Big Day

Season 1 Episode 3

Skobo and Alice Hooked Up

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Dec 12, 2006 on ABC

Episode Recap

Remember: Last week the wedding planner accidentally erases the "locked" seating chart and Becca refuses to be in the wedding if Skobo is.
The episode starts off with Danny (the groom) trying to get Skobo and Becca to agree to both be in the wedding. He decides the best way to do this is to us his "talking stick" he uses at camp on his kids. While in the circle Skobo reveilles that him and Alice (the bride) got to second base at camp when they were teens.
Meanwhile Jane (the mom) and Lorna (the wedding planner) decide to move the wedding inside do to the rain and the leak in the tent. Lorna is excited about this because they won't have to use the seating chart and this way Jane will never find out she lost it.
While all this is going on Steve (the dad) is hiding out in his office "doing a crossword puzzle" till the girls stop fighting with eachother.
While Lorna and Jane are setting up the ceremony chairs and flowers inside they see that the sun is back out and Jane tells everyone to move everything back outside. This of course upsets Lorna.
But then it starts to rain again so they start bringing in everything for the ceremony once again. As they are setting up a worker guy tells Lorna that he has fixed the leak in the tent. This upsets Lorna again because that means the reception can be outside and the seating chart is needed. Once they have the chairs set up Lorna wants to have another rehearsal before the wedding.
Becca comes down in her bridesmaids dress and Alice thinks that she has finally decided to be in the wedding. Actually she came down to eat spaghetti in the dress and watch the rehearsal.
During the rehersal Lorna takes out fake wedding rings to practice with. Skobo causes her to drop them and as he reaches out to grab them he grabs Alcies' boobs instead.
Becca still refuses to be in the wedding. Jane tells her that her 20 minutes meltdown is over and needs to cooperate. She refuses and runs outside in the rain with her dress on. Jane and Alice follow. Steve and Danny look on from the window. Steve explains that this is why he never gets involved with the girls. He know that they will work it out. He gives Danny a play by play from the window on how the fight will go. "There will be screaming then crying then the girls will tell Jane it's all her fault then someone will throw something and give them comic relief and then they will hug and make up."
The show closes showing Becca smiling as she blow dries her bridesmaids dress, Lorna confronts Jane about loosing the seating chart and asks if she's going to get fired. Jane tells her she's not going to get fired and at that time a huge gust if wind blows the tent over the top of the house.