Big Brother - Season 5

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Episode Guide

  • 9/21/04
    By a vote of 4 to 3, Drew, the recent college graduate from Ohio, wins BIG BROTHER 5, walking away half a million dollars richer for having spent 82 days with thirteen strangers. It comes down to the wire as the votes are all tied up 3-3, and the deciding vote is cast by the first member of the jury, Will. His vote goes to Drew, and with that, Drew wins!moreless
  • 9/17/04
    Drew wins HOH competition round 1. Michael wins round 2. Drew wins in the 2rd round. He eliminated Diane leaving Michael and himself in the final 2.
  • NO, NO NAKOMIS: COWBOY LASSOES VETO In the most unique BIG BROTHER Veto Ceremony of the summer, Cowboy holds all the power because he wins of the Golden Power of Veto. When he chooses to save Diane, he sends his own half-sister Nakomis packing and on her way to the jury.moreless
  • THE FINAL FOUR: DIANE AND NAKOMIS ON THE BLOCK Following through on a multi-phased plan, Drew puts Nakomis and Diane up on the block, effectively allowing Diane not to have break her pinky swear and vote out Nakomis. The last chance for Nakomis will be the Veto competition, and with the way plans appear to have been laid out (by Drew, Cowboy and Diane in cahoots) if Nakomis does not win the Veto she can probably begin packing her bags.moreless
  • 9/9/04
    Following through on their plan, Drew and Diane boot out Karen, keeping Cowboy for their alliance. Nakomis immediately gets her game on, knowing she will need to be sharp if she wants to stay in game. Drew wins Head of Household for the third time, narrowly eclipsing Cowboy and setting the scene for a tense week of alliance building and end-of-game scenario planning. Who will be nominated for eviction? Will Drew be able to keep his alliances with Diane and with Cowboy? Find out next time on Big Brother 5.moreless
  • 9/7/04
    Because this is a double eviction week, things go much faster than usual - Jennifer (Nakomis) nominates Michael and Drew for eviction, who attempt to find a way for both of them to stay in the house together. They find their answer in Drew's sometimes-girlfriend Diane, who agrees to work together with Cowboy and Drew during the Veto Competition in order to make it easier for one person to win. Diane, now Veto-holder, betrays her alliance by removing Drew from the chopping block, forcing Nakomis to replace him with the only eligible person left - alliance member Karen. Nakomis and Karen, seeing where Diane's commitments lay, realize that unless they change Diane's mind very quickly, Karen will be going home.moreless
  • Drew, the new Head of Household, sets Marvin and Diane as the nominees for eviction. Marvin, while knowing that he will probably be the one going home, still tries to fight, competing hard in the Veto Competition. However, he comes up short and loses to Diane, who after breaking another promise to her fellow houseguests, takes herself off of the chopping block, prompting Drew to nominate Nakomis. Diane breaks another promise to Marvin when she tells him that she will lobby to keep him in the house. She does not try to help Marvin, and he is evicted with a unanimous vote. At the next Head of Household competition, since this week is a double elimination week, Nakomis wins and is installed, for the third time, as Head of Household.moreless
  • 9/2/04
    Adria, almost positive that she will be evicted during the ceremony, gives all of the remaining houseguests a piece of her mind - she says that because she's been on the chopping block for a week, and because no one really got to know either her or Natalie, she will be very harsh in her judging when she is on the jury. This conversation only seals her fate, as she is voted out of the house. Drew later wins the Head of Household Competition; he will serve as HoH for a shortened 48 hours because this week is a double elimination week.moreless
  • Marvin throws Adria and Cowboy up on the block, out of allegiance to Will and a desire to get a strong player out of the Big Brother 5 House. He tells the gathered HouseGuests that he put the two of them up because he knows that Cowboy has Adria's back and would have played on her team in the Veto competition and tried to rescue her. It's a strategic decision on his part. When Karen later wins the PoV, she elects not to use it, so Cowboy and Adria remain up for eviction.moreless
  • NATALIE NIXED, MARVIN HOH In fairly overwhelming fashion, by a vote of 4 to 1, Natalie is evicted from the BIG BROTHER House. After a week of heavy politicking by both twins, with Drew seemingly the reed in the wind, the eventual tally sends a resounding message that Will will be avenged, and that breaking promises at this stage of the game is not okay. Marvin, following his THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS win, finishes out the week strong with victory in the Head of Household Competition.moreless
  • ADRIA ACHIEVES PoV: COWBOY GOES UP IN HER PLACE After one of the stranger Power of Veto ceremonies, during which Adria first asks of her twin sister why she should be saved, then asks of herself why Adria should be saved--she announces that because Natalie has not been given a fair shake by the House, Adria will save herself. Nakomis puts up Cowboy in her place, hoping the rest of the HouseGuests won't consider him for eviction.moreless
