Big Brother - Season 6

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Episode Guide

  • 9/20/05
    Two finalists, two very different game strategies, and one very big decision for the seven members of the Big Brother 6 jury constitute this live finale, where a vote is held to determine the winner of the game, one of the most surprising and personal seasons of the show ever. After a brief question and answer session between Julie and the seven jury members, Rachel, Jennifer, James, Beau, Howie, April, and Janelle, the five who did not make it to the finals, Ashlea, Eric, Kaysar, Sarah, and Michael, speak out about the fights, the romances, and the secrets. Later, the focus shifts back to the jury and the two finalists, who vote, in a fairly split decision, to give Maggie a half million dollars and give Ivette the title of runner-up. It's going to be a long year until next summer!moreless
  • 9/16/05
    After a grueling three-part competition, Ivette comes out of the Head of Household game with the title, and makes a decision that may change the jury's opinion of her. After she wins the first round of the HoH game, Janelle and Maggie duke it out in a second battle of skill and recollection, which Janelle narrowly wins. From there, Janelle and Ivette compete live in a trivia game, and Ivette becomes the victor, but only after two tiebreakers. Host Julie Chen announces that Ivette will have to make her vote to evict live, and Ivette, despite considering what may make it easier for her to win, sticks to her initial promise and evicts Janelle, subsequently choosing to sit next to Maggie in the Final Two. Who will the jury vote for in the live finale? Find out Tuesday on the ultimate Big Brother finale!moreless
  • The Friendship Alliance appears to crack when Ivette wins the Golden Power of Veto, which guarantees her a spot in the Final Three, and celebrates by screaming and running around the backyard. April's feelings are hurt, knowing that she will be the one sent home, and April confronts Ivette about her emotions after the competition, leading to the ever-emotional Ivette to lecture and scream at April. Now even more hurt, especially after seeing Maggie not do anything to break up the verbal argument, April confides in Janelle that if the Final Two was Janelle and Ivette, April would vote for Janelle. Practically securing a pivotal vote, Janelle lays low throughout the eviction, where Ivette's heartfelt voting speech sends April out the door to join the jury. Moments later, Maggie, Ivette, and Janelle begin their final Head of Household contest, a three-part endurance competition.moreless
  • 9/10/05
    As the days in the Big Brother house begin dwindling down, the final four women speak candidly about their bodies, plastic surgery, and sex, and despite not having real feelings towards the women of the Friendship, Janelle puts on a happy face for them and shows her "human" side, hoping to sway some votes her way. The relationships that she somewhat builds all goes to naught, however, when Janelle wins the America's Choice vote and the monster of envy infects Maggie, April, and Ivette, who again blame America for rewarding bad behavior and immaturity. Janelle, on the other hand, is thrilled to get some time away from the house when she is taken via limo to the CBS sets of Two and a Half Men to talk with the cast and see a live taping. When she gets back to the house, she makes a deal with April, anticipating that it will cause a rift in the Friendship, and nominates Ivette and Maggie for eviction.moreless
  • 9/8/05
    Janelle's plan to keep Howie in the house by convincing Ivette that it would be best to vote out April falls through when Ivette singlehandedly sends Howie into the sequester house by being the deciding vote in a tiebreaker. His eviction places the final four women one step closer to $500,000, and Janelle's big win at the Head of Household competition ensures her a spot in the final three. Meanwhile, Jennifer and Rachel greet their new jury members, James and Beau, with mixed reactions. Who will be joining them next week?moreless
  • Ivette rejoices as she wins her first title as Head of Household, thanks to some help from Maggie, who partially threw the competition. As the new HoH, Ivette has fun receiving things from her family and girlfriend, including pictures and stuffed animals. As Ivette marvels in her goodies from home, Janelle and Howie, who expect to be nominated, think out a potential plan for both of them to stay in the game. It looks like it may happen when, after the anticipated nominations of Janelle and Howie are made official, Janelle wins the Veto Competition called "Morph-o-Matic" and Ivette approaches Howie about possibly keeping him in the house in order to go to the final two with him. At the Veto Meeting, it's no surprise when Janelle removes herself from the chopping block, forcing Ivette to nominate one of the Friendship, April. Who will leave the Big Brother house?moreless
