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  • 9/24/03
    JUN WINS BIG BROTHER 4! The evicted HouseGuests return to the BIG BROTHER House for the biggest day in the game, as they cast their votes and make one person half a million dollars richer. Before their secret vote, the jurors throw tough questions at Jun and Alison. And then, after the secret votes are cast, they finally sit down to watch all the episodes and learn every secret, every lie and every nasty comment in the House. And although none of the jurors seem happy with the two finalists they have to choose from, their votes are revealed, and Jun wins the $500,000 prize by a vote of 6-1.moreless
  • 9/19/03
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  • 9/2/03
  • 8/25/03
  • 8/23/03
  • Week 7: Justin Evicted; Jee HoH
  • Justin Evicted, Jee wins HoH After days of power and control, the three stooges are faced with an impossible situation. Either Jee or Justin WILL be evicted. Its looking better for Jee when Jack tries to negotiate with him to get him to join himself and Erika in an alliance, and after much talk of Justin being a huge threat throughout the game, his eviction comes as no real suprise to anyone. But, as one door closes, another one opens. Jee wins the crucial HoH competition, allowing the dream team to fight another day. Beware the 'X' factor The 'X' factor continues to effect the game. Ali continues her tactic of flirting her way to $500,000 when she snuggles up next to Justin in bed, but he's not impressed. Meanwhile, Erika and Roberts recent reconciliation is taking a second look at her stratergy of getting an ex evicted, and wonders about trying to form some kind of alliance with her ex boyfriend. Bocce Ball Every housemate is given a ball, with which they have to roll down a course toward a hole. Its simple - the person who's ball gets closest to the hole wins. Jack admits he needs to win the competition in order to protect Erika, who isnt elligable to take part as outgoing HoH. While Robert and Jee acknowledge the challenge will be vital to thier survival in the house. The tables of power turn when once almighty Jack chokes on the challenge, leaving a victory wide-open for rival Jee who doesnt miss the oppurtunity.moreless
  • BB4 Ep #19: Jun Wins POV #6
    Jun - Week 7's Veto Holder Week 7's veto competition is titled "Video Veto", with each housemate competing individually. Five camera's, five plasma screens and portraits of each housemate. Goal of the game is to put the golden power of veto holders chroniologically, via pointing the correct video camera at each portrait correctly. Jun wins with the time of 2 Minutes 45 seconds. Jun and Alison - The Floaters United Self-Confessed 'floater' Jun makes the unexpected move of approaching Alison in attempts to form some kind of alliance. They discuss there simmilar tactics inside the house, and decide that if one of the three stooges is evicted as has been planned for days, the three remaining couples in the house will be Erika and Jack, the two remaining stooges and them. But since nobody will suspect them, as everyone thinks they 'hate' each other, they will be in a very powerful position. Three Become Two 'The Three Stooges' are left with thier pants down, when Erika uses her HoH power to nominate two of thier members - Jee and Justin. Even the hope of a golden veto falls apart when Jun wins. She decides to keep in Erika's good books and decides not to intefere with her nominations.moreless
  • Week 6: Justin, Robert Nominated
  • Clips Galore Later in the eviction night, a live vote will happen. When the episode began, Julie was showing clips of how Alison has been treating Nathan, and his mother has had a word, on how she doesn't like what Alison is doing. With Jun, Erika and Alison has the final 3 gals in the house, Julie also shows clips on them in the house, where Erika does the cleaning, and she admits to having a game plan for that, Jun doing the cooking, and Alison the flirting. The Live Vote Finally in the live vote, and everyone apart from Jack, Nathan and the HoH - Justin voted live for who they wanted to evict. Erika, Alison, Jun, Jee and Robert all voted for Nathan to be evicted. The Eviction! Nathan Leaves! Jack Stays! Shortly after, Nathan was indeed evicted, where Julie was waiting for him in the studio. Nathan admits that he likes Alison, and would like to keep in contact with her (Fat Chance). He was shown clips of the housemates saying goodbye to him, and Nathan just smiled. The HoH Competition!!! The Steal Cage Match!!! For the new Head Of House competition, everyone apart from Justin, who is the current head of house, were to perform this. In the garden, were 3 cages, each different sizes, one big, one medium, and the other small. Julie instructs Jun, Jee, Robert, Jack, Alison and Erika to step inside the big cage, and face outwards. But they can't touch the floor, and can only stand on the metal cage. Julie tells them, the middle cage, can only fit in 4 houseguests, where the last one can only fit in 2. The rules stats, the houseguests, have to stand in the big cage, no sleeping, eating or drinking, and the first 2 houseguests to do that, or touch the floor are eliminated. When that happens, all remaining houseguests must make their way into the medium sized cage, and then the final 2 houseguests must go into the small one. The last remaining houseguest to survive this will be come the new HoH. This is not revealed, as Julie says the houseguests will be in the cages for a very long time, and this is something no one wants to lose. She then says good bye, and it goes back to the houseguests in the cage, all very bored. The episode then ends, leaving us to think, who will win.moreless
  • 8/13/03
    NATHAN EVICTED; HOUSEGUESTS CAGED The HouseGuests are playing the game hard, with the Three Stooges flexing their power, Jack and Erika trying to skate by, Jun and Alison floating from alliance to alliance, and Nathan scrambling for a deal that will keep him in the House. Yet despite all the different strategies, deals and alliances, it is clear that the Stooges control the game, for this week at least. In a live eviction, Nathan is evicted unanimously, and the remaining HouseGuests compete for the power in the House in an endurance-based Head of Household Competition that could last well into the night. HE SAID/SHE SAID: HOUSEGUESTS PLAY THE GOSSIP GAME It seems the Three Stooges (or, as they prefer, the Dream Team) have managed to stir up trouble in the House during their week in power, threatening to completely dismantle the original alliance of eight by nominating Nathan and Jack, all the while keeping "floaters" Jun and Alison tightly in their back pocket. Nominee Nate makes a "last ditch effort" to strike a deal with Justin in hopes of ensuring his safety, while Jack says he feels "secure" in the House. Meanwhile, alliance-hopping Alison