Big Brother's Little Brother - Season 13

Channel 4 (ended 2010)


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  • Big Brother's Little Brother: The Reunion
    A lookback over the final as George chats to Darnell, then chats to Keith Lemon, who's set up a stall in the luxury bedroom. Next he chats to Mario and Lisa in the bath, before catching up with Rex. Zezi and Keith countdown the top 5 moments from the series voted by, by the viewers. George then talks to Sara about her time in the house and Ricky from Shipwrecked sends her a message. Belinda perfoms. Luke and George enter the diary room, were Big Brother reveals that Luke has won a trophy for having the ringtone that's been downloaded the most throughout the series, off of the website. George then talks to Mikey about coming in second place. A theatre group sum up the series, before a look back at the best Little Brother moments from the series. Zezi catches up with hunks Dale and Stuart, Keith also has his top off. George then talks to this years winner - Rachel, before a look at the highlights from the main show.moreless
  • Episode 500 [Extended Special]
    Vanessa Feltz and Davina McCall discuss their favourite moments of the past series. Whilst runners-up and winners of previous series discuss their feelings. Zezi reports from backstage.
  • Episode 499
    Episode 499
    Episode 78
    Tonight Darren Lyons shares his opinions ahead of tomorrow nights final. Mohamed and Kat are in the studio again.
  • Episode 498 [Extended Special]
    Latest evictees Mohamed and Kathreya are in the studio. Paddy Power shares the odds for people to win. Iain Lee shares more internet funnies.
  • Episode 497
    Episode 497
    Episode 76
    Tonight George puts the housemates friends and family on trial, ahead of tonights double surprise eviction. Their's a look at the housemates handwriting and ex celebrity housemate Dirk Benedict talks about who he thinks will leave tonight. Zezi helps latest evictee Lisa prepare for her wedding.
  • Episode 496
    Episode 496
    Episode 75
    Tonight George is joined by Wendy Richards and Charley from series 8.
  • T4: Episode 495
    T4: Episode 495
    Episode 74
    Zezi hosts alongside George today. Latest evictee Lisa is set a hotdog challenge. Rob Deering talks about who he wants to win and funny housemates. Rob then reports from the camera run. Jo Hemmings reveals why the final seven are still in the house. Zezi looks back over her last week. Grace Dent looks over the past week. Lisa makes some 'psychic' predictions.moreless
  • Episode 494
    Episode 494
    Episode 73
    Iain Lee shares some more internet funnies, Lisa and Sara's friends and family are in the studio and Davina talks about who she thinks will be evicted.
  • Episode 493
    Episode 493
    Episode 72
    George is joined in the studio by series 6 housemates Kemal and Makosi.
  • Episode 492
    Episode 492
    Episode 71
    George confirms that the housemates will be nominating face to face tonight. Before Pam Spurr analyses the mental state of the housemates left. George talks to Davina about tonights live show and the recent twists. Zezi catches up with Belinda, Maysoon and Sylvia on what they've been up to since leaving the house. Richard and Lea from Big Brother 7 talk about their favourite housemates this year and the tasks they wish they could of being part of.moreless
  • Episode 491
    Episode 491
    Episode 70
    Iain Lee is in the studio tonight sharing more internet funnies.
  • Episode 490
    Episode 490
    Episode 69
    George has more gossip direct from the compound.
  • T4: Episode 489
    T4: Episode 489
    Episode 68
    George is joined by latest evictee Nicole. We then go live to the house were ex-housemate Mario has returned to propose to Lisa. Two other housemates Luke and Rebecca dissect the other housemates in relationships this year. Katherine Jakeways looks at the funniest moments of the week and Grace casts her critics eye over the weeks preceedings.moreless
  • Episode 488
    Episode 488
    Episode 67
    George has more gossip direct from the compound including a hint on this weeks task. Davina previews tonights live show.
  • Episode 487
    Episode 487
    Episode 66
    George has more gossip direct from the compound including a hint on this weeks task.
