appears in a bathrobe and goggles, opening the robe to reveal a strategically placed photo of Marcellas. Amy declares Chiara and Roddy "Mr. and Mrs. BIG BROTHER," which is ironic considering the burgeoning romance between them. Roddy admits he has a "little crush" on Chiara, and they discuss whether or not they'd date outside the House, as well as things Chiara will need to do when she first meets Roddy's parents. During this under-the-covers conversation, they share their first kiss. FOOD COMPETITION After Eric declares the group's commitment to proper nutrition and Danielle leads them all through a workout, the next Food Competition blows all good intentions out of the water. Danielle and Roddy choose up teams: Danielle, Tonya, Eric, Gerry and Chiara on one team; Roddy, Josh, Jason, Amy and Lisa on the other. Both teams, with hands tied behind their backs, have to eat away at a massive house made of brownies. Water and milk are available both to help wash down the food and to add weight. The team that collectively gains the most weight in 15 minutes wins the Competition. The losers are stuck with PB and J for the week. All the HouseGuests are weighed before the Competition, then again afterwards to see how much weight they've gained. Roddy quietly tells his team to drink the milk and water provided, since that will add more weight. As the Competition starts, his team does just that. Jason pushes brownie around to make it look like he's eating it, but really he's drinking all his water and Chiara's as well. After the final weigh-in, Roddy's team wins the Competition, with Jason packing on the most pounds (5.2!). Josh is disqualified from the contest for using his hands to sneak brownies into his pants and pants pockets, which prompts Marcellas to call him "the vilest human being ever" and lament that people use "avarice and greed" to get ahead in the world. After the Competition, Josh approaches Marcellas in the HoH room and, assuming that Marcellas will nominate him, tries to convince Marcellas to nominate Gerry as well and "let the chips fall where they may." He also offers his word to Marcellas that if he's not evicted, he'll never nominate or vote to evict Marcellas down the road. NOMINATIONS While Marcellas and Josh move further apart, Amy and Marcellas have struck up a close and unlikely friendship. Lisa says it's because "opposites attract," and that they can "share beauty secrets." Josh confronts Danielle about her alignment with Gerry, feeling that Gerry revealed himself to be a racist with his Veto speech. Danielle won't discuss her alliances, but will discuss her suspicions of the power Josh wields in the House. Josh backpedals, saying he doesn't have any power, and claims that he never suggested Marcellas as a nominee in the first week, even though he was first to suggest him to the group. With his nominations pending, Marcellas worries about the threat Roddy represents, but Lisa and Eric are worried they might be in danger. Preparing the nomination box, Marcellas says he nominated every person in his head, then thought about their good and bad qualities while deciding whether to nominate them for real. With the box ready, he gathers the HouseGuests and tells them that to him, the game is about "honor, kindness, integrity and responsibility," and that he wants to be able to look everyone in the face when the game is over. Marcellas nominates Josh and Tonya for eviction. To Josh he says, "It's no secret we've had problems since Day One" and calls Josh's behavior in the House "disruptive." Regarding Tonya's nomination, Marcellas apologizes and says that somebody has to be "the pawn." Tonya takes the news well, and although Josh is reserved immediately after the nomination, he later says Gerry and Marcellas don't live in reality.moreless
  • Lori is the first houseguest evicted from Big Brother 3, while Marcellas is the second HoH.
  • 7/17/02
    FIRST VETO SPURS FALLOUT Having won the power of the Veto, Gerry says, "As far as I'm concerned, I won the game." Lisa and Tonya discuss Gerry's options and agree that he'll leave the nominations as they are. Roddy takes that sentiment one step further, saying he's "counting" on Gerry maintaining status quo. But Gerry hasn't made up his mind. He says he wants to keep both Marcellas and Lori in the House and that after feeling "outplayed" in the game, he's back to trying to fulfill his original goal: "meeting new friends and interesting people." Whether he considers Josh one of these new friends is debatable as he initiates a one-on-one discussion with Marcellas for the purpose of "making Josh crazy." Of Josh's strategies, Gerry says, "I don't think Josh realized the game has changed. He's still using the old paradigm." Josh tells Lori he thinks Gerry is angling to save Marcellas at her expense, but Josh makes it seem as though he's still her main protector. Later, Marcellas and Lori discuss their circumstances, and Marcellas says he believes he'll be evicted if Gerry doesn't save him. In the Diary Room, Marcellas confesses that everything in the House is making him crazy. LUXURY COMPETITION Splitting into two