says the Stooges' behavior is like "Revenge of the Nerds," but adds that she is letting them do her dirty work for her by getting rid of the strongest players. There's so much "he said/she said" going on in the House, it's tough to keep track of who actually said what! The HouseGuests are all talking trash as they try to play on each other's doubts and suspicions. Jun feeds Nate's growing doubts about Alison's loyalty by telling him she's not trustworthy, which causes Nate to confront Ali. This, of course, prompts Alison to confront Jun, who owns up to the accusations. Next, Ali tells Nathan that Justin called him a "baby." When Nathan calls out Justin on this, Justin and Jun inform him of Ali's constant disloyal words, and the confrontation ends with Nathan lashing out at Jun and calling her a "sneak." Later, Nathan tells Alison that she causes "nothing but grief" in the House. Whew! In his attempt to stay in the game, Nathan approaches Justin in the HoH Room, and expresses his regret that they have become rivals "over a girl" (i.e. Alison). Meanwhile, the aforementioned "girl" hovers at the HoH Room door, hoping to hear what Nathan is saying to HoH Justin. Nate suggests that he and Justin "team up," saying "I don't have an alliance with anyone." As Justin considers this tempting offer, Jack and Erika try to guess the Stooges' next move. But with so many deals being made, who can possibly predict the outcome? In the studio, host Julie Chen asks Jun how she feels the Stooges are handling their power in the House, and Jun replies that they treat their alliance like it's a "boys club" and tend to exclude her a bit. Julie then allows Erika to share her thoughts in case Jack is evicted, and Erika says: "He's like my dad in the House." Next, Julie allows Alison a few words in case her "bed mate" Nathan is evicted, and Ali tells Nathan that he's been her "best friend" and "brother" in the House. WELL, GOLLY! IT'S NATHAN'S FAMILY! From their home in Oklahoma, Nathan's family shares their thoughts on all the goings-on in the BIG BROTHER House. First, his mother explains that Nathan was raised with three girls, possibly as an explanation for Nathan's oft-mentioned "feminine side." She adds, however, that Nathan has always been a "stud" and a "pretty boy." He's quite at home with all the female attention in the House, just as he was outside of the House. But what does his family think of his relationship with Alison? Nate's mom says that their initial romantic sparks have turned into a "brother/sister" relationship, and she's disappointed that Ali "turned on him." Little sister Lindsay sticks up for big brother Nathan, saying Alison has "gone too far." Julie takes a minute to talk to current Head of Household Justin, and asks him how long he plans on honoring his alliance with Alison. He explains that he has felt obligated to "repay her" for not nominating him when she was Head of Household, but adds that he is aware that she is "playing both sides." As for the Three Stooges, Justin says "nothing" could break their alliance. THE CHICKS' BAG OF TRICKS Although the women are outnumbered in the game 3-5, there's more than enough estrogen in the House! Jun, "Queen of the Kitchen," Ali, "The Flirt," and Erika, "The Nurturer," each uses her feminine charms to further herself in the game. Jun hopes that her good cookin' distracts the other players from the fact that she's (in her own words) "a cute kind of sneaky person." Erika's strategy for BIG BROTHER is to play big sister and "listener" to her housemates, all the while quietly hatching plans against them. Alison takes a different approach, and says of her strategy that she uses her "feminine side" to "manipulate everybody." Her flirty flair catches some disapproval from the other fair maidens of the House, and Jun remarks that Ali's actions are "setting back the woman's movement 40 years." And although not one of the three gals will admit it to each other, they have each relied on the age-old practice of shedding a few tears to get what they want. Yet despite their flirting, cooking, crying and nurturing, Jun says that they are "cold hard competitors." Yea Girl Power! Since the votes are live tonight, Julie allows nominees Jack and Nathan to address the other HousGuests, and reminds them that they still have a chance to "change minds and sway votes." Nathan tells his housemates that it's been "a long five weeks," but hopes that they will know Nathan is a "loyal, trustworthy person." Jack is next to address the group, and tells them that he "understands" that evictions are "strategic and not personal," but adds that he would "like to stay." Will Jack and Nathan's final words change minds before the live vote? OAKIE OUSTED, 5-0 The HouseGuests cast their votes live in the Diary Room, and their decision is unanimous to evict Nathan. As he makes his exit, the mood is somber, and Nathan seems reluctant to make eye contact with his housemates. In the studio with Julie, Nathan says that he "made a run at it" and has "no regrets." How does he feel about Alison's vote against him? He says that she is a "smart player" and that he "can't take it personally." Julie allows Nathan to view his housemates' goodbye messages to him, in which Jun calls him "eye candy," while Jack says that Nathan was a "strong" and "competitive player." As for Ali, she says that she feels "responsible" for Nathan's predicament, and adds that she will miss him. Julie reminds Nathan that he will join Dana in the sequester house, and will return as a juror for the final episode. LAST ONE OUT IS HOH! Tonight's Head of Household Competition is an endurance test. The objective of "Steel Cage Match" is to work your way through all three cages. But there's a catch: each cage is smaller than the last. The first cage is big enough to hold all six competitors, but the second cage can only hold four, and the third and final cage can only hold two. In order for the group to advance to the next cage, two HouseGuests must leave each cage. The final two players will be in the third and final cage, and whoever stays in longest--without food, water, sleep--is the new Head of Household. The six HouseGuests climb into the small, uncomfortable cage, and as the show ends, Julie says goodnight to the HouseGuests, who have a long and tense night ahead of them.moreless
  • 8/12/03