  • Episode 486
    Episode 486
    Episode 65
    George has more gossip direct from the compound.
  • Episode 485
    Episode 485
    Episode 64
    George has more gossip direct from the compound including Iain Lee sharing some internet funnies.
  • Episode 484
    Episode 484
    Episode 63
    George has more gossip direct from the compound including some hints on this weeks shopping task.
  • T4: Episode 483
    T4: Episode 483
    Episode 62
    Latest evictee Stuart joins George in the studio. Grace casts her critics eye over the week and Zezi recaps what she's got up to.
  • Episode 482
    Episode 482
    Episode 61
    Tonight George talks to Rachel and Stuart's friends and family. Nikki Grahame talks to Davina about tonights live show and Iain Lee looks at funny moments from throughout the week.
  • Episode 481
    Episode 481
    Episode 60
    George has more gossip direct from the Big Brother compound.
  • Episode 480
    Episode 480
    Episode 59
    Pam Spurr looks at housemates. George goes to see Keith Lemon to see how he's getting on presenting Big Mouth. Zezi see's if she can get Dale to cure his fear of moths.
  • Episode 479
    Episode 479
    Episode 58
    We go live to the house to see that Rachel and Stuart are up for eviction this Friday from the Big Brother house. George reveals all about this weeks task in the News. Since it's Mothers Day in Thailand, Kat's mum is live on the phone from Thailand alongside Rachel and Stuart's mum in the studio, who talk about the pair been up for eviction this Friday. Big Mouth's guest host, Keith Lemon crashes the interview. George then talks to athlete Jamie Baulch about the Big Brother games task this week. Zezi joins latest evictee Dale practising for a dance routine he's performing at a show. George then has internet funnies with Rob Leigh.moreless
  • Episode 478
    Episode 478
    Episode 57
    Tonight's predictions for the week come from a man called Gypsy. Series eight housemate, Chanelle talks about how hard it is to have a relationship in the house.
  • T4: Episode 477
    T4: Episode 477
    Episode 56
    Zezi hosts alongside George today. Grace Dent reviews the week.
  • Episode 476
    Episode 476
    Episode 55
    Zezi reunites Luke and Becky. Davina previews tonights eviction show and George talks to the friends and families of Dale and Stuart.
  • Episode 475
    Episode 475
    Episode 54
    George has more gossip from inside the compound and celebrity guests share their opinion on the housemates.
  • Episode 474
    Episode 474
    Episode 53
    George has more gossip from inside the compound and celebrity guests share their opinion on the housemates.
  • Episode 473
    Episode 473
    Episode 52
    We go live to the house for this weeks nominations announcement, as it's revealed that Dale and Stuart are up for eviction on Friday. Dr Sarah Churchwell reveals what the housemates letters from home really mean. Gerry from series 8 is in the studio as is Iain Lee with more internet clips.moreless
  • Episode 472
    Episode 472
    Episode 51
    The Mole gives us some clues about this weeks task. Jamie Hakim discusses Big Brother within the gay community, with fans at Brighton Pride talking about the series. Joe Power makes this weeks psychic predictions, whilst winner of last series Brian Belo is in the studio to sing his new single.moreless
  • T4: Episode 471
    T4: Episode 471
    Episode 50
    Today in the studio is Basshunter, Jeff Leach, latest evictee Luke Marsden, Pam Spurr, Grace Dent and Zezi looking back over her week.
  • Episode 470
    Episode 470
    Episode 49

    Tonight Zezi visits Rex's restaurant with his girlfriend Nicole.

  • Episode 469
    Episode 469
    Episode 48
    George is joined by Maysoon, the housemate who walked two days ago to discuss her time in the house.
  • Episode 468
    Episode 468
    Episode 47
    Tonight, ex-series 7 housemate Imogen talks about her friend and housemate Rachel. Dr Sandra Scott analyses the housemates and Zezi takes Becky to meet Luke's parents.