teams, captained by the nominees, the HouseGuests compete in the second Luxury Competition for a decadent Hawaiian luau. The object of the competition is for each team member to enter the House (one at a time), identify an item missing from the House, come back outside and write the item's name on a board. The first team to identify correctly all six items would win the luau. Marcellas picks Gerry, Eric, Tonya, Lisa and Amy; Lori selects Jason, Roddy, Josh, Chiara and Danielle. Almost everyone has difficulty finding something, especially Jason and Tonya. Jason says he got frustrated at not finding anything and as a result, he "couldn't think right." Tonya is the last on her team to enter the House and makes several trips back and forth. Quite a long time passes before BIG BROTHER allows the teams to bring in "fresh legs," HouseGuests who have already searched and found one of the missing objects. In the end, the team of Marcellas, Gerry, Eric, Tonya, Lisa and Amy wins the luau. Inside, Josh, however, gets his revenge, using much of the House's best food supply on a feast he cooks for his teammates. MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES From her impression of Amy's strong Southern accent to her impression of Eric and his impressive physique, Danielle reveals her uncanny ability to mimic several of her fellow HouseGuests. She also does an on-the-money Tina Turner impression, as well as a version of Halle Berry's Academy Award acceptance speech. Another HouseGuest showing a hidden side is Marcellas, who tells the ladies that he was engaged to a woman a few years ago. He has everyone's attention as he holds court, explaining how he fell in love, bought a ring and proposed. The girls took his story to heart, swept away by the romantic tale. Marcellas admits later that even though his story was real and the emotions genuine, it was still strategic on his part because it gave people a chance to see a different aspect of his personality. In the Living Room, Chiara, Lisa and Danielle discuss an unsettling habit of Gerry's: He doesn't wash his hands after using the bathroom. Lori comes in while they're talking (with Jason and Josh having joined in), gets angry at what she perceives as a juvenile, back-stabbing conversation, and starts to yell at the group. Danielle later says, "That girl lost her ever-loving mind." Danielle takes the blame for initiating the conversation, and agrees to Lori's demand that they tell Gerry to his face what they've been talking about. Gerry enters, Danielle calmly tells him their problem and Gerry agrees to make sure it doesn't happen again. After things have calmed down, Danielle says that Lori "will get kicked out if she keeps it up," but Gerry defuses the situation by washing his hands like a surgeon after his next trip to the bathroom. TENSIONS ESCALATE Amy enters the bathroom area and finds Tonya and Chiara in the shower together in front of the guys. Chiara invites Amy to join them, an offer which Amy politely refuses. As Amy walks away, Chiara yells after her, "Don't say I didn't try and make a connection!" Amy rejoins Marcellas and Lori outside and tells them that she was offended by Chiara's comment, if not her actions. Later, Gerry tells Marcellas he feels bad for "not recognizing" what he perceives as the real reasons Marcellas was the first nominee: racism and homophobia. They discuss their common religious backgrounds, but Marcellas says later, away from Gerry, that he doesn't want to be saved because he's "the black guy, the gay guy." Gerry tells Danielle of this theory in the Storage Room and volunteers to play "the race card" so she's not nominated in Marcellas's place. Danielle discounts this theory, saying she doesn't think it has anything "to do with the tea in China." Danielle immediately tells Lisa and Chiara that Gerry plans to use the Veto Power and why. THE VETO MEETING Gerry starts the Veto meeting by asking Lori and Marcellas why they should be saved from nomination. Lori says she went out on a limb to save Marcellas, but then begins to cry and can't continue. Marcellas eloquently explains that he understands that people found him negative the first few days, but now, "I'm down; it just took me a while to get down." Gerry gives Marcellas the Veto Power, saving him from his nomination. In an impassioned and tearful speech, Gerry says, "I allowed myself to pick on Marcellas because he's black and gay. I should have known better. That's the racism we have to confront." Lisa then nominates Amy to take Marcellas's place. Hiding any negative feelings, Amy lets out a big cheer, keeping a smile on her face the whole time. Safe, Marcellas targets Josh, whom he holds responsible for his nomination, calling him "the Antichrist" and a "cancer." Josh argues with Gerry over his speech, which Josh feels painted everyone in the House as racist and homophobic. Amy and Lori are both comfortable with their chances to survive their nominations, leaving Gerry as the focus of a lot of anger. "Gerry is a marked man," Lisa says, "If he doesn't win HoH next week, he's out."moreless
  • 7/13/02
    Gerry wins the first power of veto.