    NATHAN POUTS, STOOGES GLOAT Nathan is not taking his nomination lying down, and he divides his time evenly between pouting, campaigning and chiding Alison for betraying him. And although Alison tells him she's his "only friend" to his face, she makes it clear in the Diary Room that she's only looking out for herself. Nathan and fellow nominee Jack can only be saved with the Power of Veto, and the HouseGuests compete in a game of strategy to win the Power. Robert, one of the Three Stooges, wins the POV, and stays true to his alliance by keeping the nominations intact. Now it's up to Jack and Nathan to do some smooth talking before their housemates vote and one of them leaves the BIG BROTHER House. ALLY IS NOT SPELLED A-L-I Ali, a "floater" whose strategy seems to be to go wherever the power is, seems to have made an enemy in bedmate Nathan. As nominees Jack and Nate take out some aggression by working out in the backyard, they discuss Alison's betrayal, with Nathan saying, "We had a plan…she broke it." As punishment, Nathan is not speaking to Alison, unless it's to remind her how he saved her from eviction, and how she has betrayed him. Nate admits he "honestly" regrets using the Power of Veto to save Alison. But all Nathan's guilt-tripping doesn't seem to have an effect on Ali, who calls Nathan "the biggest baby." But does she show remorse for Nathan's nomination? To Nathan's face she's sympathetic, but she's less concerned for him in the Diary Room, saying, "I'm safe, so who cares?" adding, "Nathan can kiss my ass." Perhaps Nathan is growing wise to Ali's wily ways when he says that he will no longer rely on Alison. THE STOOGES' REVENGE With their nominations in place, the Three Stooges are thrilled to have risen from their position as primary target to power players. And now that they have command of the House for the week, they are seeking revenge for their enemies' deceit in the week that Michelle was evicted instead of the intended evictee, Erika. During the nomination ceremony, Justin stated that he chose Jack and Nathan because of their lies to him that pivotal week, and Justin reiterates this sentiment when he says, "There's nothing in this House except your word." Is it strategy, or just poor hygiene? Justin has the whole House talking about a certain pair of stinky blue shorts. Without a washing machine, the HouseGuests must hand wash their clothes--a task that Justin isn't fond of. Unfortunately for his housemates, Justin opts not to launder his favorite all-purpose shorts, which--after weeks of sweating and swimming--have taken on a strong odor. In Jee's words, they smell "like ass." HOUSEGUESTS GET NEKKID The HouseGuests get ready for another Luxury Competition, dressing in bathing suits designed especially for the Competition called "Foam Party." The girls dress in one-pieces, the guys in short shorts that leave little to the imagination. But modesty is not an option in this game. Once they get outside, they learn that letters are sewn inside their bathing suits. In order to win the Luxury Prize, each HouseGuest must remove his or her bathing suit to reveal the letter and spell out the prize by hanging the suits up on a clothesline. An industrial-size pipe pours down foam onto the HouseGuests, which they use to strategically cover themselves-but they still get quite an eyeful, as the foam does little to cover their naked bodies. Once all the suits are up on the line, the word "laundry" is spelled out, and the HouseGuests win fluff-and-fold laundry service for the week. Hopefully, Justin will have his blue shorts laundered. CRIMES OF FASHION Perhaps the HouseGuests performed well in the Luxury Competition because they are so used to being scantily clad. The House uniform seems to be the bathing suit, and the eight housemates rarely don much more than that. They even cook, eat and clean in their swimsuits. But it's not Erika's teenie-weenie bikini that has everyone talking. While Erika claims she has the "best fashion sense" in the House, her housemates have her on the "worst dressed" list for BIG BROTHER 4. Citing her pink hat, bright green satin pants and pointy-toed lace-up pink boots, Erika's housemates critique her fashion faux pas. But Erika is proud of her attire, and says she tries to look like J.Lo. The HouseGuests are given a new game, called Quoridor, a game of strategy in which the object is to get to the opposite side of the board from by forming pathways and putting up blocks against your opponents. First person to make it to the other side of the board wins. The HouseGuests practice their strategies in hopes that this game will be used for the Veto Competition. Nathan, however, decides not to over-practice, instead spending his time musing over Alison's betrayal. Although Alison assures him that he's the only one she cares about, Nate confronts her, saying, "You went behind my back and made a deal." Ali denies these allegations, but then later admits in the Diary Room that she's "playing both sides." QUORIDOR The time comes for the Veto Competition, and Nathan is out to win the power, saying, "I'm not counting on anyone else." As the HouseGuests hoped, Quoridor is the challenge, and the housemates are divided into two groups of four: first to play are Nathan versus Justin, Jun and Robert; followed by Jee versus Erika, Alison and Jack. The winners from the two rounds will face off in a final round, and the final winner wins the Power of Veto. The goal is to get to the opposite side of the board from where you start, and in each turn you can either move one step or put up a block to stop one of your opponents. First one to maneuver successfully to the opposite side of the board is the winner. Nate faces tough competition as Jun, Justin and Robert team up against him, and Robert wins round one. With Nathan disqualified, his only hope is for Alison to win her round, and he coaches her from the sidelines. But his coaching isn't enough to make her win, and Jee wins round two, guaranteeing another victory for the Three Stooges. Robert and Jee play a stress-free final round, and Robert wins the Power of Veto for the second week in a row. TO VETO OR NOT TO VETO? Is Alison having a change of heart? She seems to be campaigning for Nathan to stay when she tells the Stooges that if they keep Nathan, he will make sure Jack and Erika are the next two to go. But perhaps it's too little, too late, as Nathan continues to confront Alison for betraying him, and the two get into a little spat as they share a bed--a fight that leaves Alison sleeping alone. Nathan warns her, "Don't ever come to me if you need some help," and Alison once again tells him that she's his "only friend." Nathan isn't buying it, and tells her "actions speak louder than words." With the veto meeting just around the corner, Nathan has one last chance to convince the Stooges to keep him. He goes through Jun, a stooge ally, telling her that Robert should save Jack and replace him with Alison, and then vote her off. Jun immediately reports this piece of information to the Three Stooges, and Robert points out that Alison is "the biggest liar in the House." Was Nathan's idea enough to convince him to use the veto? Robert calls the Veto Meeting to order, and allows the two nominees to plead their case before he makes his decision. Then, telling Jack and Nathan that they are the "strongest people in the House," he opts not to use the Power of Veto, and keeps the nominations in place. Jack says that he feels "secure," but adds that "you can never take anything for granted" in the BIG BROTHER House. As for Nathan, he says, "My back's against the wall," and knows the next few days will determine whether he stays a player in the game, or returns at the end as a juror.moreless