  • Episode 467 [Exclusive News Special]
    George reveals that Stuart has been stripped of his HOH role due to him and other housemates talking in code, due to this the housemates previously thought to be up for nomination - Dale & Luke, won't be up for nomination. Ex-housemates Belinda, Sylvia, Steph and Mario are in the studio to discuss the housemates breaking the rules. We join Zezi on the road with Becky, welcoming her back home. Rav Wilding takes a look at this weeks cops and robbers task. Iain Lee has fanmade internet clips featuring housemates. George & Iain talk to a American UK watcher. We take a look at who the ex-housemates in the studio would nominate, as they comepete to see who's done the most since they left the house. Mo's younger brother talks about his eating habits out of the house. Rav is in the camera runs, with updates from the house. The ex-housemates then answer viewers questions, before Iain Lee shares his comedy gold moments from hell housemate Saras' holiday movie in heaven.moreless
  • Episode 466
    Episode 466
    Episode 45
    The Cheeky Girls talk about the series so far this year, their mum Margitte makes some psychic predictions. Kevin Adam talks about buff bodies, and series 7 housemate Nikki Grahame trys them out. Their's also a preview of this weeks shopping task.
  • T4: Episode 465
    T4: Episode 465
    Episode 44
    Latest evictee Rebecca is in the studio. As is Grace Dent casting her critics eyes over the previous week.
  • Episode 464
    Episode 464
    Episode 43
    As it's eviction night, George & Zezi are joined by friends & family members of the housemates up for eviction. Davina talks to George. Pam Spurr, Rachel's mum and acting agent David Willoughby talk about the housemates theory that Rachel is 'performing' in the house. Nat Coombs talks about the series so far and reveals his funniest moments.moreless
  • Episode 463
    Episode 463
    Episode 42
    Two audience members take part in a dig in the studio, following the announcement that the housemates have passed this weeks time task, they win tickets to the eviction show on Friday.
  • Episode 462
    Episode 462
    Episode 41
    Relationship expert Pam Spurr analyses Luke & Becky's relationship and Bridgette Neilson gives her take on this years housemates.
  • Episode 461
    Episode 461
    Episode 40
    Lucie Cave finds out what the public really think of this years housemates. Iain Lee takes a look at the shows impact on the internet. Series 7 housemate Nikki Grahame takes her ice cream van to the beach to find out what people their think of the show. Latest evictee Belinda sends a report from home in Exeter and this weeks nomination results are delivered to the house live.moreless
  • Episode 460
    Episode 460
    Episode 39
    Series 8 housemate Charley Uchea returns to the studio to talk about this years housemates. Another astronomer makes predictions for the following week and their's a sneak preview of this weeks shopping task as well.
  • T4: Episode 459
    T4: Episode 459
    Episode 38
    Latest evictee Belinda Harris-Reid is in the studio. Grace Dent casts her critics eyes over the weeks preceedings. Daft Vendor returns.
  • Episode 458
    Episode 458
    Episode 37
    Davina is in the studio tonight previewing tonights eviction show. Belinda and Rex's friends & family are in the studio.
  • Episode 457
    Episode 457
    Episode 36
  • Episode 456
    Episode 456
    Episode 35
    Alex Sibley is in the studio today.
  • Episode 455
    Episode 455
    Episode 34
    Chantelle Houghton guests today.
  • Episode 454
    Episode 454
    Episode 33
    George gets a political analysis of HOH candidates from politician Lembit Opik. Mario plays a game with Zezi were he has to guess the answers of questions that Lisa was asked before entering the house. The task producer tells the mole about this weeks Vive Le France task. Jemima Packington makes predictions for the following week, channelling through Mario throwing asparagus. Iwan Mackintosh shows us a day in the life of Belinda.moreless
  • T4: Episode 453
    T4: Episode 453
    Episode 32
    Today George is left hosting by himself and is joined by latest evictee Mario. Kevin Bishop is in the studio, as is psychologist Dr Tomas Chamaropremuzic analyses the housemates reaction to him leaving. George hands out some free ringtones, daft vendor returns as does Grace Dent, casting her critics eyes over the weeks preceedings.moreless
  • Episode 452
    Episode 452
    Episode 31
    Davina previews tonights eviction with George & Zezi.