  • STARTING TO SWEAT? Lisa adapts well to the power, privilege and influence that being Head of Household provides. She enjoys the gifts, special foods and pictures of her cat, but wishes she could have delayed her ascent to power until she was comfortable enough to share the bed with somebody. The other HouseGuests, wary of her newfound control over the game, begin to kiss up. Amy and Gerry help her move her clothes into the HoH room, and Josh notices that Eric is "working it" trying to get closer to Lisa. Even though Lisa won the HoH vote, not everyone voted for her against Lori: Roddy tells Lori that he and Jason voted for her. Lori thinks Lisa is in a tough spot since there's been "so much harmony" in the House so far, and that any nominee will be OK with her, adding, "So long as it's not me." Despite his growing paranoia about being nominated, Amy assures Josh he's safe because he's the "comic relief" in the House. "You haven't even seen me naked yet," he replies. Marcellas hasn't yet mentioned his homosexuality to the others; he "thinks people know, but are too afraid to ask." Danielle and Tonya speculate, and finally decide they believe he's gay. Marcellas is afraid of the reaction he might get if he comes out, saying he's "waiting for the other shoe to drop." While Marcellas worries about his place in the House, Gerry is getting "real comfortable as Dad" to everyone, and they're getting comfortable with him. When he scolds them, mockingly, as they throw things around the kitchen, Jason calls him a "father figure." HOT TUB ACTION The first Luxury Competition gives the HouseGuests a chance at unlocking the hot tub, something they all want to win. "We all want full access to everything," Eric remarks. In order to win, three teams of four (two men, two women) have to enter a pool of slime, switch bathing suits with members of the opposite sex and race to the finish line in their new outfits. All 12 have to complete this task in under six minutes. Everybody gets into the spirit of the event, and as the burly Gerry crosses the finish line carrying a load of slime in his tiny bikini, the first Luxury Competition is a success. Eric says, "We wanted it bad and we proved it," but confesses he'll probably have nightmares from the sight of Gerry in his bathing suit. TORMENT, SECRETS AND HIDDEN AGENDAS As the mothers in the House, Tonya, Danielle and Lori bond over discussions about their children. Marcellas is tired of hearing them talk, particularly Tonya, saying all she talks about are her kids and her divorce. He says he's "tormented" by Tonya's hair, the pet lizards and "how shiny I am because of this L.A. humidity." The stylist in him wants Tonya and Lori to be evicted because of the clothes they wear.moreless
  • Meeting each other for the first time in the front yard of the BIG BROTHER House, the 12 new HouseGuests size each other up. Host Julie Chen announces that the first group to enter the House consists of Eric, Lisa, Gerry and Amy. While the others wait outside, these four are given a minute to tear through the House and choose one of the three bedrooms. Bypassing a closed door that leads to the first bedroom, they select the Tiki Room over the army cots in the adjacent room. Amy, the real estate appraiser from Memphis, Tennessee, sees the choice between soft mattresses and hard cots and makes a quick decision: "I'm used to sleeping on satin sheets," she says. The next group is Roddy, Marcellas, Chiara and Lori. Also given one minute to pick their bedroom, they pass the closed door several times before Roddy, the writer from Morristown, New Jersey, realizes it is the Map Room, outfitted with 2 single beds and one double bed, which Lori and Chiara will share. Last in are Jason, Tonya, Danielle and Josh, who are left with the cots in the Army Room, and a hard bamboo bench for Jason, the videographer from Mobile, Alabama. GETTING TO KNOW YOU The new roommates gather in the living room and start the process of getting to know each other. Josh, the waiter from Long Island, New York, takes the lead because, as he says, "I am the leader." After an animated introduction to the group, he turns the floor over to Marcellas, the fashion stylist from Chicago, Illinois, who he has already perceived as having a negative vibe. Josh claims this move was pure strategy, designed to make Marcellas look like the "second fiddle" to Josh's own energetic introduction. In the Diary Room, Marcellas says he instantly disliked Josh and predicted Josh's high-strung nature would make him "crack under pressure." Jason makes a better impression on Amy, but she admits she might be biased because they're both Southerners. Danielle, the media buyer from Fairfield, California, feels that Lisa, the bartender from Los Angeles, California, appears innocent, but doesn't believe that she really is. After surveying the field, Lisa says in the Diary Room that she doesn't see any real competition from any of the other HouseGuests. But she might be underestimating Josh, who says, "This is my House. This is my game. I'm gonna run it my way." BUILDING A NEST EGG In the first Food Competition, the HouseGuests enter the backyard and find a table full of food, 12 shopping bags and 3 large trees with oversized bird nests in the branches. After climbing into the nests in boy/girl pairs with as much food as they can carry, they get to keep whatever they brought with them. But then host Julie Chen throws the first of a season's worth of curveballs at them: whichever pair stays in the nest the longest gets to split $3,000 for every week they both remain in the house, for a possible total of $30,000! Once one of the winning pair is evicted from the House, the pot stops growing. The close quarters gives everybody a chance to form instant connections. Eric, the firefighter from Milford, Connecticut, and Chiara, the marketing rep from New York, appear to enjoy each other's company, and Chiara later muses, "I'm single, he's single…." Lisa says she was surprised Josh made her comfort such a priority. Jason sits with Lori, the bank representative from Foxboro, Wisconsin, and says he hopes she will take him "under her wing, like a Mom." As Amy drinks a beer from her food supply, her partner Gerry, the teacher from Shadow Hills, California, looks on and later notes, "Her lack of discipline may be her undoing."moreless