  • STOOGES WIELD POWER The Three Stooges--Robert, Justin and Jee--hold the power in the House, and they're not afraid to flaunt it. Meanwhile, Nathan is moping around the House, pouting over his probable nomination. But the HouseGuests put the stress of nominations aside for a few moments as they compete in the messiest Food Competition yet, winning food for everyone for the week. But they don't have much time to celebrate their victory before the dreaded nomination ceremony. HoH Justin nominates Nathan and Jack for eviction in what he says "wasn't an easy choice." THE DREAM TEAM MAFIA After Dana's dismissal, emotions are high in the House, and both Alison and Jun shed a few tears. Jun says she is an "emotional firecracker," hiding her tears from her housemates so as not to reveal a weakness. But the crying doesn't stop the Three Stooges from reveling in Justin's win as Head of Household, with Robert declaring that "the dream team is still alive." Ali's ally (or possibly former ally?) Nate plays solitaire in the living room, and she does her best to console him, but her efforts are futile, and he continues to pout and guilt trip her. Nate later tells Jack that Alison is "campaigning" to save him, but unbeknownst to him, she tells the Stooges that she would "never" use the Power of Veto to save Nathan. As soon as Justin moves into the Head of Household Room, it becomes apparent how seriously the Three Stooges are taking their control in the game this week. Erika says the trio is "acting as if they're in the mafioso," as they set rules in the HoH Room for how the players are to "plead their case" to Justin and his loyal sidekicks, Jee and Robert. Erika enters first, making it past Jee, who is acting as doorman for Justin. She reminds them that she has always been a "straight" shooter in the House, and they agree. Next in is Jack, who is directed to sit on the footstool. Jack keeps the mood light, cracking jokes about the situation he is in, and Justin says that the Stooges have "respected" the way he plays the game. Perhaps forgetting how easily the power shifts week to week in the BIG BROTHER House, Robert says that they plan to be as arrogant and cocky as possible, adding that they "want to humiliate everyone" in the House while they have power. MMM…HOUSEGUESTS After a week on the dreaded PB&J diet, Robert, Erika and Jee are feeling some serious hunger pains and look forward to the chance to win food in this week's Food Competition. In the messiest Food Competition yet, the HouseGuests play "50 Ways to Cook a HouseGuest." Justin instructs them to form four pairs of two, with each team having a designated "chef" and a designated "food." Outside, the teams find oversized bowls and tons of food, and learn that the "chef" must follow a recipe to mix ingredients; the "food" HouseGuest is one of the ingredients. Erika and Jack are competing for breakfast, with Erika acting as chef and Jack as the food. The recipe is cereal and fruit, and Jack dons a hilarious strawberry costume that he fears will exclude him from the FBI permanently. He climbs in a giant bowl as Erika covers him with cereal, sugar and gallons of milk. Next up are Jee (the chef) and Robert (the food) as they compete for lunch. Lunch, in this case, is a hot dog and fries, and Robert reluctantly puts on a wiener suit as Jee smothers him with huge amounts of ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut and relish. Competing for dinner are Nathan and Alison, with Alison acting as chef. The recipe is for chicken fajitas, and with Nate dressed in a chicken suit, Alison smothers him with grilled onions, guacamole, salsa and sour cream. Finally, HoH Justin and Jun pair up to try to compete for dessert and snacks, and the recipe they must complete is an ice cream sundae. Dressed as a banana, Jun is covered with ice cream, chocolate syrup, strawberry sauce, caramel, whipped cream and sprinkles. Of course, a cherry is thrown on top of the Jun sundae, and the HouseGuests win all meals with only seconds to spare. YOU CAN DANCE IF YOU WANT TO Jun and Jee are fighting all over the House, but are their nasty words just strategy? The two admit that the harsh words they share in front of their housemates act as a distraction from their secret alliance. But Jun and Jee's fighting hasn't stopped the HouseGuests from catching dance fever, nor has the lack of music. Erika and Alison, both dancers, dance to their own beat in the backyard as they teach each other routines. Robert gets into the act as well, as he shows off his salsa moves with former dancing partner Erika. The former flames stop their dancing and get serious for a while, as Robert confides in her about his alcoholism, revealing that he has been sober for a year and eight months. He tells her he "was drunk everyday," and that his sobriety makes him feel "alive" again, and he is proud that he is a better father to his seven-year-old daughter. Erika is impressed that Robert "has not taken a drink" in the House. ALLIANCES, ADVERSARIES, AND A TOUCH OF TREASON Softie Erika admits to Jack that she feels "bad" for Nathan, and Jack agrees, saying "he's played the game hard." The two shift their conversation to Alison, whom Jack claims is "courting the other side shamelessly," adding that Ali is a "formidable adversary." Jack and Erika assess their progress in the game, despite their inability to win any competitions. But is this part of their strategy to "lay low?" Erika tells Jack that their game plan should be to "just stay out of the way all the way to the finals." Meanwhile, Nathan's current strategy is to cut a deal with the Three Stooges, which he attempts in the HoH Room. He promises them that if he can "survive this week," that he will not nominate the three of them if he is the next Head of Household, adding that the trio has "nothing to worry about" if they keep him in the game. Nathan later acknowledges in the Diary Room that he "can't trust anybody." JACK AND NATE MEET THEIR FATE Justin calls the HouseGuests inside for the Nomination Ceremony, and begins by telling them that he must "be selfish" to play the game. He further says that he values "trust" and "truth," and with that, he pulls the first key from the nomination box. One by one, the keys are pulled, until only Jack and Nathan are keyless. Justin says that it "wasn't an easy choice," but that both Nate and Jack are a "big threat" in this game. After the ceremony, the HouseGuests react to the nominations, with Jee commenting that Justin went for the "jugular." Alison, whom was once saved from eviction by Nathan, says that she would "feel obligated" to save Nate if she wins the Power of Veto. But what about the nominees? Jack despairs that the "alliance is in shambles," while Nate vows that "somehow, someway" he'll stay in the game.moreless
