Big Brother - Season 7

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Episode Guide

  • 9/12/06
    Following jury discussions and a harsh question and answer session with the final two houseguests, the jurors cast their votes for the winner of Big Brother 7: All-Stars. In the end, Mike "Boogie" Malin walked away as the winner and $500,000 richer and Erika walked away with, well, $50,000. Janelle won the "viewer's choice" prize of $25,000 as America's Favorite Houseguest.moreless
  • The long, drawn-out, three-part final HoH competition concludes with Mike as the winner and a guaranteed finalist. After his victory, he is forced to cast the lone vote to evict Janelle as he stated that she had too many friends in the jury house. The game is now is the jury's hands as they are have to chose between Mike and Erika as to who wins BB7 and the $500,000.moreless
  • This shocking episode starts with the Buxom Blonde winning the final PoV. After Erika and Janelle finally compare notes on their respective "showmances," they realize that Chilltown has each promised them a spot in the final three. Thus, Janelle then pulls herself off the block and Mike is forced to nominate his fellow Chilltown member, Will. Will is evicted by a vindictive Janelle, whose sole vote was enough to finally evict the former Season 2 winner after he had been begging to be evicted the whole season.moreless
  • In an episode focusing on the two showmances, after Mike "Boogie" wins the HoH competition, he finds himself in a tough position as to to who to put up for nomination in the second chair--his showmance, Erika, or his fellow Chilltown member, Will. When it came down to it, Mike went the route of "bros before hos" and chose to put up Erika and Janelle, thus putting Will in the drivers seat as to who to vote out at the next eviction.moreless
  • A whirlwind episode in which we saw a full week's worth of show take place in one night. Danielle was evicted first by a vote of 3-0; Janelle became the new HoH; nominated George and Erika for eviction; Erika won the PoV; Janelle nominated Mike "Boogie" in her place; George evicted.moreless
  • The houseguests enjoy their new trampoline, despite having to live on slop for a day for this privilege. Neil Patrick Harris, aka "The NPH", surprises the houseguests, especially a giddy Will, for their "Christmas in August" prize. Janelle wins the PoV competition, pulls herself off the block and Erika nominates Danielle in her place.moreless
  • Strategy talk and humorous moments, including Will and Janelle flirting and Will "making love to America" were shown before we see the messy "Birds and the Bees" food competition as well as the nomination ceremony in which Erika puts up her nemesis, Janelle, and a placeholder, George.
  • The Chilltown puppetmasters (or was it Janey behind the scenes) yet again pull the strings and it's James who is evicted by a 3-1 vote over sole remaining member of the "Jedi Alliance," Chicken George. Following the eviction ceremony, Erika surprisingly won the HoH competition, all but assuring the out going HoH, Mike "Boogie," will be safe in the coming week.moreless
  • Janelle does it again (with a slight assist from Chilltown), winning the PoV and removing herself from the block. Boogie taps George as her replacement, and James feels he is sitting pretty as his LOD allies rule the house.
  • George's short lived HoH backfires for his Jedi Master Howie, who is evicted in a 3-2 double-cross by Chilltown. Boogie pulls out all the stops to win the HoH, which effectively nullifies his Coup d'Etat power.
  • BB7 - All-Stars: 718: Marcellas Out; George HoH
    Marcellas is evicted in a stinging 6 to 0 vote. But he won't be alone for long as this is a double eviction week on Big Bother: All Stars. Meanwhile, Boogie has won the mysterious new power known simply as the Coup d'Etat, but chooses not to use it yet. Later, George stuns everyone by winning HoH and hoists James and Erika onto the block without warning.moreless
  • As S-6 remain in power for another week, the floaters and Chilltown take stock and pucker up to remain in the game. Chicken George and Will are on the block as James sets his sites on two subversive players.
  • 7/20/06
    As Nakomis bids farewell to her All-Star housemates, James takes up the HoH mantle. Having survived eviction by an 8-2 vote in her favor, Diane is revved up and ready to crush her adversaries at the first opportunity.
  • 7/18/06
    As the HouseGuests come to terms with the unexpected nomination of Nakomis and Diane, secret alliances take on more of a public face. Jase, George and Erika step out from behind their game masks, appearing to align with Chilltown in an anti-S-6 Alliance.
  • 7/16/06
    The S-6 Alliance are in firm control of their destiny, with Kaysar in the HoH Room and lieutenants Janelle and Howie protecting his back. But where is James and are they really in control? In a move that leaves Chilltown laughing out loud in the Dairy Room, Kaysar nominates dissenting voters (a.k.a. floaters) Nakomis and Diane onto the block.moreless
  • Episode 18
    Episode 18
    In a tearful Eviction Ceremony, one nominee is shown the door. Julie Chen informs Mike Boogie that he's winner of the Coup d'Etat but must use within the next three weeks. On Prom Night, a new HoH is installed, but will reign for only 24 hours and must immediately make nominations.moreless
  • Danielle wins the PoV when her fellow LOD members throw her the competition, then removing herself from the block. Meanwhile, the Evil Doctor convinces HoH Janelle replace a now safe Danielle on the block, with Marcellas. The Legion of Doom gear up for another week of manipulation and speculation.
  • BB7 - All-Stars: 716: Danielle and Erika Nominated
    Danielle and Erika nominated.
  • The Legion of Doom has spelled the end of Kaysar, one of the most influential players in S-6. The Iraqi Prince is evicted in a 5-1 vote. Erika proves too quick on the buzzer for James as she wins the HoH in a tense competition that has the viewers on the edge of their seats. Following the episodes live airing, Big Brother producers determined Erika was not the rightful HoH, and announced a second HoH competition later in the day, which was won by Janelle.moreless
  • BB7 - All-Stars: 714: Janey wins POV; Kaysar Nominated
    Janelle pulls no punches to win the Veto Competition, throwing the household “under the bus,” onto Army cots, under cold showers and a few onto Slop. Danielle is seriously unimpressed with the greed displayed by her so-called “allies” as they quickly abandon the Veto quest for cash and cool prizes. Even James jumps the “Legion of Doom” ship for a phone call from Sarah.moreless
  • Danielle wins the cliffhanger HoH competition, determined to exact some revenge upon the S-6 Alliance after Diane's untimely eviction moments before. In the end she nominates, Janelle and James to insure that S-6 mainstay Janelle goes home the following week.
  • As Diane leaves the house in a 7-1 vote, Erika breathes a sigh of relief that she dodged the “floater” bullet this week. The ongoing HoH Competition leaves us hanging, with the HouseGuests caught in their web as they vie for the power of HoH in this increasingly tense game of cat and mouse.moreless
  • Janelle's undeclared war against Chilltown, backfires when Mike "Boogie" wins the POV and removes himself from the block, forcing HoH Janelle to nominate Diane in his place.
  • S-6's Janelle reigns as HoH for yet another week. Continuing Kaysar's plan of nominating the games Floaters (Erika), she also after Chilltown with the nomination of Mike "Boogie."
  • In the first unanimous decision of ALL-STARS, Jase is sent home in a 9-0 vote. Bodacious blonde bombshell Janelle takes the HoH crown once again, setting in motion the fourth week of S-6 dominance.
  • In a move that leaves the HouseGuests silent, George wins the PoV and removes himself from the block. James wastes no time in showing an indignant Jase the back door to the block.
  • 7/13/06
    After a week of hard lobbying, deal-making, lying and lastly, pleading for mercy, Alison ends up on the losing ticket and is voted out of the house in favor of Danielle. Will this come back to haunt the season 6 alliance?