  • DOUBLE TROUBLE: ADRIA & NATALIE ON THE BLOCK Nakomis puts not one but two twins on the block, seemingly ensuring that one of them will be leaving. Nakomis is clear about the reasons for her actions and does not waver in her commitment to her principled stance that the twins must go because they broke the pinky swear alliance in evicting Will.moreless
  • 8/19/04
    The eviction ceremony between Marvin and Will occured. We have Marvin and Will still complaining about Adria using the bible and the gay/black card. The houseguests voted live and there was a tie in the voting. Adria had to cast the deciding vote which evicted Will. On his way out Will would not hug Adria or Natalie. He said to Adria "If karma is a boomerang I'll be seeing you sooner than later" then left the house to talk to Julie. After the commercial break the Head of Household competition ensued. It was a quick competition where the houseguests were in their own booths answering questions about former houseguests (minus Will) and their surveys they took before they entered the house (which are posted on the CBS website). In the end it came down to Diane and Nakomis. The tie-breaker was how many pounds of M&Ms were used total in the luxury competition. Diane guessed 400 where Nakomis guessed 500. The answer was 900 making Nakomis Head of Household for her second time in the house.moreless
  • 8/17/04
    Will and Marvin, nominated for eviction, compete for the Power of Veto, a Christmas-Style Game of Luck, only to find that Adria has won in the end. Both get angry with Adria, calling her "The Second Jase", "The Demoness" and calling her sister, Natalie "Rosemary's Baby" or "The Evil Spawn." Later, the luxury competition is held, the prize being a viewing of "Without a Paddle." Diane, Drew and Will win, and when the Power of Veto ceremony finishes, Adria is still wearing the veto necklace.moreless
  • 8/14/04
    A RULES THE DAY: MARVIN & WILL NOMINATED The united alliance that evicted Jase from the House appears to be crumbling. Adria, the new Head of Household, immediately begins debating which HouseGuest should go up on the chopping block. Along with her identical twin, Natalie, Adria toys with nominating Will, Karen and Jennifer (aka Nakomis). HouseGuest after HouseGuest pays a visit to the HoH room, pleading their case. While Adria's mind is far from made up, one thing is clear: it is every HouseGuest for him- or herself.moreless
  • 8/12/04
    JASE JETTISONED; A's NUMBER ONE Jase gets bounced by a near-unanimous vote with Cowboy the only holdout. For a moment before the vote, Jase thinks he might have slipped the noose yet again by using "reverse psychology" on Will and Karen. He keeps saying to Karen, and then to Will, that he wants them to promise to vote him out. For one hot second, he thinks that maybe his plan worked. He is, however, wrong, and finds himself doing the walk to talk to Julie Chen as opposed to the Jase victory dance. Adria, the first to compete in the HoH game, ends up the winner, becoming BIG BROTHER 5's third consecutive female HoH.moreless
  • In this episode, the power of veto is up for grabs. Nakomis, Diane, Marvin, Drew, Will, and Adria. Drew won the power of veto and was torn between his loyalty to Diane and his loyalty to Jase. In a veto ceremony that shocked Jase, Drew removed Diane from the block, given Nakomis the oppurtunity to nominate Jase for eviction. The final result of Tuesday night's veto ceremony was Jase and Marvin up for eviction, the final result to be determined live on Thursday.moreless
  • 8/7/04
    Finally, one of the houseguests starts thinking strategy when Nakomis forms a fool proof plan to eradicate the house of the one of the power players - one of the Four Horsemen. At the end of this episdoe, after making sure she is not shooting herself in the foot, Nakomis nominates Diane and Marvin, who are both good friends of Nakomis and are both in or closely associated with her alliance. Will explains that the "six-finger plan" works like this: after winning the HoH Competition, Nakomis nominates two people in her alliance so that when it is time to have the Veto Competition, all six players will be in Nakomis' alliance. Whoever wins the Veto Competition will remove one of the alliance members from the chopping block, and Nakomis will nominate either Jase, Cowboy, or Drew, who would be left without an escape hatch, ensuring that they would be going home.moreless
  • 8/5/04
    In the most tightly contested vote of Big Brother 5, Scott, the virtual founder of the once-powerful Four Horsemen, is shown the door, but not before some aggressive lobbying by all the Horsemen, not the least of which is done by Scott himself. Scott's ouster isn't the only surprise, though, as Julie Chen reveals the "secret" HouseGuest, Natalie, and explains the Twin Twist to the rest of the house. Natalie, Adria's twin, joins her housemates for the HoH competition. During the competition, the houseguests are forced to put aside everything that went on that night, and focus on becoming the HoH, something that Nakomis does perfectly, winning her first title.moreless
  • 8/3/04
    Jase wins the Golden Power of Veto, forcing Head of Household Diane to nominate another person for eviction. After some deliberation, her choice is to put up Marvin as a pawn, determined to get Scott out of the house.
