Big Day

Season 1 Episode 4

The Bachelor Party

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Dec 19, 2006 on ABC

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  • High Noon!

    It's high noon on wedding Day. Everybody has gone somewhere, like the men are off to the strip joint. Why going to the strip joint at Noon, hours before the wedding? Can't they go the night before? All I saw is a filler episode. If they don't go to a stripper joint, the show won't be intresting. Where that Stripper joint a few bocks from the house? Is there anyone protesting the stripper joint? Does anyone care? Oh yeah, Alice is betting her wedding gifts on a board game.Everyone in the houise is nuts. Don't get me started on the grandmother.
  • another crazy episode!

    Tent goes missing and the guys go to a strip club! Poor Lorna can't catch a break! The tent fyies off, the new one has another couple's name on it and all the butterfiles are frozen to death. She tried to thaw them out with a blow drier but it was not use they were already gone. However she still gave them to another wedding so she could have the tent. I respected Danny alittle bit more for not wanting to go into the strip club. All the groomsmen ran in to see the ladies and Danny and Steve stayed in the car.