  • In the action-packed double eviction week episode, Howie and Janelle follow through with their plans to split up the last "secret" pair in the house, thanks to Maggie, who wins the Golden Power of Veto in the Veto Competition hosted by Big Brother alum Holly, choosing not to use her new power to remove Ivette or Beau from the chopping block. Beau is evicted by a unanimous vote, joining the three others at the jury house. In the Head of Household competition held immediatley after the eviction, Ivette wins her first title after a tie-breaker vote with Maggie. How will she use her HoH week? Will she stick with the Friendship and nominate Janelle and Howie? Or will she keep them around in order to gain more votes come finale night? Find out next week!moreless
  • James all but faces the fact that April has him cornered - she, with the help of the rest of the house, has successfully "backdoored" him, giving him no chance of saving himself. Still, he doesn't give up without a fight. Trying to work his manipulation magic on Janelle, Ivette, and Beau looks as if it may work, but at the live vote, James is evicted unanimously, and is given some rather comforting, if not a little relieved, goodbye messages. After the eviction, host Julie Chen reveals that this week is a Double Eviction week, and that the new Head-of-Household, Howie, who narrowly wins the competition, will only stay in that position for 48 hours. Howie is forced to make his nominations live, on-air, and does so strategically, by attempting to break up the last pair in the house, Ivette and Beau, giving both of them nominations.moreless
  • Although they are saddened by Rachel's departure, Janelle and Howie look to the future and scramble to find a way to survive in the Big Brother 6 house. They get their chance when new Head of Household April and friend Maggie approach them, saying that April is going to nominate the two of them, but intends to backdoor James. Janelle and Howie, while not fully trusting April, go along with the plan, and when the time comes for the Veto game, James is the only one who winds up not being picked to play. April wins the Golden Power of Veto, but weighs her options about using it carefully, seing how lucky Janelle is after Janelle wins the America's Choice phonecall and a free trip to the Bahamas. All of the things that Janelle has won, and the jealousy that the other houseguest have, nearly prove fatal for the Soverign Two, but in the end, April decides to go through with her original plan to backdoor James by removing Janelle from the chopping block and replacing her with James.moreless
  • 8/25/05
    As James continues to play both sides, spending an equal amount of time with the Soverign Three and the Friendship, the other players are slowly beginning to realize that James, Rachel, Howie, or Janelle, will need each other in order to win the money because of how many Friendship members will be in the jury house. Later, perhaps due to Howie lobbying to vote Rachel out, the other houseguests vote unanimously, in a live vote, to evict Rachel from the Big Brother 6 house. Rachel, who sacrificed herself for Howie to stay longer in the house, becomes the second member to join the jury. After Rachel grabs her bag and walks out the front door, the other houseguests compete in the live Head of Household contest, where April triumphs for the first time by being the most observant of the numbers around her.moreless
  • Things have mellowed out since last week, and all of the once-uptight players have calmed down. Rachel and Howie become fairly miffed at Beau's nominations - the two of them - but there are no brawls and no verbal explosions. At the Veto Competition, a strenuos physical challenge, Rachel, Beau, and Howie all compete with their guests, but it's James who breaks a record by winning the veto for the fourth time. At the Veto Ceremony, James struggles to continue to play both sides and, doing what he feels will be best for him, leaves the nominations as they stand.moreless
  • Janelle and Howie are still fuming over Kaysar's eviction, and now that they have the power, they rub it in the faces of "The Friendship." The taunting continues through the Veto Competition, where Janelle walks off with the power to veto one of her nominations. Thinking of a surefire way to rid the house of Jennifer, she removes Maggie from the chopping block and puts up Ivette as a pawn, positive that very few people will vote to evict Ivette. Later, Janelle's plan works, as Jennifer is shown the door nearly unanimously. But at the Head of Household contest, Janelle's short reign as HoH ends, and "The Friendship" regains power when Beau wins the ever-important Head of Household competition. Who will be nominated for eviction during this shortened week? And who will be evicted?moreless
