Big Brother's Big Mouth

Season 8 Episode 18

Big Brother's Celebrity Hijack - Episode 18 [Mat & James' Last Episode]

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Jan 28, 2008 on Channel 4

Episode Recap

After introducing host Dermot, who's tonights panellist and all of the ex-housemates who are sat in the audience, there's a look back over the final day. James talks to Dermot talks about the series and his opinion on tonights evictions and the housemates in general this year. Mat then talks to the finalists about there opinion on John winning and there time in the house. After asking some audience members there opinion on tonights winner. John is then introduced into the studio and is shown to his throne, next to panellist Dermot. Mat interviews John about his feelings on winning the series and why he thinks he won. After a look at highlights from the series. John is asked about his best bits and about his time in the house and Dermot's highlights of the series. The audience is also asked about there favourite moments. Amy is asked about her favourite moment of the series and her relationships in the house. Jeremy is then asked about his relationships in the house and if anything will progress with Emilia. Then there's highlights of the hijackers who've hijacked the house over the series, which leads to the return of the vine of favourite hijackers. Where the audience have voted for there top ten before the show and the results have been compiled - Andy McNab comes in at #10, Chris Moyles comes in at #9, Denise Van Outen comes in at #8, Kelly Osbourne comes in at #7, Joan Rivers comes in at #6, Ian Wright comes in at #5, Jimmy Carr is at #4, James & Mat are at #3, Russell Brand is at #2 whilst the #1 hijacker is Matt Lucas. Whilst the results are revealed housemates and audience members give there opinions. There's then the Mouthpiece, whilst a list of things that have ended like Dermot hosting BBLB run along the bottom of the screen and audience members kiss John's ring. James & Mat give Dermot a present from everyone who's ever worked on Big Brother with him ever. Given him a leaf-blower. Mat & James discuss the housemates future, then exclusively show the video of Jay's - Fierce, Fierce, Fierce, Now You're Vulnerable. Leading onto a discussion called What's next for the Housemates?. Jay says he'll obviously be going into music. Calista reveals there's a music video being made for the Bongo song and she's going to be working on her album. Mat & James propose, Nathan & Jay join them in a boyband, Nathan then talks about his album and the release of his second album. Jeremy says he'll be after getting sponsorship and talks about his driving. John says he'll be going back to what he does. There's then a best bits of James & Mat from this past series, guests from the series and the guest and audience's comments as well.
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