  • WHO'S "PISSED OFF" NOW? Nominees and comrades Jun and Dana discuss their sticky situation, with Dana noting that she "can't campaign" against her ally Jun. But is she contradicting herself when she later says she "won't give up without a fight"? Convinced that she has three votes in her favor (Justin, Jee and Robert), Dana sets out to secure a fourth. She sets her sights on Erika, planting the idea that if Jack and Erika keep Dana in the game, they could all go after Nate and Ali together. Erika reports back to Agent Jack with the new information, smugly saying "we have power right now." Jun, against whom Dana has promised not to campaign, is catching wind of Dana's dealings, and calls Dana's denials of any wrongdoing a "crock of bull." All Dana's bargaining has made Jun turn from friend to foe, and Jun says she can't wait "to be rid of her." But Dana's not the only one haggling in the House. Alison aligns herself with the three stooges, Justin, Jee and Robert, cutting a deal in which both sides promise not to nominate each other. After her deal is sealed, Ali returns to her mate Nate, and in a moment fraught with irony, tells him to "trust" his friends. Host Julie Chen checks in with the HouseGuests, and puts them on the spot with some very tough questions. Julie first points out that Alison has been doing quite a bit of flirting in the House, and asks her how she thinks her boyfriend Donny is reacting. Alison replies with "I'm doing what I have to do to get by," adding that she hopes Donny understands. Julie then addresses Justin, asking if he would like to say anything to his House "girlfriend," Dana, in the event that she is evicted. Blushing, Justin says that Dana is a "great person," but admits that their relationship will probably stay in the House. As for Jee, when asked if he would like to say anything to Jun before the eviction is announced, he says that he appreciates her cooking. JUN AND DANA'S FAMILIES CHIME IN What do the families of the nominees think of the game so far? Dana's cousin Lisa admits that Dana has a "strong personality," but claims she's got a "bad rap" in the House. Regarding Dana's romance with Justin, Lisa says Justin is "definitely Dana's kind of guy." Dana herself admits that Justin is a "breath of fresh air." As for nominee Jun, her younger brother claims that Jun "taught [him] everything" he knows. But Jun's parents aren't too happy with her revealing bikinis, and have stopped watching the show. Younger brother Danny is still tuning in, though, and he thinks his older sister's strategy is "going extremely well." Julie takes a moment to speak with outgoing Head of Household Alison to get her thoughts on the game. When Julie asks her what she will do if Dana is not evicted, Alison responds that she will continue to "push and pursue Dana's exit." But what about her alliance with Nathan? Alison says that she "used him," and that "the alliance is no longer in need." With that alliance wearing thin, she has recently cut a deal with former boyfriend Justin not to nominate each other in the coming weeks. When Julie questions her intentions with this deal, Alison says that she intends to honor her promise to Justin. DOESN'T ANYONE REMEMBER SHEMP? Justin, Jee and Robert's constant antics in the House, as well as their inseparability, has earned them the title of the "Three Stooges." Jack remarks, "When you talk to one, you talk to all three of them." Justin, the "ringleader," takes the role of Mo; Robert is Larry, the "sidekick"; and Jee has been named Curly. Dana notes that the Three Stooges were the "first three targets," yet, as Jack points out, "they're still here." After maneuvering their way into an alliance with Dana while she was Head of Household, the stoogey threesome is sitting pretty. Alison says "the stooges got power," but what do they plan to do with all that power? Their primary target is Nathan. Jack, who has recognized them as a threat since the beginning, reiterates that his alliance has "got to get rid of the Three Stooges." Alison's revenge is evident as her two targets, Jun and Dana, face eviction. When Julie talks to the two nominees, Dana says that she feels "really lucky" to have had the opportunity to play the game, and adds that she looks forward to seeing a "handful" of the HouseGuests outside the House after the game. As for Jun, she says her stay in the House has been a "roller coaster ride" and that she "thrives" on the drama. DANA'S DISMISSED 6-0 Finally, it's time for the live eviction. Julie announces that in a unanimous vote, Dana is the fourth HouseGuest to be evicted from the BIG BROTHER House. Quick goodbyes are said, and Dana makes her exit. As she sits with Julie, Dana says that she is a "passionate person" and that she has "no regrets." In her New York accent, she adds that she is "nobody's puppet," and says, "I did it my way." Before she goes, Dana watches her housemates' farewell messages to her. Erika gets straight to the point by saying "I told you so," while consummate father figure Jack says he liked Dana's "sassy spirit." But is Dana's rival Alison sincere when she says "I really admire you"? Justin, Dana's in-House cuddle buddy, tells her that the very things he loves about her are what got her in "trouble," and he "can't wait" to see her outside the House. THREE STOOGES GAIN POWER The anxious HouseGuests take their places in the backyard for the Head of Household Competition, entitled "Who Said It?" Julie reads statements from a questionnaire that each HouseGuest filled out prior to moving into the House. Each player holds pictures of the four evicted roommates--Amanda, Michelle, David, Dana--plus Alison, the outgoing HoH. At Julie's prompt, the HouseGuests are to show the face of the person they think gave the answer to the statement read. A wrong answer means elimination, and the last person standing is the new Head of Household. Julie's first question is, "Who said that one of their bad habits is that they obsess about everything?" The correct answer is newly-evicted Dana. Jack answers incorrectly, and is eliminated from the game. The second question is, "Who said that their favorite movie is 'Legally Blonde'"? Blondie Michelle is the person who said it, and Robert and Jun are eliminated when they answer incorrectly. Question number three: "Who said that if they could be an animal, they would be an elephant, because they are the 'true kings of the jungle'"? Stuffed elephant-lover Alison is the answer, and Justin becomes the next Head of Household.moreless
  • Episode 4
    Episode 4
    Episode 13
    The houseguests discuss Evil Dick's sudden departure from the Big Brother house, the first eviction of the season occurs and a new HOH is crowned.
