Big Ideas

Thirteen/WNET New York Premiered Sep 16, 2008 In Season


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Big Ideas

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Big Ideas is a four part series with intimate interviews from some of the most notable minds at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. In 2004 producer Larkin McPhee brought us a truly groundbreaking miniseries, hosted by science journalist Ira Flatow, that focuses on four main topics. Exploring the Cosmos opens up discussion about everything from extra terrestrial life to the ever fascinating subject of black holes. In the segment Einstein's Dream, Flatow sits down with a litany of notable physicists to discuss Albert Einstein's quest to find a unifying theory to the Universe. A New History of the World allows for topics of war and culture to be thoroughly dissected, and Thinking Big treats the audience to a fascinating conversation of the parallel between math, biology, and everything in between. Some of the most interesting discussions are in store for all of us, with countless videos available to get our fill. Big Ideas, presented by New York public media provider THIRTEEN, is truly a remarkable and one of a kind broadcast.moreless

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