  • 7/31/04
    The new Head of Household, Diane, attempts to get rid of a power player in the house by nominating Jase and Scott for eviction.
  • 7/29/04
    What appeared to be a highly contested week turns out to be a rout when Holly is evicted by a near-unanimous vote of 7 to 1. How did what seemed to be a 4 to 4 deadlock with Drew having to weigh in as HoH turn into this lopsided tally? One need look no further than the Spy Screen in the HoH room, as the Four Horsemen spy Jase kissing Holly, proving how sprung he is. That, coupled with his reticence to talk about it, makes it clear just how problematic the Holly-Jase situation has become. After Holly says her goodbyes, the HoH Competition is a test of endurance, and the new Head of Household has yet to be named.moreless
  • 7/27/04
    In a Bluffing Competition, Nakomis wins the Power of Veto, and she removes herself from the chopping block. Then, after another switch, Adria pleads her case to Drew to not put her up for eviction. This obviously falls on deaf ears, as Drew replaces Nakomis with Adria - putting the twin twist in jeapordy.moreless
  • 7/24/04
    As soon as Drew wins Head of Household, he finds himself being barraged by advice, counsel, and commentary by every single player in the game. For a time, it seems as though he will put up several other members of the house, but in the end, he goes with what he feels is best for himself over the long term. Drew, worried that Holly and Nakomis will interfere with the Four Horsemen's ultimate goal - what with Jase's blooming romance with Holly and Michael's relationship with half-sister Nakomis, puts both of them up on the block.moreless
  • 7/22/04
    Jase's decision to use the Golden Power of Veto on Holly proves to be a good thing for Marvin and the rest of the Four Horsemen - with two members of an alliance up on the chopping block, it will be assured that the numbers of the Horsemen will not be getting smaller this week. In the second live eviction of the season, Lori is voted out of the house and at the Head of Household challenge, the Four Horsemen remain in power when Drew wins the power to nominate two members of the house. Who will he nominate? And who will be evicted next?moreless
  • 7/20/04
    In a riveting competition called "Snag the Veto", Jase emerges victorious over a hard-working Lori to grab the Power of Veto. As in the previous Veto competition, not all HouseGuests compete. It's just the HOH, the two nominees and the partners of their choosing. Marvin chooses Drew, Lori selects Karen, and Holly chooses Jase. At the Veto Ceremony, Jase chooses to use the Golden Power of Veto on Holly, removing her from the block, and forcing Marvin to nominate another player. His choice? Karen.moreless
  • 7/17/04
    Nomination day arrives, and Head of Household Marvin begins his deliberations. After a quick consultation with three of the Four Horsemen (not Michael), and a sit-down with Adria, Marvin calls the Nomination Ceremony to order. He makes a brief speech about how his nominations reflect the strength of the players he has nominated and begins the ceremony by removing Diane's key. After all of the keys but two are removed, his decision is obvious: Marvin has nominated Lori and Holly for eviction.moreless
  • 7/15/01
    By a unanimous vote, Mike, the 41-year old painter from Michigan, is the first evicted from the Big Brother 5 household. Despite his best efforts to plant seeds of doubt about the power of the Scott and Jase alliance, he is unable to change anyone's opinion and gets evicted live on national TV. Mike's reaction to the unanimous ousting? "Somebody could have thrown me one vote." After the eviction, Marvin emerges as the second Head of Household in the tense competition.moreless
  • 7/13/04
    The noose continues to tighten around Mike's neck as Scott wins the Power of the Veto in the "Flaringo" ring toss game - almost ensuring, seeing as how Scott and Jase have an obvious alliance, that neither one of the nominees will be removed from the block. After some deliberation about respecting Cowboy's half sister, Nakomis, Scott elects not to use the Golden Power of Veto. This decision leaves both Nakomis and Mike as the HouseGuests still up on the block.moreless
  • 7/8/04
    CAT'S OUT OF THE BAG; MIKE & JENNIFER NOMINATED In the summer's first nomination ceremony, first HoH Jase nominates Mike and Jennifer for eviction. But before the ceremony, Michael decides to reveal to the Four Horsemen (formerly the Knights) first that Jennifer, a.k.a. Nakomis, is his half-sister. Pulling Jase and Scott aside, he lets them in on his secret, recounting how he put the pieces together: the father's name, the tour in Vietnam, the foot blown off. The initial reactions are shock and disbelief. Initially, Jase is stunned, saying, "I'm just tripping out of my mind." Then he thinks he's being gamed, adding, "I have a problem with the timing." Scott, too, is skeptical: "I didn't believe it."moreless
  • 7/6/04
    Let the games begin. It's the first show of a new BIG BROTHER season, and this year's theme is Do Not Assume. Project DNA for short. Nothing is as it seems. Everything is open to interpretation. With BIG BROTHER 5, you never know who you're living with for the summer.