  • The game has gotten extremely personal thanks to Jennifer's betraying nomination at the Veto Ceremony last week. With her choice of nominating house favorite Kaysar for eviction, the entire house clashes against each other, and Jen isn't the only victim. Howie turns hard on April, insulting her family and lifestyle, and a drunk Janelle argues with a drunker Beau. Everyone seems to get a piece of the wrath of Kaysar's followers as they take out their anger on each other. Later, hostess Julie Chen reveals the eviction vote and sends Kaysar home for the second time. At the Head of Household competition, Janelle emerges as the winner, and, due to the special Double Eviction Week, nominates two houseguests, Maggie and Jennifer, for eviction immediatley after winning, live. Will the Veto Competition impact the nominations? And who will be evicted? Find out on Saturday, in the special eviction episode!moreless
  • 8/16/05
    The members of the Soverign Five, still reeling from the nomination ceremony and angry that Jen has broken a direct promise to Kaysar, fight as hard as they can to persuade Jen not to waver from their initial agreement to rid the house of James once and for all. Everything seems to go as planned at the Veto Competition, where Rachel uses her coaster-tossing skills to win the Golden Power of Veto, but at the Veto Meeting, the Friendship delivers a truly shocking blow to the other part of the house by replacing Rachel on the nomination block with Kaysar. Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house now that Janelle and Kaysar are facing each other on the block again? And what will be the backlash of Jen's actions?moreless
  • 8/13/05
    The Head of Household challenge from last week’s episode culminates in the longest competition in Big Brother history – over 12 hours. While in “The Pressure Cooker,” a big glass box, the other houseguests catch Kaysar up on what has been going on while he’s been in sequester - among other things, they talk about Beau’s private parts and Rachel’s lack of dance skills. One by one the players are eliminated from the game, and in the end, Kaysar makes a deal with Jennifer that if he allows her to become Head of Household, she must nominate two of her own people, win the veto, and then nominate James, ultimately “back-dooring” him and giving him no chance of staying in the house. Kaysar assures her that if the deal is broken, there will be consequences, and sure enough, Jennifer, the new Head of Household, nominates two people from Kaysar’s alliance, Rachel and Janelle. What will happen in the Veto Competition? Will Kaysar stick with his plan of try to oust James? Find out Tuesday on Big Brother 6!moreless
  • 8/11/05
    Ivette, afraid that the entire week has been a setup to get her out of the house, asks Maggie to rally for her to stay in. Ivette apparently need not have worried, as her fellow nominee, Sarah, is evicted by a nearly-unanimous vote (with the only dissenting vote being from James). Later, Julie Chen announces the news that everyone has been waiting for: which evicted houseguest will be reentering the game, which she ultimatley reveals is fan favorite Kaysar! He gets a chance to participate in the Head of Household challenge, the second endurance competition of this season. Who will grab the power? Find out by subscribing to the 24/7 live feed or tuning in on Saturday for the results!moreless
  • 8/9/05
    James and Sarah, shocked and betrayed at Howie's nominations, vow to win the veto in order to keep James alive. They struggle to enjoy what they think are their last few days together, and are appalled at how much the rest of the house has turned on them. At the Veto Competition, a game of strategy and luck, James is handed the Golden Power of Veto, the worst case scenario for the rest of the house, who want James to leave. Before the Veto Ceremony, the players decorate T-Shirts advertising for their favorite evicted houseguest to come back into the game, but later, the fun and games vanish when Howie nominates Ivette in place of James. Will the house go through with their plan to get rid of Sarah? Or will a new plan, to get rid of Ivette, a wild card, emerge? Find out at the Live Eviction this Thursday on Big Brother 6!moreless
  • 8/6/05