    Later, in the season's second HoH competition, a difficult Q&A-style one, Kaysar answers the tough questions correctly and emerges victorious. Making the second straight week that his alliance grabbed control of the house's most powerful post.moreless
  • 7/11/06
    "Chilltown" plots against Ali to make sure she goes home, while Danielle does damage control with the Season 6 Alliance and others after her disasterous first moves in the house. Later, the season's 1st veto competition is won by Janelle, who keeps in place her and Jase's nominations.
  • The 7th season opens with host Julie Chen informing the 20 candidates that 2 more keys are being added and the the Top 4 male and female from America's choice would be the first to enter the house. Julie Chen started off with the ladies. Revealing America has chosen, Janelle, Erika, Nakomis & Diane. She then pulls the guys keys and we find out that Howie, Kaysar, James and Jase are the males selected. Lastly, she reveals the BB producers picks which went to Will, Danielle, Marcellas, Alison, Mike ‘Boogie’ and finally ‘Chicken’ George. Once the guests are in the house, Julie informs them of the major twist. This season there would be 2 HoH's for the first time in BB history. Secondly, if the HOH's did not agree on the 2 nominees that the HOH's would find themselves on the chopping block in place of the nominees. The HOH competition was next. The group divided in to 2 groups of 7. One group was on a revolving platform and would have to stay standing while the second group swung a 50 pound foam meteor at them. The last one standing would win one of the HOH positions for the week. Janelle won one of the 2 HOH's for the week to complete the first round. The second round found Jase being the last man standing. Soon after the HOH competition ended, the alliances became more clear and it was obvious the group was divided in to 2 factions (The big brother 6 alum) vs everyone else. There was very little surprises during the nomination ceremony which found Allison and Danielle without keys.moreless
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