  • Episode 451
    Episode 451
    Episode 30
    Comedian Rick Edwards rates how funny Kat, Mikey and Darnell are. Zezi opens her checkout as we take a look at what housemates have bought with their basic shopping budget this week. Relationship expert Pam Spurr assesses Mario & Lisa's relationship, as the first couple to enter the house as a couple.moreless
  • Episode 450
    Episode 450
    Episode 29
    B*witched and Zezi learn the housemates routine that they must learn for this weeks shopping task.
  • Episode 449
    Episode 449
    Episode 28
    Joe Swash gives out some awards for performances in the house.
  • Episode 448
    Episode 448
    Episode 27
    Scott Mills takes on the role of Father Time, as we take a look at if Mario's telling the truth about all his years work.
  • T4: Episode 447
    T4: Episode 447
    Episode 26
    George & Zezi look at the impact of new arrivals, Sara, Belinda and Maysoon.
  • Episode 446
    Episode 446
    Episode 25
    Last weeks Big Mouth presenter Jeff Leach joins George & Zezi.
  • Episode 445
    Episode 445
    Episode 24
    Rav Wilding takes a look at the housemates crimes tonight with George & Zezi.
  • Episode 444
    Episode 444
    Episode 23
    Tonight George & Zezi are joined by comedian Rob Deering.
  • Episode 443
    Episode 443
    Episode 22
    We go live to the house for this weeks nominations for eviction to be revealed, with Rex and Jen up. George introduces us to Little Farm, showcasing what the housemates have to do in this weeks zoo shopping task, on a smaller scale. Zezi talks to Kat's cousin, also called Kat who contacted the show, believing her cousin isn't been treated fairly by some of the other housemates at all.moreless
  • Episode 442
    Episode 442
    Episode 21
    Tonight George and Zezi are joined by superfan Vanessa Feltz.
  • T4: Episode 441
    T4: Episode 441
    Episode 20
    Andi Peters joins George and Zezi today to discuss the series so far. Grace Dent graces her critics eyes over the weeks proceedings and Daft Vendor and BBRup return.
  • Episode 440
    Episode 440
    Episode 19
    Mohammed and Sylvia's friends and family are in the studio. Zezi shows us how to make the perfect cookie in honour of Kat.
  • Episode 439
    Episode 439
    Episode 18
    Tonight George and Zezi are joined by series one housemate 'Nasty' Nicholas Bateman, they take a quiz on what's a Big Brother rule and what isn't.
  • Episode 438
    Episode 438
    Episode 17
    Nick Grimshaw and Jenni Trent Hughes are in the studio tonight. We go live to the house to see Dale, Stu, Sylvia and Rex take part in this weeks shopping task and find out afterwards that they've passed!
  • Episode 437
    Episode 437
    Episode 16
    The housemates are told who is up for eviction this week live, but Zezi who's in the camera-runs gets a little too close. Ex series 8 housemate Ziggy is in the studio to give his take on this years series compared to last years.
  • Episode 436
    Episode 436
    Episode 15
    Tonight Tony Mortimer is in the studio. Their's a look at mortifying moments in Mario and Lisa's relationship so far and the paintings and sculptures from the housemates art task yesterday are in the studio, as we take a deeper look into what the hidden meanings are.
  • T4: Episode 435
    T4: Episode 435
    Episode 14
    New housemate, Stu's friends & family are in the studio. Timmy Mallett mans the forums, whilst comedian and upcoming Big Mouth host, Michael McIntyre is in the camera runs. Grace Dent gives her weekly review and their's a look at a day in the life of Luke.