  • 8/5/03
    NO REPRIEVE FOR DANA & JUN Alison's nominations have everyone talking, and many of her own allies disagree with her decision to nominate Jun and Dana instead of Justin. Meanwhile, the catfight continues as Dana and Alison butt heads and talk trash. After a Power of Veto Competition that has the HouseGuests searching for snakes in the grass, Robert wins the power to change the nominations, but fearing for the safety of his alliance, he opts to keep the nominations intact. ALISON "MAKES OUT" ALRIGHT After the nomination ceremony, Nathan expresses his disappointment to Alison in the backyard, saying he has a "gut feeling" that Justin should be the next one to go. Alison does her best to explain her nomination strategy, and implores Nate to "trust" her decision. Meanwhile, Dana is wise to Nathan's dismay, reporting to the other HouseGuests that he is "pissed off" at Alison for not nominating Justin. Perpetually pissed Dana sounds off about Alison's disregard for the original plan to evict the exes first, and Jun is quick to point out to Dana that Dana was, in fact, the one who "started the movement" when she betrayed her original alliance by nominating Alison and Dave. But it seems Nathan's not the only one discouraged by Alison's nominations. Jack is "stunned" by Alison's decision, and Erika points out that the original allies are "going after each other" instead of voting off the exes as planned. As Jack, Nathan and Erika discuss this, Ali joins them, and eventually agrees to nominate Justin if the Power of Veto is used. OPERATION OSCULATE? Is it part of Alison's strategy to use her feminine wiles, or is she just trying to break a BIG BROTHER record? In a tactical maneuver that could be called "Operation Osculate," Alison has locked lips with Justin, Dave and Nathan during her four weeks in the House. In Nathan's words, "when she wants it, she wants it." After some teasing from her housemates, it's pointed out that she's not the only one doing the tonsil tango. Other HouseGuests that have sucked face in the House: Dave and Amanda, Michelle and Nathan, and Justin and Dana. Is it true love, or is BIG BROTHER putting something in the peanut butter? Erika--who for the record has not kissed anyone while in the House (so far)--is getting serious about playing the game, saying, "Maybe it's time to get dirty." Nothing gets you dirtier than a little mud slinging, and she's hard at work, kicking up dust by spreading a little gossip between Alison and Dana. GROWN-UPS IN A HOUSE FULL OF KIDS So far, Jack's attempts to explain strategy to his younger housemates have been futile. Week after week, Jack has tried to steer his allies in the right direction, but typical of all kids, they haven't listened to their elder's advice. But Jack's not giving up on today's youth. He gives Dana a pep talk, encouraging her to not "over think" the game. But will she heed his advice? Jack and Erika discuss Dana's present predicament, and note that she would not be on the chopping block if she had listened to their words of wisdom. Jack, 58, and Erika, 33, call themselves the "parents of the House," and Erika says they feel "frustrated with their kids making bad decisions." The only thing to do, they conclude, is to take power in the House by winning Head of Household in the next competition. Two of their kids, Jun and Jee, seem to be getting along much better than earlier in the game. The former flames are talking now, and Jun says, "The ice has melted." But the two are wary of being too friendly, for fear of revealing their "silent alliance," and Jun advises Jee to vote with his allies, Robert and Justin, so that no one suspects their covert coalition. JEE MOURNS A LOSS Nathan--who has worn make-up, shaved his body hair and painted his toenails since entering the House--receives a ribbing from his housemates over his "feminine side." Justin calls him a "pretty boy," while Alison blames herself, saying she "made him turn gay." Nathan responds by saying "I'm not gay. I like women," adding that he thinks his teasing housemates are "just jealous." Have Erika and Robert mended fences? The dueling duo seems to have called a truce, with both sides apologizing and extending the olive branch. Robert proves he's got a softer side as he talks with Erika, then again later, as he consoles a crying Jee. Jee, hiding his tears with sunglasses, informs Robert that it is the fourth anniversary of his father's death, and tells Robert he would like to perform a ceremony in honor of his dad. For a moment, the game seems to be set aside, as the HouseGuests help him prepare for the ceremony that has become a tradition in his family since his father's death. With photographs of his late father, Jee performs the ceremony alone outside "purely for respect" and "to honor" his father's memory. SNAKE IN THE GRASS As always, the competition to win the Power of Veto is a heated one. Dana, who's made a lot of enemies and is nominated for eviction this week, declares that she will fight for the POV like her "life depends on it." Outside, a square grid is set up. Earlier, the HouseGuests were allowed to secretly choose four consecutive squares on the grid. Their pictures have been placed in the four squares of their choice, but are hidden from the other HouseGuests by sod squares. One at a time, the HouseGuests take turns overturning one sod square, revealing either a picture of a HouseGuest or a blank square. Once a player's four squares have been overturned, they are no longer eligible to win the Power of Veto, but they can continue to play to eliminate others from winning. Nathan, Erika and Jun are the first three to be disqualified, followed by HoH Alison. But Alison's not done playing, and she goes after Dana, overturning her fourth square and eliminating her from winning the Power of Veto. Justin and Jack are next to go, leaving allies Jee and Robert in the running. Not wanting the pressure that comes with the power, Jee disqualifies himself by turning over his own square, and Robert wins the coveted Power of Veto. Dana is optimistic, saying "they'll save me like I saved them." ALLIES SHMALLIES! EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF Dana scrambles to save herself from eviction, saying it's the "eleventh hour" for her in the game. She reminds the three stooges and POV-holder Robert that she saved them from eviction in the past, and encourages them to do the "right thing" and save her. But all her scrambling is driving Robert "crazy." As for Dana's friend, ally and kissing partner, Justin admits in the Diary Room that he must "draw a line" between the game and their relationship. The Veto Meeting is called to order, and the nominees are given the opportunity to address the HouseGuests before Robert makes his decision. Jun opts to play it "cool" by not pleading for liberation, while Dana once again encourages Robert to "do what's best." Robert disappoints Dana by not using his power to save her, and he says "it's in [his] best interest" not to use the Veto. Down, but not yet defeated, Dana is hopeful, saying that "maybe they want to keep me here."moreless
  • 8/1/03
