Big Day

ABC (ended 2007)


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  • Big Day is uneventful

    The gimmick of a "24"-style wedding day show is a hard one to launch and sustain. It has to be clever, funny, and witty enough to last. "Big Day" didn't get through that, probably because people are not as interested in weddings as studios assume (read: "The Wedding Bells," "The Wedding Album").

    "Big Day" included a lot of frantic characters and events leading up to the couple's wedding in 24 hours. It doesn't work because the quirky-ness is forced and unfunny. For example, they had a revolving joke about getting orgasmic foot massages. That is so passe and not risque. The one thing that makes Big Day work is the cast. Wendi Malick is always reliably funny and Marla Sokoloff is charming, natural, and deserves MUCH better. I hope after "Big Day," Marla is able to do something much better and that can utilize her immense talents.