Big Brother's Little Brother

Season 12 Episode 9

Big Brother's Celebrity Hijack : Episode 8

Aired Weekdays 6:00 PM Jan 13, 2008 on Channel 4

Episode Recap

Dermot is joined by evicted housemate Jade at a Teddy's Bear Picnic, to discuss her time in the house and what she's being doing since she left. There's then questions coming from the diary room by housemates left in the house and a look at her best bits. She is then sent in the camera room, to give updates throughout the show. Dermot then talks to todays hijacker Chris Moyles and talks about what Chris has done during the day and what he has planned. Chris then reveals there's a secret room which he will be using later. There's then Gems of the Week, at #5 – Liam 'framing' a piece of toast and then staring at nothing, at #4 – Hijacker Russell Brand flirting with Amy in the Diary room, at #3 – Liam struggling to show his talents, singing Ronan Keating in the bath, at #2 - Emilia shows she can't rap and at #1 - Amy telling Victor how bad his chat-up lines. Jade then tells us updates from the house, since she was put in the camera room. Dermot is then joined by Jon Culshaw who talks about why he prefers this series to the past series and reveals he's not a very big fan of the show. He then talks about his part in Chris Moyles task. He says his favourite is John, they then have a look at highlights of John's time in the house so far, asking Jon who John reminds him of and Jeremy would be the best housemate to impersonate and Jay has the best voice to impersonate. There's then highlights of Andy McNab's day of hijacking, before Brian's Got Talent, were BB8 winner, Brian Belo takes on Emilia & Victor's talent, which is roller-skating, he is challenged to put a routine together. Next, Jade competes in Miss BBLB 2008, competing against a dragged up Jon Culshaw and producer. After questioning Jade, Dermot reveals Jade is the winner. Leading into todays BBLB Shout.