Big Brother's Little Brother

Channel 4 (ended 2010)


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    To be honest i absolutely hate big brother. It gets on my nerves and is a complete waste of time. But on the other hand, BBLB i absolute love! its funny,amusing, and is much more entertaining than big brother. now dont get me wrong, its not my absolute favorite show, and it does have some down points, but if i had to chose between it and Big Brother, i would chose it any over all i feel that big brother is a stupid programme that i wouldnt watch in a million years, but Big Brothers Little Brother is better and more interesting by far

    By Sarah Williamson
  • I loved this show but!

    when this show started it was cutting edge but when the swapped it's channel it went down hill fast they did try to revamp it and eventually moved it back to its original channel and it did improve a little.

    They have so called guest celeb's on the show and ask them who they like but its so obvious that they are told who to like and that most of them haven't even seen the show In an attempt to get more viewers this year they have a presenter who no one knows if they will actually be there, they lost the presenter of BBBM and now we don't know if they with have BBLB a sad end to what was once a good show!
  • This the fanzine show to its Big Brother.

    This is an extra show to keep viewers up to date with the latest goings on in the big brother house. The host Dermot is a great presenter. There is lots of different things in the show, including bunny cam which is a camera hidden in a bush shaped as a bunny in the garden, and the quiz where you win the housemates stuff. On a Sunday there is a special longer shower where Dermot interviews the housemate that was evicted on Friday Night. He also has sunday lunch with the evicted housemate and their family and talk to them.