  • Episode 434
    Episode 434
    Episode 13
    Zezi takes a look at Luke and Becky's blossoming relationship. Comedian Andrew Maxwell talks about who he finds funny in the studio. Zezi talks to the crowd outside and talks to Davina about tonights live show. We take a look at the housemates speculating as to whether or not a new housemate will be in. Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace a housemate from a previous series discusses what it's like going into the house late.moreless
  • Episode 433
    Episode 433
    Episode 12
    Journalist Tim Teeman talks about housemates attracting the headlines and the immediate reaction to Alex's departure.
  • Episode 432
    Episode 432
    Episode 11
    Tonights audience is made up of Bonnie Tyler fans. George is joined by Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, who discusses this years series. She then plays a speed-dating game with Luke, Darnell and Mikey giving dating profiles before entering the house. Their's a look at one of her favourite housemates Rex's daily routine, through the help of his friends and family. Karate expert Dave Henderson talks about the housemates karate skills, carried out as part of this weeks task with Zezi. George talks to relationship expert Jo Hemmings about Mario and Lisa been the first ever real life couple to enter the UK house. George and Zezi talk to Bonnie Tyler over the phone, about what she thinks of the housemates taking part in the karaoke part of the task, singing her song Total Eclipse of the Heart. George then exclusively reveals that he's just been told this weeks voting lines have been suspended, the reason is currently unknown.moreless
  • Episode 431
    Episode 431
    Episode 10
    Michael Underwood and stylist Fay Somer are in the studio today.
  • Episode 430
    Episode 430
    Episode 9
  • T4: Episode 429
    T4: Episode 429
    Episode 8
    After the BBRup, George talks to Matt Littler and Darren John-Jeffries from Hollyoaks. Latest evictee Steph is in the studio, Grace Dent casts her critics eyes over the weeks proceedings and Daft Vendor returns.
  • Episode 428
    Episode 428
    Episode 7
    With eviction night upon us, George talks to Davina about the first week and Zezi gets the opinions of the crowd. Also, Iain Lee is in the studio to give his thoughts so far, and with only a pound to spend on shopping, Nikki goes out and about to find out what you can really buy for a pound.moreless
  • Episode 427
    Episode 427
    Episode 6
    Emma Griffiths is in the studio tonight.
  • Episode 426
    Episode 426
    Episode 5
  • Episode 425
    Episode 425
    Episode 4
    In the studio joining George & Zezi tonight is Kat's friend Adam Hussein and Big Mouth host Jack Whitehall. Their's a look at Kat and Mario as housemates and a poll on whether people like Alex or not.
  • Episode 424
    Episode 424
    Episode 3
    Their's a recap on what's happened in the secret wedding task, plus some exclusive news about Mario's birthday. Jodie Harsh discusses this years housemates and George talks to a representative from the RNIB and Mikey's friend, Steven talk about whether or not he's been patronised for been a blind housemate.
  • T4: Episode 423 [Wedding Special]
    New features are opened and introduced with the Sunday BBRUP and the interactive forums launched. Keith Lemon gives us three reasons as to why the girls in the house are bang tidy, before giving us updates live from the camera room as the wedding gets underway. Mark Rimmer reveals how the wedding has been made to look genuine. Mario and Steph's friends and family are in the studio, as are stars of Hollyoaks, Garnon Davies and Loui Batley who man the forums, as it's revealed 82% of users think that Mario was the more convincing participant in the secret task.moreless
  • Episode 422 Big Brother 9
    George and Zezi are joined by an audience full of ex-housemates from across the series. There's an exclusive announcement based on last night's launch night twist. Nikki Grahame has a red carpet report from the launch. George, John McCririck, and Sam & Amanda Marchant discuss the housemates based on specially pre-recorded Little Brother clips. Zezi talks to Makosi Musambasi about secret tasks from other series.moreless