Big Day

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Nov 28, 2006 on ABC

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  • It's 8:00! Do you know where the cast are?

    "big Day" is a new show that replace something that has been cancelled. "Big Day" is the wedding day for Danny and alice and each week they use a half hour towards the wedding. Hopefully, well get to that wedding before the folks at ABC had a change of heart and cancel the series. they got rid of "the Nine." And I'm watching the show. "Big Day" does to comedy where "24" does to Drama. I saw the first episode and I already got a favorite in Miriam Shor as a rebel girl. By the end of the epiosde, the clock is ticking 8:37 a.m. Next week, the clock moves again.
  • This show seems to have a lot of potential, I enjoyed it!

    Just saw the first episode last night, not sure how it did in the ratings yet but i gotta say, i found it to be really funny and charming. I loved Wendie Malick in Just Shoot Me and Marla from The Practice, I\'m so excited to see them both on a tv series again. I thought Josh Cooke was perfect as the groom too, perfect blend of humor and heart. And the wedding planner is I think perhaps the real gem of the group among the supporting cast, she\'s great! I can\'t wait to see next week\'s episode, I would love to hear others opinions about the show.
  • This has potential! :]]

    After viewing this pilot episode of Big Day I must say that I was truly left laughing! At first I was worried it might not turn out as good as I'd originally thought it would, but I was force to change my thinking. I think this show has great potenial! It can go in so many different directions! I do feel that the timing is a bit off. They started the show at 8AM while she was upstairs in her pajama's and 6 minutes later she's down stairs fully dressed and discussing salad with her mother. If I were going to have anything I didn't agree with at this moment it would be the time stamp.