    The likes of Maggie, Ivette, and April seem to brainwash Howie and Rachel; instead of going along with their alliance, Head of Household Howie and his partner, Rachel, work together with "The Friendship" to try to get double-crosser James out of the house. Meanwhile, half of the house wins food for the week, and because of Janelle's sabatoge of her team, who protects herself with her newly aquired PB&J Pass, the other half is forced to eat PB&J. As things are progressing in the house, April involuntarily quits smoking, and Howie enjoys the luxuries that come with the power of HoH. By the end of the episode, the only players who feel in jeopardy are those nominated, James and Sarah.moreless
  • 8/4/05
    In the fourth live show of the season, host Julie Chen reveals some surprising news: one evicted houseguest will be brought back into the game, determined by an America's Choice vote. The winner of the vote will be revealed live next Thursday, just as one person will be evicted. Later on in this episode, Kaysar is evicted from the house with a nearly-unanimous vote, and Howie seeks to carry out his alliance with "King Kaysar" with his newfound Head of Household power, dethroning Maggie. The power in the Big Brother house has shifted drastically again.moreless
  • 8/2/05
    Eric's eviction continues to play a part in the house, as Ivette has a meltdown because of it, and Maggie continues to seek her revenge on those who ousted Eric. James and Kaysar, who are in an alliance with each other, are forced to play against each other during the Veto Competition, which Sarah ultimatley wins. After a celebration for April's birthday and a luxury competition resulting in Rachel, Sarah, and Jennifer getting an advance screening of Four Brothers, Sarah gives her Golden Power of Veto to James during the Veto Ceremony. To replace James, Head of Household Maggie nominates Kaysar's partner-in-crime Janelle.moreless
  • 7/30/05
    Maggie attempts to wreak havoc on the house after Eric's eviction by trying to take out a power player in the house with her nominations. However, before the ceremony is the food competition, where the entire house wins food for all seven days of the week, as well as the final two numbers of the combination on the safe in the Gold Room. The houseguests successfully open the safe and are surprised with PB&J sandwiches. One contains a PB&J pass, ensuring one person no more weeks of eating only PB&J. At the nomination ceremony, after negotiating with Sarah, James, Rachel, and Howie, Maggie puts up James and Kaysar for elimination. Will one of them win the Golden Power of Veto on Tuesday? And if they do, what will happen to Maggie's plan?moreless
  • 7/28/05
    Things begin to cool down in the house when the houseguests gather around in the living room and spill most - if not all - of their secrets; they share the identity of their secret partner (only Ivette & Beau and April & Jennifer hold back), their sexuality (Eric drags it out of Ivette), and their true professions and ages (James was never a 27-year-old high school professor: he's actually 29). Atfter some laughs, it's back to business on eviction night as the players cast their votes. Host Julie Chen reveals live that the majority of the contestants voted to evict Eric, who had been taking a strong leadership position in the house. At the Head of Household competition, Kaysar, though reluctantly, hands the reigns to Maggie, the new HoH. Now that the power has shifted, what will happen? Who will stay? And who will go home?moreless
  • 7/26/05
    Kaysar puts his plan, in the works for two weeks, into motion, calling out the links between James & Sarah and Rachel & Howie and approaching them to join an alliance with him in an attempt to get Eric out of the house. As the house discovers a clue to the secret of the safes - the first combination number, James & Sarah reveal their bond to their alliance members, and Maggie struggles to figure out why she was nominated. At the veto competition, Kaysar's plan is exposed when he and the other three of his alliance members successfully knock both Maggie and her chosen partner, Ivette, out of the game of human chess. Everything comes to a head after the contest, when Kaysar admits to Eric that he threw the challenge, and that Eric should expect being nominated for eviction. At the Veto Ceremony, Eric's alliance's worst fear comes true - James takes himself off of the block, and Kaysar breaks a promise to Eric by replacing James with Eric, a crushing blow to Maggie, Ivette, and April.moreless
  • 7/23/05
    When the new Head of Household, Kaysar, takes the matters of the house into his own hands, he attempts to sort out the innumberable opinions of his fellow housemates about who he should nominate for eviction. By the end of the episode, after a food competition resulting in the entire house being given the peanut butter and jelly diet and after Ivette reveals her homosexuality to the nation, Kaysar makes nominations that will truly shake up the house - Maggie and James. Who will win the Power of Veto competition? And will the winner remove either Maggie or James from the nomination block? Whether the houseguests like it or not, one of them will be gone by the end of the week.moreless