    DANA AND JUN FACE DOOM After a dramatic shift in power, Alison settles into her position as new Head of Household and prepares for the nominations. While Dana seems an obvious target, Ali weighs her options, considering all possibilities. After a difficult (and wet) Food Competition, half the House is sentenced to PB&J for a week. Finally, Alison announces her nominations, and Jun takes her position on the block as a pawn next to Dana. TWO-HEADED MONSTER After handing over the power to her archrival, Alison, Dana bemoans the dynamic duo's (Nathan and Alison's) recent streak of luck in the House. Referring to them as the "two-headed monster," she notes that they have won the Luxury Competition, the Veto Competition, and the Head of Household Competition in the last week alone. But will the alleged two-headed creature set its sights on Dana? Alison says "the tides have changed," and promises that she is "going to be a bitch" as Head of Household. Robert feels the tension between Alison and Dana, and comments that they are like "two little girls fighting" over Justin. Later, Jun remarks that although Alison has the title of Head of Household, Nathan's influence over Ali makes him the "actual Head of Household." Alison invites her housemates into her newly acquired private pad to see what goodies BIG BROTHER brought her, and Jack notes that the mood was much more "somber" than it had been in the past. One by one, Alison's rivals file out. As Ali enjoys the perks of the HoH Room, Robert and Justin contemplate their situation in the House with a rival now empowered. Both agree that they are most concerned about their alliance of three (Robert, Justin and Jee, known as the "three stooges"), and seem to be less concerned with supposed ally Dana. Meanwhile, golden boy Nathan is relieved to know he's "safe" with gal pal Alison in control. Nat and Ali talk nomination strategy in the HoH room, and Nathan suggests nominating Jun and Dana this week, calling Jun a "sneaky snake." But later, Jack and Erika do their best to persuade Ali to nominate Justin with Dana, with David calling Justin the "strongest threat" in the House. Strategist Jack suggests they evict Justin, to break up the three stooges, and get an IOU from Dana for not voting her out. FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD! Only half the House can win food this week, and the Food Competition is a challenging one. The HouseGuests split into two teams: Jun, Justin, Nathan and Jack on the blue team, Dana, Jee, Erika and Robert on the red team. "Laying Pipe" is a challenge in which the two teams race to see who can lay pipes the fastest. Dressed in plumber overalls, the team members must work together to connect pipes and joints to go through a set course, routing water from the source to the finish line. The object is to route the water to a waiting rubber duckie, which will then float and cross over the finish line. The challenge seems easy at first, but a few minutes into it, Ali opens up the flood gates and water starts pouring out of the pipes, soaking the HouseGuests and making the pipe assembly even more difficult. After some admirable teamwork, the blue team is the first to float their duck across the finish line, leaving Dana, Jee, Erika and Robert to pout over PB&J for the next week. THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS TO THY HOUSEGUESTS What does the Good Book have to say about BIG BROTHER 4? Plenty, according to Bible study buddies Nathan and Allison. As the only book in the House, the Bible is getting a lot of attention from the two, as they apply passages to both the game and players of BIG BROTHER. Justin calls his ex-girlfriend's sudden interest in theology "sacrilegious," while Jun accuses the two of "hiding behind a book." Dana, a lifelong church-goer, expresses concern that the Bible will "blow up in flames" because of its "unholy" use by Nathan and Alison. Taking a break from Bible study, the dynamic duo returns to the gossiping and deal-making that has become a part of BIG BROTHER 4. Nathan heads outside to get the scoop from Justin and Robert about their take on Alison, and learns from Justin that Ali is a "pathological liar" and a "fake." Meanwhile, in the HoH Room, Ali cuts a deal that just might eliminate Nathan from the game. Ali offers the following proposition to Jun: If Jun agrees not to nominate Ali if she wins HoH the next week, then she will agree not to put Jun up for eviction. Jun agrees, but with one stipulation: she will not promise that Nathan will be safe. Alison is fine with this, saying she trusts "no one" in the House except herself. HONOR THY BIG BROTHER ALLIANCES Alison talks to former beau Justin about the nominations, suggesting she might put him up as a pawn against Dana. Justin says that if he is nominated, he can't promise that he won't nominate Alison if he becomes the next Head of Household. He also admits that he is more concerned with Jee and Robert's safety than Dana's, which seems to comfort Alison. The talk then turns to Alison's pal and ally Nathan, whom she describes as "very closet," and definitely gay. After Justin agrees that this might be true, Alison says of her alliance with Nathan, "after this week, that's it." With that, the deal is made; if he is not nominated this week, Justin will agree not to nominate Alison if he becomes the next Head of Household. AN EYE FOR AN EYE As Nathan says, you can cut the tension in the House "with a knife" as the HouseGuests prepare for nominations. Jun notes that "tempers are flaring," and Justin says the players are "pulling their hair out." Alison calls the HouseGuests into the House for the ceremony, and begins the nominations by reciting the oft repeated pre-nomination disclaimer "this is a game." After all the keys have been pulled from the box, Jun and Dana realize that they are nominated for eviction. HoH Alison addresses the nominees, telling Dana that she "betrayed" the alliance, and then explains to Jun that she's only nominated because she "can't risk" Jun voting to save Dana. Later, the HouseGuests react to the nominations in the Diary Room, and Robert calls the nominations "excellent," while Jack feels that Alison has "made a big mistake." Intended target Dana has the following to say about Alison: "If I stay, she better sleep with one eye open."moreless
  • VETO PROVES ITS POWER After the Power of Veto meeting, tough New Yorker Dana shows a softer side as she sheds tears over Dave's nomination in the privacy of her HoH Room. Dave enters her room and assures her that he understands her decision, but later in the safety of the Diary Room, he's not quite as understanding, criticizing Dana for playing the game "emotionally." FBI Agent-turned-Big-Brother-HouseGuest Jack agrees with David's assessment of Dana, and remarks that Dana's "brains are in her panties." Meanwhile, Nathan's decision to go against HoH Dana by using the Power of Veto to save Alison has definitely made him a target. Dana's team of Exes (Jee, Robert and Justin) want Nathan to be the next one out, and the three approach nominee David with an offer: the three will vote to evict Jack, but only if David agrees to nominate Alison and Nathan if he wins the next Head of Household. Dave manages a vague response, and the meeting is adjourned. Jun, Dana, Robert, Jee and Justin weigh their eviction options, discussing the pros and cons of Jack and Dave. Meanwhile, Jack is assessing his present situation in the House, and calling on his FBI training to stay in the game another week. Agent Jack admits that he is "vulnerable," but he says the skills he gained as a Negotiator in the Bureau is a benefit: "I have to negotiate my very survival." Both Agent Jack and House Jester Dave are housemate Erika's "two favorite people," and Erika cries over the realization that one will leave the House. Through tears, Erika explains that she feels as though "two family members are up for eviction." Host Julie Chen greets the anxious HouseGuests, and asks Nathan if he has any regrets in his decision to use the Power of Veto to save Alison. Nathan replies that he is "happy" with his decision. But what about Alison? When Julie asks her what she meant at the Veto Meeting when she said she deserved a second chance, Alison says "Dana lied blatantly to my