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  • Why does everyone say it is bad???? Please read :)

    Everyone is saying its unoriginal or its a complete waste of time or i dont get it well if you dont get it your dum its easy. Danny and Alice going to get married. Alice has got a nice dad and a control freak mother they have got thehir two friends one is blind. Really they are just getting ready for a weding ut they are trying to make it perfect but things keep coming up and on the last episode it had that girl and the man wanting to sing at the wedding lolz. It was so mean the next door neighbour put Alices wedding dress on a flag pole
  • worthless show

    Featuring all the tension and the squabbling and the complete, nonsensical silliness, ABC's Big Day is a ''real-time'' breakdown of a couple's wedding day, half hour by excruciating half hour. Posh, shallow, overblown nuptials are a very short leash to chain a comedy to: In the first three episodes available for review, there are a dozen nasty fights about such ridiculous topics as seating charts and the questionable merits of Caesar salad. We all know people can get goofy over flower arrangements and chocolate drizzle cake, but knowing that and wanting to see it each week are two very different things. Likable characters can get away with random fits of insanity; Big Day has no likable characters. Perhaps for the sake of gender equality, there is no single Bridezilla here — everyone acts like an idiot. The groom (Four Kings' Josh Cooke) is a daffy, oblivious man-boy; the bride (The Practice's Marla Sokoloff) is a rich baby-girl prone to weeping; her mom (Just Shoot Me's Wendie Malick) is an uptight, controlling matron. Malick, with her regal carriage, can occasionally pull off a shimmer of a laugh. But just a shimmer.

    It takes a very clever hand to make irritating situations amusing. Both Father of the Bride movies (mostly) managed this because they had amiable — if manic — personalities. Big Day has only a bunch of stereotypical self-centered brats (here comes the bride's randy ex-boyfriend!) darting in and out of rooms, worrying about mojito bars and crepe stations. No one wants to be like those people — and no one should have to watch them.
  • Big Day is uneventful

    The gimmick of a "24"-style wedding day show is a hard one to launch and sustain. It has to be clever, funny, and witty enough to last. "Big Day" didn't get through that, probably because people are not as interested in weddings as studios assume (read: "The Wedding Bells," "The Wedding Album").

    "Big Day" included a lot of frantic characters and events leading up to the couple's wedding in 24 hours. It doesn't work because the quirky-ness is forced and unfunny. For example, they had a revolving joke about getting orgasmic foot massages. That is so passe and not risque. The one thing that makes Big Day work is the cast. Wendi Malick is always reliably funny and Marla Sokoloff is charming, natural, and deserves MUCH better. I hope after "Big Day," Marla is able to do something much better and that can utilize her immense talents.
  • What!!???

    I watched this show from day one becasue I'm getting married and I thought oh that will be neat to see a wedding show. But after each episode I kept asking my self why do i keep watching this show it's so unreallistic. Too many things went wrong in one day. I watch every episode and then it never even showed them get married. Come on you drag out this lame show and then never actualy show the wedding?? What? On the episode list it said that there was another after the cermony but it never aired on tv. I don't think there will be a season two of this show.
  • Hope it comes back for another season.

    This is a good show and I hope it comes back for a second season. I wounder what is going to happen if it comes for another season I hope it does because it is really good and it shows you how hard it is to plan your wedding and how stressfull it is but at the end every thing is ok. The couple that are the main characters getting married are really cute. When I grow up I hope I have a beautiful wedding like they are going to have. This is one of my favorite shows
  • Little entertainment to speak of.

    I taped this by accident when the final episode of "Help Me Help You" was pre-empted. And this was the best ABC had to offer as a replacement? Aside from a few funny moments when Jane interacted with her mother this was a total waste of time. The funniest spot was when Jane asked her assistant Lorna: "Put my mother to sleep", meaning a sedative. Lorna went from shock to surprise that "So many different ideas came to mind!" Aside from this, comedy moments were non-existent.
  • Big Day is a romp of memorable characters through a wedding day that doesn't take itself too seriously.