  • 7/21/05
    As their time in the house together winds down, Michael and Janelle's flirtation evolves into a deep attraction, involving lots of displays of affection. As the two fight to keep their romance under wraps, things smooth over between Eric and Michael, as both forgive each other and things move on. Michael, sure of his fate, advises Janelle to listen to Kaysar next week, and sure enough, the houseguests vote, almost unanimously, to evict Michael from the Big Brother 6 house. In the third Head of Household competition of the summer, Kaysar comes out victorious, truly turning the tables on the large alliance in the house. The power has changed hands.moreless
  • 7/19/05
    Hours before the Power of Veto contest, two fights break out beween Ivette & Kaysar and Eric & Michael, forcing the Big Brother producers to break up the fight. Later, at the competition for the Golden Power of Veto, Eric, James, Michael, Janelle, Howie, and Rachel compete in a challenge called "High and Dry," involving zip lines and water jugs. James wins the contest, thus giving him the option of removing one of the candidates for nomination from the chopping block. James, knowing what would be best for him in the game, chooses not to remove Michael or Janelle. One of these two will be evicted in the live ceremony on Thursday. Who will be evicted from the Big Brother 6 house? And who will be the next Head of Household?moreless
  • 7/16/05
    Eric, the new Head of Household, appears to be growing thin on many of the houseguests. His emotional breakdowns, "inspired" speeches, and random accusations are becoming annoying for several of the other players. Amidst a fun relaxation period - Ivette invents a slip-and-slide out of trashbags - Eric points the finger at Michael for being too attatched to Janelle. During the Food Competition, the house is rewarded with snacks & sweets, breads & cereals, and beer & wine, making for some rather happy houseguests. At the nomination ceremony, Eric's suspicions about Michael come to a head when he nominates him and Janelle for eviction.moreless
  • 7/14/05
    Amid a barrage of rumors and discussions about the imminent eviction, Julie Chen reveals the seven secret pairs - people who know each other from outside of the game - that are living in the Big Brother 6 house together: Howie & Rachel, Janelle & Ashlea, James & Sarah, Kaysar & Michael, Eric & Maggie, April & Jennifer, and Ivette & Beau. Some of the contestants in the house already suspect that everyone has a pair, but some are still left clueless, thinking that they are the only twist in the game. After some eviction votes are shown, Julie announces that the players have voted Ashlea out of the game. Later, in the live Head of Household competition, Eric becomes the second person to gain the power of HoH. Who will he nominate for eviction? How will Janelle get along without her partner? And will the partners in the house remain secret?moreless
  • 7/12/05
    Day 3 brings the Big Brother houseguests still trying to get to know each other - a problem that Howie does not seem to have; he's close enough with the contestants to be able to put on makeup and wear a bra in front of them. Rachel discovers a secret bedroom in the house, and when she tells the other competitiors, they seem happy, but upset that Rachel didn't include them in the hunt for the room. At the Veto Competition, Rachel wins, and despite considering to nominate Jennifer in place of Ashlea because of something Jennifer did to Rachel, she lets her nominations stand, meaning that both Kaysar and Ashlea are still nominated for eviction.moreless
  • 7/7/05
    It's the "Summer of the Secrets" for the new houseguests of the sixth season of Big Brother. With a brand new, state of the art, two story house, the houseguests will be discovering lots of secrets throughout the summer - relating to new twists in the game and new surprises in the house that will be far from expected. The first twist? Every player enters with a secret partner - someone who they know from outside of the Big Brother house. The pairings are not revealed in this episode, but some partners are quite simple to guess at. At the first competition on the new Big Brother premises, half of the house earns food for the week while the other half is left with PB&J, and one houseguest, Rachel, becomes the Head of Household. At the weekly nomination ceremony, Rachel singles out Kaysar and Ashlea by putting them up on the chopping block. Which of these two will be evicted? And how will the pairings turn out? With the Summer of the Secrets, it's hard to tell.moreless