face." This gets a reaction from outspoken Dana, and the tension between the two players is palpable. JACK'S NO SLACKER BIG BROTHER 4 pays a visit to Jack's ex-wife and three daughters to investigate his life outside the House. Pat, his ex-wife, says that Jack is as "cool as a cucumber" and that he is the ultimate "manipulator." But how is Jack handling his role as the oldest person in a house full of twentysomethings? He says the House is "like a junior high prom" and that there's "a lot of energy, a lot of testosterone, a lot of women in heat." He is disappointed in his performances thus far in the competitions, but acknowledges that he "can't avoid" his age difference in the House. Of his paternal relationship with the beautiful Erika, he says he "would rather" Erika called him "dad" than have any other kind of a relationship with her. Both Erika and Jack's ex-wife comment on Jack's habit of sleeping on his back sans blankets, with his hands folded. Jack claims it's an old habit from 30 years spent sleeping lightly during surveillance, but also says he sleeps on his back in the House because he is afraid that Dana might stab him in the back. When Julie talks privately with reigning Head of Household Dana, she asks if Dana regrets her decision to nominate two people from the original alliance. Dana responds by saying her only regret is that she didn't nominate Nathan and Alison together, adding that Nathan has "a big target on him."moreless
  • Now that Dana's nominations have drawn a clear line in the alliances, everyone’s focus shits to stragegy. With the House evenly split, this week's Veto Competition is key. In an intense fight, Nathan ends up victorious, and wins the POV. After much speculation, Nathan shocks the HouseGuests when, during the Veto Ceremony, he exercises his Power of Veto to save Alison. Dana is then forced to choose David as the replacement nominee.moreless
  • 7/25/03
    As the houseguests adjust to Michelle's unexpected eviction, Dana settles into her new role as Head of Household, and even shows a soft side when she gets emotional over the letters and pictures from home. The Food Competition is a success as the houseguests end up winning plenty of food for the week. Meanwhile, Dana considers the alliances in the house and weighs her options between her original alliance (Alison, Erika, Jun, Jack, Dana and Nathan) or joining the “Dream Team” (Jee, Justin, and Robert) which would ultimately divide the house. After a day spent listening to her housemates' arguments, advice, gossip and strategies, Dana nominates Alison and Jack for eviction.moreless
  • As eviction night draws closer, Erika continues to be upset with Jee for her nomination while Michelle seems at peace, saying she is not worried. Meanwhile, Jee and Jun seem to form a secret alliance discussing strategy in Korean when the coast is clear and arguing when there is an audience present. Later, the house takes a surprising turn, evicting Michelle by a vote of 6-2. Jason, Robert and Jee are left stunned, and as Michelle leaves the house she tells Julie that her eviction is a "huge surprise.” The HOH competition follows and the houseguests are randomly broken into groups of three. After four elimination rounds, Dana emerges victoriously.moreless
  • 7/22/03
    Michelle and Erika are both upset over their nominations for eviction. Erika is angry while Michelle is in tears until she is reassured that she is “just a pawn.” Everyone speculates what could happen to the nominations after the veto competition. Meanwhile, the ever-popular game of "Duckball," returns from BIG BROTHER 3, in form of a Veto Competition. Dave wins the POV and threatens to save Erika with the hopes that she would be replaced by Dana. After a convincing conversation with Jee, however; Dave opts to keep the nominations in place.moreless
  • Jee’s HOH status makes the “Elite Seven” nervous and alliances are tested as strategies are revealed. Numerous houseguests quietly approach Jee with their suggestions for nominations. Meanwhile, focus is turned to food and the houseguests must participate in a not so tasty food competition. The house is divided into two teams. They each must identify an unknown meat and vegetable in a variety of casserole dishes, including: ham and cauliflower, venison and artichoke, oyster and Brussels sprouts, liver and cactus, and tongue and bell peppers. The red team is victorious, leaving Nathan, Michelle, Dana, Robert and David on a PB&J diet for the week. After the food competition, attention turns back to nominations as Jee ultimately nominates Erika and Michelle – assuring Michelle that she is “just a pawn.”moreless
  • The tumultous first nine days are recapped as the HouseMates determine who should leave: Amanda or Jee.
  • With the first nominations in place, Amanda and Jee must rely on both strategy and the Power of Veto to secure their places in the House another week. In a close contest, Dana wins Power of Veto and the power to change the course of the game. Will she use it save one of the nominees? As it turns out, she doesn’t have to. Conflicted by his feelings for his ex Amanda, especially after her nomination for eviction, Scott becomes reclusive, choosing to sleep during large parts of the day and drifting from one social group to another. The tension suddenly explodes, however, when he tosses furniture around the House and delivers an expletive-laden rant, in which he also refuses to go to the Diary Room when called there by producers. He later apologizes to his housemates, who nevertheless say they feel uncomfortable because of his actions. Finally, Scott does go to the Diary Room, never to return, as he was removed from the House and expelled from Big Brother. Source: CBS.commoreless
  • 7/11/03
    HOH Nathan makes nominations for the first eviction. Who will it be?
  • 7/9/03
    Each pair of exes tries to find a way to deal with their new living arrangements. Some vow to evict their exes while others form “secret alliances.” Scenes from the Diary Room reveal who is being sincere, and who is playing the game. Sleeping arrangements are up in the air after the five who were late to arrive to the Big Brother house are given Bed Passes, which allow them to choose any bed they want. Day two in the Big Brother house brings this season’s first Luxury Competition where the Houseguests compete to win a key to the hot tub. After a slimy game of “Shiny Hiney,” the coveted key is won and the Houseguests can relax, but only briefly. The first HOH competition comes next. As Julie instructs the HouseGuests to pair up, there is an extra person who must volunteer to sit out. Scott chooses to sit on the sidelines as the remaining contestants, while in pairs, compete in an endurance based competition - resulting in a shower of fish guts for most. Nathan and Alison prevail as the winning team, and Julie reveals that "sideline" Scott will make the ultimate decision to win HOH. Scott chooses Nathan to be the first Head of Household.moreless
  • Eight houseguests, Scott, David, Nathan, Erika, Alison, Jun, Dana and Jack prepare to live in the Big Brother House, where they will spend up to 12 weeks living together and competing against each other for half a million dollars. After chosing their rooms, competing for groceries, and getting to know each other - a twist is reavealed. The true meaning of X Factor hits home when the houseguests learn that five of the HouseGuests' exes will be joining them in the Big Brother House. Meanwhile the remaining Housgeusts: Amanda (Scott's ex), Justin (Alison's ex), Jee (Jun's ex), Michelle( David's ex), and Robert (Erika's ex), all enter the house under the impression that they will be met by strangers.moreless