    Great cast! The characters carry off the tight writing without skipping a beat. This is pure fun, where quirky is actually intelligent,--without that self-conscious, self-promoting acting that goes on in most production nowadays. The whole delivery is believable, even with the slapstick that somehow remains deliciously subtle. The whole thing is refreshingly irreverent and still sweet--all with an upbeat pace and soundtrack. Every character on this show is memorable. They are all thinking characters who never stop surprising. I had to make this review a miniumum of 100 words. I just wanted to say I love this show.
  • Althoug it copies the Rules of 24 it still Ok

    This new show its ahead of its time i think it's funny watching every hour of the couple mistakes by everyone come on this is a good idea for a show, The best man sleeping the the maid of honor how funny is that and the mom getting high thats hilarius if some people don't think this show is funny they need to get a sense of humor. If there is more than one season they have to go a different way of thinkin.
  • Change the channel is right.

    The frist eiposode was fine not great.
    but on the 2nd one It JUMPS THE SHARK.
    when the groms father come in.
    that is when it stoped being a ok tv show and it became a very bad tv show we have seen that a million time the goofy father the grom is also been done so many times its not even funny it is just boring that is why i fell a sleep dearing the 2nd episode so maybe Abc will lern a lesson on selving good shows and not bring out very bad ones ones that is it the end
  • very big day

    Big Day follows a major event in a couples' life — the big wedding day — during the course of one day from all angles, and the people involved (similar to 24), ranging from the maid of honor who accidentally drinks the contacts of the best man whom she slept with, to the bride's father, who's opposed to the union and will stop at nothing to throw a wrench into the plans.

    All of these events and other obstacles are part of the ultimate test that Danny and Alice will have to face before they walk down the aisle and say their I Do's...unless someone should stand up and ask why this couple should not be joined together in holy matrimony.
  • This show is about relationships, and the lengths we go to keep our significant others happy. The husband and wife diad, the fiance and groom diad, the sibling relationshis, and the wedding planner's search for love. Relationships.

    Extremely funny. The wedding planner is hesterical. This show needs to be continued. I look forward to each episode. Even my husband loves it, and he hates sitting down and watching TV. Please keep this show on the air. It is rare that something so funny makes it to TV.
  • A new sitcom with Just Shoot Me star Wendie Malick where everything possible goes wrong on her daughters wedding day. Jane (Malick) is an over bearing mother with a hint of OCD who, along with her wedding planner Lorna, try and make the wedding happen.

    This show is so funny, so original and so well written that it is hard not to get cought up in it. The acting is so funny and the premise is so impossibly rediculous that it make the show that much more enjoyable. ABC has really hit gold with this new sitcom! I look forward to that hour long stretch of television between 9 and 10 pm Tuesday evening, and hope that this show, like so many others this season, doesnt meet its maker by suffering an untimely cancellation. If you have yet to watch this show, pencil it into your calendar now, you will certainly be glad you did!

    The show is ok but it needs a lot of work. Because it will be off the air in a flash if they dont do something. I only whatched it because mother wanted to she hated it. as far for me it just not a good comedy. If you want a good comedy watch the office. On the 2nd eposide when the father of the grome got to the house well that is where it whent down hill and never came back. Be cause the goffy father of the grom or bride has been done so many times it will make you CRY.
  • Big Day = Uk Show - Worst Week of my life

    When watching this show I can't but help think that this is amazing similar to the UK show worst week of my life.

    The wedding obviously
    Her parents don't like him
    He is always trying to impress her parents and fails.
    The sister is single and a bit of a loose cannon.
    The wedding is heavily planned.
    Best man sleeps with sister
    She has wealthy parents and he isn't.
    Weird ex-boyfriend is invited the wedding.
    Her parents are snobs.

    And this is just from the first episode!

    Honestly if this isn't based on Worst Week Of My Life then this is lawyer inducing tv.
  • Hmmmmmm?

    I\'m not sure if I\'m going to like this show. I like how each episode will be 30 minutes of the wedding day, but I\'m afraid it will get old after awhile. For starters, who puts their contacts in a glass of water if they don\'t have their glasses with them in case something happens to them. Plus! If he is really that blind with out his contacts why didn\'t he make sure he had his glasses and a good case to put them at night???? I can\'t see crap with out my glasses so I understand his situation but don\'t understand why he wasn\'t prepared. Then, the mother is a creep for changing the salad without telling her daugher! I\'m getting married and my mom gives me her opinion but would never change something without discussing it with me. Plus, she has invited her ex boyfriend to the wedding to bring drugs to smoke!?? What a weirdo!

    I think I agree with her dad, her fiance\' is too imature! I hope it gets better.
  • A family, a tense bride-to-be, a goofy groom to be, and the usual assortment of mundane peripheral characters, lead to much ado about nothing!

    Not that I had any high hopes for this show to begin with, but all I wanted was a distraction, and all I got was frustration.

    The show takes place during the 10 hours leading up to (and presumably beyond) the wedding, but instead of getting all 10 hours at once, we're forced to sit through a half-hour or so per - - by wild coincidence - - half-hour show. Which means that at least ten episodes will be imposed on us, if it isn't cancelled before then.

    First, the groom is in his pajamas, so, presumably, he has slept at the bride-to-be's folks' home. He then visits the bride-to-be in her bedroom. Doesn't this guy have a home of his own? Doesn't he know that it's bad luck to see the bride . . . oh, never mind! That's typical Hollywood (il)logic!

    Second, the maid-of-honor presumably got drunk the night before, and slept in the bedroom next to the bride, with a guy she didn't know, but, as it turns out, she does know, to laughs galore (that's sarcasm, in case you missed it; BTW, the bride-to-be was oblivious to the whole sordid episode). The maid-of-honor reaches across the bed to retrieve and drink the dregs from her glass of rum, and, wouldn't you know it, the guy screams that she just drank his contact lenses! Wow! Couldn't you just die from that totally unpredictable morsel of humor? (yeah, that's sarcasm, too!)

    Third, we have the usual mother-daughter fight over something inane: the salad - - Caesar (bride) versus a Pear Vinagrette (mom). Personally, I agreed with mom about the Caesar being too messy and crunchy, but the daughter insisted that the Pear Vinagrette was too frou-frou for her wedding. Folks, she's the daughter of a rich doctor having a wedding in a tent in their expansive (if not expensive) backyard. Worse, after the mom relents (a little too easily, if you ask me), all are oh-so-surprisingly dismayed to discover that all the romaine lettuce in town has gone to another affair (does anyone want to bet that we'll see mom and the caterer go to that function to try to switch or steal the salads, a la "I Love Lucy" or "The Nanny"?).

    Fourth, in a matter of a few minutes, "dad" is seen putting his hand to his nose in an expression of exasperation. Never mind that there was nothing to be exasperated about at either time, but to have the two gestures repeated in such a short time (and, given the angle, I'm sure it was the same take!) was a waste of time, not to mention unfunny to begin with.

    Fifth, the groom inadvertently (?) knocks down part of the tent (did anybody NOT see that coming?), but doesn't do anything to help fix it, while the goofy catering staff struggle to fix it.

    Sixth, a running "gag" (yes, I pretty much choked on it!) was a hispanic beautician wandering around the grounds and the house with tweezers and basket in hand, searching for the bride-to-be in order to pluck her eyebrows (at least, I *presume* that's what she's going to pluck!), all the while saying, "Pluck? Pluck?" Either she's part chicken, or we're supposed to giggle at what the word sounds like.

    Finally (actually, there was more, but my fingers are getting sore from pounding angrily away to type this review, and my gorge is rising from having actually watched this dreck!), in mutual fits of tearful anger, the mom and daughter shut themselves in separate bathrooms. Wow! Did anyone NOT see THAT coming?

    You may have guessed that I won't watch any further episodes!
  • This looks like my family!

    I found a couple episodes through my NY contact and was pleasantly surprised how the show gets better as it goes (where it seems a lot of sitcoms peak at the pilot these days. At last something I can watch with my girlfriend and not be embarassed about (see THE NOTEBOOK). There is a good balance of guy stuff (physical comedy, strippers) and chick stuff (the wedding) so there's enough for both of us. Oh, strong cast too - wendy malick from just shoot me and stephanie weir from MadTV (the show really misses her this year I can tell). x
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